KV-1S will lose 122mm D-2-5 in 8.9

Source: http://world-of-kwg.livejournal.com/235412.html

KV-1S will lose 122mm D-2-5 in 8.9 – it will be replaced by 100mm S-34 (not D-10T) and by 85mm 85BM gun. T57 and Foch will also be nerfed.

And no, this is not trolling.

243 thoughts on “KV-1S will lose 122mm D-2-5 in 8.9

    • same here, brother. from my research on the tank, i.e. KV-1S, the D-2-5 was never on the tank in the first place. So I’m glad they’re doing this.

      • Actually if you did your research it was placed on it, and there are pictures of it. Work on your research skills bro

        • the Dt 25 was mounted on the IS, and besides the KV1S never even saw action and was only an experimental tank.

      • Actually it was. Several KV-85s (KV-1S with new turret and 85mm gun, similar to the change from the T-34/76 to the T-34/85) were adapted to house the D-2-5 for testing. The vehicle was called the KV-122.

        • The thing is, with Russian, they try to put any gun on any set of tracks. Yet most of those attempts never see production stage ’cause they failed testing miserably. Basically, WoT turns experimental failures into OP tanks.

          • Oh please… most the French tanks were “never produced” or “only in blueprints”… really, if the French tanks rolled the way they do in WoT, why did they suck ass so bad in WWII? oh… maybe because anything can happen “in blueprints”… personally all the French fliers need to be nerfed… or have some sort of transmission reality added that you can’t stop that much weight on a dime and reverse without shredding a transmission.

    • I play this game for 2 years. Kv1s was there with the same 122 gun. Nobody was complaining about kv1s. They were busy moaning about kv. Since kv was reduce to silence people moan about all kind of tanks. Sadly slow but sure all tanks that are fun to play become the target of whinners. After kv1s , t57 foch155 what’s the next target? I don,t understand why people ask for nerf and not to buff? T57 too good why not buf the other heavy,s? To bring them at the same line. One day after nerfing all tanks nothing will be pleasureble to play…

      • If by “pleasureble” you mean ridiculously overpowered as T57 and Foch, then I truly hope there will be no such vehicles one day.

        • The KV-1S was not OP at all, it was balanced by horrible ROF, accuracy and aiming time. It was fine, otherwise.

          • No it isn’t. It’s OP and even fucktards at WG finally realised that. Now continue to QQ. I myself never played KV1s but i do have it fully researched. So i guess i’ll have a month or so to enjoy the OPness of that cunt tank before they nerf it.

            • KV-1S is not OP. Even my TOG II can kill one with its high ROF before it can reload and shot again. It had high damage pr shot. But every tier 6 in the game have more damage pr min then the KV-1S have. Heck even the M6 beats it my a few points.

              As for the T57, the only thing they need to nerf is the ROF on the auto loader. Compared to other autoloaders, its way to fast. Same with the Foch. half it and we are there. Just says that the T57 have to expose it self longer before it can reload. Now it sends em all down in 4 seconds an hides. If it takes 8 seconds… then its on pair with the rest.

            • If you never played it, how do you know it’s OP?
              So if you never played tank you can’t judge its performance? Wow you really beat me with that argument. Also it never occurs to your mind that there is a thing called test server where you can try out any tank you want?

            • “So if you never played tank you can’t judge its performance? Wow you really beat me with that argument.”

              No you can’t. Players who really know what they’re doing can make even “average” tanks seem OP. The KV-1s is an easy kill if played by a noob, this is because it is a much less forgiving tank than the KV-1(less armour at one tier higher). It requires a different playstyle (more like a medium), and a lot of players have a hard time adjusting.

          • I dont think kv-1s is at all overpowered. Its gun is balanced by the bad aiming time, accuracy, and reload. Any seasoned player can take one down with ease, as long as they know the weaknesses of the tank

            • KVS surely is not supposed to have such a gun on its tier; its like if the IS3 was doing 750 dmg with one shot :) and even then IS3 wont be able to oneshot even tier 6, while KVS can kill another KVS in two, rarely in 3 shots, some tier 5 tanks in one and almost all tier 4 in one; also, with its pen it can easily take on tier 8 tanks without too much of an effort, many hitting frontally; for example today i killed IS3 in my KVS and sniped T26E4 from afar, both hitting on top of their turrets; however, killing KVS is not that hard since most of them are player by, eh, less than average players, said politely;

              tough i am much more happier about tier 6 companies being more diverse than the fact it will lose its one-shotter gun :)

      • I like current KV1. Very strong heavy in tier 5 battles, not so much in tier 6 and 7 ofc.

          • Enjoy your platoon of 3:
            TOG II’s
            Churchill VII’s
            any platoon of 3 tanks can, if played right be OP its just more people play in the KV-1S than anything else.

            • KV-2… Oh god the joy of KV-2 derp platoons. Slightly less OP in tier 8 games since they stole my HEAT ammo from me (no more 800 damage through the front of IS-3s and 110s D: At least I can still reliably 1 shot KV-1S’s, tier 6 VKs and Churchills)

              That said, the KV-1S was more consistently OP than the KV-2.

      • what the hell could they buff on the other heavies? their armor? Maus already has 200mm of armor all the way around, their health? Maus and E100 have 3000 and 2700 health, the T57 has more more health than the IS7, T110E5 and the AMX 50 B and has a 120mm auto loading gun, and it has about the same armor as the T110E5. and it also has a 35 kph speed limit. The 50 B at least has a smaller health pool and weaker armor, only thing it has over the T57 is its speed and reload it a bit faster

    • Well, it was fun while it lasted. I’ll raise my mere 287 battles a bunch and then we’ll part ways as friends :)

    • Only a buff for skilled players that can take advantage of better RoF/DPM (if stats are comparable to D10T). At moment, most morons only reach good stats with 1S cause of the horrible Alpha for that tier, and idiotic enemies too stupid to kill the 1S while he is reloading

      • I am in no way retarded, but you simply CAN’T kill a KV-1S with a VK3601H unless you snipe it for half its HP until you receive the first shot from it.

        Otherwise, if it gets the jump on you, there’s nothing you can do about it. You will fire 3 times with the Konisch and then you die.

        IMO it’s not so much the alpha, but the imba pen for that tier. You simply have no chance of bouncing those 122mm shells.
        OK, granted, it’s actually a combination of both.

        And don’t give me that crap about huge aim time. I’ve been snapshotted by KV-1S too many times to actually believe that aim time has any importance whatsoever.

        • Hmmm….I killed some KV-1s using the fantastic 57mm gun on T-28 (great penetration and great RoF). My Matilda also scored a few kills ;-) If the KV-1s driver is stoopid enough to sit in the open and waiting to reload you’ve got him already!

        • I have bounced that 175 pen off a Matilda front. Maybe you just have no clue how to angle?

        • So many people got sucked in by that gun… use the 88. puts your dpm in the same league as the 1s, and if youre close enough to get snapshotted you should be using a brawlers gun anyway. put simply, 1v1, the vk barely gives anything away to a kv1s, as long as you arent using a silly little pew pew gun.

        • Wth??? Are you saying the kv1s can 1 or 2 shot a vk 3601 h? It will take 3 shots from the kv1s unless amo rack or ridiculously high damage roll. The vk 3601 h can kill a kv1s, I have done it many times.

      • thats why you use the 88′s greater alpha compared to the Konich and its greater DPM compared to the 122 on the 1S and you bully him around with your greater armor and weight, if you angle your armor the right way you will bounce most every shot he fires. best thing to do is to aim for his mid plate on his hull or for his cupola if he face hugs you. and if you have troubles aiming for the cupola aim for the cheeks of the turret.

    • The D-10 tank gun is developed from the S-34 naval gun.
      So its just that 175pen 250alpha gun again.
      (Yes they are buffing the Soviet 100mm guns to 250 alpha to match the Chinese version)

      • Just go and buy a sack of potatoes instead of the MT-25. If you put little self-made Play-doh turrets on it you’ll have at least 10 MT-25s. It’s also a lot more fun that way.

  1. the era of OP tanks ends with 8.9.
    i dunno how they will nerf the F155, aim time and accuracy is shit, reload time is “balanced” 3×15,5sec is close to 47sec probably theywill nerf its engine or ground resistance.
    T57 is obvious, rld time, accuracy, aim time, rld time between shots.
    @KV1S finally.

    a KV1S, T57HT, Foch155 user

    • Unless they want to kill all of the caracteristics of the Foch 155 and T-57 they can’t over nerf their specialty.

      Foch 155 – lose some agility and turn rate, then it wont be able to play so agressive, the gun cannot realy be slower if the tank is to be played. Losing agility will make it easyer to overtake for mediums.

      T-57, if they nerf all gun caracteristics there is nothing left of this tank, only reload time of drum should be nessesary. Else it will be a clone of the french gun on the 50b.

      • When T57 was on its first testserver, it had 2,9s aimtime and 2150 hp.

        I think the nerf will go in this direction. (also because playing with hitpoints is easiest way to buff/nerf a tank)

    • I think they need to remove autoloader on the Foch155 completely, and buff ground resistance so it could be the fastest 155 TD as it should be.

      • the KV2 is OP as shit, only reason it has not been nerfed is because the guns reload is so slow.

    • then there would be whine about OP hellcat, OP ARL, OP KV-2, etc…
      though I also support the D-2-5T removal from KV-1S

      • How to nerf Foch 155.
        Reduce damage done to 750, thats still fine for a 155mm gun.

        How to nerf T57.
        Reduce reload time of drum.

        How to nerf KV-1S.
        Reduce damage done to 340.
        Or give it T-150s 107mm gun, and give T-150 the 100mm.

      • thats what every other 150,152 and 155mm gun do in damage is 750 alpha, why the Foch 155 gets the buffed alpha AND an autolaoder is beyond me

      • T-150 armor cant save you from KV-1S 122mm and its alpha damage. Only mantlet and ultraslopped frontal armor troll this gun.

        • If you cannot use its armor. But when you set T-150 in angle or side scrap tier VII and sometimes even VIII will bounce off.

    • I didn’t have any problems killing them with the T-150 / M6 / ARL44 before anyway perhaps now we will see more variety in T6 other then 3-5 horrendous KV-1S players on the top of a tier 6 match.

  2. It’s in 8.9? Fine, will have fully researched that tank by then. I don’t mind it, although it’s pretty fun with that 390 alpha. TBH it really needed a nerf, it’s just too damn OP.

  3. If the 100mm S-34 is a slower-firing version of D-10T then I’d say the KV-1S is still strong, just more in-line with other heavies of the tier (M6, ARL44)

    • If you think so, you have no clue of the Foch 155 and its weaknesses.

      Geez, I always thought that 50% of the WoT players are to dumb for this game … but I am starting to think that the number is actually much higher, like 75% or so. Before I forget it, I am among the top 10% WoT players WN6/7 wise. :P

      • which is no accomplishment. every mastery badge is awarded for being better than 99% of the players.

      • and yet you don’t know the difference between ‘to’ and ‘too,’ please, count yourself among the 75%

  4. Foch need nerf. Even gold ammos cant penetrate his frontal armor easy. But T57 dont need nerf ı think.

    • Even gold cant pen? Every ammo with pen higher than ~265 pens it quite easily… Unless i am lucky and bounce a shot that the enemy did not aim…
      Any intelligent player will hit the HUGE weakspots on the top… Foch is not OP, just better at killing noobs.

      • And here we are. Wondering why Storm refuses to answer stupid/troll questions. I mean really, T57 arty??? The arty itself is barely played and you are not sure about which one is the word here.

  5. The 85BM would be nice. I remember grinding the 122 in that thing with the 120 pen 85mm and it was a lot of suck. A useful KV-85 configuration may well be fun, given the weight savings and bouncy turret it has.

  6. Ah, good old WG:
    We will not remove 122 from KV-1S – it is balanced and historical!
    Week later: Maybe we will make KV-1S a hull option for KV-1 and move it tier lower but not in foreseeable future!
    Another week: Ok, we will remove 122 from KV-1S next patch…

    • T-50-2 & KV-1S are probably your relax tank for a reason. They were easy to run around and do well in with very little mental input.

      I’m curious, what other tanks do you play? The IS-7? The ISU-152? The Obj 704/268? The T 71/69/57?

      The above tanks (but these are by means not the only tanks) are all horribly broken in one way or another.

      Also guys, if it takes two years of vehement protest from the community to get the gun removed, yes, we can say that they don’t listen to us. SINCE IT TOOK TWO YEARS. They’ve released entire lines of tanks in this time. You think changing one gun is a massive amount of work? Jesus. Objectivity please.

      • Oh yeah, add the Chinese tanks to that list as well.

        This is WG’s way of operating. They release a new line of tanks that are deliberately OP in some way, people go crazy because “OMG OP TANK I MUZT TROLLZZZ!”, spent retarded amounts of money converting XP and buy credit packages so they can get to their brand new Tier 10 and play.

        Then a few months down the line, WG suddenly “realises” their mistake and go “oh, you know those new tanks we released? Yeah, time for a nerf. Thanks for your money!”

      • Whats so horribly broken about the IS7? That poor, former celeb tank from beta times has been raped by power creep so hard, its not even funny anymore.

    • Yea, but when they were nerfing German tanks it was OK, but when they touch your little toy its suddenly bad. Good thing Germans now get some “lowe”. :P

  7. about time tier 6 was all about kv1-s boomstick…
    time to force more variety i can see people already selling their kv1-s because they wont one shot t5 anymore…

  8. Reminder that the S-34 is originally a naval gun.

    What, you though they would nerf the KV-1S ?

    • And also, while i doubt it, it might be secretely subject to the 100mm buff.

      You best bet that the KV-1S will shit out ton of damage still.

    • Naval AA piece, IIRC. Which doesn’t really mean much since Everybody & Dog, Inc. routinely adapted heavy flak guns when they needed a large-bore high-velocity gun for AFVs – reinventing wheels and all that.

  9. OMG 3 years of waiting… IT TOOK THEM 3 F**ING YEARS!!! 3 years to notice that KV-1S is OP.
    WG = noob level: master

  10. First buff to german tanks and now this????? I still think it’s a hoax, but if it’s not…GJ WG (can’t believe I actually say that ) :))))))

  11. I would really appreciate a burst nerf on Foch 155 (3*750) for a better reloading time, both in drum and outside.

  12. look at all the twats beeing happy about the nerf not even thinking that some other tank will be op now and the crying to nerf another tank will continue, bad hypocrites

  13. Instead of moving the KV-1s a tier up, they remove the gun. This tank would be what hellcat and Jackson are with the IS, one is more armored and slower, while the other has almost no Armour and is faster.

    At least we don’t have to dear for that 122 that much anymore in tier 6 battles and company’s. I keep on derping anyway in my KV-2.

  14. Every tank that appears ruin it after a while when you go out new, I think I will not buy premium

  15. Well, that was quite predictable from WG to nerf KV-1S. I know nothing about situation on EU nor on US servers but on Russian ones there are TOO many KV-1Ss . Plus, the D-2-5T gun had never existed (according to WOT-Wiki). So, it wiil be nice if WG’ll put S-34 on KV-1S instead of 122mm (as I know, S-34 was mounted on KV-85 turret for tests – http://www.battlefield.ru/s34.html) . Since the developers started to get rid of non-historical stuff from tanks trees, it will be more fair.

    • Hellcat doesn’t have the KV-1S’ armor or mobility, and its top gun is of standard power for a Tier 6 tank and actually historical (the Super Hellcat configuration was built and tested before the war’s end).

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  17. This change will be made in 8.8 not 8.9

    ”122 mm D-25T gun with piston shutter removed from KV1-S”


    Ok, ok, here more sanity…

    The D-2-5T was its signature gun….I know it was very powerful, but it has its weaknesses too.

    The weird part…back then, pre 8.0 the KV-1S was fine, no one complained. Really. Despite the fact that this is the same vehicle. This is really weird

    And why does no one give a damn about the BL-10 in tier 8? (Ok, this is a fixed direction TD without turret, but still). Or for that matter, that the Sturer Emil will carry THE 128mm gun at tier 7….maybe its too soon to tell, after all, it might come with horrible soft stats.

    Well, this might be the ultimate proof that “Russian Bias” does not exist…

    I better gonna grind the KV-1S now so I wont have much trouble later

    • “Back then” KV-3 had the same gun, much better armour and was at the same tier. “Back then” KV with 152mm troll/107mm was tier 5 tank. See the pattern?

    • Sturer Emil literally doesn’t have any armor. Its mobility is best described as turd/brick on a tracks AND it’s on T7 and not T6 like this OP pos. And OP1-S have everything. Armor(eventough it should be bad behaves magically). It has speed. It has gun depression and on top of all that it has nuke 390(which btw you rarely see…most of the time its over 400) gun.

  19. I’m shocked! This has the potential to make the tank both better and less OP at the same time!

    • The AMX50B is great as it is. I am better with it than with the T57HT. Its speed makes all the difference.

  20. Crock of shit! The foch and t57 do not need nerfing! They are not op, people just need to learn how to play wot thats all! And the kv-1s is a little op! But its armour is butter for a heavy tank!

    • Ashdasdjs hurrr durrr. they are gunna nerf mah tankz. You all shiet, you know play tanks. l2p noobs STFU retard

        • learn to detect sarcasm and still stay the fuck off this site. herpderp tehy narf me tankz! me tankz not op!! all the players jast bat!


        • Learn to speak correct English and then come back!
          You really missed the whole point sarcasm proof noobie.

  21. people can complain about the hellcat all they want its historical in all its configs, and the fact is unlike the kv1s its armour isnt a magical bouncer, it can get pen’d by even tier 1s, and the amount of idiots iv seen rushing ahead with it,

  22. good decision! Kv-1 and KV-1(s) never has had these trollguns. Beyond there livetime they have had only different 76,2mm-guns.

  23. OMFG!!!1!!1 Finaly now pleze nerf the m3lee its too OP it kill me!!!!11!! also they should remove arty and TD

  24. This ought to make the stock IS grind more tolerable- atm, if you haven’t unlocked the 100mm D-10T from another line, you have to use the ghetto 85mm that is mostly tier V material- the S-34 probably won’t require the (pretty much identical) 122mm turret.

    • I doubt they’ll put the D-10T on it, S-34 is an early version, so expect less pen and alpha.

  25. Geez – fuck you, Wargaming.

    Time to quit (done so for a couple of weeks recently, briefly returned, and got bored again already anyway).

  26. those that do complain about the loss of the 122 are just loosers, to used to been able to dominate games with little effort, well say good bye to that and so good by to the flood of kv1s’s no more 8 and each side.

  27. …and.. yet another fun tank about to be fucked over…

    KV1S is not OP… yes it has big fook off alpha, but very long reload.. burns like a roman candle, and any damage to tracks, engine OR driver make the tank completely unusable… literally turns it into a bunker gun… It is a blunt instrument, and as such is easy to counter, I know.. I have it and I regularly fuck them over in other tanks.. especially the T49….

    turn it and burn it….

    anyway… not read that link you posted about it SS.. but how is that “official”..???

    Looks like a russian whine thread.. where is the “proof”…??

    • So take another “OP” tank of 6 tier – VK 36.01 H, equip it with Konisch and try to kill KV-1S in close combat. At first u get shot for 50% of HP, then you manage to take 400 hp form him, and boom, you are dead. Sniping? LOL NOPE, kv sport is still able to hit targets from 300+ meters despite it “horrible” accuracy and aim time. I saw a lot of guys that just go, shoot without aim and hits the target. And from distance kv sport has activated magic armor mode that bounces shots from turret and UFP.

      • That’s where the KV-1S excels is in close quarters. It’s built for brawling. If you want to kill one, don’t run straight up to it and try to plink it to death with some little peashooter. But I’ll humor you enough to ask a few more “tests” that seem to be within your definition.
        Pit a T71 against a KV-3 in close quarters. Does that mean that the T71 needs to be nerfed, too?
        Pit an ELC against a KV-2. Does the ELC need nerfing?
        Sometimes, people need to realize that there’s more to proper strategy than zerg rushing and blind fire. The KV-1S has a big ass weakspot right underneath the gun. It’s called a viewport.

  28. Regarding KV-1S nerf: to paraphrase a quote from other game – it’s like a thousand butts cried out in hurt :)

    • Don’t worry, there will be another T6 tank that people will complain about. Hellcat, maybe VK36?

  29. Lol

    Just picking up on a comment above – I do like the way players complain about a tank they have not played!?

    ‘it’s OP – remove / nerf it! Oh, and no – I have not played it… So, yes I know not what i want!’


    • Absolutely Mate. It’s not like I played against it for 4k or so battles. I absolutely don’t know what I’m talking about. Though I must admit that I’d rather see it stay on the tank in a bit nerfed iteration.

  30. Long Live the Noobs!

    Well, they will live longer now, as they are gonna nerf the best noobbasher tanks. Those tanks were balanced against any player with a brain. Too bad WG’s interest is in players without a brain.
    Obj. 268 is just as OP as Foch. Lucky i have both researched so i can sell Foch and buy Obj after the nerfs… Guess the russian will not be nerfed so sonn -.- meh… bias.. meh…

  31. Fuck it! I knew this, after arty nerf and the kraut buff this was the next logical step.
    INB4: “how terrible”, yeah I know, it doesn’t really concern me actually, it’s been ages since I used KV-1S but still it’s unsettling how crying babies can influence this game.

  32. I don;t get it why ppl complain about that KV1S, yea it’s a great tank with that dmg (I have almost 1k games on it when I tried to make some credits), but it’s kind of rusty in my garaje atm since I found other enjoyable tanks to play.

    About a sh1tload of KV1S in game, I often enter in games with 2 tiers above me, even tho i usually play with tier 6-7 or 8. I think it’s more about how you play against that KV1S, prolly those who are whinning about it, they admire KV1S till they die w/o moving to get cover or hide from it.

  33. Foch 155: bad accuracy, 45 sec rld, 5 secs rld per shot from drum -> no more than 3 shots per minute => 2550 dpm.
    Obj 268: very accurate gun, very short aim time, 14 sec rld => 3400 dpm.

    Both tanks are fast and agile, the Foch has somewhat better armor but a huge weakspot.

    I wonder when those apparently never breastfed trolls at WG.net will be going to nerf the Obj.268 (did you know that breast feeding furthers the development of the child’s intelligence?)

  34. Foch 155 is not OP! There are only too many noobs that think autoloader are OP and dont see the drawbacks of 50 sec. reloading time. Foch can kill you with one magazine but when it miss one time its over.

  35. Wargaming is now a giant piece of shit catering to the “we all need a medal” pc bullshit this game is staring to suck so much ass, the moron masses wont be happy till all the tanks are the same !! If you die by certian tanks change your fucking tactics learn how to kill it !!

  36. how can kv1s be OP, when t150 ownes it in close combat in every turnament? Next theyll nerf t150 and what next?

  37. OP is frustrated I’m afraid. My uncle (believe it or not) works for WG, nothing of this except the KV-1S cannon is true. People saying it about T57 & Foch are just whining kids. In fact, SerB himself told us 2 weeks ago that there are more lines coming with autoloaders. So just accept the fact that autoloaders will stay the way it is. For the rest you can’t nerf anything about T57 because it has the lowest armor of all Tier X heavies, it’s probably one of the slowest also.

    2nd thing, WG buffs/nerfs based on stats. The statistics at this moment are good for T57 & Foch, they are like other tanks. SerB told that WG does not listen to QQ’ing children on the internet, they change stuff based on statistics. Ty for wasting people’s time with your random comment after getting frustrated.

    • Also, I own the T57 together with IS-7, T110E5, E-100 & AMX 50B, so I can compare tanks very easily after playing hundreds of games on each of those heavy tanks. You are nothing with the T57 when you don’t have a good team that knows how to play their role. In random public games, you will highprobably snipe from far using the T57 because of a shitty team that does the same, and the 0.0 armor you posses as a Heavy Tier X :s I prefer my other heavies tbh.

      • Most pubbies I see with T57 shoot 1 clip and they die, that’s also why the statistics aren’t 100% correct.

  38. A few points…

    Autoloaders are only OP if used how they are meant to be used… “Fire all rounds, run away fast as fuck.”

    If you hang around to try and duke it out with someone, you’re fucked.

    Have you ever waited for a reload if a loader or ammo rack is damaged? That can last longer than the rest of the game does…

    Best idea to counter auto-loaders?
    Track them continuously.. especially when they are about to run away to reload… everyone on your team will want a shot…

    KV1s is not OP… it burns at least every other game, I’ve had it burn 3 times in 1 fooking game.. Don’t now any other tank that currently does that ..
    …and its the same issue as the autoloaders if ammo racked or damaged loader.. 50s+ reload
    …damaged tracks, engine or driver? Its like an AMX40 then….

    It isn’t that only noobs don’t play the KV1S..

    It’s that only noobs can’t counter the KV1S….

    Track, rack and burn…. end of KV… he will only have got 1 shot off, that’s half of your HP.

    And who said it could do 900 dmg?


    PS Hellcat was nerfed to fook already…

    • Yup every time i see KV1s i set it on fire. It wasn’t OP for tier 6 tanks. It was OP for tier 5 and 7 and 8 tanks. I mean that KV1s could destroy tiger on ease, and one shot nearly all tier 5 tanks.

  39. Best news all year. Finally WG do something about this insanely overpowered tank. No more seal clubbing for KV-1S facerollers.

  40. Well, I guess my Su100Y will feel even more like my E3 at t6. It is the only fly swatter remaining (except KV2).

  41. Having 390 alpha and 175mm penentration at tier 6 is just a freaking joke, the KV1s isnt a TD, it shouldnt have such a gun to beginn with. I relly hope they nerf all tanks so only TDs are the ones who have better guns, as it should be.

    • You are a dumbass. Please, slam your head in a door until you are rendered incapacitated

  42. I really don’t understand why the KV-1S needs a nerf. It’s bigass gun is balanced by the fact that it has the least health of any tier 6 heavy, and it has pretty shitty armor. The armor is well sloped, but that sloping really doesn’t help too much if you don’t angle your armor effectively.

  43. People are stupid. “Stop nerfing the fun (OP) tanks and buff the others”. Sorry to tell you this, but to “most” people a “fun” tank like the 155 Foch or T57 is because they’re OP. If everything was on their playing field, many of these people wouldn’t have nearly as much “fun” I suspect.

    Also, KV-1S… Rest in piss, OP trash tank. Now what are the stat padders and TC’s going to do?!?!?

    • Whatever will make pissheads like you continue to complain to WG. It’s just a never ending cycle now. Some other tank will take the 1S’s place, and then you’ll bitch about that one too. People like you ruin the game.
      I had the 1S, and I had mixed feelings about it. Sure, it had high damage. But a ~17 second reload? Really? And don’t even try to snipe with it. You don’t have the accuracy for that, and with ammo being 1,025 credits a shot, good luck making money, even if your team wins. I once fired so many shots in one match with mine that I could’ve paid for 2 additional repairs. MM is also really cruel to it. I could count on one hand the number of Tier 6 matches I was put into with it. Most of them were 7 and 8, where the IS series and Tigers would rip you apart in 2 shots unless you had something to defend yourself with.

  44. Ever thought about the T57Heavy is not being nerfed but nearly it got a buff…
    The reloading of one shot will be about 3 secs after the buff. Yes, it takes longer to put out the whole clip (instead of 6 seconds its then abot 10 seconds), but the loading time is nearly the same time as the aiming time.
    After this nerf the T57 will get a new role as a sniper on second line. Shooting its full clip with perfectly aiming possibilitys.

    By the way the T57 Heavy is never ever OP… It got a great possibility to make damage or even to take 2 or 3 tanks out of the fight with one clip. BUT it got nearly NO armor, especially on the sides and the rear.
    Everey Tank in this game got great abilities and disabilities. So think about that befor calling a tank OP.

    At least I got the KV1S myself and it is not OP because the 122 got a badly long reload and a bad accuracy. In Tier 6 Companies I prefer the VK36.01H… High RoF, good pen and damage.
    So I will wait till the moment all the guys call the VK to be OP… I think that won´t take so long time…

  45. People those of who that it considers. This is a bunch of crap. All of you who cant play worth a dam bitch moan and groan. ohh my I died! well you died because you were stupid and don’t know how to play. all of this whining like little babies has caused the arty to be nerfed and messed up. but in real life you know how accurate everything is anymore?! you can launch shots from another country and hit where you want. Stop whining Stop crying. if you have a problem then quit the game. games are suppose to be fun. You cant have all the tanks the same as one another or there is no fun left in the game. they all have their advantages and disadvantages learn them use them AND STOP BEING A BUNCH OF DAMN BABIES CRYING TO YOUR MOMMY SAYING I DIED BOO FLIPPIN HOOO! you are ruining the game.

    • I presume you are an avid KV-1S player.

      By the way, whining about whiners is still whining.

    • oooooh look at that:
      524 battles on KV-1S and second most played tank of mr. outdoors. A 46% player having a 52% winrate on solely one tank with that much battles speaks for itself, your stats didnt surprise me though.

      Usually I’m not into stat-bashing, but seeing you calling everybody who thinks the KV-1s needs a little nerf (me included) a noob, just because WG is planning to take away your toy, is just plain childish.

      Zefixo -NA-

  46. LOL, KV-1S will be nerfed. Since the very beggining I used my ARL 44 for medium tank companies. Even when absolutely everybody used KV-3, KV-3 was moved to tier 7. Everybody now uses KV-1S, and it will be nerfed, I still use my ARL 44.

  47. Did anyone bother to check the source ? i translated everything posted there and i didn’t see it say the Foch 155 or T57 are being nerfed at all , it only specifies the KV-1S Gun being removed , that’s it.
    And seriously people crying about autoloaders because you’ve been killed by them doesn’t mean they are OP’ed , you get killed by every tank in the game , it happens that’s what they are there to do .
    Autoloaders have massive drawbacks – Reload Time , Lack Of Armor etc , Why pick on them ? All the tanks in the game have guns , they kill other tanks you don’t complain about them , I dont see everyone driving a T57 in pub battles and rolling around ROFLstomping everyone who isn’t driving one .
    You can’t nerf the drum time on a T57 to make it fire at the same rate as a non autoloader , what’s the point in having an autoloader if they are the same as non autoloaders with less armor?
    And the Foch 155 is perfectly fine , it’s weak in the sides and rear , insanely easy to kill with arty and once its fired most tanks can kill it before it reloads , So why complain ? All tanks have strengths and weaknesses , How about you learn them instead of crying about it and whining that they won’t bring the game down to your level.

    • The only people that are complayning are those wo fear, and who have no clue what is a weak spot and what is that about strengths and weknesess of the tanks, I don’t have a problem against autoloaders and I only used them in Test Server, yes I get killed by autoloaders but is because I have done something wrong…

      I don’t see such a big threat in the Foch or T57 because when I use acordingly my IS7 or 121 it’s easy to kill them, they are just opponents that you may have to consider when in the other side of the barricade, and that’s all about this game, it’s fun part, to learn how to defeat them even if you think you don’t stand a chance, and that’s the difference about good players and those who are just complayning.

      I don’t understand why those who are complaining doesn’t find another game and not ruining everything.

  48. World of Tanks is not World of Checkers. Not all pieces are supposed to be the same. If you think it is so OP then get one and have a blast. It takes skill to actually control one of these monsters. Too many a time I have found myself or someone else’s KV-1S out there and eaten alive. You sure as heck do not see me racing heads-on against a FOCH. Wait and get its soft sides or rear. Same thing here. You see a KV-1S on the map…watch for it. It is a killer. Call in Arty. Call in a wolfpack.
    Noobs are out there ramming me and my KV-1S with little Lvl 4s. Not surprised when I turn and send a round through them. Only thing I would like to see is an enemy break in half when I drop a 400 gold round through a lvl 4. I paid for it. It should go BOOM.

  49. All of this ‘the 122mm wasn’t historically on the …’ blah blah blah…listen…half the beloved tanks in this game NEVER existed beyond a single, or two prototypes or just blueprints…or a turret here..a hull there.

    Historical accuracy doesn’t exist in the game, and its not meant to. Imagine the inertia needed to fling a 200mm shell across a map from an arty piece, not to mention it’s payload. Any tank within 50 meters of it would have its crew annhillated by the shock-wave alone. Most tank on tank encounters ended with a single, or rarely a second shot. Want historical, how about being one-shotted by many tanks? There’s realism. Want a realistic Hellcat…it went 60 MILES per hour – 96 kph. Realism, remove most of the US Heavy line as they never saw service or were prototypes (T1, M6, T29, T32 – the 110e5 never got off the blueprint.) You watch or drive a MAUS over a bridge – not historically possible. See the trend here?

    In the hands of a skilled, knowledged player, most average tanks become dangerous – aiming for weak-spots, exploiting long reloads, using the terrain to your advantage. Seems like all whiners on here are bitching because they can’t easily pen a tank where ever they want to shoot – or half of them use auto-aim. Bottom line..its a GAME based on some reality and tweaked with some fantasy to make it interesting. You don’t really think an M4 Sherman with its low velocity 75mm was that much of a challenge to a PZiv in reality as it is in the game do you? Get a grip, load in a tank and have fun. Otherwise, go find a different damn game to play you cry-babies.

  50. and again a tanknerfing while some playes can´t live with the differents from the tanks.
    the kv-1s have a big canon and is fast, but he have the armor from a t6 medium tank and he have a very long reloadtime for t6 tanks.
    the kv-1s have a very good place in the matchmaking.
    and pls wargaming don´t change tanks they was in the game after the release fro mthe tank.

  51. If you remove the 122 from the kv1s and give it a more dpm gun, doesn’t matter how good the gun is, the kv1s is crap. The reason is is that it has good speed and bad armor making it perfect for a peek-a-boom tank, if we are forced to come out more times than normally it will be easily killed, at least give it another deep gun!

  52. I have 1023 battles in the KV-1S and I think changing its gun will ruin the gameplay at Tier 6 because the KV-1S it’s not OP it’s just the most versatile tier 6 and that because of its gun.

    It has little armor so little protection and the speed it’s not that good, so the only thing we could use at this tank was it’s gun, because by putting some good shots in the enemy will take him down. Plus there are tanks that when used by good players can shoot down the KV-1S easy, like M6 whit the great ROF, or the VK 30.02 (M) whit his last but one gun, and this tank is a medium.

    It’s not about the OP’ness of a tank it’s about what PRO palyers preffere to play so all the players who complain about the tanks will continue to get killed by PRO players but whit other tanks, so stop ruining this game by nerfing and start learnig how to play.

    I played the KV2 and T150 as well and the results were not so good, I mean The KV2 is useless whit his last gun because of that shitty precision, you need to use the the 107 mm gun to be effective in battles, but you are completely blind in this tank whitout the spot of your teammates and you move like a snail. The T150 has better armor than these 2 tanks but he has an incredibly weak gun, that still manages to kill an KV-1S because of his highter ROF.

    So I guess that all tier 6 companies will consist in hitting each other whit 130-150 dmg and we will die by boring in these snail batlles whit lack of dinamism, because a bunch of guys that would kill themselves rather than learnig how to play.

    I mean I’m happy whit the changing of things but i’m not happy when this change is only based on complains and not on facts.

    So I guess that’s all whit the tier 6 companies same as the tier 4 and the game will be ruined a bit.

  53. hmmm… Well this is Bullshit if it is indeed true. Meaning they should set their shit right before they release tanks and its modules. For the people who bought KV-1S solely for that 122mm i.e. people like me… That is just really really bad and its one of the good tanks to grind credits :/… For the people who’s been suffering from getting 1-2 hits by a KV-1s, its a God send….
    But ye it suck’s to lose such a gun….

  54. wtf?

    kv-1s has weak armor ( 75 mm ) weak hp ( 860 HP at maximum upgrade ) and afther i shot i can watch at the TV kuz it take a loooooong time to reload ( around 15 sec ) and it also have poor accuracy and in dmg/min it has the weaker one in tie 6

    the alpha dmg is actualy the only [+] that the kv-1s have, kuz i read that it also have a reduced spot range…

    if they remove the 122 mm gun they could as well remove the thank itself kuz THE GUN WAS THE ONLY GOOD THING AT TIS THANK

  55. Well, I have the IS now, and personaly I think the KV-1S is ballanced, because: 1-Low armour. 2-Low rate of fire. 3-Low accuracy and bad aiming time. 4-Because it has a bad matchmaker (T8 games rare).

  56. Sad that WG caved in to the whiners and decided to hit the KV-1S with the nerfbat. The 1S was a well balanced _heavy_ at tier 6. Featuring light armor, intermediate speed and a great gun it was very fun to play. While the 122mm D-2-5 featured 175mm pen, it was the 390 alpha that made the 1S a great tank with which to troll scrub players. Compared to the the KV-2 and its ridiculous 152mm, or the T-150 with the 107mm, the 1S fit well within the tier 6 envelope of Soviet _heavy_ tanks. Players who moaned about it being OP were simply frustrated because they were not skilled enough to learn the 1S’s weaknesses. Personally, I was consistently able to kill KV-1S’s with my M4A2E4 Beta Sherman and its, craptastic, tier 4, 75mm M3 gun. I always considered the VK3601 with the Konisch to be the best tier 6 tank (especially when it was a medium) ; the many Unicums, who have posted thousands of battles in the VK3601, support that hypothesis. t’ll be a pity if WG turns the 1S into just another variation of the T-34-85, or A-43 by limiting guns to a current 76mm, or 85mm. A KV-1S with either the 107mm ZiS-6, or 57mm ZiS-4 would be a lot of fun in skilled hands. Of course, the 85mm DST-85BM may not be as fun to troll scrubs with, but it will still allow the 1S to hold its own quite nicely, with a small modification to tactical employment. In fact, I can see the 1S displacing the VK3601 as a more mobile, high penetration sniper within its tier. :)

  57. tak si potom KV 1S strcte do prdele a doufam ze mi pokud se ho budu chtit zbavit tak ze dostanu plnou hodnotu

  58. kv1s will be a good tank still it will be a good tank has su85 tr 7 gun to replace 122gun but 8.9 td and new tanks replace thta

  59. im glad its being nerfed as i so often get shot by an invisible kv1s and then get trolled by the driver for being a noob, usually they are driven by mouthy arrogant kids, this will make the game so much better

  60. Heres the thing …

    You have to please two sides of the table.
    - The “typical user” (which accounts for probably 95% of users)
    - And your money making clients who drop $ on gold.

    For those who have dropped some $ on gold in order to expedite getting such tanks as KV-1S, you might be satisfying 95% of the users out there but your going to be (possibly) pissing off the 5% of your money making clients/users.

    Popularity vs Profitability ….have fun with such decisions I’m sure.

  61. And for all of you out there who complain about it being “un-fair”.

    You sound like someone who got a coupon for a free bag of popcorn at the movie theaters, drove to the movies and got the bag of popcorn …asked for extra butter and left without buying a ticket to the movie.

    Shouldn’t be any complaints for the masses who pay $0 and WOT suffers a loss from.

  62. So many is against KV-1S gun, even if it was mounted on this tank in real, noone is against making imaginary tanks fight in this game with imaginary guns, and noone protestes against X tier German TD which can destroy Maus in 20 sec… that is strange