- Q: “This game needs more player rewards, for example 200 gold for each player every day” A:”You came to the wrong game. I think that you need a game, where they will pay you 100 thousand for simply you showing the developers the honor by turning your attention to it. And of course not in gold, but in real money.”
- singleplayer missions are not planned, the load on the server would be too high (SS: for example for the tutorial, server has to create one map session for every single player, that’s very uneconomical)

- when you have 6 perks and more, individual perks are no longer displayed, instead, the icons get “compressed” like this:

This is not planned to be changed.

- Object 140 a T-62A clone and not needed? “Your opinion is very important to us” (SS: sarcasm)
- accuracy wasn’t changed in 8.8
- SerB is not sure about the E-50M being balanced well in 0.8.8
- it’s not yet sure, what the name shortcut of the Waffenträger E-100 will be in 0.8.9 (SS: yes, we can be reasonably sure the German TD’s will come in 8.9)
- Q: “Why does T-34-3 cost 11k gold and not 7,5k?” A: “Because 11k is more than 7,5k”
- second American medium line (SS: third, if you count the T57H line) is planned, devs are looking for vehicles for it
- Chaffee branch will be prolonged

109 thoughts on “27.8.2013

  1. - SerB is not sure about the E-50M being balanced well in 0.8.8

    Prepare yourself for a nerf of the upper front plate

    • Implying its not OP.

      IMO they had a good idea to make Panther line fill a niche of overweight medium tank line that is played more like heavies. Still, 1200 hp engine, great soft stats, gun with excellent accuracy and handling… and 150mm sloped front armor… I’m not sure if they weren’t too generous for E-50M.

      • Turret and lower front plate which is as big as the upper are both penetratable by 200mm guns. If you fail and shoot at the upper front plate you are a horrible driver

        • 175 is just enough to pen it from the front in almost every shot. E50s drivers now have to be afraid even some tier 6 tanks…

          • Stug 3′s gun can penetrate and kill E-50s from the side no problem, from the front its a bit harder but still possible if you shoot the commander’s hatch.

        • Dude, the E-50M has essentially the same/better effective front armor profile as an IS-4. Its UFP is stronger than the IS-4′s, but the LFP is weaker [which is pointless since, in a tier 10 game, EVERYTHING pens an IS-4's LFP anyway]. Only the turret on an IS-4 is stronger, an that’s still not enough since the E-50M mantains a massive mobility and firepower advantage.

          Sorry, no, this isn’t very well balanced. In a tier 10 match, everything could pen the E-50M’s UFP, LFP, and the turret. Now only the turret is marginally more vulnerable due to the smaller mantlet, the LFP will still be penned by everything, but the UFP is invulnerable vs everything short of a tier 10 TD.

          That’s not balanced. It has better armor than most heavies, better firepower than pretty much all the heavies, and better mobility than all of them. The E-50 feels balanced. Its nerfed LFP actually makes a difference in a tier 9 match, and the mobility nerf is reasonable compensation. The E-50M got the armor buff pretty much for free.

          • I should probably emphasize the point I’m trying to make right now.

            I’m not really hoping for a big E-50M nerf. I’m really hoping that some of the other tier 10 mediums, and maybe tier 10 heavies can get buffed up to its level.

      • And yet it’s never used in Clan Wars. Hmmm…sorry, your argument doesn’t hold water, because if it did, it would be used by the major clans, but no, it’s always T110E5, T-62A, Batchat Lights and Arties and Foch 155.

      • Was that the cost of the Type 59 when it was still for sale? Can’t remember what i payed back in the day. I thought it was 8500 gold. Still, it makes no sence to buy an copy of it that is weaker in almost every aspect for 11 k gold. Nearly €50,-

        • Yes that the Type 59 was 7500 gold when it was sold.
          It is too good to be a premium tank, and even now it has the best global win rate of all tier 8 mediums.

          • It has a good global winrate, because it’s fun to play. If many people play a tank and enjoy it, they will play it even more. Obviously this leads to them playing better with the tank, which makes them enjoy more-> and so on…..

            My type 59 is my most played tank, not because it’s op, but because it’s fun.

            It played the T34-3 aswell and you know what. It’S fun aswell. If i did not have the type, i would definitly buy the T34-3. People who claim it’s shit are just skillless scrubs.

            Then again, it’s still pretty expensive.

            • The reason for the high global win rate is that it is not available to your average player. The people who own them have, generally, owned them for a long time. This leads to more experience in the tank than your average tier 8. The people who still play it a lot know how to play it well. Put it back on sale and watch that win rate fall like a rock as the typical pub player fails with it.

        • Type 59 was 7500. And personally I do believe the T-34-3 should be more expensive than the Type 59 to avoid server floods. But 11,000 is way too high. It would be more practical at 9,000. Especially seeing as how it doesn’t get preferred mm and it’s gun is crap.

          • Better set the price high at first, and lower it later. You should get less moaning and whining that way. Although that does assume a semblance of rationality on the audience’s part…

          • Since it will only be for sale through the gift shop the gold price is pretty irrelevant.

            • The gold price will matter because its gift shop price will be around its gold price.

            • That and it more than likely will be in the in-game shop. This “gift shop only” thing may only be temporary.

          • It actually does get preferential MM. I guess nerfing the HEAT shell to 250 pen was the pretext WG used to justify this.

  2. @ SS When does the e100 article come? :)

    “Armor model changed (will get to that in a special article)”

        • i wrote in another post at ftr yesterday.i saw on test server 2 days before one e-100 was taking damage at the view port at the top of the turret. :-(

            • Yes it takes ;-) Eg. with barrel guns on UK meds/heavies I damaged and killed couple of them this way over hill where I can shoot them because of accuracy and they can’t hit me because of hill and cover from mates.

            • now i know why serb is answering like a dick….e-100 doesnt take hp damage at the view port.now if you shot he or hesh or you shoot up from a hill and the shell is penetrating the top of the turret yes it will take damage.the view port itself doesnt take damage.at test server i saw 2 e-100 facehuging and one of them shot the view port 3 times and kill the other e-100.no he shells.capisce????

            • ok.i went to training room and e-100 took damage at the view port and at the so called ”police bar”.i thought that they had removed this weakspots but i was wrong.my mistake.

  3. - Object 140 a T-62A clone and not needed? “Your opinion is very important to us” (SS: sarcasm)

    I was planning on getting the Object 140 (I have > 500 K exp just waiting for this) but after playing it on the test server I’m not so sure anymore. In this particular case I don’t like the sarcastic answer at all. I simply have no idea why they are introducing a T10 medium tank into the game, so similar to another T10 medium tank already in the game. I fail to see the point.
    If the sarcastic answer is how War Gaming perceives their player base, then I have little hope going forward with this game and honestly I think they should start to treat players with a little more respect.

    • One of the few times I am one with the player base :P . The 140, whilst there are minor diferences is VERY similar to the T-62A. Too similar infact. Its closer then the M60 an the M48 Patton…

      Object 430 would have been a better pick as a tier 10, and a nerfed Obj 140 with a tier 10 gun with lower RoF would have been interesting…

        • Just remember, the ground textures and objects will never look as good as WoT because they have MUCH larger maps with planes all over the skies and soon tanks all over the ground. It would lag the game out to have good textures and have good looking ground objects too because its just way too larger for that detail in the environment. It looks good from the air. But from the ground, the tanks will look good but not the objects.

      • all hail Nostradamus…
        let’s see it in game first
        PS as far as i remember wg announced global remodeling(polygonal up etc) in addition to havoc at least half a year ago, not that it’ll come soon…

      • Did you look in the offers? 30 day premium was 10 Euros… I think the attitude is allready changing… :P

    • nah.. I totally support answers like that. It’s their game and so far it’s still kicking ass.. so they have every right

      • As far as SerB sarcasm goes most of us would be a lot less restrained if we had to put up with all the dumb-ass questions that he deals with. The Tier 10 Russian tanks are a variations on a very tight specification.

      • i get it, he gets a lot of stupid questions… but answers like that just show that he’s an asshole (which he 100% is). and in that question specifically, the question is 100% legitimate. it’s exactly the same tank… the only difference is it has 20 more side armor on turret and 0.1 more aimtime and 0.01 less accuracy…. oh yeah, and the 140 even has less hp and worse traverse (hull + turret).
        So: it’s completely useless tank, because it has nothing new or better than any tank, and there’s already the same tank, just a bit better in the game.

        • I think this is one of the main problem. Every time they are introducing new tanks, players expect it to be better than the older ones. I agree that a tank with a different way of play style would be nice but it was in real life a similar medium to the t62a so it should be ingame either. I think wg did I right this time. No inflation of better and better tanks. It will be easier to balance to the existing ones.

          • i don’t mind if it’s not better, just different. but it’s the exact same tank… if they gave it worse accuracy and better ROF at least or something… this way it’s the exact same tank, just a bit worse. same playstyle, worse stats.

            • Shorter, thinner and lower, better depression, better hull aromor, worse turret armor, faster and more agile + different soft stats… yeah, how could they!

            • @Paaranoja: k, it’s 15cm smaller. is that it? cause the armor difference is so small, it won’t effect 99% of the hits.

              faster and more agile? no. same engine, similar weight. worse traverse.

            • There are less differences between tanks on different tiers… *cough* t1-m6*cough*P1-P2*cough*wz-131-wz132*cough*etc (exept guns obviously) and this tank bothers you?

              Its not just 15cm lower, its also shorter, and thinner and the rear deck is sloped back making even more smaller profile, not only that, the gun depresses more…
              and while effective front armor is not much bigger than t-62A, the fact that its sloped even more brings it closer to autobounce territory. The similar effect can be seen on 113, the effective armor is not super amazing, but being extremely sloped, even a tiny bit of angle brings it to autobounce

              Oh and the power to weight difference is close to some engine uprades in some tanks and effect 105 gasoline… still, no one complains its useless and many people use it (myself included)

          • It’s funny that they clone another tank with similar stats.

            SerB said that he won’t add WZ111 because there is a similar clone tank already ingame. Irony ftw.

    • Getting this tank will simply double the number of “T-62′s” that can be available while your real one is locked out of Clan Wars :P

  4. SS: got any info about what the next big and heavy / top of the tree will be? its starting in 5 days, so there might be some info on other servers.

  5. Looking?

    Tier VII: T23
    Tier VIII: T42
    Tier IX: T95E2
    Tier X: T95E6

    And what about the T7E1 light tank? Lighter version of the M7 with the Ram turret. 14 tons and smaller. A better scout.

    • Not to mention that they also could include the T54E2, the T95E3 and the M47 Patton. They won’t have a hard time finding the tanks for the branch, but the exact armour models might be a bit harder.

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  7. “Chaffee branch will be prolonged”

    Any hints on when this will happen? Not soon and low priority I guess.

      • There might be the slight chance that SerB (Veider, Storm, etc…) would show his/her well hidden bit of kindness and bless us with the M41 light tank at the tier VI or VII

    • And what about T7 and T8? These tanks MIGHT fit, but WG will decide what tanks will go to the 2nd line.

      • T42 for a tier 8 medium (think a M41 bulldog and M47 patton hybrid prototype), reintroduce a T23 for a tier 7 (much more realistic than it being in tier 8). Or introduce some of the many light tanks, up to the Walker Bulldog with the 90mm (which it actually had at one point).

  8. ” singleplayer missions are not planned, the load on the server would be too high (SS: for example for the tutorial, server has to create one map session for every single player, that’s very uneconomical)”

    So it is more efficient for players who just want to scope out a map to create a second account, log on from another pc and create a practice area running two sessions instead of one.

  9. any ideas on when we will get Japanese tanks?

    Oh and for the shortened name how about Waff E100 or Trager E100?

    • I see, your not a german and have no clue, the correct shortcut can only be:

      WT E-100 or Waffentr. E-100

      Waffen = Weapons (plural)
      Träger or Traeger = Carrier

      Cause ä=ae, ü=ue, ö=oe

      Freely translated to weapons carrier.


      WT E-100 makes more sense, cause we have GW E-100, GW is the correct shortcut for Geschützwagen / Gun Carriage or 1:1 translated gun wagon.

  10. >> Chaffee branch will be prolonged

    Once again, elongated. Prolonged is for time, like delayed ;) .

  11. I guess that some players, especially those who play CW dont mind about the Obj 140 being a T-62A clone. Even more for them which means that the Obj 140 can be chosen as second tank then the T-62A is locked.

    The differences are actually not that minor, it has a slightly better gun depression and is noticeably faster in terms of speed at the cost of having two cupola weakspots. and a weak turret roof.

    in the Test server i found that I can still reliably bounce shells when hulldown, which is easier to do with the 140 than with the T-62A due the better gun depression, even thouugh these cupolas are visible. I mean, in CW they drive the T110E5 too despite its large cupola weakspot.

    • Typo, its supposed to be “when the T62A is locked”

      For those who are unaware, tanks in clan wars (CW) will be locked once you play with it. The lock may last some days to one week depending which tank you used in CW once. After that, it can be used again

  12. - it’s not yet sure, what the name shortcut of the Waffenträger E-100 will be in 0.8.9 (SS: yes, we can be reasonably sure the German TD’s will come in 8.9)

    Waffen E-100 Anti Kommunist – or WEAK for short.