8.8 Supertest vehicles stats

Since I hate backediting, I will create a new post. Here’s what we have:


Crew: 5
Hitpoints: 530
Armor hull: 50/25/20
Armor turret: 75/50/50
Maximum weight: 23,3 tons
Ground resistance: 0,8/1/1,9
Engine: Type 100, 240hp
Speed: 38,8/16 km/h
Hull turnrate: 38 deg/s
Turret turnrate: 36
Gun: Type 5 75mm (penetration: 124/155/38)
Ammo: 52
Depression/Elevation: -6,5/+20
Accuracy: 0,37
Reload time: 5s
Aimtime: 2,3s
Viewrange: 360m
Radio: 400m

Type 64 LT

Crew: 5
Hitpoints: 580
Armor hull: 25,4/12,7/19,1
Armor turret: 25,4/12,7/12,7
Maximum weight: 25 tons
Ground resistance: 0,7/0,8/1,7
Engine: Continental AOSL-895, 500hp
Speed: 72,4/23 km/h
Hull turnrate: 56 deg/s
Turret turnrate: 46
Gun: 76mm Type 64 (penetration: 128/177/38)
Ammo: 45
Depression/Elevation: -7/+20
Accuracy: 0,4
Reload time: 3,3s
Aimtime: 2,1s
Viewrange: 390m
Radio: 750m


Crew: 4
Hitpoints: 1150
Armor hull: 75/75/45
Armor turret: 115/90/75
Maximum weight: 33,3 tons
Ground resistance: 0,8/0,9/1,8
Engine: Continental V-2IS, 520hp
Speed: 51,6/20 km/h
Hull turnrate: 56 deg/s
Turret turnrate: 40
Gun: 85mm S-53 (penetration: 126/167/43)
Ammo: 51
Depression/Elevation: -6/+20
Accuracy: 0,42
Reload time: 4,8s
Aimtime: 2,3s
Viewrange: 370m
Radio: 600m


Crew: 4
Hitpoints: 1100
Armor hull: 75/75/45
Armor turret: 90/70/70
Maximum weight: 33,3 tons
Ground resistance: 0,8/0,9/1,8
Engine: Continental V-2IS, 520hp
Speed: 56,2/20 km/h
Turret turnrate: 48
Gun: 122mm D-25-44 (penetration: 175/217/61)
Ammo: 24
Depression/Elevation: -3/+20
Accuracy: 0,43
Reload time: 16s
Aimtime: 3,4s
Viewrange: 370m
Radio: 600m

37 thoughts on “8.8 Supertest vehicles stats

  1. Ah cmon! This is terrible! 126mm penetration on tier 7 vehicle (T-44-85) this is going to be useless! Even tier 5 Chi Nu Kai gets the same penetration… Make it at least 144mm on the t-44-85 :@

  2. So the t-44-122 is the wannabe kv1s…only two tier higher. 16s reload for a medium. lets just say stats on paper dont look good for either of them.

    • Hm,terrible tanks..

      But that T-44-85 is horrible imagine 126 pen and tier 8 battles,you can`t pen any tier 8 tank frontally even with 144mm (and people say that is low pen for tier 7 gun),

        • Yes, I realized that later. At tier 7 the situation is a bit better. I have a SU-122-44 and its an absolute monster. However SU has below 7 second reload….

      • And it won’t be fast like the e 25 .. Imagine people actually bitched about the 150 pen on that f1 car .

      • Ooh, I see. They put the big gun that a lot of people thought would be on tier 6 or 7. I heard that it would need a special turret to get more gun depression, but that kind of turret would be on the tier 6 Chi To or tier 7 Chi Ri, rather than the tier 5 Chi Nu.

        Honestly, I’d rather have a smaller gun with more gun depression. It’s a premium, so it can get preferential MM that way :P I’m sure a lot of people prefer it this way, though.

        • The Chi-Nu-Kai has the same turret of the Chi-To, depression values should be identical.

      • Funny because people have been asking for 122mm gun removal from KV-1S forever but they’re only doing it now….

  3. The Type 64 seems to be great tank. Way better than the regular tier 6 chinese 59-16.

  4. E-25 > Panther M10 RoF is 6:4
    SU-122-44 > T-44-122 is 2:1,
    seriously ?

    I don’t understand these stats.
    the T-44-85 is just bad but,
    they don’t need to make the T-44-122 as bad because its not one that can be bought.

    • >they don’t need to make the T-44-122 as bad because its not one that can be bought.
      The problem is the comparison with the regular T-44 equipped with the 122mm gun… Soviet mediums just can’t get big guns with decent reload times, that’s the exclusive of the Chinese master-race-

      • I’m rather willing to bet the Chinese were smart enough to not repeat the mistake the Soviets made with the 122mm unitary cartridge, which was the chief culprit behind the 44-122′s appalling RoF…

  5. I’m really confused. I can already “make” a t44-122 by slapping the 122 gun on my t44. It’s a fun troll gun in a wolf pack, but it’s garbage without support.and outrageously hard to do more than 2k damage in a game. Seems to me that these aren’t new tanks at all. just configurations. What is so different from the tank that already exists and can use these guns? Is it just that they are premium?

  6. The T44-85 is the same as T43 with the same gun. There slight differences, biggest being more turret armor and better hull turn rate. Also T44 has less depression than T43.

    • Biggest difference is the gun!

      T-43: 180 dmg, 144/194 pen, 0.37 acc
      T-44-85: 160 dmg?, 126/167, 0.42 acc

    • Most likely tier 6 or maybe even 5. What I’m really interested in is if it gets ridiculous scout MM or not.

  7. Type 64 LT looks horrible stats wise. I don’t want to have another T21 in my hands with 128 pen….