8.8 E-100 model change

A lot of people asked what the 8.8 model change of the E-100 is. Well, here’s a comparison, courtesy of Orkel


- the hull becomes a bit longer
- tracks are slightly moved (up and forward)

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    • I find it funny that people make that joke as if WG didn’t have an outright Russian bias at one point. So much to the point that Overlord on the forums before EU and US was split during beta banned a number of players and admitted to it being bias, after that he told them to shut up about it.

      I’m not saying they still have this bias , but to ignore the fact it was there and make jokes over it isn’t funny. It’s hard to give every nation it’s own play style along with advantage and weakness while keeping them balanced no question there but you must all so take into account that how easy (ease of use) sadly does also effect the balance in any game that is PVP.

      Now that is said, there is still a bias in this game but it’s not to one nation or one tank in general it’s to the ease something is to use when it comes to a game like this.Example being the Soviet and British heavy lines right this moment still require little less then driving at and pointing your gun at the enemy to use effectively player on a 15v15 scale until the late tier. Now this does not mean that they have a bias to the Soviet or British lines , it just means they are a lot easier for more people to master and use to their full potential.

      TL:DR , Overlord himself admitted to an imbalance during beta (bias) however it’s pretty much gone at this point the problem is no longer if one nation is more powerful then the other it’s how easy it is for everyone to use. A nation that’s very easy to use is going to look more powerful at face value then one that takes time to master a play style with. Also making bad jokes about bias still does nothing to help.

      • Can’t wait for Kellomies to reply on this. Gotta grab some popcorn(oh snap, i’m such a nerdy redditor)

        • Eh, his complaining is kind of short on the proverbial red thread so I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to say about it… Doubly so as I haven’t the foggiest about what Overlord might or might not have said sometime in the distant past, probably hadn’t yet even started hanging out on the forums at the time. :/

          I would point out that since I started playing this game I’ve always found the US heavies with their SUPERIOR COMFORT and nuclear-bunker turrets the easiest to drive, though. Hulldown is easy and those beasts are nigh peerless at it.

          • As I stated , I don’t believe there is a bias now. Like I said the problem was during beta when they were still balancing things and there wasn’t even a US line until near the end. It all now from what I see comes down to how easy the person can use their tanks.

            I personally find tanks of different tiers of different nations to fit me very well some I am able to use to extreme ends of each spectrum ( I do very well with some and very badly with others) and it clearly doesn’t seem to be based on nation that I have noticed. I tend to do well with the higher tier Russians , the mid tier US tanks and the low tiered German tanks. I don’t think they imbalanced at their tiers I just happen to use some of that tanks of those nations at some tiers better then others.

            Now for the beta thing , I don’t have many screenshots left over from then since I’ve changed HDs. I do still however have a hand full from the later part of beta right after they added the tier 9 med tanks and the most terrifying thing in game at one point was to see a team full of almost nothing but T-54s. As at that point everyone had decided to go Russian , however that was already after they had done a lot of changes and added the US tree and the bias was already too the point of not being there other then new tank not being balanced.

            Now with even further changes over the past years , (the 100mm being removed from a number of Russian meds and the guns on the TD line being removed or toned down). That being said a tier 6 vk3601 or vk3001p now seem pretty good but when their opponents to start with were a Tier 6 KV-3 , KV-1s and a t-34-85(100mm from the t-44 with lower reload) they didn’t stand much of a fight and there were no US tanks. As I said right now there is almost nothing to say about bias as compared to that type of thing back then there was just no choice on what nation to play.

            In conclusion it’s just seems to be most of the time players are going to gravitate to what they find easier to use or like and some will fuss about a tank they don’t have most of the time being over powered “grass is greener” or jumping on the old band wagon of “Russian bias” even if that bandwagon should of been left in the beta forums. Don’t mistake my saying there is no “Russian bias” anymore as a comment that there never was tho. As there was no question during closed beta that there was but at that time they were not trying to appeal to an world wide player base they were merely testing the foundation of what we have today. Now since they are trying to appeal to such a wide player base around the world and limit work load at the same time the idea that there any bias now just seems silly to me as it would cut into profits and Serb would not like that at all despite how much any of them would have something dear they wanted to be a little special.

            TL;DR the bias was real and mostly died during beta testing however to say it never happen would be silly as well as saying it’s still around as any bias now would cut into WG’s wallet and upset Serb and the players.

            • Once again as no one seems to keep the time frame I am talking about, When this was a problem as there were no heavies at that tier to face them and the VK tanks are counted as heavies to the devs. This was a massive problem was shown here to show they have poor sense of balance until after a lot feed back and time.

      • I played this game quite a bit in beta and early release, and I have no idea what you’re talking about. I remember believing the whole Russian bias thing, and then eventually realizing how silly this belief was. All that really happened was that WG gave Soviet tanks a certain set of strengths and weakness, like high alpha damage and low accuracy, which turned out to be more important than other traits. These concepts were based upon how Soviet tanks worked in the real world, typically mounting larger but lower velocity guns (mostly that powerful 122mm). Eventually WG realized their error and shifted everything around to fix it- the KV-1S is the last vestige of this imbalance.

        All I remember about Overlord was that he was one of the few devs that bothered to communicate with us English-speakers, and was constantly verbally abused by people as a result. I very clearly remember him proudly showing us the tier nine Pershing before the other tier nine mediums, saying it was his favorite. After the patch introduced it, there was an uproar about how the T-54 was overpowered due to Russian bias. If I recall correctly the Pershing, with its 105mm gun, actually performed very well statistically. But no one cared. Because OMG RUSSIAN BIAS. (The Pershing was eventually nerfed to more historical levels and moved down a tier.)

        • the time you are talking about is right after they added the US tree and that was during open beta as there were no tier 9 meds to start with only tier 8. That being said closed beta then open beta lasted almost a year by itself. As like I said to start with , there were no American tree. http://www.combatsim.com/htm/2010/09/world-of-tanks/img1024/wot-3.jpg

          And at that time when it was only sniping german tanks with DPS and accuracy vs soviet with alpha and penetration. Also for you so you can take a look again. When they did add the US tree it was only up to the T23 and it didn’t stand a chance vs the panther or T-44.

          You have a good memory that I can tell but you seem to be almost 7 months after what I am talking about.

        • That’s because the cockroach T-54 was ridiculously OP (fast, hit hard, and was squashed down in size making it hard to hit). Today many use it to pad their stats even, despite being toned down a lot. Then you had the old T9 IS-4 which was actually T9.95, and never once got balanced up until the month before it went T10. And the 704 which dominated it’s segment and got a handful of nerfs, but a bunch of buffs at the same time before the T10 TDs hit. The 704 and IS-4 had such a massive WR advantage by WG’s own policy, should have been nerfed into the ground. But they were not, while other nations tanks of same tier despite lagging behind were nerfed.

          That is a fact. While Russian bias is mostly a thing of the past (for stalin), it was clearly evident in beta and after launch.

          • And this is the exact thing I was talking about , I’m glad I’m not the only one to see it. There were massive balance issues and they came with the Soviet tanks during that time.

            Thankfully it’s mostly gone but everyone here seems to want to say it wasn’t there when it clearly was and they want to jump at anyone who says it was and want’s to avoid an almost game breaking imbalance in the future because of the Devs poor testing and balance.

  1. Change made so that the E100 is “historically accurate” no doubt. I guess it’s going to be easier to track ???
    All these german “buffs” will be money… literally… since there will be alot of people selling the tanks from their garage.

    • Whine. Whine never changes…

      Since the dawn of human kind, when our ancestors first discovered the amazing power of words and sentences, many have been whining just about everything: from their salary to bunch of polygons to simple, pointless things…

      No matter what cataclysmic changes did these fools bring upon themselves, they still continue… And sadly, they will never stop. For it is not in their nature to understand, that self-centeredness and ignorance rarely bear fruit that isn’t rotten from the beggining. And so, this circle will never dissapear, because…

      Whine. Whine never changes…

        • “All that is needed for evil to prevail is for good men to stand idly and do nothing.” :v

            • Bot while I am alive. For I will fight, and I will win! The evil forces of imperialists and capitalists will never reach our crops and factories, I won’t let them! I will fight, For The Motherland! And For Stalin!

        • Whining? Please be kind enough to show me where I whine. For the only thing I did was pointing out, that the comment above seems like whining. Granted, I did it in overly dramatical fashion, but that was intentional. So, again, where is whining in statement: “You are just whining.”

      • Whine u say ???? My post is more like 90% sarcasm…. but the NyanCat guy… ah well….

        Most likely WG ment the E100 to be this way (8.8 patch design) anyway, they must of just rushed it when it was released and planed to fix it later (which is what they are doing now). Not to mention they did some fixing of the E100 before (like the observation device on top of the turret which everyone would shoot at when the E100 was first released). Hence what they are doing to the E100 will most likely not affect it in any obvious way… except it might get tracked easier when rounding a corner. Regardless of what WG does to the E100 mine will sit in the garage rusting anyway.
        As for the rest of the german tanks that were changed in some way in 8.8, it is my personal opinion (after doing my own testing and comparing stats between the live and test server) that WG took more than they gave back (at least on some of the tanks, except the tiger). I’m sure they will fix that with test 2 and test 3 (if there will be a test 3) of 8.8.
        Can;t wait for nyancat’s TLDRDU (DU for Didn’t Understand) post.
        BauBau (NA)

        • Alright, sorry, I didn’t get it.

          I don’t bother myself with test servers anymore, so I can’t say if you are right about WG taking away more than givn

          • I hate my phone.

            …than giving, but on paper, the changes seemed good enough to being called a buff, at least to me.

            As for the E-100 tracks, on the image, it seems like they cover the LFP more, so I think it’s a small buff, as this’ll help with sidescraping and angling.

      • So, in your world, sarcasm is exhibited exclusively by mentally challenged people? Interesting…

  2. Seems like useless change. Instead adding multicore support they make shit like this.

      • Oh really smart ass? Thanks for sharing me with this little pearl of wisdom. But I am sure they could model something more useful like lowering that damn lamp on the front hull of e-50/75 so they wouldnt need to nerf its gun depression in the area of that lamp.

    • What do people think multi core support is going to magically do? The game has only 30 moving boxes and a couple of seagulls following predefined paths, your calculator from the 90′s could run that simulation.

      They don’t need to add multi-core support, they just need someone to sit down with a profiler and optimize their shit.

      • Gotta keep the scale in perspective. Remember, as it’s server-side, the server is managing at least 1000 of these matches, at once. Running it “optimized” is probably a bit closer to what they do. Most times it’s a expenses issue, as it costs more money, to have more hardware, to run the game better. Upkeep is a terrible thing for progress.

        Despite being a company as large as WG is, costs are a big hassle, as they can very easily turn out profits into expenses. 100 more physical systems may only cost 100k$ or more US, but there is the operating costs that go with those systems.

        Multi-core support may decrease loads per-core, but most systems wouldn’t see that much improvement in performance, as most of the game is server-side and really the client only is receiving data and rendering it, or sending it to the servers. There isn’t that many calculations that are client-side that are intensive (aside from graphics/audio)

  3. I don’t know if it’s an error in the image but downs’t it seem like the frontal armor plate on the turret has a little bit more slope than before? maybe 1 or 2 degrees
    I also seem to notice that it became a little thicker, but like I said it can also be an error on the image

  4. That’s it?
    I expected some sh** to rant about….
    Did someone @ WG actually think :”You know what? I have some useless changes on my mind which NEEEEED to be in the next update”….

      • They keep nerfing the germans eeever so slightly patch by patch until one day you discover your e100 has gained some extra tonnes and doesn’t fit in the garage no more, so you get a small pop-up that asks you to buy premium in order to accommodate your fluffy little tank or else you have to sell it at a quarter of its original price. So yeah, you laugh it up now, but don’t come running back with cheese that perfectly complements your whine and post it around here, I warned you!

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  6. Collision model changed abit, as you can see that chassis moved a bit forward. Height didn’t changed.
    But visual model changed, too. It seems to me hull and turret (forwarded too) are longer a bit and the UFP bent has better slope – it doesn’t matter however, because collision modell not changed. Engine deck changed with hull, too.

  7. Minor changes that make no real difference, including
    -tracks moved forward, protecting the LFP/side armor weak spot a bit better
    -very slightly lower
    -upper section of UFP is better angled now (?)

    In the end, still no real difference, should play as usual.

  8. WG does german buffs because they prep them for the coming israelitan tanks. That’s all.
    I wonder how OP they will be against german tanks… pff :S

  9. interesting the enemy has a 10cm higher chance of hitting sloped armor at the rear, and 5% better chance of hitting the tracks which will cause no damage anyway… whata nerf… oh and the compensation is awesome too, i just shit my pants in disgust and happiness

  10. Um not to be a buzz kill but the E100′s body didn’t get longer if you look at where the tracks got moved, the body got moved back a little, so Same length. tracks cover a little more of the LG so eh really the only change is the track placement :/

    Sorry if any of you got fooled by that optical illusion