8.8 Camo change

Thanks to alarge2 for this one.

Basically, the older British “blue stripes desert” camo got changed to its historical color scheme.





To all of you, who think the earlier version is historical, it is not. Basically, as The_Chieftain explained yesterday on US forums: the “blue” version came to be when Imperial War Museum in Britain first messed it up and used wrong colors on its Matilda II a long time ago (in the 60′s). After that, Bovington museum did the same thing on its Matilda II (because IWM “can’t be wrong”) and everyone basically copied them from that point on, because “IWM + Bovington can’t be wrong both, can they?”

Well, they can.

This is how the Bovington Matilda II looks like:


Historical photos show us how it really looked:


Of course, even the new pattern is a bit different so we can expect some more changes in this direction.

48 thoughts on “8.8 Camo change

  1. Who puts blue on a desert camo?
    A german fighter pilot is flying overhead and looks down, thinks:
    What is this, a moving oasis? Better shoot it to be sure..

    • The color doesnt really matter in that case anyway ..

      For every other cases, came isnt there to be “invisble”, it is to break up the silhouette of the vehicle, so you cant tell where it starts and where it ends, making it a lot harder target to hit in the best case.

    • Actually, I think light blue makes sense in the desert, because of sight allucinations due to the heat.

    • Vehicles, in order from the left:

      M3 Lee, Matilda Senior, Crusader AA MKII, Staghound armoured car.

    • And Photo from Saumur’s Armored Vehicules Museum (been there in April) :-)

      And the Matilda’s got this color….

      I remember also, when I made models (long time ago :-) ) that the “airfix” matilda paints got this color too.

    • yeah….. the only reason i bought it was bacause its colorful….. fu WG…. every time i buy camo for tanks the camo OR the tank the camo is on gets nerved… -_- T82, T2 Light, M48… frustrating

      • “yeah….. the only reason i bought it was bacause its colorful….. fu WG…. every time i buy camo for tanks the camo OR the tank the camo is on gets nerved… -_- T82, T2 Light, M48… frustrating”

        Please don’t buy Obj. 140, T-62A and 121 :’(((

    • I got it on all my tanks because it was funny. Now its.. Normal. Makes my TOG II look cool. Dang it.

  2. Still can’t believe WG have not added the overall dark yellow camo used by the Afrika Korps.

  3. But it’s one of my favorite camo scheme, I just like the colors… the “new” one is just boring pastel…

  4. Slight pedantry – that’s the saumur ’tilly, not the bovington one. Yes, I’ll get some fresh air now…

  5. i knew it was unhistorical but it looks nice on mine matilda i hope they give me mine gold back :,(

  6. the camo on that matilda II in the historical photo must be super effective desert camo, cos i cant see that damn tank :S

  7. Hey…that normal clown camo works wonders if you’re ever…ummm…in the desert, under water and in a forest at the same time…right?

    • so, you driving in a desert, you came to an oasis. you drive into the water, while the palm trees are around, just as some sand. this could really happen, and the brits were a genius for thinking about this

  8. Personally, I don’t see why they don’t leave the hideous colorful one as it is and add the historically-accurate one as a new option.

    People who like the whywouldyouevendothis colors keep what they have, the rest of us gain a new choice in the currently somewhat lacking array of desert camo, nobody’s out any money or is forced to use something they don’t want to. It’s a win-win.

    • 100% agree! Why take away options, when surely it’s far better to just add more?

  9. Right, so we’ll be getting a refund of the gold we spent on the blue camo to choose another one, yes? Cos that new one is a horrible dingy mess – historically accurate or not – and there’s no way I’d have chosen to paint one of my in-game tanks like THAT.


  10. I am for one is glad :) never used that silly paint – why would I pant my tank in Ukrainian or Swedish flag colors :)?

  11. And don’t worry they won’t refund your camo just like they did on the T-50-2. I TOLD you all they would do this again and now look what they’ve done. FUNDAMENTALLY changed the camo ITSELF.

  12. An Italian CV.3/33 was allegedly painted in Caunter pattern and is shown with a distinctive blue stripe.
    The correct scheme for the Caunter pattern is promulgated in MTP 10, 1941 by GHQME. but the ‘blue’ is not completely wrong, of the three colours used Khaki Green No. 3/ G3/ “Service Colour” (alternative dark tone) Slate No.34 a.k.a. dark slate. (dull grey-green.) and Silver Grey No. 28 ( is neither silver or grey but is a medium yellow-green, which fades to blue-grey) The blue in use is just too bright.
    A good explanation of paint though and the error is:

    • Caunter used three colours:
      • Light Stone 61, sometimes replaced by Portland Stone 64
      • Light Grey 28 / Silver Grey 28
      • Slate Grey 34

      Here is another photo of real Caunter scheme, not colour profile: http://trackpads.co.uk/smf/MGalleryItem.php?id=5254

      If you look to the excellent “Warpaint” series of books published by Mushroom Model Publications, you’ll see WG made this scheme very good. Finally.

  13. I’m glad I went with the pink on my Cromwell because I knew this was coming. I kinda like the new camo, too, though – just not as much as my awesome pink tank.

  14. I like my bright colors! I always choose the strangest looking camo possible, can’t they just keep the rainbow stripes in the game and add the more realistic ones?

  15. So all the fuss is about the tan/blue/green not matching the historical tan/gray/green, and WG replaces it with a green/mustard/green pattern? Their arguments against the historical and non-historical camo patterns sound hollow since WG has shown they can’t even copy basic photographs.