Gamescom special missions: 25.8.2013

Today is the final day of Gamescom and final mission waiting for us.

Today’s missions are:

- Making a Difference: be in team top 3 in damage dealt, earn 30 percent extra income
- Around the World: kill one vehicle of each country once per day, get 6 premium consumables
- Seeing Red: destroy 3 tanks + deal over 3k damage, recieve double XP amount


- kill 30 tanks, get 300k creds each day
- get 50k XP in a day, get 1 day premium
- get Yoshio’s, Nicol’s ,Lehv√§slaiho’s or Radley-Walter’s medal, get x5 crew XP

6 thoughts on “Gamescom special missions: 25.8.2013

  1. Seems like its not working. Had multiple games now with 4-5k dmg and 3+ kills and got only normal xp ..

    • Or maybe im just shitty at math, so can someone explain where the double xp is here ? Game was 4,2k dmg and 3 kills. I got 1171 base xp, 1756 with prem and in the end it was 10.536 xp with the x5 for first victory. No matter how I calculate, i cant seem to find the double xp .. It should have been way more. If base xp gets doubled then it should have been like 2400+prem+x5 which is way more than 10k, if prem xp gets doubled it should be 3500 x5, way more than 10k too. So something is broken here, or im too stupid ..

    • The event does work, but it doesn’t stack with first win bonus. I just completed it with GW E-100 and I received basically 6*normal exp, for the event and first win.

        • 1756*5 = 8780 + 1756 = 10536

          see how the 1756 is doubled there?

          anyway, those bastards made it so it doesnt work with the 5 timers, but on a regular random game, you would get 1756 * 2 = 3512xp, wich is not bad for only 3k dmg and 3 kills