T-34-3 and 112 now available on 8.8 test server

Hello everyone,

as many of you (judging from the queues) probably noticed, both the 112 and the T-34-3 are available on the test server now. The developers used a strange way to add them: since they weren’t added to the test shop, they added them as special mission reward:


As you can see, all you have to do to get them is to play one battle. Simple enough. And how do they perform?




I tested the T-34-3 a bit and honestly, I don’t like it. It’s not very fast (sluggish), but the problem is its frontal armor and the gun. First, the frontal armor is thinner than the one of the Type 59. On the test server, where everyone fires gold ammo, it was penetrated all the time: with one noticable exception. The tank cannot penetrate itself properly. That brings me to the main problem of the tank: the gun. It’s a 122mm D-25 clone, so you can expect slow reload, but massive firepower. That’s all good, but the gold shells are terrible: I slugged it out with two (!) 112 tanks, equipped with the same gun. On paper, the gun should punch thru angled armor like butter, yet none the 122mm HEAT shells penetrated. And I am talking like 6 gold 250mm pen shells in a row. The 112 has the same problem, the shells penetrate reasonably when you aim at target flanks, but frontal slope? Nope.
And of course, there is the terrible depression. This tank will make you cry. If you move around on hilly terrain, the gun will aim all over the place, even a small bump will make you not being able to aim at a guy standing next to you. Stuff like that can make you lose duels. The other stats of the tank are average and without the depression buff, this vehicle will be frustrating and lackluster to play. It is not, and I really mean NOT a Type 59 equivalent.





Now we’re talking. 112 is a great vehicle, if you are into slow moving tanks, that soak up punishment, yet hurt like hell. The firepower of the main gun is brutal on the heavy tank and the frontal armor can resist even gold 122mm shells (see above, it “eats” them). As far as heavies go, I liked the vehicle a lot. The only serious drawback it has is that it’s slowwwwwwwwww… (well, slower than usual anyway). You have to be careful where you want to go, because you will not be able to respont to threads quickly. If I was into heavies and into Chinese, I’d consider it.

137 thoughts on “T-34-3 and 112 now available on 8.8 test server

  1. I’d still love to own the T-34-3 though – it’s a good taste of how the T9/10 chinese medium plays out…Too bad I can’t afford to buy it off the gift shop

    • Go and test it on test server before you waste money on this crap. It is nowhere near the WZ-120 or 121. Currently it feels worse than Super Pershing after nerf (!) and costs much more that it.

      • I tried it and I enjoyed it. after playing the SP for 400-ish battles, I can tell you that Im sold on this. might just be me, but the alpha coupled with mobility felt extremely satisfying. price tag is steep, granted. 11k gold for a medium is… well, its a money grab. but, this is the first “proper” medium tank (SP is a heavy in disguise) since the Type, so its this or the T-44-85 and Im not exactly feeling the 85mm. but, it all comes down to your preference.

    • The T-34-3 gives you no idea what Chinese t9/10 will be like in anyway whatsoever, it isn’t even remotely like the t9/10 chinese. As said before, jump on the test server and try it but believe me if you do you will never buy it, but I will always play my WZ-120 and the 121.

    • T-34-3 is “WG FAIL”
      Worst medium tank in this game…
      This tank have very poor parameters …

      It’s a nice tank.
      Great damage per shot .
      Nothing more…

      Absolutely horrible gun depression! …ensure 90% losses in duels.
      Very poor aim time and accuracy!
      Low penetration with AP ammunition.
      Long reload time for an medium tank.
      …will cost 11,000 golds. WTF?

      • True…
        T-34-3… LOL
        Tank, who must shoot at weakspots and has very poor aiming speed, accuracy and cannon depression…
        Only two words… HOLY SHIT!!!

        • Sorry for my English.
          I mean appearance of the tank.
          T-34-3 is beautiful.
          But worst medium tank in this game… :-(

    • i think because of the test server everybody buys and plays with tier10 except small amount of people who testing their next tier -8 tanks so i assume its not real data if you test matchmaking on test server
      and you know how terrible the matchmaking when you want to test a tier 5 and it gets you to tier 9s eh eh
      just saying and its my opinion

      • Nah, they said that the 112 wont have premium MM, it will see normal t10 matches.

          • That was before they nerfed the pen of their HEAT. The T-34-3 should get preferred matchmaking due to the meh stats.

          • And yet I think these tanks shouldn’t be fun in any way (at least compared to normal tanks) because everything worth having should be made purchasable by credits, and not exclusively by money.

            Maybe I’m a bit insane for thinking you could just pay to have a good time on high tiers instead of grinding like everyone else, the grind isn’t that long anyway and it teaches you how to play.

            • You can pay for ever single tank in game with real money, stopping a tank being fun just because it is a real money option is retarded at best.

          • Yes you can pay for every ingame tank with money, but you can’t buy a premium tank without paying money. YoYo your logic is flawed at best.

    • Tsss… not *necessarily*.
      The 112 isn’t particularly good at bullying lower tier tanks like the IS-6 is, since its side armor and LFP are considerably weaker. It is better vs high tier tanks though, since its UFP can very easily stop shells from tier 8 TD’s and tier 9 heavies/meds.

  2. Well, 112 glacis is expected to take some abuse, as its 120mm at 68 (?) degrees, giving 320mm effective against HEAT and 264mm against AP.

      • So far, just go lower plate down, don’t give easy aiming on cupolas and even T34 will have trouble to damage you. Gun depression isn’t stellar, but its workable.

        On other hand, lower plate is so weak you don’t need gold at all in 112/T-34-3 infested games driven by derpy players.

  3. SS you should redo a new in-depth comparison between Type59 vs T-34-3 and 112 vs IS-6. Personally i want to buy 112, but if they dont give it preferential MM as IS-6, then screw it. Already my Lowe ends up in t10 games 7out of 10.

    It will probably be the same for 112. What the hell im supposed to do with 175mm pen? seriously WG….i bought a premium to farm credits and efficiently train the crew by DOING DAMAGE. Not waste the credits on heat shells.

    • You are a fool, 112 has the same hull as 113, everything about the hull is identical and 113 can bounce gold shells on par with regular shells. That’s the point of it being difficult to balance. Tier VIII tanks and below can’t damage it.

      • Actually you are the fool.
        The 112 does not have the same hull as the 113, only the upper front plate is the same.
        Shoot any part of the hull and it will pen, even tier 6 can penetrate the 112′s lower front plate, let alone the paper sides and rear.

  4. I think the MM is PREFERENTIAL! i only see 112;s and t34-3s. No t10 at all! holy and this ting is OP with my 4th skill type59 crew! AND FAST!

    • The gun handling characteristics between the Lowe and 112 could not possibly be more different.

      • Exactly! This is a pretty much dedicated brawler as it has crap for accuracy (0.46), that is close to derp gun levels. But as it’s hard as nails so can it get close and personal with enemies to use the massaive damage of the gun.

        But this tank wouldn’t work in a tier 10 game as the armor is all it have and is totally unable to act as a real line sniper.

  5. 112 isn’t THAT slow. Feels quicker than the Lowe and SP.

    Holds out well against your average tier 8 enemy… my beef with it is that it’s a tank designed to sell Sprem shot. 175 pen with accuracy like that is just not enough.

  6. This tank blows IS-6 out of the water. The frontal armor is amazing, no point discussing that, it’s 113 armor on a T8 tank period.

    And the tank is not SLOW at all! it has alot better acceleration than IS-6. Turns fast as hell. And most importantly it can reach 40km/h and also able to keep it!

    The MM is preferential no doubt. Why i see T8 and T9 tanks only? i saw T95, T54′s, JT, Object 704. Why not a single T10 tank? and it’s pretty obvious ffs. What could you do in T10 battles with 175mm pen? WG is not that dumb. There is a reason they will limit 112 sale.

    • the sides of 112 are like paper. with is6 you almost dont have to care about lover tiers on your sides.
      for 112 that is a big problem…

      also sidescraping doesnt do anything.

      Im buying t-34-3. with t-34-2 with 122mm i make 20-25k almost always.
      with -3 if it is double, I like it!

      It is a fun tank to play!

  7. just played t34-3. It’s definitly not a bad tank and get’S too much hate because of the time 59. I have over 2k games in my type 59 and i agree that the T34-3 is overall weaker. However it’s still a good tank.

    Will try out the 112 now.

        • For real. It’s got the same gun as the IS-6, and trades IS-6′s stupid trolly armor to be the Type’s fat younger brother. It’s the *best* tank in the entire game, and anyone that says otherwise doesn’t deserve to move on to the 121 like they’re supposed to with the T-34-3′s crew training.

          • fat younger brother, idk what you talk about.

            It has the same weight, the same ps. type has 6 max km/h more, and nobody cares about that.

            It is as agile as a type. I know, cause i played both / got a type

          • I feel like most people in here talk out of their asses. The type 59 was never a fast tank. It accelaration is very bad for a medium. Pls kids, if you don’t own a type, stop talking shit.

            • no comment…
              Type 59 is much better than fucking T-34-3 with very, very bad gun depression…

            • i played t-34-2 with 122mm and I like it!!
              If I had to chose between type59 and t-34-3, I’d definetly go for t-34-3!
              That 122mm is bad ass! also i prefere higher match making for money making!
              you can penetrate anything from the side. and 10sec reload with 390 damage on
              tier8 is more than good!

  8. lower frontplate is defninitly a problem and the 112 is slow. but since i need a chinese heavy and the rest is still ok for me, i think i will get it

  9. First impressions of the T-34-3 are not great, dosnt have the mobility to out circle the 112 so I don’t see it being capable of much on the live server against even below average mobility heavies. The turret is a big plus it bounces alot, but is obviously very hard to use, great alpha but the lack of dpm is going to get you killed in brawls.
    To be honest, the whole idea of premiums being half way between stock tanks and elite just won’t work for mediums. Stock heavies are playable, stock mediums are like having a 4 tier handicap, they need the mobility and dpm or they just don’t work, this thing need a big fat passibility buff or it will be nothing more than food for other tanks.

    • The armor on T-34-3 turret is being nullified by it’s gun. Same as Leo 1 gun is by it’s turret.

      Good sloped armor on turret with -3gun dep. Leo 1 shit no armor turret with -9gun dep.

      • Jep depression is a killer even -5 would be acceptable, though it dosnt help that your mostly facing 112 and you cant even aim low enough to hit the lower plate at close range and cant even pen the upper half with gold.

  10. I just finished running a couple of T-34-3 games.

    Mobility wise I felt it’s very similar to my Type-59. Same sluggish acceleration, same close quarter’s maneuverability. Handled well on rough terrain. (Ran it with my scrubby 2 skill Type 59 crew)

    The alpha on that gun is amazing, but HEAT sucks big time. Accuracy is so bad that I had a hard time keeping my HEAT shells from getting eaten up by tracks even at less than 50 meters.

    Gun depression is bad but there are a lot of tanks in-game that have horrible depression and people can make them work. It’s a higher skill floor tank.

    Also as SS says the 112 is just pure evil on tracks when facing 34-3s. Can’t pen those bastards. T-34-3 shots to the side armor of a 112 are iffy because of the combo of HEAT and bad accuracy.

    • “how can’t you pen those bastards”. I just penned the 112 every single time with no premium ammo used.
      The lower front plate is so easy to hit, and you can NEVER bounce there.

      The rest of your post is very accurate and one of the best i read here so far.

      • Never got a chance to shoot at the 112′s front. Every time I faced a 112 I was peaking out for shots at its side.

        Meds are supposed to flank and not trade shots frontally with a heavy. So I did that. And I bounced (or my shells all went into the 112′s tracks) and bounced some more. It’s kinda frustrating when you play your role properly and yet can’t do damage.

        Yes I realize it’s a small sample size and I’m sure I will have chances to shoot at a 112′s LFP.

        However I feel that if I’m choosing to face a 112 head on…I’m doing something very wrong as a med driver.

        • >>“how can’t you pen those bastards”. I just penned the 112 every single time with no premium ammo used. The lower front plate is so easy to hit, and you can NEVER bounce there.<<

          Absolutly true, i penentrated 112 with 3 out of 5 shots in the front because of its extremly weak LFP. The UFP is great, bounced even Ferdi shots several times but u can knock out 112 with T-34-3 very easy hitting its LFP and/or sides. They are both good tanks imho but T-34-3 is difficult to play, its more hit-and-run tactics tank in close combat range but very hard to do some good dmg at bigger distances.
          Btw. dont judge T-34-3 armor after a few testserver battles, it actually CAN bounce some heavy rounds even from Jagdtiger (received 3 of them with only 1 penetrating^^) but those gold spamming bastards on PTR ruin serious testing…

  11. Both tanks are POS Premiums, they can’t pen the tanks they fight against.

    Only tanks worth getting are Lowe because of its gun and the T34.

  12. At least I could test the new Chinese Premiums. Believe it or not, I enjoyed much more the T-34-3 than the 112, I really enjoyed its mobility.

    Mobility wise, 112 is not that slow comparing to other fat-ass tanks, like the Löwe (which I have). The T-34-3 may be sluggish, but having played hunderts of games with slow tanks, it really feels very fast.

    The gun in both tanks feels very inaccurate, with a very long aiming time. Penetration is not that bad, though I only tested the tanks against floods of 122s and T-34s, so I can’t really tell how it would perform in non-test battles. I didn’t use gold ammo and still got some nice performance.

    About their armour, 112′s front and turret are very hard, though its sides and LFP are made of cheese. If you can find a rock or something to cover your LFP and enemies can’t flank you, you will be hard to beat. T-34-3′s armour seemed a little lucky-buncy, specially when angled (and so the turret). The big problem with the tank is that awful gun depression. It’s not that bad when having it in mind while moving and placing, but it can be a real pain in some places/maps. I think it’s a matter of getting accustomed to.

    Finally, the prices:

    112′s price is 12250 gold (2.450.000 * 2 / 400).
    T-34-3′s price is 11000 gold (2.200.000 * 2 / 400).

    Prices may change before 8.8 release (and I really hope so…), they are very high priced tanks at the momment. I would buy the T-34-3 if it has preferential MM and cost less than 10000 gold. For fuck sake, it’s a crimpled Type-59 and that tank cost a 35% less!

    Sorry for my bad English. I hope you find this useful.

    • Yeah i’m with you about the T-34-3 it is a good tank but kind of overpriced at the moment, instabuy if it gets pref MM since 175 pen is enough to kill at these tiers.

      Also i love how people say that the 34-3 depression is a major downside, clearly they haven’t played the WZ-120 or the 121. It has the same playstyle with -3 dep so if you want a crew trainer for them, it’ll be okay.

      • the differenec is the wz-120 has basically the same gun as the T54 with 5° and the 122mm is only optional.

        The 121 has way superior armor and can to some degree afford to expose itself.

        Nothing the T34-3 has in that regard.

        • The T-34-3 feels like a 121 for me at least so it’ll be fine, and yeah with proper angling i’m bouncing those 112s and 34-3s HEAT rounds on the test server.

        • 121 is also much bigger. anyway armor does not help too much. high level tanks can easily pen your turrent frontally. least that happened to me a couple times. but could be gold use aswell

        • Dude, Hornet, the 122mm gun is not optional on the WZ-120.

          If you aren’t using the 122 on that tank, you aren’t using the WZ-120 correctly. It is LITERALLY a nerfed T-54 with that 100mm gun. it makes for a good grinding gun, but it is really a terrible final gun for that tank.

  13. tbh both tanks are crap, t-34-3 of obvious reasons and the 122 for the more then weak lfp, its qutie big also so easy to hit from 250m, and if the tries to face hug -> shot the cancer pumps on the turret.

    All the front armor is nice, but qutie useless.

    T59 still remains a beast in that regard.

    • indeed, and thats why I dont want it back in stores. a premium tank that outperforms other T8 tanks (and some T9) doesnt fit in this game. T-34-3 is more balanced in that way and thus, it works.

    • did u play it on PTR? i dont think so, its not that bad… ^^ in fact it can be a very good tank, got 4 kills in my first battle with it and i am not a good medium tank player since i prefer heavy tanks and td’s. but doing some hit-and-run attacks and flanking distracted enemies is very funny whit it because of its high dmg per shot ^^

  14. Yes the T-34-3 will create a lot of whine. It’s a special tank, just like it’s brother the T-34-2. this tank actually makes the 2 obsolete. the 100mm works better on the type, the 122 better on this because of the other soft stats.

    as for the gun, you either know how to play with it or you fail terribly. guessing you find yourself in the second category. shooting heat shells 24/7 is a waste of credits. it handles pretty well and can punch trough the side armor of most tanks and with HEAT you can attack harder targets but you still need to know how to aim that boomstick.

    all in all i guess i will enjoy it more then the T-34-2 and i loved that little bugger, play style is just really different from everything you ever played.

    • >Yes the T-34-3 will create a lot of whine. It’s a special tank, just like it’s brother the T-34-2. this tank actually makes the 2 obsolete. the 100mm works better on the type, the 122 better on this because of the other soft stats.
      I still have to play T-34-2, it should be one of the next purchases especially since I want to try it out before the 122mm HEAT nerf goes live, but from what other people say when compared to its premium brethren THIS is a tank that should get a buff of some kind, “premium tanks are supposed to be worse than tanks of the same tier” is an obvious lie but premium tanks that perform even better than regular tank of the same tier really screams of P2W.

  15. 112 IS FAST
    faster then is-6
    put a skilled crew on it and try (i had my type-59 crew with 4 skills and it feels like a med)

  16. The whole impression about T-34-3 is determined by : Have you played (well) the chinese mediums before or not?
    It’s better than T-34-2 so it’s no way it’s the worst tank, many people just can’t manage playing derp medium with no depression… something that takes some skill and time to adapt.

  17. 34-3 isn’t the worst premium, but it’s close.

    112 is OP as expected. Played 7 games in it and in each I survived and took 4k potential dmg minimum. What I did see are other 112′s taking just their HP and dying or just a tad more, and that’s because the russian players are bad/dumb as fuck.

    • Russian players bad/dumb? Really? As compared to what uber nation you’re hailing from?
      Most players on Test, including me, don’t play “for real” because we just want to see how the tank feels while we drive it, and how well it penetrates and bounces. I’m not going to spend 5 minutes sidescraping, camping/waiting and what not, just because I can boast I have high dmg and potential dmg taken – on a Test server. Whatever for?

      T-34-3 isn’t even close to worst Premium, and as for T8 we will see the results after it goes Live. I’m no fan of armchair generals and theorycrafters. If it will underperform ANet might slightly buff it, but as it is it seems perfectly fine. It’s a unique style medium and that’s good. If it looked better I’d buy it myself.

      • Oh and in case you haven’t noticed, getting high dmg on Test server means absolutely nothing as everyone can use only gold ammo, and everyone is suiciding or semi-suiciding. Test is nothing like real battle conditions on Live servers. Also, on Test I can’t test how often these two tanks meet tier 8, tier 9 and (if) tier 10. Which is an extremely important stat. If 112 gets into tier 10 half of the time, and T-34-3 gets 10% of the time while 70% of the time being in T8 – that changes the situation dramatically. It’s a soft stat that isn’t written anywhere, and often WG changes it without letting anyone know.

        • a tank with normal mm-spread has imho 33% chance to get -1/0/+1. there is no soft stat determining how often u get t8 matches in ur t8 tank. the tank has a matchmaking, thats it.

          • You are so wrong. I played with over 200 different tanks. They don’t have the same chance of being top/bottom tier. The best example is to take artillery. Everyone complains it brings platoon to higher tiers. Then take Covenanter (if it still has the same soft MM). I thought that tank is pretty bad stats-wise until I played it and realized it’s almost always top tier. Then there are premium tanks who get nice soft MM when released and it gets worse in time.

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          • My favorite trolls/stalkers are back! Must be on break from class, their mums let them sneak in a bag of crisps and some time on the netty.

            Tell me “Dong”, when you rush out there what are you learning opposed to playing it like you owned it? Because I would think that if you tried to side scrape, check it armor from angling, learning it’s depression/elevation, you’d gather enough information to make an informed decision on a purchase. This is typical russian game play, they rush’n’attack (remember that game?), and that’s all. You see this behavior in their “tournaments” and events, you see this on their videos. It’s just how they are for the most part.

            • Yeah, stupid russians, thats they are wining every esl event they enter, and american teams are so 1337 they are have whooping 5 esl teams that are so pro none ever saw them play… right, that must be that blow-up hair logic…

              I bet you are a good player, so you have no trouble writing under own nickname, oh wait… (and now he will ignore this part about posting with real nick, cause deep down we all know Gino is actually a frustrated noob)

            • What do I learn when I rush on Test server?

              Well let’s see. I learn how good armor the tank has, because by the time you play your 1 “real” game, I play 3 of them with 3 different tanks. In those 3 I get tanks shooting at me, and, I shoot at other 112′s. I’m not going to know how good armor tank has if I’m only playing that tank, while everyone else is using gold ammo. Instead, I play 1 game with say 112 where I test driving capabilities and how much of a problem gun depression is. I test dispersion, accuracy, zoom, and how the tank feels overall. Then I switch to E-25 and T-34-3, and while I test the feel of those tanks I use normal ammo to shoot 112 from all angles. That way I test the actual armor of 112.

              I don’t need to play “for real”, and sidescrape for 5min then camp few more min, to test how much gun depression bothers me. Instead, I rush to cover as much of a different terrain to see how many spots this tank is playable in. This is because I’m a very versatile player and use many different tactics, while most always do the same thing. So for me it’s not just enough to head on to favorite spot, dig in, and test the tank.

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  18. TY SilentStalker for you Review of T-34-3. I’ll plan to buy it but after your review I dont want it.

  19. Well, recently played them both – both aren`t worth it. T-34-3 – crappy gun depression combined with non-existent hull armor+ dat gun and lack of mobility?… 112 – armor model is crap now – you can easily pen (175 mm penetration) its lower plate = even at angle… In current state, it is not better than IS-6 – that`s for sure. Previously it could be, but not anymore.

  20. well got the new tanks can’t play got the tank not ready message! ugh frustration. Wanted to play oh well!

  21. Played some T-34-3.
    I love the tank. But unlike the Type 59 I also have, it is NOT Noob Friendly.

    • It is definitely not noob friendly. I think a lot of normal casual players will have huge problems with the tank, because it requires a different playstyle. Many of them will probably be standing on the top of the hill leaning forward, trying to shoot someone with that gun depression, losing lots of hp in the process.

  22. Is it typo?
    “because you will not be able to respont to threads quickly”
    The second last sentence, the “respont” and “threads”

  23. Didn’t like T34-3 at all, but the 112 is pretty good, none of them are gonna net creds that much but great for heavy training atleast

  24. T-34-3… some stupid joke from WG ?
    Tank, who must shoot at weakspots and has very poor aiming speed, accuracy and cannon depression… and cost 11.000 golds…
    Only two words… HOLY SHIT!!!

    • Careful before that Paar guy targets you and hurts your feelings with their superior intellect and ridicules…. LOLLOOLOLOL

    • Whilst I do believe no virtual item must cost THAT much, the T-34-3 is one fine machine lol. SS does not like it/is not very good at it. Big deal, power to him, he has an opinion and a playstyle. But in the hands of people that are used to such vehicles/can use it, it will be one very good machine.

  25. I played the T-34-3 and as a test I face hugged a Type 59. Big mistake! I couldn’t get the gun down low enough to hit lower plate unless I reversed back a lot. And prem ammo just bounces on Type’s upper plate. That and Type’s DPM just chewed me up. It doesn’t even have as much mobility as the Type has!

    With all the new maps being full of terrain undulations playing any brawling tank with less than -5 depression is suicide. Plus the T-34-3 cupola is an easy to hit and pen weakspot vs. the 112. What makes the Type unique is it’s -7 gun depression! That coupled with the bouncy turret is what makes it lethal if you know how to use it. It seems WG has learned their lesson and won’t ever give us another tank with that combo…

    WG will not get my money for this POS!

  26. The 112 has virtually no lower front plate armor. I was 100% sure i would buy it, but after testing it.

    The lower front plate has 80 armor and is easy to it. It has an effective armor of 133,…

    So it can be easily penetrated buy any tank it faces, even light tanks. The lower front plate is pretty big too. I think it should be buffed to 110 atleast. Cause with this lower front plate you can’T brawl in the city at all, which you could do very easily with the IS-6.

    The Is-6 seems to be better in every way. He has a side armor of 130 (100+30), and his lower frontplate is 120, which is 33,3% higher. Sides of the turret and reload time are also much higher than the 112′s.

    The IS-6 is faster too, oh jeez.
    After all the hype for the 112, it seems like a really shitty version of an IS-6 (too bad, cause i don’t play sovjets)

    • The T34-3 seems to be more popular on the testserver. It definitly plays better than the 112. Because of the low front plate armor and the non-existent side armor it feels like a slow medium.

  27. guys the T34-3 is very nice tank bat the problem is on his gun i have the TYPE 59 and i think is 10times beter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)