8.8 – New Hangars

Source: http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/2440657.html
Author: Awasaky

Some new hangars from test 8.8 – you can download them too and replace your hangars with them.

Event: National Day of the People’s Republic of China
Date: 1st October
Download: here





Event: Day of the Tanker
Date: 11st September
Download: here





Event: Chinese Lunar Festival
Date: 19th September
Download: here





40 thoughts on “8.8 – New Hangars

    • I doubt we will celebrate National Day of the People’s Republic of China and Chinese Lunar Festival. This events will most likley China only.

  1. The tank looks extra large in the second one, then it looks like something that got cut from Pacific rim in the last garage.

  2. Gais .. Is it just me or is the “lunar” garage has a bit of a scaling problem .. The huts are so small compared to the tank XD

      • Thanks mate, this made my day! I won’t be able to drive them from now on without calling them the Hotchzillas. :D

    • And is that micromaus that big.. I mean.. on 2nd group of screenshots he looks bigger that 110e5 O.o

  3. Middle one looks quite good…

    First one.. Meh… not interested

    Third one… someone got the scale a teensy bit wrong…

    … unless them houses are from Terry Pratchetts Wee Free Men…

  4. Yeah,lets celebrate more blody Communists!
    And lets celebrate them by picking random chinese charakters and write them on Lamps!

  5. So, I tried installing a garage. Is it possible there are textures missing? Or am I just doing something wrong? All of the textures are working except for the support beams, walls and roof. They just turn red. I’ll add a picture of the problem.


  6. Silentstalker is there anyway you can post some instructions on how to install theses mods since it was not as easy as i remembered it :)

  7. This only gives the hanger for premium accounts…

    Can anyone convert the middle one for Standard Account hanger?

  8. The 2nd one isn’t that bad. In fact, would be cool if in the front room it put your primary tanks, and in the storage area, secondaries. Or, in the front had spaces designated for your most played/favorite, best performing tanks, etc.

  9. I always wondered why they never animated the garage so you see your tank drive out when you selected battle??????