TD competition cheating

Hello everyone,

let’s have a look at the tiny little fail, that happened on Russian server recently. Well, perhaps more than tiny.

As you probably know, last month, an event took place: best tank destroyer players (well, at least the ones that got most XP) get to win the Type 59, gold and yaddayadda. Each tank destroyer category (vehicle) has its own winners.

On Russian server, the winners were already announced:


A user by the name of Dr9vik on RU unofficial forums went to check out the winner and here’s what he found. The winner – Venced0r – won the whole category by recieving 2728 XP on AT-1. Holy shit. For that, you need to do some serious killing, right? So, let’s check the winner’s account stats:


This is starting to get suspicions. We expected some unicum, right? Let’s check his tank stats then:


Oh look. New account. No medals, nothing. I mean, when getting so much XP, you HAVE to have some serious medals, right? Well, he doesn’t have any and he has only 4 maximum kills per battle with that AT-1. How did he win the competition then?

By cheating. Cheating is really easy to do, as proved by the earlier US server “Kingalphyn” affair. Basically, the AT-2 player platoons with a hightier vehicle, his friends get in platoons too, they wait for late hour and low server population, they press “battle” all at once and there is a very good chance they all will get into one battle, as the MM will struggle with the amount of platoons with queue and will put them all together. After that, it’s easy, the “enemy team” hightier platoons of cheater’s friends get to the AT-1 and he proceeds to slowly pick off their HP, until he gets insane damage done (that’s how he got so much XP, not by kills).

This player was an idiot, if you do this right, it’s very, VERY hard to prove you rigged. So, what’s the point of the whole post?

Wargaming competitions are way too easy to rig and Wargaming obviously didn’t learn from the Kingalphyn affair (during the previous heavy tank event, a cheater was also discovered on RU server, because he was an idiot, the same way this guy is). The fact the Wargaming staff declared him a winner also proves that WG doesn’t give a damn about the cheating, otherwise they could have doublechecked at least the winners.

I am nearly 100 percent convinced that there will be such a case on EU forums too. The only difference will be – will the cheaters be this dumb? I doubt.

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  1. rigging the game so easy to do, really why have competitions where the judges don’t give a damm how you got your score, well call all future world of tanks competitions unfair and rigged.

      • Exactly. What’s the point of any WG event or competition? All they care about is money, and if they get money from bots/cheaters/hacks, they’re happy with them. It always only be about money for WG.

  2. I wonder who is even checking the competitions to see who won? Do they just pick out random top players?

      • I stopped giving a shit when I realized that huge amounts of retards abuse the WG competitions. As if it weren’t enough that they spoil my fun in random battles all day, no, they also have to be cheater scum taking all the rewards that are supposed to be taken by good players. I’m really fed up with it, but I got used to this shit, because I know lazy communist WG retards won’t change shit anyway.
        That’s what happens when you have a bunch of yellow potato scum developing the game…

        • It’s funny you say that.

          I actually won the Tiger comp for the heavy tank one they ran a while ago (SEA Server). I think I only played on the first day of the comp and then sold my tiger (planned to move on anyway, no fault of the competition.). Turned out, that I got a stellar match and it came within the threshold.

          A pleasant surprise, maybe you should just “go with it”!

          • Yes, because on SEA you have only noobs, people who are potatoes on EU are unicums on SEA… go figure.

            • Fail player will fail everywhere, no matter where is the server located.

              And while its true Noobs percentages here were too damn high, there is share of genuinely good unicum that will give other server player a run for their money.

              Before i leave, i want to point that your average EU player is a abusive, moronic cake and make our headless chickens of ASIA pubbies like a saint.

          • On SEA you have better players than on EU and RU together… mad asians perform at 260% of average western world gamer’s skill.

        • I’ curious: what kind of illness must one have to use “retarded” as an insult?
          Does it not defeat the purpose of the insult, that the insulted is just a poor human being who didn’t choose to be like that and can’t do anything about it? You, Xensation,however, could do something about being an idiot. It’s very sad that you choose not to.

      • No it’s yours SS. Please bitch… I’m the best player on this server, I know what I’m talking about.

    • So you think the reward of 15 years of premium is crap? and the idea of the competition is very good it is just all the players that likes to abuse it.

  3. The RU server doesn’t give a damn about the Cheating or rigging their contest.
    The EU and US Server does. Which is kinda hilarious. >.>

  4. At least we know from replay that 2400xp m18 hellcat game from embrionic journey is 100% legit

    • I did a 3247 xp game in T29 lately and people are crying cheater all over since :/ Uploaded the replay to Noobmeter to prove, but people still don’t seem to care, they just go berserk when they see something they couldn’t have done ..

  5. To be honest. I think around 50% or more of the top 10 scores are riged. Everytime i checked their accounts they were pretty medicore players with medicore stats beside on this one tank they have won with.
    This contest are all very fishy.

    • WG does not give a shit. The only purpose of those competitions is to entertain the masses. The average 80 IQ monkey playing WOT is not even capable of thinking about whether the competition is rigged or not, he’s simply too retarded. That’s the reason why WG does not need to change a thing, 99%+ of the playerbase are so stupid they will never realize that trying hard in those competitions is futile anyway.

    • even dough there is a possibility they made a set-up.. you can’t really tell that by the “medicore” stats. Everyone can get lucky in one round.. and that’s all that takes to get in top 10.

  6. it is at1 not at2. lol and i did more than 2700 xp several times, also 2650 with british tier8 td.

  7. Will be the same with our light tank competition. I’m playing some unpopular low tiers to score some gold, but I’m not even considering the main prices since they will be rigged for sure ..

  8. We should go back to the good old “send us your replay and battle stats screenshot” method, that will fix the issue

  9. They should only make these competitions count when the server population is high, etc. from 16:00 to 22:00 (4pm to 10pm for those over the pond), or their regional equivalent.

    Granted the server should be able to record the time when the battle started.

    I am already aware of that and I won’t buy into this.

  10. Oddly some of the last winners in the EU were so pleased with their win, that they sold their accounts via MMO Gold Trading sites.

    Maybe WG might do something now the Gold Pharmers are taking a slice of the pie.

  11. Or for that matter, forbid low tier tanks from completing this competition. Min Tier 5…wont help anyway i think

  12. Maybe the problem of cheating could be resolved by replays. Players will have to provide a replay of the game they scored x amount of exp? I guess that could be manipulated too somehow. Cheating in multiplayer games is the worst because your ruining the fun for others, I cheated many times in single player games but never in multiplayer games. Cheaters in WoT should get a permaban. WG is prodably too lazy to watch any replays. So maybe the best solution is to never have any competitions in WoT.

  13. I’ve given up with even trying to win these competitions, they are all rigged. I’ve had games of my life in some tanks, just under 3k xp (with premium) and yet I’m not even in the top 50. I’ve had several 2500+ (premium) games on what I would say are under-powered crap tanks, and yet I didn’t have enough for the top 50. Then when you go and check the winners its crap players with 47% win rates, crappy average damage/xp in the tanks they supposedly won in.

    I’ve played for 3 years, and while I wouldn’t consider myself a “unicum” or whatever, I know how hard and rare it is to get a game with over 2500xp. It doesn’t happen very often. You have to have just the right game, with enough idiots on both teams to make sure you do nearly all the damage yourself. I could count on one hand the amount of players I’ve seen with over 2500xp on their stats before these competitons started, and yet now almost every player you see has games of 2500, 2700, 3000+. Maybe its just gold ammo being used and letting players score higher xp, or maybe its because there is a lot of cheating going on to win these prizes.

      • Thats why he obviously put ‘premium’ in brackets retard; so even thick pieces of shit like you could do the Math.

        3000xp premium is still 2000xp base.

  14. Morons from WG could at least select for rewards tanks, that are present in the store, no the “mythical” Type. By doing so they would eliminate at least some attempts of cheating, as there would be less people to cheat for something that can be bought at any time. Sure, some kids and other no life losers would stay up late at night and coordinate their matches with their friends, but there would be at least no extra motivation, that you can get something, that is unaviable in the store.
    But this is Wargaming, they don’t care as long as cash is comming in.

  15. Well I was stupid enough to go for the heavy tank competition on EU server, thought I had a chance with the B1 since it’s one of the worst tanks in the game… I learned to play it, got some great games in it, even started to like the damn thing and then got a game with 8 kills + base cap for even more xp. 1232xp, was pretty sure that would give me the top 5 result, perhaps even top 3. Reality? didn’t even make top 50. 8 kills and base cap is not even in top 50 in one of top 3 worst tanks in the game. Smells kinda fishy to me, in fact it stinks as hell, but nobody really cares, so neither do I anymore, I just no longer bother with any WG competition

    • That’s simple. WOT is designed in such way, taht every monkey in this game thinks he plays well. This is the reason of this game great business success.

      The thing is 1232xp is simply crap, because there are hundreds and thosuands of people that can do better than it.

      • 1232xp in one of the worst tanks in the game, achieved by 8 kills and a base cap. No, that’s not something hundreds and thousands of people can do better, but it sure is something that can be rigged by a few of them.

        • Damage, your positioning and spotitng is important, too. Also, you are shit and 1232 XP are nothing special, no matter which tank. Anon above you is 100% right

          • Oh I’m sorry, when was the last time you played tier 4? Or 5? Or 6? On your last account before you opened a stat padding account maybe? :)

            Yes 1232 is nothing special in tanks such as IS3, KV1s, KV1, in fact, it’s nothing special in about 90% of the tanks in this game, I’ll give you that, but in tanks such as B1 and a few others out there, it’s anything but easy.

            Oh and calling someone shit out of nowhere, that really is something special, it shows what kind of a person you are quite well. I’m so sorry for you…

      • On what tanks? What was the average tier in your 1200+xp battle?

        Tier 4? Oh, too bad – you skipped that tier, you don’t know shit about what you’re talking about.

        Go ahead, score 1200+ xp on a B1 in a tier 5 battle. Low general hp pool, low alpha, low penetration… It’s not easy to rack up damage dealt on this duck. You have hard time penetrating kvs and at2s from BEHIND. Tier 4 battle? Even lower hp pool. Oh, and everyone is faster than you, so by the time you get to the front enemy team might be already dead.


        • Lol i’ve scored over 1500 in a tier 1 and you think 1200 is anything?

          1200 in any tier and any tank is just shit

          • You sealclubbed newbies and got 1,5k XP with decent vehicle. I can do that too. And any decent player out there.

          • Go and score 1200+ non premium exp on b1 or amx40. Or some other UP tank. Else -> STFU&GTFO.

      • LoL, Mr. “Unicum”, why don’t you crawl back to the hole called 322 and leave us lowly noobs alone? While cca. 1200 NXP is not that much when taking all vehicles/tiers into account, getting that amount in B1 is not easy. And while I would expect the best cca 10 players to have cca 1,4k NXP, 1,2k NXP is (considering the tank itself + how many people play it + the amount of players who actually entered the competition) in my opinion enough for at least TOP 20. If the TOP results aren’t rigged that is.

  16. So… where do I find a group of players that would help me get a Type 59 using that method? I could really use a high tier premium tank since my credits are running low. XD

    • the problem is not the platooning but the fact that the opposing team allows low tier attacker do damage and spotting without defending themselves or attacking said at-1. That’s cheating.

        • Contest rule claims that only results from random battles are taken into account. If you have 6 people included on both sides – that is not random (if nothing else). Now stfu you tard!

        • Because it’s rigging a match and therefore creating unfair circumstances for participants? It’s the same reason why a boxer suddenly collapsing the moment his opponent lightly taps him would immediately trigger a cheat investigation by match authorities.

            • It is asshole and only assholes like you think its not. I could slam your head into your ass so you could easily smell the stink that you seem to be incapable of recognizing.

  17. Actually, yesterday that winner guy had _2_ kills max in his at-1, he played it later on to improve the kills number yet failed to make a top gun at least.
    Also, he won something in low tier french TD, as well, and he’s just as bad in that TD, too.

  18. the whole thing is going to be the next gate, so its WoT-Competitiongate.

    It’s boring that you have to rig like these asses to have a much better chance to win.

  19. They don’t even announce the winners on the NA server anymore publicly. They only post it on the forums to try to hide people looking into the competitions anymore.

  20. Wow, my growing apathy toward a contest system I always knew I’d never get anything from has gone into negative numbers and turned to outright distaste. Working as intended!

  21. Back in closed beta, you had to submit both a replay AND after battle reports for competitions. But as you said it seems WG don’t give a crap when it comes to blatant cheating at competitions.

    • Replay aswell? In closed beta? Must have been really hard winning events then…

  22. rigging aint cheating, those words only share the i-n-g’s, this is still in the rules and is a full fail by wg to not check the winners, this so called rigging is beeing done every day or morning when nobody is online if you call this cheating then its done all day long

  23. The guy is actually very brilliant! He won a type very easy… U can’t say he’s an idiot… He’s a cheater and he should be discredited for that but his no way an idiot!

  24. Well someone placed 13… THIRTEEN TIMES on the NA server event. Stats aren’t really great. So that’s probably a little suspect. I’m sure many were rigged. This will be the second time now I have to submit a ticket with a link to wotreplays to get my gold.

  25. Inglorious Bastards went against SIMP in a tourney. We were actually 3 tanks up, about to cap, and 3 of us got reset back to garage, mid battle. SIMP, of course, was given the win,moved on, and I B recieved an “oops, sorry about that” email. Come on, we were all on the same server. I made that comment during the broadcast today, and it was deleted in 4 seconds, and I got PM’d by a mod, threatening a ban.

  26. Well, the saddest thing is that they indeed don`t learn from their mistakes. Competition is where everyone have equal start, rights, laws etc. This is just “who will cheat the best” competition. The easiest (laziest) thing for them (although it is double edged sword) is to forbid platoons in these contests… This is just pathetic…

  27. And note that they would NEVER get away with this on the NA server.

    When I say “Russian Bias”, I don’t mean the tanks, I mean the server.

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  29. The same was for Heavy Tanks, see posts in the threds concerning this topics. There is a gut for example with 36% WR, only 2 ace badges and hardly any medals with avarage 1k dmg for tier 9 that achievd almost 2k exp for tier IX. Seen the replay, it was 8k damage against TIER VII (2 tier lowers). XP value seems WAY OVERCALCULATED. And that guy didn’t play as bad as his effi suggests (~500). He instantly angles when enemy tank apperas, shoots threw dirt borders etc. 1. it was not him on his account. 2. Xp is overcalculated. 3. It could be any of his clan mate (a clan which is strictly connected with Wargaming promotion) playing on his own account transfered as his result. It wargaming. Everything is PossibRU

  30. Wait? What I heard is that they take in accounts of the total of battle EXPs during the Event period, right?