36 thoughts on “8.8 new Service Record interface

  1. *generic comment implying you are an unskilled player with questionable parentage*

    Out of interest, can you compare two players at once? You used to be able to, but I don’t think you can now.

    • Winrate is so much bullshit… I can easily open a new account, fuel it with gold (if I would like to waste money…) farm credits on premium tanks with premium account, buy loads of free experience to skip tanks that I do not like and play only ones that I have the highest WR, add to that premium shells and cosumables and easily you can bump your WR significantly. With free xp there is no need to grind anything with a stock tank, or even play the shitty ones…

      • I don’t do anything you describe, no prem account, no gold, I play all tanks (light / td / meds / heavies) and I still have 56%. You are full of shit!

        • I play all tanks (light / td / meds / heavies) lol.. no arties.. but they arent real ‘tanks’ anyway..
          and shouldnt have been implemented in the 1st place

      • And if you do that, only play your strong tanks with premium ammo, you will be more dangerous on the field than someone who gimps himself not using premium ammo and playing shitty tanks. Thus when xvm shows me the winrates i get exactly what i need to know: Information on how dangerous a tanker is.

      • of course you can pad, but stats are only relevant “apples to apples” anyway- and good stats are attainable simply through skilled play.

  2. Most played with tier 5,medium tanks and germany branch? That’s very unusual. Your stats are fine, except hit ratio. (wait for it to aim)

  3. they reworked that thing completle and still not added the “damage from scouting” information? how lame…

    • I guess the frist is, how many he has destroyed, the second,how often he himself has been destroyed. At least you get to the 1,88 K/D Ratio. A bit unlucky, to name both values the same…

  4. What is that rating in the first screenshot? Is that the global rating or somekind of individual skill rating made by WG?