8.8 Tiger II Armor Changes

Source: http://wotbase.ru/

Apart the already mentioned Tiger I armor changes, Tiger II armor got changed too overall in 8.8 test.





- the commander’s copula made significantly tougher
- lower frontal plate became historical 100mm instead of 120mm
- bow machinegun weakspot removed
- mantlet made thinner

Neither E-75 nor E-100 armor has changed in 8.8

105 thoughts on “8.8 Tiger II Armor Changes

  1. Nice, better change IMO. Atleast you won’t have any real obvious weakspots anymore when hiding lower hull :) imagine the rage when people try to shoot MG / Cupola and bouncing

  2. I hope they are not overdoing it… or else we will see another nerf in the following patch :/

    • The large ring was 100, is now 80, the cylinder was 80,is now 60, but the very tip of the spaced armor got a small buff from 145 to 185 as far as I can tell, don’t know about the 110mm shown on the 8.8 version as to where it is applied

        • i just read the armor scematics, it clearly sais 265 turret front (sorry, not 285, but still)

          • Are you some sort of colour blind? The front turret is the second top colour – 185mm.
            The 265mm armour is a tiny spot behind the mantlet, actually invisible from that angle, and probably set there by mistake anyway. So no wonder it was removed now.

            TURRET FRONT WAS NOT CHANGED. Stop whine.

      • Are you colorblind? The 265 is nowhere to be seen on the old turret. It’s most likey the small point in the middle of the barrel behind the mantlet. Turret front was 185 on the old Tiger II and still will be. They have just removed the gun “hardpoint”

        • The 265 is actually a very very small section behind the mantlet ( where the gun and mantlet contact). It’s more like an error than a real armor. The actual frontal armor of the turret was 185 and it will stays in 8.8.
          This armor scheme is created using ” WotTankViewer”, you can download and see for yourself.

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      • For is3, just shoot it’s roof and all is good, as for t32, it isn’t exactly know for being that well armored, just good at hull down. But I guess you have a problem with the tiger2 when hugging because pretty much everywhere you can shoot is better armored than your magnificent gun. And tigers are known for being good huggers.

        • the mantlet , all the front and half of turret sides of T32 have 298mm armour, the only weakspot is its copula

          • Sure thing, but you are aware of it’s buttery hull with the machinegun port weakspot and even the hull itself having 120mm IIRC.

    • The sides of the turret are very easily penetrated if the Tiger isn’t looking directly down your muzzle.
      From some distance, the turret’s roof is a huge weakspot. I’m saying this as a KT driver – hiding the whole hull to expose only the turret (T29 – style) doesn’t work, because it’s weak. What I do is expose parts of the hull to lure them to shoot, and bounce, the strong armor, and to keep them away from my turret, which gets penetrated from almost any angle.

    • Okay, so the cupola is buffed.

      Based on the numbers I’m not sure it’s buffed enough to resist APCR though…

  4. How do you pen Tiger II with KV-5. Shoot it in the side or rear. Or go shoot someone else instead of trying to pen a tank you can’t pen.

  5. First : As a skinner i want to know if this will affect custom skin.

    Second: Why~
    Now i can’t reliably pen KT when facehugging.

    • I don’t think it will as long as the model dimensions remain the same.

      Because WG is apparantly pushing for historical accuracy and the Royal Tiger is a facehugging tank itself, it needs good frontal armour. Flank him, he’s not that fast.

    • Looks like both t9 JT and t8 JT88 get their frontal changed aswell. By changed I mean the UFP is slightly more angled (I determined that through visual comparison of screenshots taken on both servers). So if UFP is changed it’s safe to assume LFP armor was reduced to 100mm and the machine-gun weak-spot removed. Afterall JT88, JT and Tiger 2 share the same hull so change to 1 of them should happen to all of them.

  6. I wonder if there are any armor differences between the turrets on the VK45.02 (A and B), Tiger II and E-75, since the turrets are optically nearly identical, so I wonder, whether the armor is identical as well.
    Talking especially about the commanders copula here, because E-75s with the 12.8cm gun bounce on that of my VK45.02B while my 8.8cm L/71 gun (back when I had to drive around with that thing) had surprisingly little trouble with the copula of an E-75.

    • Best turrets of E-75 and VK 45.02B are the same (except E-75 ears). Commanders copulas are also the same, and KingTigers one will join them.

    • The turret of the VK4502 P Austf. A still has 80mm on the commanders cupola in the current test version. I guess they forgot to change it. I think that it’s still identical to the 8.7 KT turret. Maybe they’ll change it to the 8.8 one in the next test round or before the patch goes live.

    • They’ll get to the Porsche line sooner or later. It’s making sure lines are fixed before moving onto others.

  7. According to one tiger 2 armor layout historically commander copulas was 150mm not 80mm thick like in this game.

    • MG ball isn’t a weakspot but people will keep shooting there for eras before they notice that the model has been changed, depression has been buffed to 8 degrees which will give you little-to-no problems in hiding the LFP, terrain resistance has been buffed and the guns remained the same lethal ones, this tank is OP.

  8. have they physically removed the MG Mount or has the armor just been upgraded???? The MG mount is there in reality… they cant just remove it?

  9. Overall, it is neither a buff or nerf. The only problem is that now, even an IS-3 is better armoured vs. Tier 6 tanks with about 150-175mm pen guns. The angle of the LFP did NOT change between 0.8.7 and 0.8.8, itz stays 40°.

    Now let’s calculate (don’t forget the 5° normalization):

    LFP 0.8.7:
    120mm at (40+5) degree = 170mm effective armor

    LFP 0.8.8:
    100mm at (40+5) degree = 141mm effective armor

    Even with angling (Mahlzeitstellung), a KV1-S or KV-1 and their 167-175mm pen guns can hurt the Tiger II frontally. Sad, but true.

  10. Hi SS, long time reader 2nd time commenter. The two pictures you’re using for before and after have different armor values for the same color. It is currently unclear what I’m looking at. Is this in error?

  11. LFP felt kinda weak to begin with with I played the KT long time ago (early 8.x), even with angling.

    To be fair, the cupola is a red herring now (at least for lower tiers) and the machine gun weak spot is removed even though the model still shows the machine gun.

    Combined with the slightly improved gun depression the KT should be able to hide the LFP easily.

    Turret front was always 185mm, the 265 was a very tiny spot. Get the WoT tank viewer, look and click the model (8.7).

    A tiger II buff overall.

  12. Why would the bow machine gun be deleted? They could have just made it thicker, if the weak spot was a problem in terms of balance?

    I don’t really like when they mess up with tank models like that. I prefer them to look as life like as possible.

    • Its still there since entire front plate is 150mm thick red colour you just wont notice it on that picture. When i tested tiger 2 in the test server MG ball is still there.

  13. …and this just goes to show that WG will never, ever pass up an opportunity to pour more nerfs onto German tanks.

  14. The mantlet is not made thinner, its made stronger. The space armor went from top of 145mm to 185mm. The shield went from 100mm to 110mm.

    • Er, how are you getting that it’s been strengthened? I see the armour-thickness numbers on the mantlet getting lower, not higher.

      • Learn2TankViewer, far as I can tell (after comparing the models for a few minutes) the mainly meaningful part of the mantlet, which is to say the “base ring”, went from 100 to 110mm with the rest staying for all practical intents and purposes unchanged.

        Wehraboo crykids need to shut the fuck up.

  15. The word is still: ‘cupola’, not ‘copula’.

    “Copula, a type of polyphonic texture similar to organum”

  16. How is it possible that the MG port isn’t a weak spot on this ugly tank? Nazi-science?

      • Wasn’t there an article about whether the machine-gun ports were actually weakspots? afaik they weren’t weak at all when compared with the hull. But I can’t seem to find it.

  17. So we have new facehugging king of tier 8.
    Also – LFP was easy thing anyway, now, with buffed depression you can at least hide it easily so I think that as long as you don’t lose your mind and charge like an idiots it’ll be fine.

    • Facehugging king of tier 8?

      It’ll get penetrated everywhere, turret front, upper glacis, lower glacis, the sides etc.

  18. Okay, I know people are upset about the whole LFP decrease, but I gotta be honest here: Any KT driver who can’t set up with a mostly covered or angled LFP in combat is doing it wrong. You get behind a low rise or bump or something, and if that doesn’t work just angle your hull about 30 degrees for better protection. Besides, it’s not all bad. The Cupola weak spot is all but gone, the MG weak point is gone, and, I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but the upper glacis even got a buff from 140 to 150. Add that to the driving changes, and all the pluses and minuses either cancel or edge out slightly in favor of positive.