68 thoughts on “Test server 8.8 is up

  1. Crosses fingers for a Leopard PTA buff. Even if it’s not that necessary :3


  2. Any news on the E-50/M changes, or if the changes affect the Tiger (P). I can’t get on as I’m at work.

  3. Any way to play WoT on live (don’t want to lose the 5x) and download the test client at the same time?

  4. Are the servers live? im asking because theres nothing about the live server on NA,EU,RU. Oh well at least is preload. I can get faster before the flooding begins.

    • Finished downloading. The problem is this is the worst installer i ever seen in my entire gaming life Why does it takes sooooo long to install the downloaded files? it takes longer than the download itself ffs…

  5. Is it possible to access the data from the tanks that are only available for super-tester? I’d like to know data (especially gun penetration) for the new T-44-85 (premium russian t7 medium).

    • There is…you need the wottools 0.5 from Lead Games and the you can have a look at the definition xml files for the vehicle (res\scripts\item_defs\vehicles\*nation*). Find the guns name inside the file for your vehicle and the go into the nations components folder to look at the gun.xml. Find you gun and you see all the specs for the ammo. (power = penetration)

  6. Is there anyone with a fast connection and a youtube account, who would show those with the crappy internet speeds the new stuff ?

  7. best tutorial from wg I’ve ever seen and it’s in launcher:
    green are allies and reds are enemies
    use minimap

  8. I don’t know is it just me, but I can’t find both china’s prems in the store…

    E50M hull armour 150/80/80 tur. 185/80/80
    E50 hull 150/80/80 tur. 120/60/60

  9. Can someone ask serb if we get the 50.000 EXP back that we spend on 1200 HP Maybach engine. I remember that they gave it to us when Su.85 lost the 107 mm gun.

  10. WHY THE FUCK 112 AND T-34-3 ARE NOT IN-GAME STORE!!! I THOUGHT WG WANTS US TO TEST IT FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • No changes in dmg/pen/acc/aim time. It got 10m more view range though. There might of course be changes of hidden stats (ground resistance, gun dispersion, camo)

  11. Ooow, and great news for every owner of SP… it got some sort of accuracy on the move buff (5 of 6 shots on target with penetration; distance from 300 to 100 meters, going ‘full speed’ ~ 17km/h :P ) rest is just pure bullshit. You can angle all you like – it won’t help…
    Long story short – SEE YA SP!

  12. @SilentStalker I’m not sure if this is a post related to trolling on the RU forums, but I’ve noticed this post: http://forum.worldoftanks.ru/index.php?/topic/971641-%d0%be%d0%b1%d1%89%d0%b8%d0%b9-%d1%82%d0%b5%d1%81%d1%82-%d0%be%d0%b1%d0%bd%d0%be%d0%b2%d0%bb%d0%b5%d0%bd%d0%b8%d1%8f-088/page__st__720__pid__23820156#entry23820156

    A basic google translate:

    Q: BRAD why not test new prem???? I may not like T34-3, why I will not buy it then?
    A: Because they have already been tested.

    I’ve still not downloaded the test client yet so I don’t know how it is on there.

    • It’s not trolling. WG is actually trying very hard to lower the amount of potential buyers of these tanks. And it’s been stated numerous times – they dont fine tune vehicle stats based on public test data. Also, public tests are not designed for trying out premium vehicles.

  13. New Chinese Premium Tanks added to Gift Shop

    T-34-3 (Tier VIII Medium tank)
    112 (Tier VIII Heavy Tank)

    from test-server ‘list of new features’…

    So how are we suppose to test those tanks? Or maybe ‘brains’ from WG think that we will buy’em anyway?

    • Well T-34-3 is already a fucking failure of a tank anyway with that rof and crap mobility. My hopes remains in 112.

  14. The super pershing really s*cks now:( I had hopes for a secret little buff to the gun (180 pen) but no just only a nerf:(

  15. The guns on the Leopard PTA seems to be nerfed

    New stats:

    9 cm KwK 54
    ROF: 8.57
    Accuracy: 0.34
    Aim time: 2.9

    10.5 cm L7A1
    ROF: 4.29
    Accuracy: 0.36
    Aim time: 2.9

    Penetrations and damage remain the same.

  16. Yes, this is evil trolling from P. Myreev aka “Zlobny”. Trolling isn’t in joking about deleting this gun but in deleting this gun. And joking about it.

  17. Oh well…I guess thats goodbye to my 2 rowed garage slot tank carousel and my service channel gadget, as I will never be able to make the transition to AS3 in any timely manner. :/

    On the halfway good news: Most ingame mods will still work, as those are AS2 and unchanged. Their flashfiles got moved to gui/scaleform. if you can find the swf of the “old” 8.7 mod there, chances are its gonna work with 8.8

  18. ok so i downloaded the 8.8 client but i cannot get it to work. do i have to make another account?