26 thoughts on “Tundra

          • Map border. The reason it’s broken up is because those areas are the places players can’t get to anyway, like mountains.

  1. This map is so involved! I’m going to get a headache trying to learn all the spots and tactics for it! :P

  2. Actually a nice map (despite all the recent ones being garbage), require a lot of research to figure out good positions as there are not much obvious ones (not much bushes and very high elevations).

  3. this map looks very small… 800×800? 700×700?
    yea WoT killing floor version is coming to your android desktop

  4. I rather liked this little map when I tried it on the test server. Only thing I’m disappointed in is that, with a name like “Tundra”, I was expecting a bit more… Well, snow.

    • Because EVERYBODY KNOWS up north is permanently snowbound and frozen right?
      I’m guessing your nature knowledge comes from “Empire Strikes Back”…