26 thoughts on “KawaGreen’s Random/CW/Company Stat Checker

  1. hey guys do you know when are announced the winners for the Annisversary Manoevers (Tank destroyers)

  2. Oh goodie! An interesting statistic tracker! I ought to be able to ~~~~~ oh wait. EU online :( Nvm….(ASIA always gets shafted T_T)

  3. Yeah gonna switch to storing it in a database. Will work on it tomorrow.
    WG limits the amount of requests you can send out to them.
    With 3k in 3 days they seem unhappy about this :D

  4. is the number of CW battles true? I just have the feeling its less then some players should have. Is it possible its not the full CW history shown, but from a certain point when they started to monitor CW battles divided from Random battles?

  5. OMG!

    It’s a post about stats and only 14 replies!!!

    World is about to end, I tell ya….

  6. CW stats is not right. For me it’s 0 battles but i have definitely played CW before. It was really long time ago tho. For TC i don’t know if it’s right number, but it seems ok.

  7. If stats do not cover whole CW period or if we do not know what period is covered it is just useless