Americans in Wartime museum pictures

Hello everyone,

player Lorenzo_Ruiz from SEA server decided to share a bunch of interesting vehicle photos with us. They come from a private tank museum in Virginia USA, that was opened for public only recently. Some of the pics are really cool, enjoy.

M36 Jackson – notice the interesting story




Commonwealth Brencarrier



Valentine Mk.III




M3 Grant (notice the different turret)


M18 Hellcat (again, originally from Yugoslavia)



M5A1 Stuart

M3 Stuart

M19 Gun Motor Carriage





Jagdpanzer 38t (“Hetzer”)

(this particular vehicle – as nearly all the private held “Hetzers” is not a real wartime Hetzer, but a post-war Czechoslovak copy, manufactured for Switzerland under the G-13 designation. The changes were: a different gun (StuK 40 instead of PaK 40, originally recognizable by the muzzle brake, which however is often removed when the vehicle is supposed to look German, different engine and machinegun mounted on top (usually also removed)).



M4A3 Sherman




M16 GMC (also known as “Meat Chopper”, for its effect on infantry – quad mounted .50cal MG’s in a powered turret)


105mm FV433 Abbot



M41 Walker Bulldog


T-55AM (Czechoslovak origin)


Strv 103 (“S-Tank”) – notice the hydraulic elevation control




And as a bonus, a video with a Centurion:

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  1. That’s not a Bren Gun Carrier. That’s a Universal Carrier.

    The Bren Gun Carrier was a distinct and different vehicle.

  2. It is M4A1 not M4A3. A1 is only major production variant to have recognizable cast front hull.

  3. Thats not a M4A3 but M4A1 … This makes me wonder , if really someone knows about versions of Sherman tank here ^^’

    • Most tanks seem fairly small until you see them A) up close B) someone standing nearby for scale.

      • Even if it moved it could not leave building, doors are too small, building was built around it. S-14-2, T-35 and Karl Moerser also can not leave.

        Kubinka has runner Panther, Pz-IV, LT-38, T-38, T-34, T-34-85, IS-4, SU-100 etc.

    • I want that in WoT. Immagine hydraulic control for a tank with some nice armor – angeling perfectly all the time…. lol’z

      • The S-tank already have extreme angling for the front armor, so unless you hit a weak spot so are it sure to bounce no matter what shoot it.

  4. >M36 Jackson – notice the interesting story
    Actually quite a number of M36s in the US originated from former Yugoslavia, usually they’re powered by T-55′s diesel engine instead of the original gasoline GMC one, I was noticing it some time ago on this list of surviving M36s:

    • And compared to how it looked last year, it’s better. last year it looked as if you would contract tetanus just by staring at it for more than 5 minutes.

  5. Coming from Slovenia, I can tell you there are a lot of Jacksons all over former Yugoslavia, some guy even owns one himself and has it parked in front of his house (not to mention those in the Pivka museum, already seen here on FTR)

  6. Hi guys, feel weird seeing my amateurish pictures appear on here.

    I’m still slowly uploading the videos I have of the tank demonstrations.

    As a clarification, they do this yearly around August, but most of the time the tank farm is closed except for pre-scheduled tours or on days they decide they wanna run a few of their tanks. It’s still technically a private collection until the actual museum site is finished (they just did groundbreaking and the first building will be put up soon iirc).

    Most, if not all, of the tanks they have are running in one form or another, although not as well polished as they want compared to the Littlefield collection in California. So far some tanks under the process of renovating would be the Israeli Sherman, a Churchill VII, M10 Wolverine, Chaffee, M7 Priest, and the M1917.

    I’m looking forward to when their museum is up and running, and here’s an article on the weekend event on the Daily Mail:–including-burned-truck-firemen-perished–Americans-visit-year-museum-built.html

    As well as another video. A Valentine Tank and two Dingo Scout Cars:

      • Thanks, I might not be taking pictures next year. Might be part of the reenactors as a Philippine Scout or guerrilla.

        That said, amused at people’s expertise here, let em keep rolling.

        Also amused on no questions asking why, as an American, I play on a server on the other side of the world. XD;;

        • I am from the pacific coast and played EU because I kept getting 300ms and 600ms pings when NA had only 1 server. Starting up on the NA west server now that ping is more respectable. =)

    • Thanks for the pics but the part about the M4A3 being used in Vietnam was hilarious,what would we do without dailymail?

    • Probably it’ll get implemented when they move Chaffee up to tier VI, M24 could also lose that terrible 2nd turret at that point.

      • If it loses the turret and the guns that comes with it, then it may end up staying at tier 5.

  7. Pretty nice tanks. It’s rare that I get to see WWII tanks in person so pictures like this helps me alot.

  8. Very interesting topic! That’s a place I would have liked to have been =)
    That S-Tank has some depression, daayum :o

  9. Why can’t we have the Abbot ingame? It actually looks pretty legit. I mean, the limit on tanks to be inplemented is in the mid-1960′s, so the Abbot should just fit in, datewise.

  10. S-Tank looks awesome. Really hope they add it to the EU tree, I’m sure they could work it like a TD…

    • I think they should be able to add it in by treating the entire hull as an oscilating turret. That way no new code is needed.

  11. Most of the vehicles in the collection are in running condition, he actually has a lot more than are on display. This is a yearly event usually August or September. They invite reenactors to set up period displays near the vehicles to add historical atmosphere… I actually live only 13 miles (21 km) from the location and participate as a reenactor.

    • We need to talk. I want in on that. D:

      Also if you know of the guys who did the Philippine Scouts/Imperial Japanese this year, I need their contact info. I gave em mine but forgot to get theirs. DX

      And 13 miles…not far from me then.

      • I can check, I know one of the guys who did it with them 2 years ago, though he is stationed in Ft Drum NY for a year or so.