Gamescom special missions: 23.8.2013

Today’s missions are:

- Making a Difference: be in team top 3 in damage dealt, earn 30 percent extra income
- Around the World: kill one vehicle of each country once per day, get 6 premium consumables
- You Shall Not Pass get Steel Wall + Spartan in one battle, recieve 5 premium repair kits


- kill 30 tanks, get 300k creds each day
- get 50k XP in a day, get 1 day premium
- get Yoshio’s, Nicol’s ,Lehv√§slaiho’s or Radley-Walter’s medal, get x5 crew XP

14 thoughts on “Gamescom special missions: 23.8.2013

  1. “Around the World: kill one vehicle of each country once per day, get 6 premium consumables” is bugged. I am not getting any of them, playing 40+ battles per day. And yes, I killed tank from all six nations…

    • You only get them once, the 1st time you kill any tank of a certain nation. Check your depot and I hope you will find the rewarded consumables there.

    • regarding test server. do you guys think that e fifty top engine gets refunded xp wise? i ask because a friend of mine has just unlocked that tank and it could be a smart way to use his free xp to make his grind easier if he would get that xp back anyway.

      sry for strange punctuation and no numbers but this keyboard on my phone is bugged.


  2. Meanwhile NA gets:

    “Mission: French Press
    For many of us, our days can’t begin until we get that first delicious cup of coffee. In celebration of the drink that was perfected by the French, this mission will reward with a batch of Credits and Strong Coffee for completing the criteria listed below.

    Objective (repeatable): Win 10 Battles in French Vehicles Tier III or Higher

    Reward: 50,000 and x3 Strong Coffee “