8.8 – list of German changes

Hello everyone, the list of German changes for 8.8 is here.

For all tanks:
Konisch damage nerfed from 165 to 135
50mm L/60 is now tier 4 instead of tier 3, costs 13970 instead of 9970

Heavy tanks


Stock weight: 53070 to 53630
Elite weight: 54070 to 54920
Health: +50 (both stock and elite)
Hull side armor: 82 to 80
Hull rear armor: 82 to 80
Speed limit: 30 to 40
Reverse speed: 10 to 12

Traverse: 22 to 24
Load limit: 58900 to 57000
Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,7/3,4 to 1,3/1,5/3,1
Shot dispersion: 0,21 to 0,22

Traverse: 24 to 26
Load limit: 59200 to 61000
Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,4/2,7 to 1,2/1,4/2,9
Shot dispersion: 0,19 to 0,2
Brake force: 36500 to 57000

Armor: 82/82/65 to 100/80/80
Viewrange: 350 to 370
Traverse rate: 23 to 24

Armor: 100/82/82 to 100/80/80
Viewrange: 370 to 380
Traverse rate: 23 to 18

Removed stock FUG5 radio, FUG7 is now stock

75mm L/70
ROF: 13,04 to 15
Depression: -6/+17 to -8/+15

105mm L/28
Depression: -6/+17 to -8/+15

88mm L/56
ROF: 9,09 to 10,91
Depression: -6/+17 to -8/+15

88mm L/71
ROF: 6,98 to 8,96
Aimtime: 2,9 to 2,7
Depression: -6/+17 to -7/+13

Removed all engines, added two new – top engine is HL230TRMP45
HL230TRMP45 700hp, 1300kg, price 54k

Tiger P

Top turret viewrange from 370 to 380

Tiger II

Stock weight: 64560 to 65358
Elite weight: 67010 to 67228
Speed limit: 28 to 38

Traverse: 23 to 26
Load limit: 68500 to 69700
Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,7/3,4 to 1,1/1,3/2,5
Shot dispersion: 0,21 to 0,2

Traverse: 26 to 28
Load limit: 59200 to 61000
Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,4/2,3 to 1/1,2/2,3
Shot dispersion: 0,19 to 0,18
Brake force: 36500 to 68000

Viewrange: 400 to 380
Traverse rate: 30 to 27

Viewrange: 390 to 400
Traverse rate: 25 to 27

Added FUG5 as stock radio (310 range)

88mm L/71
ROF: 7,79 to 8,96
Aimtime: 2,9 to 2.3
Depression: -7/+17 to -8/+15

105mm L/52
ROF: 5,94 to 5,77
Depression: -6/+17 to -8/+15

105mm L/68
ROF: 5,26 to 5,77
Ammo: 36 to 42
Depression: -7/+17 to -8/+15

HL230TRMP45 700hp, 1300kg, 54k silver
Removed ALL engines, added two new, 650 and 700hp

VK4502P Ausf.A

Stock turret viewrange from 400 to 380
Elite turret viewrange from 400 to 390


Stock weight: 82780 to 82308
Elite weight: 87940 to 88040
Speed limit: 30 to 40

Traverse: 18 to 28
Load limit: 87500 to 88000
Terrain resistance: 1,3/2,1/3,4 to 1,2/1,5/2,5

Traverse: 21 to 30
Load limit: 94500 to 96000
Terrain resistance: 1,3/1,7/2,7 to 1,1/1,4/2,3
Brake force: 41500 to 80000

Viewrange: 400 to 390
Traverse rate: 25 to 24

Added FUG5 as stock radio

88mm L/71
Depression: -5/+18 to -8/+15 (when facing rearward, gun now has 0 depression)

105mm L/52
Depression: -5/+18 to -8/+15 (when facing rearward, gun now has 0 depression)

105mm L/68
Depression: -8/+17 to -8/+15 (when facing rearward, gun now has 0 depression)

128mm KwK 44
Depression: -8/+24 to -8/+15 (when facing rearward, gun now has 0 depression)

Removed all engines, added two new – top engine now has 900hp instead of 1200hp, stock has 700hp instead of 650

VK4502P Ausf.B

Stock turret viewrange from 400 to 390


Armor model changed (will get to that in a special article)
128mm KwK 44
Depression: -8/+24 to -7/+20
150mm KwK 44
Depression: -7/+23 to -7/+20


This vehicle is now a heavy tank

MM weight: 18 to 21,6
Stock weight: 37890 to 39180
Elite weight: 38900 to 39950
Health stock: 760 to 850
Health elite: 850 to 950
Speed limit: 40 to 50,5
Reverse speed: 16 to 12
Fuel tanks health: 175 to 150

Traverse: 22 to 24
Load limit: 41800 to 41500
Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,7/3,4 to 1,3/1,5/3,1
Brake force: 37000 to 36000
Shot dispersion: 0,25 to 0,24
Health: 130 to 160

Traverse: 27 to 24
Load limit: 42900 to 45000
Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,4/2,7 to 1,2/1,4/2,9
Brake force: 37000 to 40000
Shot dispersion: 0,23 to 0,22
Health: 140 to 170

Armor: 100/80/80 to 80/60/60
Viewrange: 370 to 360
Traverse rate: 42 to 24

75mm L/48 removed
105mm L/28: Depression: -6/+17 to -8/+15
75mm L/70: ROF 13,04 to 13,64 and depression: -6/+17 to -8/+15
Konisch: damage nerfed from 165 to 135, ammo 68 to 72, depression: -6/+16 to -8/+15, ROF 11,76 to 14,29
88mm L/56: ammo 62 to 64, ROF 8,11 to 8,7, depression: -6/+17 to -8/+15

Removed all engines, added two new – top engine is HL174 (500hp) instead of 750hp one

Light tanks


Both tracks nerfed by 2 deg/s (stock 44 to 42, elite 46 to 44)
FUG5 is now stock radio
All engines removed, two new added (earlier: 585hp,610hp,650hp, now 550hp,650hp)


Konisch ROF from 12 to 15
Konisch damage nerfed from 165 to 135

Medium tanks

Panzer IV Hydro

MM weight from 12 to 14,4


Maximum speed from 48 to 55
Stock weight from 43020 to 42565
Elite weight from 44840 to 43010
Stock turret can now mount 75mm L/100
Removed the 88mm L/56

Traverse: 25 to 30
Terrain resistance: 1,3/1,8/3 to 1,1/1,3/2,5
Brake force: 34000 to 40000
Shot dispersion: 0,21 to 0,2

Traverse: 28 to 32
Load limit: 49300 to 48000
Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,4/2,4 to 1/1,2/2,3
Brake force: 34000 to 45000
Shot dispersion: 0,19 to 0,18
Health: 140 to 170

Viewrange: 350 to 370
Traverse rate: 41 to 30

Traverse rate: 26 to 30

88mm L/56 removed
Stock turret can mount 75mm L/100
75mm L/70: Depression: -6/+17 to -8/+20, ROF 13,04 to 15
105mm L/28: Depression: -6/+17 to -8/+20
75mm L/100: Depression: -6/+17 to -8/+20, ROF from 12,5 to 13,64

Added stock FUG5

Removed all old engines (610,650,750hp), added two new (650,700), top engine is HL230TRMP30

Panther II

Added 50 hitpoints to both stock and elite setup
Stock weight from 42670 to 50520
Elite weight from 45770 to 51255
Removed the 88mm L/56

Traverse: 26 to 32
Load limit: 48400 to 53000
Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,6/2,9 to 0,9/1,1/2,3
Brake force: 35500 to 48000
Shot dispersion: 0,2 to 0,18

Traverse: 29 to 36
Load limit: 51400 to 56000
Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,3/2,3 to 0,8/1/2,1
Brake force: 35500 to 53000
Shot dispersion: 0,17 to 0,16

Traverse rate: 42 to 30

Traverse rate: 28 to 30

88mm L/56 removed
75mm L/70: Depression: -6/+17 to -8/+20, ROF 13,04 to 15,79, Aimtime 2,3 to 2,1
105mm L/28: Depression: -6/+17 to -8/+20, ROF 7,5 to 7,89, Aimtime 2,3 to 2,1
75mm L/100: Depression: -6/+17 to -8/+20, ROF from 12,5 to 14,29, Aimtime 2,3 to 2,1
88mm L/71: Depression: -6/+17 to -8/+20, ROF from 7,79 to 8,22, Aimtime 2,9 to 2,7

Added stock FUG5

Removed all old engines (610,650,750,870hp), added two new (650,700), top engine is HL230TRMP30


Frontal upper hull armor changed from 120mm to 150mm
Different mantlet
Stock weight from 58770 to 57268
Elite weight from 61200 to 59500

Traverse: 24 to 30
Load limit: 64000 to 60000
Terrain resistance: 1,3/1,5/2,9 to 0,9/1,1/2,3
Brake force: 37000 to 54000
Shot dispersion: 0,2 to 0,16

Traverse: 26 to 32
Load limit: 67000 to 66000
Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,3/2,3 to 0,8/1/2,1
Brake force: 37000 to 60000
Shot dispersion: 0,18 to 0,14

Traverse rate: 32 to 30

75mm L/70: Depression: -6/+17 to -8/+20, ROF 13,33 to 17,14, Aimtime 2,3 to 2,1
75mm L/100: Depression: -6/+17 to -8/+20, ROF from 13,33 to 15,79, Aimtime 2,3 to 2,1
88mm L/71: Depression: -6/+17 to -8/+20, ROF from 8,22 to 8,57, Aimtime 2,9 to 2,7
88mm L/100: Depression: -6/+17 to -8/+20,
105mm L/52B: Aimtime 2,3 to 2,1, Depression: -6/+17 to -8/+20, Accuracy 0,32 to 0,3, ROF from 6 to 6,25

Added stock FUG5

Removed all old engines (750, 870, 1200hp), added two new (700,900), top engine is HL234TRMP30

Armor model changes (different mantlet)
105mm L/52K: Depression: -6/+17 to -8/+20

Tank destroyers

Panzerjäger I
one gun renamed, no other difference

Jagdpanther I

Maximum speed fron 46 to 55
Stock weight from 42970 to 42443
Elite weight from 43180 to 42943
Viewrange from 350 to 370

Traverse: 26 to 30
Load limit: 47500 to 45500
Terrain resistance: 1,3/1,7/2,9 to 1,2/1,4/2,6
Brake force: 34000 to 40000
Shot dispersion: 0,21 to 0,22

Traverse: 29 to 32
Load limit: 48950 to 49000
Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,5/2,3 to 1,1/1,3/2,4
Brake force: 34000 to 45000
Shot dispersion: 0,19 to 0,2

Added stock FUG5

Removed all old engines (610, 650,750hp), added two new (650,700), top engine is HL230TRMP30

Jagdpanther II

Maximum speed fron 45 to 55
Stock weight from 49280 to 49065
Elite weight from 49490 to 49565

Traverse: 28 to 34
Load limit: 53400 to 53000
Terrain resistance: 1,2/1,6/2,5 to 0,9/1,1/2,3
Brake force: 45000 to 48000
Shot dispersion: 0,19 to 0,2

Traverse: 30 to 38
Load limit: 59400 to 56000
Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,3/2,3 to 0,8/1/2,1
Brake force: 45000 to 53000

All guns traverse from -6/+15 to -6,5/+15

Added stock FUG5

Removed all old engines (610, 650,750,870hp), added two new (650,700), top engine is HL230TRMP30


Please note that this does NOT apply to JT88, that one was not touched

Maximum speed fron 28 to 38
Stock weight from 67010 to 70990
Elite weight from 67140 to 71460

Traverse: 18 to 24
Load limit: 73100 to 75000
Terrain resistance: 1,3/1,7/3,4 to 1,2/1,4/2,6
Brake force: 34000 to 67000

Traverse: 21 to 26
Load limit: 75500 to 79000
Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,6/2,5 to 1,1/1,3/2,4
Brake force: 34000 to 75000

All guns traverse from -8/+14 to +7,5/+15

Added stock FUG5

Removed all old engines (660,750,870hp), added two new (650,700), top engine is HL230TRMP30

186 thoughts on “8.8 – list of German changes

    • its all improvements I see, this time they actualy buffed the germans…

      US server, PANTHER1421

  1. SS, I think there’s a mistake for the Panther 2 guns: isn’t it the 88mm L/71, instead of 105mm L/71?

    • I would think so. I don’t seem to recall the Panther 2 I worked through last week having a 10.5.

  2. “E75

    Removed all engines, added two new – top engine now has 900hp instead of 1200hp, stock has 700hp instead of 650″

    What? Won’t that make E-75 the most sluggish tank in the game?

    • No just look at terrain resistance. E-75 mobility will be the same as now (except top speed).

      • It is not (tested on Test Server). It’s worse, especially acceleration and manouverability. The worst part is hill climbing – 7-8km/h on El-Haluf mountain, with Off-Road skill and air conditioning.

        Worse is also flameability (20% on nerfed engine, 15% on lost one).

        Worse is gun elevation. Worse is gun depresion when shooting through exhaust pipes (0 – you cant hit anything closer than 100-200m).

        Tank is… worse. Just worse.

            • i dont want to say l2p, buuuuuut all tanks have their pros and cons, you must always play to your advantage and to enemy’s weakness. If you are forced to shoot trough your pipes, obviously your enemy did just that, they outplayed you…

            • Check my stats:
              On EU server.

              I know how to play, I think. I just hate nerfing something which does not need nerf.

      • The problem with the E-75 is if your engine gets damaged and you dont have your repair kit anymore. Some steep hills that you could climb previously are now unpasable.
        Like El Halluf heavy hill.

  3. so what exactly do those ground resistance numbers mean? Is a lower value better than a high value or the opposite?
    The changes to those numbers look quite random on some vehicles, getting nerfed and buffed on same vehicle (Tiger stock and elite tracks for example, what exactly is going on there?)

        • solid ground resistance/medium soft ground resistance/soft ground resistance

          Solid ground: roads, railroads, rocky surfaces
          medium soft: grass
          soft: swampy areas and boggy ground, like western valley on Lakeville

          Braking force influences how fast will the tank stop once you release the throttle key.

    • Lower is better AFAIK. They seem to be smoothing out the differences between stock and elite tracks and fine-tuning performance on specific ground types.

      • Well if lower is better than they actually fucked up the Tigers elite mobility. So much for “mobility will stay the same”

        • I will test before judging. Mobility was always quite nice on the Tiger but that was never the reason i played it. So just a little bit of chilling. I’m quite excited to test out the new RoF.

        • LIES!

          tried it on test server it reaches 30kmh (old speed) without any problem and after that it takes time to reach 40, mobility is more or less the same

  4. But seriously, how it’s possible, that on taking the 1200 HP engine from the E-75 and E-50, they “buffed” their traverse speed and max speed? I played it on test server, both E-75 and E-50, and they drive way more sluggish, no matter the traverse speed buff. When, on the E-75 i don’t care so much about it, why that engine was taken from E-50? Alongisde with my 50k XP?

    • E-50 and -75 were practically the same tank, just with the latter “heavyfied” with thicker armour and IIRC bigger guns (and the precuisite hull modifications). Standardisation, remember?

  5. Is it possible to post a comparison of the new vs old engine hitpoints? Thats going to be important for engine fire rates.

    • Engine can take fire on every hit, no matter how many damage it will do to module. The chance of fire is in the description of the engine.

  6. German TD’s and Japanese Medium Tanks(Premium) does that give everyone clues to the contents of 0.8.9. and the big 0.9.0. or must I reread my Sherlock Holmes book of deduction for idiots SS.

  7. You forgot the changes of Vk3001H(for example I noticed on the test server it now carries the konish gun)

  8. The traverse speed/speelimit/terrain resistance increase wont help if the engine is too weak obviously.

  9. Regarding the E-50: “105mm L/100: Depression: -6/+17 to -8/+20,”

    E-50 has no 105mm L/100, only the 105mm L/52(B)

  10. SS, E-50 series gun depressions aren’t actually accurate. Here is what the 0.8.8 depressions are like:

    E-50: -5 to the front, -8 to the sides, -0.9 to the rear 10,5 cm gun
    E-50M: -6 to the front, -8 to the sides, -0 to the rear

      • Strange, unless the developer in question I discussed this with has been kept out of the loop, something doesn’t match up.

        Oh well, if there is the depression buff, all the better for me.

        • There is that weird headlight at the front causing that lower depression at that very area, meaning you have to angle to get full gun depression.

        • For some reason that didn’t work. Hold on a moment.

          pitchLimits -20 8 pitchLimits
          front-20 5 21 front
          back -20 0.9 25 back
          transition 5 transition

  11. The 10,5cm KwK L/100 is returning? and then on the E50!? Just kidding, Silentstalker, I found a typo ;)

  12. How the hell my panther 2 weights 54,27 tons?ok take off equipment but It is still 53,9! Welcome next 2801 nerf.

  13. E-50: -5 to the front, -8 to the sides, -0.9 to the rear 10,5 cm gun
    E-50M: -6 to the front, -8 to the sides, -0 to the rear

    Bullshit thats not true

    • Exactly.. a sick joke. See my comments on Ferdi.
      4502 and Maus are no longer worth playing as well. All the TD buffs in 8.7 killed ‘em off.

      • rng for damage hello?
        135 average damage ( from 94 to 176)
        165 average damage ( from 124 to 206)

        rof is unaffected by rng

        +100 hp? lol

        first turret(stock) was better than second one and now its got nerfed (stoc turret had same armor bit was way smaller profile also very little commander cupola weakpoint

        now (8.8) you have only the big second turret with big weakpoint

        vk3601 good bye.

          • Then learn to read:

            Konisch: damage nerfed from 165 to 135, ammo 68 to 72, depression: -6/+16 to -8/+15, ROF 11,76 to 14,29

            You basically have nearly the same DPM value.

            The mantlet on the Elite turret was also way better.

            • The VK is already much weaker than the KV-1S. Now instead of nerfing the KV-1S they cripple the VK! Understood that it is a russian development team but this is about balanced gameplay. Its clear that no money can be spend this way on the game.

            • @Freddy

              You clearly haven’t read the upcoming plan to nerf the KV-1S in this forum? The one where they’ll be removing the 122mm from it?

              I know people love to throw around “Soviet bias!”, but this is ridiculous. Besides, the VK was a great medium tank, and the HP and firepower buffs it gets now will only make it better.

  14. All those improvements to the Panther and Jagdtiger makes the Panther-M10 and JT88 look really outdated.

    • For me panther m10 is now best panther avaiable, due to traverse and turret speed, while Engine is same as in regular one. In panther 2 i really dont feel that added hull traverse…only weaker engine

    • Not sure how it relates to the JT 8.8. It doesnt get an engine nerf (already has that HL230TRMP30 700hp), already has better gun depression (albeit a different gun). The only thing that it’s missing is probably the speed limit, but I’m not sure how it’s important.

  15. What about the Ferdi?

    Needs an urgent buff in my opinion. OK so I only had it for around 30 battles and the grind was terrible before I sold it. It’s like a static cardboard box helpless against all these new T8 and 9 meds….

  16. This list proves that “rebalance” is actually a nerf. Take for example E-75

    8.7 Elite E-75 1200hp 1,3/1,7/2,7 terrain resistance (lower is better)
    8.8 Elite E-75 900hp 1,1/1,4/2,3

    In 8.8 they reduced E-75 horsepower by 25% so they should have reduced terrain resistance by 25% to maintain same horsepower to terrain resistance ratio so 1,3/1,7/2,7 should have become 0,975/1,275/2,025 this means that E-75 horsepower to terrain resistance ratio has been nerfed by 11-12%

    8.7 Elite E-75 1200hp 1,3/1,7/2,7
    8.8 Elite E-75 900hp 1,1/1,4/2,3
    8.8 Elite E-75 900hp 0,975/1,275/2,025 (if they just rebalanced instead of nerfed)

    i apologize for my poor english i hope that somebody will understand what i meant.

    • “so they should have reduced terrain resistance by 25% to maintain same horsepower to terrain resistance ratio”
      >implying you know how the equation actually works

        • Well, E-75 actually needed one. So no problem here. They also buffed the stock configuration so E-75 with top engine and the stock one wont feel like completely different tanks. And the traverse buff is actually huge, you can now use your armor angles a lot more effectively.

      • You are right I don’t know the equation but I’m pretty sure that it is how it works. I also tested E-75 on the test server and it feels sluggish, accelerates slower and it has higher engine fire chance. If they wanted only to remove ahistorical engines then we would see no difference between 8.8 E-75 and 8.7 E-75

      • Turret traverse on E-75 stays the same and the track traverse speed has been increased to compensate for the loss of 300hp. In theory E-75 should turn at the same speed as in 8.7 (Although I believe that speed has been nerfed by 11-12% )

  17. And once AGAIN WG prove that they are completely incapable of giving any buff at all to German tanks without a massive package of multiple unwarranted and punitive nerfs to go with it.

    Buff the long 88′s alpha damage very slightly? MASSIVE NERF TO RATE OF FIRE, HAR HAR HAR!
    Put the Tiger H’s RoF back to its pre-nerf level? MASSIVE NERFS TO MOBILITY AND TURRET ROTATION, HAR HAR HAR!

    Biased bunch of German-hating bastards.

  18. Tiger

    Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,4/2,7 to 1,2/1,4/2,9

    Why it doesn’t surprise me at all?
    So lucky I am a Panther-fanboy, not a Tiger-fanboy.(evil-smile)

    Anyway, SS, whats the meaning of each number here?
    Is that like (fine terrain/normal terrain/bad terrain)?

  19. I don’t get what they’re doing with the konish gun… every few updates they change the damage massively, now even the rof.
    Anyway, I hope the E75 doesn’t feel too sluggish now.

  20. SS, you forgot about King Tigers 105L/68 getting aim-time nerf from 2.3 to 2.5.
    Was it really needed WG?

    This patch just keeps getting crappier with each new info…

  21. Might there be a second reason for WG to nerf tanks? They nerf for obvious reasons like too low or high a winrate.

    But all these nerfs to German tanks that come every half year in force, could it be that WG also tries to balance the amount of tanks from any nation that are played by the userbase? So if German tanks are – on average – played more often than say British tanks, they will nerf and nerf and nerf until they find that all nations are played equally?

    And since German tanks have a flair about them, one could call the a “brand”, many players want to experience them. I mean really: Who has ever heard of the Batchat or Lorraine tanks outside a very small community of tank enthousiasts, but everyone who has seen one movie about the war nows the famous Tiger tank. So regardless of how strong those tanks are ingame, people will play them because they have a genuine interest.
    Only strong nerfs are able to counter that (or influential movies about post-war french tanks ^^).

    That would be a logical explanation that doesn’t need emotial aspects like WG just hates German tanks.

      • Haven’t played on the test server yet. But that’s what all my clan-mates say: Generally less fun playing German tanks.

        Might be that the numbers don’t tell the whole story, might be the Tiger is an exception. I can only theorize with what the people with first hand experience tell me.

        • Anecdotal evidence is never a really good indicator. You have to try it for yourself.

          I’ve heard feelings ranging from “NEVER PLAYING THIS TANK AGAIN” to “YAY I CAN BOUNCE TIER 10 TDS!”.

          So give it a go. And not all the German rebalancing is the same (ie, the E-50M still has the final engine while the E-75 does not have the buffs the E-50 got…etc)

        • Well, that depends on what’s fun for your clan mates. German tanks are not made for rush and breakthrough play, and it stays the same. It’s not like you could avoid shots with speed and circle stuff before, you still cant

      • I play the Tiger H and have recently researched whatever statistical info available on various community websites. The Tiger is near or at the bottom for most of the metrics and in only a few categories did it rank above the average. Even in areas where you would assume the Tiger would get top marks, it did not. Like, it came in 2nd for accuracy, losing out to the T29 (the T29 needs a MAJOR nerf according to the stats).

        I will have to play it in game before I decide to sell it or continue to play it. For me, the current mobility of the Tiger makes it tolerable to play. I don’t like what the new numbers are pointing towards. I don’t want a super tank but it’s tough enough to be good with germans and I don’t see how making that more harder is a positive thing in terms of gameplay… unless there is a plan for the other nations to get a significant nerfs in an area (like how about realistic depression angles for the ruskies).

    • You also noticed, and why did the 88 L56 have to be removed? 135 dmg guns of Panther are just too weak for tier 7 and the mobility buff makes little difference.

    • Well, E-50 is considerably well buffed for it’s common role by this patch (especially if the depression change reports are true). E-75 should stay roughly the same (slower acceleration, but alot better traverse speed for both turret and hull).

      • E-50 got buffed for it’s role? Oh please. It was a brawler tank and in NO WAY did it get buffed for that. In fact I noticed that it takes almost TWICE as long to reach top speed now. Not to mention how you slow down to a mere 8 km/h uphill on himmelsdorf.

        Also, the E75 traverses SLOWER now, because it lost the engine that could power the tracks. People seem to forget that track traverse is limited by engine power.
        Yet even though I hate the obvious nerf to my two favorite tanks, I’ll keep playing the E75. I’ll just get rid of the E-50 right there and then. (Usually used it as a rammer)

        • e50 was never a brawler… its a sniper. Just like the panther and panther 2 before it and the e50m after

          • E-50 a sniper? Yeah right. Start playing the tank right.

            E-50 was everything. A brawler a sniper and a battering ram. It didnt excell at any of these but it did perform them all well.
            Now you are about as mobile as an Is-8. You are more sluggish can’t accelrate for shit and got a weaker front. You are a Tiger 2 with a slightly better engine and a better gun.

            That is exactly what people want from a medium

  22. Please note that this does NOT apply to JT88, that one was not touched

    No comments…
    The same suspension. THE SAME TANK…

  23. To me, still grinding the Tiger 2, the most interesting thing is that the 88/L71 now has a *vastly* higher DPM than the 105/L52. God knows what that means for the 4502A, but it looks like despite having EXACTLY THE SAME TURRET it doesn’t get the long 88 buff.

  24. Will there be any form of compensation for the engines taken away? Or would it be wise to sell the E75 top engine prior to patch 8.8? How will the replacement work exactly?

    • Just like the previous patches – you are gonna get a stock vehicle with top modules in storage. No XP refunds.

  25. Looking up the armor in WoT Viewer i noticed also that they nerfed the LFP of the Tiger II. from 120 to 100mm They also removed the hull MG weakspot on all the german heavies from VK 30.01(H) to E-75.

  26. Tiger 2 105/L68 aim time went from 2,3 to 2,5.
    Also why do they remove its top engine when it’s well known that it was a proposed upgrade (fuel injected HL234 with ~900hp, planned for August 1945), and many other tanks are packing paper upgrades. Most notably germans with guns, russians with guns and engines.
    Baffling how they just pull this shit out of nowhere, for no good reason.

    • There is a good reason. They are German tanks. And WG doesn’t like anything that has to do with Germany specially Nazi Germany. Soviet commie fucktards filled with hatred.

      • Yes, they’re such hateful pricks they spend their time moaning about German tanks getting too much hate for random reasons and hating on anything related to Soviet tanks… oh wait, that’s actually you.

        • To quote WG;

          “Obj 268 will not be touched because it is balanced”.

          Yeeeeah. Sorry mate. Rummage around for a dictionary, look up the word ‘objectivity’ and apply some of it.

  27. can anyone explain terrain resistance?? The higher number the better or the lower the better?
    For ex: Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,3/2,3 to 0,8/1/2,1

  28. WG logic? Tiger gets FUG5 replaced by FUG7 as stock radio while others incl. Tier 8 (Tiger II, JagdTiger, E-75) have their stock replaced by FUG5?! 0_o

  29. I simply do not understand why there is difference in Tigers´ guns.

    Although Tiger and TigerP both share the same top gun, only the rate of fire of Tiger´s one is increased and TigerP´s remains the same….why it is not increased too???

  30. Ok… so… German MT/HT tree is going to be stationary bunkers tree…. really sad. Thanks God my beloved JagdPanther seems to be even getting a small buf (50HP less on engine but better traverse and ground ressistance)

  31. Huge nerf to all big German tanks and not even any compensation for all that wasted research xp for engines that are being removed. FU WG.

  32. I hope to god my Ersatz M10 will get a suitable rof buff as well to keep pace with the panther’s rof buff to both 7.5cm guns. Having a higher rof helped it considerably…

  33. TLDR version at the end.

    From the very announcement of the plan to remove all engines from Panther and Tiger line, I knew it was just bs talking, that mobility will stay the same. Panther and Jagdpanther with -50hp won’t probably suffer much (if any taking terrain resistance buff into account), Panther II, E-50 and Jagdpanther II seem workable, though I’m not sure if the -170hp will be actually offset by the terrain resistance. But what about E-75 with 900 hp top engines? Are you kidding me? E-75 with the current starting (second-to-best) 870hp engine is slower than Maus. And now it will have 30hp more, higher weight and moderate buff to terrain resistance in top configuration? And gun elevation nerf to that? With its (undeniably) great buff to the traverse, it will basically become stationary turret!
    And poor Tiger. Long awaited, promised and due top speed buff and unnecessary RoF buff are offset by:
    -armour nerf,
    -engine power nerf,
    -terrain resistance nerf,
    -turret traverse nerf (that one is pretty accurate though),
    -disperison nerf,
    -elevation nerf.
    Seriously – right now at tier 7 German HT line offered a choice between tougher, but slower Tiger P and weaker, but more nimble and better accelerating Tiger H. After 8.8 goes live, why anyone would want to go for Tiger H, the true Tiger anymore? Tiger P would still be much heavier armoured while having a little less hp and top speed. WoT – only game in wich prototypes are are better than construction that in ral life, actualy defeated them.

    TLDR version.
    I’d much rather have my Germans like they are now – faster, and with a bit less of firepower, than their rebalanced, much slower versions. It doesn’t matter that you can unleash tons of shells on your enemy if you are not able to get to the firing position. And if top German engines were truly such a salt in WG eye, and needed to be replaced with historic counterparts, then WG should apply such principle to the entire game. It is funny that IS 700hp monstrosity of an engine doesn’t make them spontaneously burst into fire, cause proper, historic engine had… 520 hp. But, no there is no anti-German bias, not even the slightest.

    • One correction: Tiger H actually gets a nice armor buff. Its mantlet is now much thicker and the capola is harder to penetrate.

      • Unless you are hulldown, who shoots the mantlet? Besides it was not known (as Silentstalker, hadn’t written the article about it yet) when I wrothe that.

  34. Little addition. From the XML files for the E-75.

    Though it may be initially appear the E-75 can depress 8 degrees to the front, it is only 6 degrees.

    -15 8

    -15 6 1
    -15 0.000000 10

    • Seems it doesn’t like angle brakets.

      First is the pitch limit

      Then it the additional pitch limits with front then rear then transition listed.

  35. You/they mentioned Pz IV Hydro – so they’re wanna do something with it finally?
    Or just a useless “balance” thing for an unavailable tank?

  36. Why was the Tiger given a terrain resistance NERF? I thought they where buffing it to make up for engine.

    Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,4/2,7 to 1,2/1,4/2,9

  37. It’s funny.

    With the FUG5/7 replacements, you will be able too see further than the radio can transmit.

  38. Just wanted to say that I’m surprised that WG remembered that the Panzer IV Hydro existed. I know I didn’t.

  39. Seems to me to be an overall, a net nerf. There are too few “buffs” to offset the nerfs. Not really unusual in this game as WoT seems to pound the crap out of the German lines, for the most part.

    CO, The Blues & Royals (TBR on NA server)

  40. I suggest to everyone to wait and play more than a few games to see its true effects. If your worst fears are confirmed, SELL the tank because that’s the only way WG will get your message. Concerning Germans, WG has proven time and time again, they will quickly make an “adjustment” if it is a nerf but will take their time if it is a buff.

  41. did the e50m’s upper hull change from 120 to 150 as well or is that only for the regular e50?

  42. I’d also like to make you aware that if you have the IMPROVED VENTS CLASS 2 (full selling price 75,000 creds) on your VK3601H in the test server it was uninstalled and placed in depot, however the bad thing is that you will have to buy a new IMPROVED VENTS CLASS 3 which costs 600,000 creds since the 3601 is now a HT. WTH? WG should just replace the vents class 2 with a class 3, shouldn’t they?

  43. So WG makes Vk3601 a Heavy – worse mm – and nerf the konisch gun : only 135 hp alphadamage – even tier 5 heavies make more damage – oh yes I forgot it is a german tank – “how terrible” – “don´t play” I would suggest: DON´T PAY anymore for this kind of belarussian crap!

    • I have better suggestion – don’t play anymore. Like I don’t play it anymore. Stopped playing like 3 months ago, because every single vehicle rebalance, new line introduction or change after US second TD line felt wrong somehow (except British lines). Poor Germans – first PzIV, then E series transmission, now that. I know that they will be firing faster, so potentially hitting harder, but considering, that they never were speed demons to begin with, they will be even bigger arty magnet now. I really held small ammount of hope when they announced these changes, but thinking reasonably, I knew what is coming. Just wonder why for example USSR tanks can use engines totally overpowered when compared to historical ones (IS-2 never had 700hp engine, but 520hp), but for Germans that kind of treatment is unthinkable, huh? Seriously, treat every tank in game in same way.
      Right now the game is such a mess. WG itself seem like they have no idea where they want to go with it – for example SerB says that 122mm on KV-1S will stay, someone that it will be removed, etc. And that situation continues for months. For me – I don’t believe it is worth to play the game right now, when rules, mechanisms and features are constantly being introduced, changed, revoked, rebalanced, reintroduced, tweaked….
      I’ll wait until version 1.0, and then check my bearings, if the game reached some sort of stable phase, where everything (or most things at least) is finally and properly balanced and determine if it is worth playing for me once again. If not, then bad luck, but 1,5 year is enough. It’s certainly been fun, and worth that little bit of money I invested in it. Only thing I regret, is that I’ll never have the chance to drive E-50 in its full glory… Oh, well.
      It is really interesting with the version 1.0 slowly approaching, the game doesn’t feel more polished and stable, but strangely rushed and chaotic somehow. With every update it really has less and less “finished/polished product” quality, at least for me.

  44. I used to think the WoT community contained some of the biggest complainers in online games.
    Now i think it contains all the biggest complainers in online games.

    And I must say I will be proud to join those complainers’ ranks if the buffs to my jagdpanther don’t compensate for the engine power nerf. :P

    On the plus side, I’m excited about the turning velocity buff to the Jagdkitties! No more bastard MTs thinking they can circle me now that I’ve moved on from my Stug and Jagdpanzer IV (which did everything right except pen tier 7+ HTs)

  45. Pingback: World of Tanks - Part 2 - Pagina 68

  46. Now, tell me what to do with !@#$ AwfulPanther when !@#$ Konisch gets nerfed…? It is underperforming even now!
    Just let me demount turret and get extra mobility for the weight loss…

  47. Wait… WHAT?!??!

    Yet enother E-100 Nerf? What the hell are they smoking?
    And why on earth do we get no refund at all for those hundreds of thousands of XP they ripp off by removing those engines?
    Even better: do we have to RETECH the two NEW engines on that E75 even if we already had those 2 they removed?

    Wow …. do i have to say that i didn’t expect anything good from this patch, but THIS tops it all….

  48. yesterday on test server i saw one e-100 taking damage at the view port at the top of the turret.i guess that this is the change on armor model.