8.8 – 112 and T-34-3

8.8 T-34-3 stats (compared to Type 59)


Tier: 8
HP: 1300 (1300)
MM weight: 48 (48)
Hull armor: 90/50/50 (100/80/45)
Turret armor: 190/120/60 (200/130/60)
Viewrange: 380 (380)
Radio: 600 (600)
Price: 11000g

Gun: 122mm D-25TA (100mm D-10T)
Pen: 175/250/61 (181/213/50)
Acc: 0,46 (0,39)
ROF: 4,17 (6,9)
Aimtime: 3,4 (2,9)
Elevation: -3/+15 (-6/+20)

Turnrate: 46 (46)
Turret turnrate: 46 (46)
Terrain resistance: 0,9/1/2 (0,9/1/2)
Engine: 520hp NORINCO12150L (same)
Weight: 32827 (33648)
Hp/T: 15,84 (15,45)

8.8 112 stats (compared to IS-6)


Tier: 8
HP: 1500 (1550)
MM weight: 48 (48)
Hull armor: 120/80/60 (100/100/60)
Turret armor: 240/130/60 (150/150/100)
Viewrange: 380 (350)
Radio: 600 (440)
Price: 12250g

Gun: 122mm D-25TA (122mm D-30)
Pen: 175/250/61 (175/217/61)
Acc: 0,46 (0,46)
ROF: 4,55 (5,13)
Aimtime: 3,4 (3,4)
Elevation: -6/+17 (-6/+20)

Turnrate: 26 (26)
Turret turnrate: 26 (24)
Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,2/2,3 (1,2/1,5/2,3)
Engine: 580hp 12150LS (700hp V-12A)
Weight: 43327 (48822)
Hp/T: 13,39 (14,34)

75 thoughts on “8.8 – 112 and T-34-3

      • Why he 122mm gun on the 112 have almost 40 more pen with gold than the same gun on the IS-6? Friggin’ chinese pay2win mentality and WG’s conformism towards them.

        • I agree with comment above me.
          You clearly don’t know what are you talking about and never even played with HEAT, otherwise you wouldn’t say this.

          I would never pick even 300mm penetration HEAT shell over 217mm penetration APCR one.

          Thanks, but no thanks.

        • i usually prefer apcr to heat, even with the 30 more pen, since it goes faster and more straight.

          the 112 is a is6 clone without the magic armor it usually have the russians.

      • Actually -3° gun depression isn’t all that bad once you get used to it…BUT you have to have a gun that can wreak havoc when it actually isn’t in AA configuration waiting for enemy planes :)

        Such gun is on the WZ-120 – the 122mm – morbid pen and dam for T9 medium, yeah, it has to be played very oportunistically and be very aware of every slope that can help you to aim a bit more down.

        (on a side note, without the 122 the WZ-120 is nothing more than a Type59 with more ammo and HP, less gun dep and mostly T10 battles => grind pain)

        But I’m afraid that most potential buyers will be clueless about the playstyle and the winrate will suck on T-34-3 :)

        • if you dont like the 120 abandon the grind now you wont figure it out by now you prob wont

      • Fine with me. It has a much slower ROF than IS-6 so even with better pen its DPM will still be pitiful

    • Well yes, that and the gun are the main drawback of the tank. And seeing everything it looks like nerfed down Type 59 (which it is).

      The good news seems to be premium MM so it might not be bad after all. And as a SP owner this seems to be destined as the newest addition to my garage.

    • Its painful to play without gun depression, but is not terrible. T-34-3 will be a challenge, if I only have the money to purchase it and show people how to use it, fuck me :c

      • It’s pretty much t34-2 with derp gun. It wasn’t that bad you know, having 3k dmg per battle was not uncommon. With gold heat, it was even possible to troll tierX heavies.

    • It is much more expensive then the 59 was o_0. Is WG afraid it will sell as many the type did when it was a lot better?

      • Yes. I’ve already overviewed it in one of my previous posts, but you obviously didnt read it. Type 59 was made SPECIFICALLY to introduce chinese players to World of Tanks when the server was launched (for people to play the most famous tank around, like T-34 for russians or Tigers and Panthers for germans). That’s why it’s imbalanced AND low priced.

  1. Dunno, even if I was without a Type 59 and was deeply envious of those with one, the 34-3 looks pretty lacklustre with that aim time and depression. I think I’d also prefer the IS6 over the 112, but that’s roaming more into the personal preference territory rather than demonstrably better or worse.

  2. T-34-2 also has -3 depression with the 122mm gun.
    I played with it and i kinda liked it. It’s not a easy job to make it work, but it’s working.

    Anyway, it’s NOT a tank for newbies….
    Also, the 175mm pen is quite bad vs anything above tier 8, and i have to admit it, i spammed HEAT like hell with that little tank….

    • I like my t-34-2 and enjoy playing with it. now im waiting for t-34-3 to buy it.
      It has same depression as t-34-2, slightly better accuracy and rate of fire.

      If I had to chose between type59 and t-34-3. Id buy t-34-3!

        • T-34-3 probably won’t get tier 10 MM. It has 175mm pen, it will probably meet tier 9′s max. The IS-6 does and it gets the same gun

            • t-34-2 also has T10 MM and i dont have a problem with that. Ofc. it would be better to have better MM but, im fine with this one.

              Also most of people that whine about MM dont know there are 12 tiers of MM. Not 10 tiers as tank tiers…

  3. I don’t know what WG is doing, seriously
    The T-34-3 is worse then the type in every aspect
    Why make a copy of a tank that already exists but make it worse in every aspect….

    now if the T-34-3 still gets thrown into T10 games after the Heat pen nerf, then it is an absolute no buy for me.

    • Because Type is overpowered and will never be sold. And they cant nerf it because of Chinese server situation.

      • I like how the Type is OP for all servers except the Chinese one where it’s perfectly fine for everyone to buy a gold one and the battles are filled with them.

        • It’s OP for all servers. And you cant buy it on Chinese one anymore. You could however buy it for a longer period, but it’s because of it’s importance on Chinese server.

            • Type isn’t OP, whiners like u made WG to nerf it into the groud. Worst nerf for me was the engine nerf. It’s so slow now, circling is a lot harder before the engine nerf. Last tweak on the Type was an alpha Dmg buff, but it didn’t needed that. It’s the amount of battles played may look the Type overaverage. Most people owning one have 3 or more crewskill’s. Can’t blaim them for grinding credits with it, that is it’s main purpose. Use less autoaim, it will auto bounce on the turret unless with high pen guns. (for example; BatChat will go through).

            • Most people who play it have no idea how to do it. What makes it imbalanced is it’s frontal armor, only one weakspot that can only be hit on very close range. Most tier8 and lower mediums have 175 and lower penetration that will have a huge trouble penetrating you. And as we get to it – premium tank should be weaker overall than elite researchable vehicles of the same tier. Now compare it to (at least) it’s chinese researchable counterpart. And if you think that your Type is slow – try out Superpershing.

            • Sorry, but asuming Squishy507 is also you ingame nick: No you don’t.
              your average damage on the type is 780 which is extremely low for a T8 med with special MM
              i wasn’t going to write it because i don’t like to be the “lol you bad” flamer, but if you go the “i know what i’m talking about” route i just have to.

              The Type was OP when it was released, and now it is still an Ok tank, and i hate myself for buying the Löwe instead of the type back in the days, because mediums are just such more fun to play then heavys going 20km/h

          • I know my stat’s aren’t the best. Yes, same ingame nick. I play for fun mostly, I’m a gamerdad and totally hooked on this game. I meant I know what I’m talking about by having both (and multiple more) premium tanks in garage. I played both numerous battles so I know their pro’s and con’s and try to play them as best as i can. Sometimes I have better battles in them but the most times i die very quickly. I blaim it to the total retarded players, the better ones have to carry the game but u can’t do it all alone. I’m still improving my playstyle, I’m not committed to one or two classes. I play them al. Suicide scouted a lot, now I get a better result with my lights. My favorite tank has to be the T2 Light Tank, which explains my hit rate. Sorry, can’t help… It’s SO MUCH FUN.

  4. Well, it’s safe to say that 112 will be quite a popular tank. It’s not that “special” to play as the IS-6. 34-3 look like a bunch of crap though. It’s not really possible to play a medium effectively with such pen and depression.

    • I can tell you the IS-6 will still be easier to play than the 112.
      What the stats don’t tell you is the 112 has an 80mm lower plate. (Basically British level of crappy lower front plate)
      Also the IS-6 is noob friendly with the well sloped side armor, and the lower plate is actually 120mm thick and quite well sloped.
      At last that 4.55 ROF is worst than the IS/IS-2.

      • Well I can tell you that IS-6 LFP is penetratable with 175 pen guns, but most guys you meet wont shoot it so =) IS-6 also has a very thin front turret armor, likes like T34 will penetrate on autoaim, not even talking about the T9 tanks.

  5. So if 112 has T10 MM :

    - with 175mm pen
    - nerfed 250mm HEAT (at T10 even 300HEAT bounces easily with the recent changes)

    Basically the MM for 112 is like this : T8 battle – chance to make some credits, T9 battle – a bit of a struggle, T10 – cannon fodder. And judgeing how regular MM tanks such as Lowe or T34 ends up in T10 battles 85% of the time, 112 is going to be a cannon fodder tank. Unless you spam gold all the time and do not care at all of actually making some credtis. And even when using HEAT good luck with that accuracy worthy of a derp cannon.

    Not to mention 112 armor wont count for shit against T10 guns accuracy. As for T-34-3 that tank looks so shit on paper its not even worth commenting.

    • Well about the armor… 113, which is a Chinese T10 heavy, has the same. And I’d say it’s quite decent when played right.

    • Isn’t this then standard for T8 premiums? 112 seems fine to me, though if I had the money I would prefer the IS6.

  6. Mr SS, the information you have in brackets about type 59´s gun is wrong, it should be a 100 mm Type 59 with -7º of gun depression and APCR penetration is 241, where did you get those values?

  7. 112 has less rof than tier lower IS-2, costs over 12k gold and is not available in ingame store? I was looking forward to this tank but this is plain bullshit…

  8. Why there’s no data of alpha, where it’s clearly the only thing where T-34-3 shines? o___O

    While it has less DPM in the end, big alpha is a signature thing of Chinese medium past tier 7 (not including type 59, it’s the only odd one in the Chinese medium family). I loved how T-34-X rolls, with its small size not many people expect them to dish one or two shots of pretty big alpha, and you can simply run away after that. Not the all-rounder goodness (near easy-mode) Type 59 kind, but they are entirely different type of fun :)

  9. By looking at how many people here bitch about how T-34-3 is utter shit despite never playing it, one can see the the noob disease had spread on the FTR already. A pity.

  10. Hey Frank, will the 112 have preferential MM? Cause the 175 pen is insufficient to penetrate even tier 9′s and tier 10′s
    If it doesn’t have Pref MM, Does WG expect us to spam heat rounds in tier 9 && 10 battles because that’s only way to penetrate tier x, and it’s horse power is barely enough to flank.

    • Also the 112 has expensive HEAT as gold ammo.
      The recent premium tanks are all about spamming gold ammo to carry your own weight in a team.
      Think Excelsior and E-25.

      • WG has figured out a way to get people to buy premium tanks but also ensuring they don’t make any money with them. The low regular AP pen premium tank has been quite a wise move for WG.

  11. So 112 has 113′s hull armour of 120mm at 68 degrees ufp?

    Sounds like it could work well in tier 10 if it is not too slow.

    • It can would have worked beautifully in tier 10 before the HEAT nerf [though you would probably have hemorrhaged money]. 250 HEAT is going to be tough to work with though, considering that the 112 doesn’t have flank speed [it will probably be decently mobile, but not flank-mobile], HEAT has no normalization benefits, and the gun itself isn’t super-accurate.

    • The 112 only has the 113′s UFP, and nothing else. (LFP/side/rear all weaker)
      Don’t let WG fool you that his tank has tier 10 armor, it does not.

    • True but the lower plate is paper thin 80mm and T10 guns will have no problems blasting you.

      For me it’s simple : preferential MM=bought! . No preferential MM= fuck it. I want to make credits not spam gold shells so i can pen T9-10 tanks.Lowe and t34 end up in t10 battles alot, but at least they have a decent gun to pen T10 tanks. With 112 you’re fucked. Flanking is out of question. Only resort is gold ammo. Goodbye to your credits! might aswell farm with T14.

  12. Type 59 is much better and much cheaper than T-34-3.
    It’s just about money for WG.
    Someone from WG obviously needs money for new ferrari.

  13. So will the T-34-3 be better than the SuperPershing (after the nerf)? I was planning on selling my SP for gold and getting the T-34-3 but right now that tank isn’t looking so great so maybe I should save my gold…….

  14. Well, I see the penetration, but I don’t see the damage. Without that information really hard to decide these are “how terrible” (even useless or OP) tanks. Or does it matter only for me?

  15. Oh my, in the hands of a skilled player, that 112 is going to absolutely dominate, especially if it has preferred MM.

  16. Seems like the “122 is like IS6 only better” isnt true anymore.

    On paper hit has only more frontal armor and prem ammo penetration.
    Slower RoF lower HP/ton ratio weaker sides.

    I was thinking about buying one but if its really worse than an IS6 I should reconsider that.