8.8 patch notes

Source: world-of-ru, user stalin111

(lol, evil Stalin leaking stuff from supertest)

0.8.8 patch notes

- new Soviet medium branch added: A-43 (T6, starting from T-34), A-44 (T7), Object 416 (T8), Object 140 (T10)
- VK3001H moved to tier 5 and redesignated as a heavy
- VK3601 redesignated as a heavy
- added new German vehicles: T4 – Durchbruchswagen 2, T6 – VK3002M
- added for supertesters only: tier 6 Type 64 light tank, tier 5 Chi-Nu Kai medium tank, tier 7 T-44-85 and tier 7 T-44-122
- added two new Chinese premium tanks into store: 112 and T-34

- Superpershing rebalance (changed the frontal armor), added the possibility to sell it for gold, SP returns to the shop
- Chinese tanks: the penetration of gold HEAT shell Po-471 (122mm) lowered from 300 to 250
- rebalanced the engines and general parameters of tanks E-50, E-75, Jagdpanther, Jagdpanther II, Jagdtiger, Panther II, Panther, Tiger, Tiger II, VK 28.01
- rebalanced Soviet 100mm guns (LB-1, D-10T, D-10S, LB-1S – increased alpha, decreased rate of fire)

- added new Soviet map “Tundra”, 800x800m, stone/wood terrain
- return of the map Serene Coast and Komarin (both heavily reworked), Swamp (slightly reworked)
- added encounter to Mountain Pass

- greatly improved the functionality of “quests”, added ingame interface with current active quests and their status
- added special protection from accidental sales of tanks and crewmembers
- significantly improved the FXAA antialiasing
- completely reworked the player statistics and achievements interface page, changed the player rating
- added national voiceovers
- fixed some of the MM problems, that emerged in 0.8.6 and continued thru 0.8.7
- returned the “Iosef Stalin, Stalinec, For Stalin” inscriptions
- aiming UI improved: added reloading time indicator in seconds, added new aiming reticle (a dot)
- improved torsion bars (all types of this equipment) will reduce damage taken by the suspension and the tank itself from falling and collisions
- when losing a battle, players, that recieve a “battle hero” award, epic achievement or platoon achievement, will recieve as much XP, as if they actually won (1,5x)
- fixed bugs and made improvements within the game tutorial

198 thoughts on “8.8 patch notes

  1. So the Super Pershing is pretty much useless now because they nerfed the only good thing it had?

    • So you’ve played the new version of it already? Cool, what are the buffs they’ve given it?

        • So? There are other ways to buff a tank, you know. (I’m not saying it wont be fubar’d but at least play it before telling everyone that it is.)

    • Super Pershing was useless since people learned that half of the turret is a huge weak spot. It was good for trolling people for a while, but I can’t wait to sell this crap as soon as possible (regardless of the nerf, which I guess will make it even more useless).

  2. “rebalanced the engines and general parameters of tanks ?-50, E-75, Jagdpanther, Jagdpanther II, Jagdtiger, Panther II, Panther, Tiger, Tiger II, VK 28.01″

    Any details about those “general parameters”?

    • All my fav tanks getting rebalance? I will love it or quit wot completely (if it is next hidden nerf). I need more details! Thx for super fast info SS

      • Based on the 8.8 Sneak Peek, it seems that they are going to reduce the HP/Tonne, while also reducing the ground resistance to counteract it. They are also giving the Tiger H and the Tiger II increased top speeds.

    • Probably going to apply some sort of nerf and attempt to dress it up as a buff for the morons who can’t see the wood for the trees.

      Genuinely not looking forward to finding out what they’re planning.

  3. Good patchnotes. Sad to see 122mm Chinese HEAT nerf. soviet gun rebalance is way overdue.

    • I’m happy to see any kind of premium ammo nerf, it breaks the balance anyway.

      You wont be able to pen tanks 2 tiers higher than you frontally. Big deal you weren’t supposed to be able to in the first place.

    • Depending on how they rebalance the 100 mm russian guns I may swap from my KV-3 running 107 to 100. I dislike the 122 and the alpha of the 100 is just horrible(not to mention its DPM is about 1500) If the 100 gets damage and ROF equal to the 107 then I am swapping up to that gun for the pen.

      • Damage at most will be buffed from 230 to 250 for the 100mm, it wont be close to the 107 in alpha at all. But it will have more rate of fire and better penetration.

  4. Wait, they are reducing the T-34-3′s gold pen to 250 now and they are still keeping its tier 10 matchmaking? What the hell?!


      • Well the point is, even with 300 penetration gold shells, it should never see tier 10 anyway. It has 5 more pen than super pershing with other stats worse in every way to the type 59 (which doesn’t see tier 10 even though its all around a better vehicle)

        • The problem isn’t this thing is facing tier 10 (it’s almost as good as any med), it’s that the Type isn’t (although it has good enough stats)

          But that’s another story….

          • Preferential mm is what makes some premium tanks worth the buy. Because it isn’t better than the regular tanks but it at least doesn’t have to fight some of the vehicles the other ones have to. And premiums with stats this bad usually have preferred mm and I don’t see why it doesn’t.

    • HOPEFULLY this means the 112 and T-34-3 will now be graced with preferential MM… since the 300-pen HEAT was the entire justification for NOT giving them pref-MM earlier.

      • I could agree to that. Although the 112 has MUCH better armor AND mobility than the IS-6…
        How would they balance that?

        • Personally, I believe that the 112 can get regular mm but the 300 pen was the justification for not giving the T-34-3 preferred mm.

          I do believe that, for tier 10, the 112 should get a slightly better gun too because Tier 8 armor is useless in tier 10 games. But then again, it will rarely see tier 10′s so it won’t be too much of a problem. But the T-34-3 should never have to suffer though a tier 10 game.

        • It would balance out.

          The IS-6 has better armor vs lower tiers [lack of real weakspots] while the 112′s armor works better vs higher tiers [nigh-indestructible UFP].

          Also unless WG has redacted the most recent round of nerfs, I *think* the IS-6 might have an appreciable mobility advantage. Its DPM is better, as its its side armor.

          IS-6 will be better in a tier 8 match, 112 will be better in a tier 9 match.

          Seems…. reasonable to me.

          • Yea. But all tier 10 tanks see lower tier tanks as glass fish tanks. Except maybe a few exceptions, like the T34 and T30 turret armor.

        • I’d be willing to pay 11k gold IF this thing gets pref MM.

          There’s no way in Hell I’d pay that much for it if it got standard MM though. Why would I pay $50 just to have a miserable time? I’d maybe pay $30 if only for its crew-training properties, but SOMETHING [either its MM or its price] has to change.

          • Well look at the way they price things. The tier 8 premiums, all the mediums are within 7,000 range, all the heavies are within the 11,000+ range with some lower priced exceptions and the td is 10,000. Notice how many tanks are priced based on effectiveness AND class. Medium tanks are always lower priced in their tier than heavies and lights are lower than mediums and td’s are less then heavies but more than meds.

            • And since when was it a rule that meds are about~7k gold and heavies ~10k+ ?
              its no rule and WG can change it everytime. maybe they are trying to establish a genereal price modell for t8 prems with around 10k+. i bet they will reintroduce the SP with some minor buffs for 9-10k gold … just because it was too cheap for WG ….

              looking at the pricing of recent t7 tanks this is my conclusion! because you cant make es much credits with a t7 prem but price-wise they would be almost the same 7k – 8k … but with the t8 prem having a superior creditmaking ability …. think about it …

              if you dont want to buy overpriced prem meds, just dont do it but dont compare past prices with future prices …

            • Think about it, which is better, cheap tier 8 tanks that anyone can buy for rather cheap, or expensive tier 8 tanks, that make new players actually want to think, before dropping 50$ into the tank. I, personally, am all for WG having 10k+ for tier 8 tanks, as it means less people will buy a ~30$ tier 8, which is much easier to afford. Hell, you could almost buy 2, for the price of a T34.

      • 250 penetration on gold rounds is still a massive reason not to give it preferential MM. That thing now how 4 mm more penetration than an E-75 shooting standard AP. And much to the community’s chagrin, gold rounds are freely available for credits so it’s entirely possible for someone to run that tank with only gold rounds, making it completely overpowered.

        Tanks that DO have preferential MM are the IS-6 and KV-5, because guess what, they don’t have guns that can compete at that tier. They have 217 and 219 penetration with gold rounds, just over 30 mm more penetration than the Chinese tank. A tank which has all round better characteristics than the IS-6, which in its own right is a little strongly done.

        So no, the Chinese premiums should not get preferential MM.

        • 250pen HEAT post-8.6 is far worse than the E-75′s 246pen AP. The Type 59′s 241pen APCR is also much better, and the Type 59 gets preferential matchmaking. The FCM is preferential with gold APCR over 250mm.
          250pen gold rounds are fairly common on standard matchmaking tier 7s – the T29, Black Prince, AMX M4 45, T20 and every non-Soviet TD have APCR gold rounds with over 240 pen (240pen APCR is better than 250pen HEAT), and the SU-152 and IS-2 have access to 250pen gold HEAT.

          The 112 can certainly handle tier 10s better than many of the current preferential tier 8s, and I don’t think it needs preferential matchmaking at all, but dropping the HEAT to 250mm on an inaccurate gun is a pretty big deal.
          Along with whatever else they’ve nerfed since 8.7.

    • It’s a medium tank; it has MORE than enough mobility to flank enemy tier 10s assuming you use it like you’re SUPPOSED to use a medium tank: attacking with a GROUP.

  5. - added for supertesters only: tier 6 Type 64 light tank, tier 5 Chi-Nu Kai medium tank, tier 7 T-44-85 and tier 7 T-44-122

    So is Type 64 getting the ROC roundel?

  6. I don’t think platoon achievements should constitute a normal bonus, I’d rather if all the pro clans stick to TC, and not ruin my solo games with their platooning.

    And don’t get me started on OP tank platoons…

  7. Nerfed 122mm for 112 premium as well, I take it, which leads me to ask whether it will see preferential MM or not… Not quite on par anymore pen-wise as the other prems that see tier 10.

    Also any idea if the german Henschel family rebalance will also affect JT88?

    • I’m also wondering because I bought the Jtiger 88 yesterday (YES A DAY BEFORE THE DISCOUNT BLESS WG FOR ANNOUNCING THINGS IN ADVANCE)

      • dont thinks so, it may get better ground resistance to keep up with the T9 better but everything else seems balanced (ROF is awesome XD)

  8. So… basically the chinese heat shell only pens for 250 instead of 300, which makes the IS-2, 110, 112 and the T-34-3 all suck.

    • This shouldn’t be a problem for the IS-2 [since its still more powerful than the Russian IS] or the 110 [since it uses a 100mm gun anyway].

      This is a HUGE problem for the T-34-2, T-34-3, and 112 though.

      • It makes them balanced when using prem ammo, they were OP as hell. 300 pen at tier 7, oh please…

        And how does the chinese IS suck compared to the russian one? THEY ARE THE SAME TANK

        • IMO the Chinese IS-2 is better than the Russian IS anyway, even without the HEAT shells. IMO the IS-2′s armor worked a lot better.

          • Actually it does not. IS-2 has better armour vs lower tier tanks and worse vs higher tier tanks.

    • In this case what actually sucks is you.
      The IS-2 and 110 are both fine without gold ammo.
      BTW the 110 don’t even have HEAT as gold ammo for the 100mm top gun.

      T-34-3 on the other hand should get premium MM now or else it really would suck.

    • lol… Even 250mm HEAT Penetration is way too high for Tier7/8 Tanks. But if you think this Tanks “suck” now, maybe you start learn to play with them or you play another Tech Tree…

      (I can not believe what i am reading here -.- )

      • funny.. because 250mm pen is pretty much lower end for T8 and normal for T7.

        KwK 43 L71 -> 237mm
        KwK 45 L100 > 244mm
        90mm M3 -> 244mm
        T5E1 -> 245mm

        and so on, this are all APCR shells, so they get a tiny bit normalization, which puts it at the same raw penetration value as the new values for the new chiniese heat shell

        Seems like someone lacks basic knowledge of the game.

        • Even these Shells have too much PremPenetration. Tell me: Why u need more than ~173-200mm Penetration in a Tier8 Medium Tank? And Tell me why u need more than ~200-235mm Penetration in a Tier8 Heavy Tank?

          Every Penetration increase in this Tier makes Armor useless, Why i should drive Tiger2 when every guy can shoot through the Upper Frontal plate? (~230mm effectiv armor, ~211mm vs AP). Sure, i can angle it, but when my upper Frontal Plate reach ~250mm of effective Protection (effective Protection=against HEAT, AP and APCR have 3° up to 5° normalisation) my side Armor is vulnerable against every Gun that has around 200mm Penetration. Or they just shoot through your Turret, nearly every shoot will Penetrate you…

          • duno what game you have played the last 3 years or so, but most of the guns i mentioned had this values from the start when they where introduced.

            And many of them are also somewhat historical correct, so blame the developers of the guns that they made to effective guns.

            • the last tree years these shells were only aviable for Gold, so only very few players used them. Now everybody has his ~3-5 “emergency shell’s” (or whatever it is called in English ^^) in his Tanks, or they drive with 100% Goldshell load out…

              And “historical correct” should never stand over “Balance” in a PvP game… (And if “historical correct” is soo important, than i want my Tiger with 8.8L/56 @ Tier5 fighting against T-34, M4 and KV-1 :P )

    • Sorry if you don’t like your Type 59 surrogate. We’ve been through this before and I do NOT want to go through it again.

  9. “- added meeting engagement to Mountain Pass”

    Is that supposed to mean that Encounter battles have been added to Mountain Pass ?

  10. Wow, I get the Centurion (my first Tier 8) and find I like it even nearly stock (got the 17-pdr) then I read this all in an hour’s time? I’m so excited I could pee myself.

    Bladder issues aside, didn’t the D10T have much better Pen then the D25T (122mm on IS-2 right)? So why in game are they the same?

    Second, why not the 4.5-inch Medium gun on the Crusader SP instead of the Howitzer?

    • Both pens are somewhat gimped in game, comparing soviat and US tests and relation to 88/71 in US tests 100mm should pen about 190 and 122mm about 180mm. Chinese 100mm are about right.
      But it is close enough to real deal not to be a problem.

  11. VK3001H as a tier 5 HT? really? If it keeps the turret its a decent hull down tank. But even the tier 5 mediums got more hull armor. So its basically like a T29 of tier 5 then. Could be interesting.

      • OK…………………… but German tend to have crappy gun depression, so how can it go hull down and still shoot, I like the VK3001 H but, as a heavy ?, hope it get to keep the L70 if not, oh dear

    • It has potential, I’ll definitely say that. As it stands now you have no excuse to get it instead of the VK3601H, which is better in pretty much every way.

    • It’s price has always been 7500! Notice how tank type helps determin premium pricing? Notice all the tier 8 premium mediums are within the 7,000 range? And all the heavies are in the 12,000 range. The 112 was going to be around 11,000 and the T-34-3 will be at most 8,000 but no way in hell would they charge 11,000 for a tier 8 premium medium.

      • BS! If you would have looked trough the ASAP video you would have seen that the T34-3 probably won’t be introduced for lower then 10k gold… In the video it was 11k btw and in a previews answer on this site Serb said something about “if its price is too high you don’t have to buy it” so don’t expect the low price

          • Pretty much in short, wait, or simply keep bitching, either way, the price is what the price is.

            If it does go to ~11k, that could easily indicate that WG wants to have pricing more relevant to tiering. Which is a pretty good thing. As really, who wants that guy who just started in the game in a brand new tier 8 tank, that he bought for 30$, in a tier 9+ game.

      • They’re raising it up to try and prevent the “flood” that occurred when the Type 59 was available in the shop.

  12. - Chinese tanks: the penetration of gold HEAT shell Ro-471 (122mm) lowered from 300 to 250

    Okay, so the 122mm Chinese gold round INGAME is named PO-471…. So the gold-round nerf only affects the premium vehicles?

      • Well, that’s bad news for the T-34-2 and -3 most of all…. it really needs that 300 gold heat pen for tier Xs

            • It’s a medium, why would it be fighting tier X heavies frontally? Mediums are meant to flank those tanks, so AP would suffice, and 250mm pen is more than needed, to pen side armor.

    • Probably a translation error? Source is Russian so PO was possibly translated to RO where it shouldn’t have been?

  13. tier 6 Type 64 light tank, tier 5 Chi-Nu Kai medium tank, tier 7 T-44-85 and tier 7 T-44-122
    2 Japs tanks and the Many talking about the T-44 versions. Looks like released in 8.9

  14. - returned the “Iosef Stalin, Stalinec, For Stalin” inscriptions

    prepare for bunch of topics and thousands of rage comments…

    • I wonder… Will people get butthurt if you buy “Iosef Stalin” inscription on an IS?

      • The only bitching I’d do about THAT is about them being unoriginal in what they put on the side of their tank. Seriously, a name tag? That’s the best you can do?

  15. Uh. I know its rebalance but I just cant shook off the feeling that they just nerfed those germans. Ah well jumping to conclusions, will see on live but not seeing it very bright.

      • A minor buff to germans? In which way?
        That description is a bit too vague. Granted that you might be not able to publish all leaks, but still.

        The only info what I am aware of is that the Tigers get a top speed buff, while the Panthers lose engines while their gun parameters improve.
        But the E-50 and E-75 also getting changes can’t be good.

        I still remember in one public test that the E-50 had like zero gun depression. Many complained and the old gun depression is back in the final release.

        • If they lower both ground resistance and Hp/t yes the tanks stays the same on flat ground but it climbs much worse. That’s a nerf if I ever saw one.

          • Though, on rough terrain hills, it could be faster, as it’s no longer also fighting the terrain as much. Could also be a buff.

      • If their nerfing my JPII’s engine i would like it to get a minor buff up to the JTs top gun XD

        It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out.

      • Yeah, my thoughts exactly. They’ll nerf the E75′s and E50′s engine power. The ground resistance reduction is just a pretence to calm down the masses

        I just don’t think the german tree needs any more nerfs. There are many OP vehicles that need nerfs, but they don’t touch them (FV215 182, T57, Foch 155, KV-1S … wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

  16. oh cool stalin is back… those double standard russian fucks, now i want my medals to be renamed after wittman too

      • and how many people did stalin kill? numbnut, think before writing, stalin chased the jews in russia just like hitler did

          • Anon is right.

            No need to discuss this anymore. It has been established that Stalin was evil as fuck but also that WG needs those inscriptions to a) make tons of money from russian players who want to troll the other servers once roaming is activated and b) appease the Stalin loving nationalists in their home markets.

            Either stop playing or stop whining. Learn from it about ‘modern’ Russia.

          • go kiss ur stalin in the ass, I hope that bolsheviks killed ur grandpa with shot in the back

            • WG made pure capitalist decision, one that brings them more money.
              BTW, there are shitload of Stalinists in western Europe also.

            • …seriously? The last I checked the breed was virtually extinct by the end of the Seventies when the last student rads grew up and, IIRC, Moscow in any case decided such fanbois were of no practical use and started ignoring the fuck out of them.

              Even mere Communists tend to be kinda thin on the ground these days.

        • That must be why surviving German Jews pulled out of their hidey-holes in ’45 by puzzled Soviet troops on occasion found themselves interviewed by (distinctly unfriendly) Jewish Comissars or NKVD officers.
          “just like hitler did” right…

    • Except that WG removed Wittmann not because of “OMG commies!!111″ but at the request of the German government, who probably didn’t approve of a Waffen SS member appearing in a game that’s freely available in Germany. Go complain to the Bundestag if you don’t like their laws.

  17. So is there someone still an option to become supertesters, if you are from EU ? Or is it still completly closed ?

  18. I was looking forward to the 112 because of its 300mm premium round penetration. I would still purchase it with 250mm if it will get preferential match making. If it doesn’t, I will spend my money for something more worthwhile though (outside of WoT). I have the T34 and the Löwe, and they end up in tier 10 matches way too often (the Löwe in approx. 75% of all matches I play with it, and I play the daily doubles with my premium tanks almost every day).

  19. “rebalanced the engines and general parameters of tanks ?-50, E-75, Jagdpanther, Jagdpanther II, Jagdtiger, Panther II, Panther, Tiger, Tiger II, VK 28.01″

    They’re going to remove the VIII or the IX engine ??

  20. so whats the leaked stuff? all these have already been known from ASAP video. Tell him to show us the new E-series engine stats, 112 stats, etc!

  21. tier 7 T-44-85 and tier 7 T-44-122

    well the debate whether we are getting t-44-85 or t-44-122 can be concluded, we are getting both of them \o/

    i guess 122 will be a bit slower (heavier gun) and have compromised frontal armor (kv-5 type miniturret), also bad depression, ROF, aim tiem, acc, and gun soft stats
    ..on the other hand 85 will suffer form less pen and alpha (i hope its the D5T-85BM, the Zis would really suck)

    hmm.. it will be a tough choice, both look fun to me… :S

    Nevertheless,. ether one of them will get stalin inscriptions, my su-122-44 already has На запад! :D :D

    • > (i hope its the D5T-85BM, the Zis would really suck)
      The ZiS is the historical one, though.
      >Nevertheless,. ether one of them will get stalin inscriptions, my su-122-44 already has На запад! :D :D
      Wasted gold honestly, still all those guys from eastern europe are getting ridiculous.

  22. Hi,
    Off topic, but any idea on when the Sentinel will be coming ? In the next UK medium update I guess.

  23. - rebalanced the engines and general parameters of tanks E-50, E-75, Jagdpanther, Jagdpanther II, Jagdtiger, Panther II, Panther, Tiger, Tiger II, VK 28.01

    Now I’m f**ing scared, all my fav tanks touched…

          • Well yes. They were playing there, then made some remarks regarding russia’s “homosexual propaganda law” at the show and were immediately told to leave the country via higher up government officials, and are forbidden to play there ever again.

  24. Thanks..the VK3601 only gets relabeled as a heavy and gets heavy equipment and “heavy” MM but thats about it….Thats all we need. I’ve feared worse.

    About the VK3001H switch we are already aware of that. Judging from the base vehicle, this can’t be good.

    About the rest of the german tanks….sure, the E-50/E-75 grind was painful back then..but there is one thing; I used 50k XP to unlock the top engine of the E-75…if it will be removed, will I be compensated in some way?

    About the way it gets “rebalanced”…too little information available. At least they don’t touch the E-100.

    The chinese 300 pen HEAT getting nerfed…do you have any info on that gold shell that the T69 uses?

    Of these inscriptions…don’t get me started with this. I honestly do not care, its just come letters! Politics can bring the worst of the humans out. It always leads to arguing. You cannot talk about politics and religion without causing a flamewar. THATS ALL.
    I still wonder why people do not complain because some soviet heavy tanks are called “IS”.

  25. Forgot about the soviet 100mm guns..how much is the alpha increased
    Granted that the late 100mm guns (T-54 top guns, T-62A) are not affected by this, the changes are going to be minor at best…

    What confuses me now are the T-44-85, which I never heard of before and the T-44-122 that is not in a regular branch…what are they going to be, more premium tanks? (I did hear about a T-44 prototype going to be a premiu tank though)

    • The official story is that T-44-85 is going to be a tier VII premium tank, while T-44-122 should be a “regular” tank. Honestly I still don’t buy it, are they going to introduce a 4th line already? Or will they remove some tank in order to give room to T-44-122?

  26. I wonder if they’ll remove the top E-75 engine. I am close to unlocking it but I think I’ll hold off until I know if it won’t turn out to be a giant waste of exp. If worst comes to worst I’ll at least be able to immediately unlock the the tracks and the turret.

  27. Hopefully someone makes a mod which makes the stalinist inscriptions to something else :)

  28. - Chinese tanks: the penetration of gold HEAT shell Po-471 (122mm) lowered from 300 to 250

    Wait that’s the same HEAT round the 110, IS-2 and T-34-2 use for the 122 mm 37-122JT and 122 mm D-25T! That’s a huge nerf to the entire Chinese tech tree if that’s the case!

    • Don’t tell me! XD The Chinese were conspicuosly between the few tanks to get spared from the last round of HEAT nerf, it’s weird that they receive it only now; at least they did it before introducing those Chinese premium tanks, +1 to WG.

  29. SS, is there going to be any compensation for the VK 3001 (H). For example getting the VK 3002 M or the Douchebag wagen

    • Nope. Why would they give anyone DW which will be T4 and in the same line as VK3001H & VK3601H?

    • They are never going to ban the evil leaking RU Supertesters. Since the RU server is biased to their own super testers. Mainly they aren’t going to ban all of them that is. >.>

      If the Super Testers were stupid enough to allow themselves to get caught by the WG RU admin people.

  30. Any information about the beginning of the 8.8 test?
    Also thank you for all information.

  31. Silentstalker, when 8.8 Comes, will you show info about the supertester-exclusive vehicle the Chi Nu Kai and the Type 64?

  32. - rebalanced the engines and general parameters of tanks E-50, E-75, Jagdpanther, Jagdpanther II, Jagdtiger, Panther II, Panther, Tiger, Tiger II, VK 28.01
    Time has come to nerf rest of the decent German tanks. It’s not like they didn’t deserved it. After all they were OP as hell. They could MOVE and actually be useful!!!! /sarcasm off

  33. With the Chinese premium HEAT nerf, does that mean the two new premiums will have prefered match making?

    • No, nor do they need them. We don’t need a repeat of the shit that went on with the Type 59 when it first showed up.

  34. “- when losing a battle, players, that recieve a “battle hero” award, epic achievement or platoon achievement, will recieve as much XP, as if they actually won (1,5x)”

    Sweet! I’m going to be rewarded far more ofthen now!

    Finally a set up thet rewards successful individual achievements.

  35. - aiming UI improved: added reloading time indicator in seconds, added new aiming reticle (a dot)

    I wonder is it counts down precisely; like to the hundredths of a second like Jimb0′s crosshair mod (ie: 10.61 sec)……. or if it will simply count down 10, 9, 8, 7.

    • Possibly tenths of a second, as that would make more sense, as hundredths of a second is a bit unnecessary.

  36. i always see supertesters listed in patches, how does someone get this status? do they need to apply?

  37. Let me explain why the T-34-3 is going to cost 11.000 gold. (im getting it anyway)
    Its because WG wants to prevent the floods like type 59. since the t-34-3 is compared to type 59, even in the looks, new-newbie players-the ones that want type 59 (and there are a lot of those guys) will be like: “hey look closest thing to type 59 OMG gotta get” and get it for that “7500 gold” like a brainless chicken causing the same thing type 59 did. Also 11k gold price could be to keep away the guys that will sell super pershing for 7200 gold yet they would be 300 gold short, but lets not forget that password change and mobile security thing!
    i dont balme them because i would do the same thing, yet maybe 10k would be more suitable price. I think even type 59 costed that much on test!
    Also, yes my super pershing is going away, i got over 500 battles in that bloody thing, mastered it, yet it still sucks.

  38. Good thing WG is nerfing the Chinense 122mm shells, buy why not the T69 as well? Also if the pen is nerfed to 250mm, are the new chinese premium heavy tanks gonna get preferential MM?

  39. ok that all fine and good but when are you going to un nurf arty since you screwed arty so bad that alot of ppl i know dont really want to play with how bad arty is and to all the little cry babys about arty dont even casue you cryed that arty was oped and now you dont stop crying cause arty cant help you well thats your falt you got arty nurfed and now they cant help thats your prob stop crying

  40. … I’m really mad that they nerfed the konisch’s alpha dmg… That’s the reason I loved my Scout Panther… Now it only has 135… Compared to 165 :(