Sniper Award bugged in 8.7


The point of the article linked above is that a player was complaining that the Sniper award he should have recieved. He wrote a support ticket and here’s what he got for answer:


“Currently there is a bug, in which ramming deprives the player of chance to recieve the award. The bug will be fixed in following patches.”

So, there you have it, confirmed. Allegedly, this bug only occurs when ramming damage is dealt to friendlies, but this is not confirmed.

27 thoughts on “Sniper Award bugged in 8.7

  1. How many times do I have to propose:
    50 or less ramming damage just doesn’t happen
    Three choices: (Purposeful, Accidental, No fault) damage choices with full, repair, and no repair costs being the penalties.

    Seriously WG. Fix it

    • Would probably work better as a percentage, 50 health is quite a lot in lower tiers.

      Otherwise I agree.

  2. Wut? Not one for bashing devs… But don’t tell me this is something that can’t be fixed by a simple hotfix mini-patch. Leaving a simple bug “alive” is kinda retarded…

    • WG Logic
      1) Does this hurt income? No
      2) Does this fundamentally affect gameplay? No
      3) Does this screw over players in such a way that it only irritates them? Yes.
      4) Do nothing

    • On the other hand when we evil capitalists tried to earn some cash on those 83mm HE shells they instantly make hotfix and dealt with the problem. When it’s about something that doesn’t affect that much their income they simply don’t give a shit. Simple as that.

      • Yet they have allowed their Russian comrades to earn millions on the shell transaction… WG logic, usage of the elementary grade math is “hacking”.

    • “Wasn’t this bug fixed a while back? It’s back again?”

      Support saying there’s a bug doesn’t mean that the bug really exists – maybe it’s true, maybe not.

      Remember when a player received a reply from support that XVM is banned? Or EU community people “confirming” various untrue stuff (that Tetrarch will never be sold, that tier X tanks will never be available on discount, that 300k mission requirement was 30 tier IV+ tanks killed and and not 30 tanks killed while driving tier IV+ etc.).

      Sometimes they simply make up answers to appear knowledgeable.

      • There was a recent post on the EU forum from someone complaining they didn’t get sniper award due to ramming but as usual they had no replay.

        Not the first time that WG has reintroduced a bug they previously fixed.

  3. Who else but Quag… khm Wargaming! :D


  4. I also remember such bug confirmed by WG and also remember claim that it was fixed, looks like they made a regression applying new features, probably multiplier for losing players with achievements.

  5. This has been known about (and admitted) for fooking ages….

    2 patches at least if I recall….

    Working (and fixed) as Intended™

  6. There’s also a bug with damage upon tracking, i sent info to Frank but he probably didn’t consider it important enough.

  7. speaking of bugs…

    Is it intended that whether or not i disable encounter and assault mode in the test server, i still get assault and encounter?

    • That’s because of lack of players.MM can’t please everybody if they’re too few.
      And it’s not only on TS, but on normal server too.
      Yesterday played at 5:30 am with T1 Cunningham and got into a 9vs9 encounter match…altough I have Encounter mode disabled.

    • Or maybe you shot a friendly? I guess the bug’s origin is that it actually considers the overall damage done to the friendlies, thus including ramming, where it should only deny the award if the damage was done by direct fire, not by splash or ramming.

      • notice the 0 dmg done to team mates, I did not touch a team mate the entire round. now most of the game I was in sniper view so a team mate may have rammed into me (and did no dmg to each other), I know I rammed an enemy tank that round as well.

  8. who really cares about such useless medals as sniper. This is the most common medal given out, it really doesn’t matter if you get one or not.

    • It would matter if there is one of those bonus specials on (Get sniper -> Get +500 XP)

      Otherwise it’s simply something to collect. And people like to collect things.

  9. Wasn’t the last sniper bug one where you could shoot wrecks and it would count as legit hits ?