112 thoughts on “Terrible E-100 driver? Nope!

      • He still needed 10 battles to achieve that.

        Oh wait, i saw it, he was in FIRE. Those guys got into the top5 of the last stage because United alliance left them all the territories in Africa :D

            • Yeah, how about no? You, sire, just failed – i am not even polish :) It doesn’t require being able to speak polish to look at the friggin background picture, don’t you think? No, who am i kidding, you don’t think.
              Also, feel free to consider me butthurt, but i really find it unacceptable that some ppl can so blatantly abuse the game, get free and rare stuff for that and then proceed to do that again and again.
              P.S. You scared little one?

          • Competition rigging? That game was just 1 CW game where T8 tank killed the whole opposing team during the CW campaign when tank lock was disabled. CW games are not applicable to any competitions.

            So please get your facts straight before you start throwing accusations around. On the other hand your reaction shows that it worked as intended.

    • The account was most likely sold to someone else after being deliberately farmed by someone who intended to sell it. What most people don’t realise that in both the EU and US, both competitions were internally rigged by the clans playing them so they’d all get M60s. My clan benefitted from this and I know one of the US clans that got the M60, they’re in my EVE alliance.

      There are a few websites where you can sell your WoT account. The addition of an M60 added significant value to them.

      • Yeah saw an account with a M60 and 4 other tier 10s for 750€ on ebay. You might earn some by creating a fake clan that lands and gets the other CW tanks just for ebay. But I am not yet selling my M60

      • rigged ? no it wasnt, everything was done according to rules.

        If you dont like rules, write to WG, but dont blame united.

        • if you have more then one account on a server that is a violation of the Wargaming TOS and therefor not done by the rules. So it’s fair to say it was rigged.

        • Yeah, according to the rules. However those clans deliberate made sure that those signed up to the agreement were working together to make sure they got the battles required, the victory points required without harming each others efforts and simultaneously harming the efforts of those not in the agreement. The US server even had a pseudo legal document between laying out the ground rules.

  1. Yeah, I met M60 few times in randoms and maybe ONCE it didn’t die in some stupid way in the beginning of a fight. Considering it is a tank given for (theoretically) accomplishments in clan wars… well… no comments from me.

      • There are lots of high-tier medium players who have no idea how to use medium tanks even if they have otherwise great stats. I bet they have only used heavy tanks before. I’ve also seen terrible Leopard PTA drivers camping in base “sniping”, instead of trying to spot enemy or take control of map with their superior view range and mobility.

        • You bash medium tank drivers and yet you show us that you have no idea how to play a particular medium tank :) Leopard PTA can never fulfill the role you described for so many reasons, but you would have known if you ever played it. I play a lots of mediums and even my first tier 10 was a medium (M48 Fatton); I got in most mediums 1200-1300 effi, in some rare cases up to 1700, but it is only rare (e.g. PzV/M10, probably due to preferable MM); it is far from the best although I think its acceptable. For one reason, its a ridiculous shell magnet. Every time I go in a fight, almost every gun turns on me; my platoonmates laugh at moments when they got 100hp left their medium of any kind and are in proximity of enemy, in front of their guns and yet the enemy chose to turn 180 degrees and shoot at 1500h+hp Leoprd PTA (like my clanmates call it when they spot one on the battlefield). Everyone likes to take a shot at high tier paper tank with huge gun. So we got to its size and gun. The gun is… well, interesting. Its quite bad for medium because of its 10.5s reload. T54 will shoot almost twice, M47 can do the same damage in 8.5sec, etc. Speed is not so bad, but e.g. those two mentioned can easily keep up with Leo PT, so its also not its huge plus compared to other mediums. Its best role is pure sniping; go in some good, near-front position, hit someone on 450m, run back, return in a while, take a shot, run, etc. And the size; well, its quite huge for a paper tank and also its turret. While it may not be too high it is quite wide and a hit in mantlet equal penetrative hit. Also, every second hit the Leo PT takes means from 1 up to 3 modules/crew members killed, depends on place of shot. Most often rack and turret, then view port, fuel tanks. So a scout run, which would lead to great success in T54, WZ120 of even M47 means severely crippled tank with 50%hp left. Its gun in good only at long range. Think of Leo PT more like of a tier 9 Hellcat with better turn rate. Nothing more, nothing less. But definitely forget medium tank gameplay when you play Leo PT, it is so much different from Ind.Pz. that it will be like a slap in the face.

          Note: I found Ind.Pz. to be one of the best if not the best of all tier 8 medium: best gun, good speed, good mobility, acceptable armor, great rof, great accuracy, awesome pen, nice depression; the heck that beast can do it all, far exceeds the “jack of all trades” logo, it excels in almost any medium tank role you will put it in. Only minus is slightly longer aim time, but not too much to make it significant.

          • thats true so true hehe can i cope it and post for everyone who will be cryin that leo is not scouting??:P and the only difference between leo pta and leo 1 is that leo 1 is shooting faster and more accurate:P

    • I like how This_Is_Siemka let himself be so distracted by them that he himself was totally useless. 3 Trolls can be compensated for by one good player, if you either manage to ignore or get rid of them.

  2. How the hell??! No clan….that WR…..Oo… what, is this the result of some bribed employee giving a reward tank to a noob, or what?!

    • No, someone made an account, added that to his clan, and made sure it won an M60 by using diplomacy like most clans that actually managed to win M60s during the event.

      After that, just get the account out of the clan and into Ebay… and profit!

    • CW is more about quantity rather then quality, so CW rewards is hardly a sign of player skill.

      • “CW is more about quantity rather then quality”
        What an utter bullshit you just said…

        • Tell me which clan that had the lands where you DID NOT land were only good players? The good clans with good players held the landing spots…

  3. SaunaSeppos account is made purely for trolling and teamkilling. How did he get the M60? I have no idea.

  4. Just did a little research and i found out he was in clan [FIRE] , they are part of EFE and they got M60 , I think they were just selling them somehow .

    • yeah, I have met this faggot few weeks ago, 1st thing I did was to check his ex-clan, not a surprise for me when I saw FIRE, this is one of the most tarded „TOP” clans on EU server, everytime I see FIRE player in random battle I am like „for how long will he survive?”… without EFE they would reach the level of PATO

          • Lots of butthurting around these days .. people whining about FIRE, WHO-members intentionally blocking / pushing out / taking RELIC guys as living cover, another butthurt clan faking recruiting-messages from EXNOM ingame (EXNOM looking for 600+ eff, 45+% WR in some eastern european language).

            Looks like 90% of the clans in WoT are going full-retard since the campaign.

  5. And dont forget WGs standard reply to trollplatoons – MM will compensate! How the fuck can you compensate for that? So the other team maybe gets a lower tier medium tank that can still damage your teams low end but those 1-3 trollplatoons cant damage anything. I dont understand why the fuck wont they disable platooning with extreme tier differences.

    • totally agree… the battle is lost before you begin when this happens as it is an instant loss of 2 tanks!

    • The low tiers wasn’t nearly as much a problem as the tier 10 as he actively hurt his team and could do so more effectively being higher tier.

  6. Yes he was part of FIRE but as a member of EFE-X I can assure you that we did not sell M60s. We had that many VPs during the event that we made some clans win that were not part of our alliance consisting of PTS, KAZNA, EXNOM and EFE(-X) community. This is why we gave the M60 to 3 more clans we chose.

    BTW SaunaSeppo is an account used to screw up the teams. So if the teams fuck up your battles than SaunaSeppo shows up and fucks up theirs.

      • THX foe being called a cunt. I can almost smell the tears of a jealous kid that got none. We could have also kept the VPs for the goldz. That would make 300 m60s less on the server. In both cases you would have no M60 now.

    • “BTW SaunaSeppo is an account used to screw up the teams. So if the teams fuck up your battles than SaunaSeppo shows up and fucks up theirs.”

      Can someone actually explain what he means here as I find myself unable to understand what he’s saying.

      • It is simply an alt account. So if your team fucks up the battles of your main account you switch. Than SaunaSeppo arises and fukcs its teams.

        • So it’s like, I got fucked, so now, in turn, I shall fuck another team on my alt acc, because I am “SMRAT” like that? Can someone act that immature?

            • WG should ban these alt accounts. WG it is these kind of people who make your game look cheap, ugly and not worth paying a cent for. It is these type of people that drives legit customers away. These are the people who screw other players enjoyment of the game.

            • The fact that it was admitted that the account was an Alt means a violation of the Terms of Service agreement and there for you can get all accounts associated with the IP banned.

  7. personally its disgusting to give away a tank to clans only… I have waited a long long time for the M60 to come out only to see that WG gave it away with no chance for ordinary players to ever own it… its a bloody disgrace!

      • it does. Or how am I supposed to get battles in my M60 (they do show in the statistics-screen and they’re also recorded).

        What’s annoying me most is people from clans that participated during the first campaign asking ME where I got my M60 from and wether it is a new giftshop tank and how much it costs ..
        some people just dumped their brain in the trash-can i believe ..

  8. SaunaSeppo account is used by several players from EFE, FIRE etc. It’s an account some players use to relieve some of their pressure (by trolling other players). SaunaSeppo is a legendary account by now. KylpyKalle and AmShaegar are also shared accounts but not as talked about as SaunaSeppo. SaunaSeppo account was used in the Campaign in troll matches against one or two players. That’s how he got enough matches to be qualified for that M60. Is that fare, no, but try to send message to support. That particular account has been banned for 1-2 weeks several times now and after that it’s back for grabs. Wargaming doesn’t remove the account even after they are aware that it’s used by several players which is against EULA. We just have to live with these troll accounts. Wargaming doesn’t do nothing. Maybe if after SilentStalker’s post over 50 players made an ticket about those accounts, something else than a ban could maybe happen. But I doubt it.

    • SaunaSeppo account is used by several RETARDS from EFE, FIRE etc. It’s an account some players use to relieve some of their pressure (by trolling other players).

      • This type of thing happens in all servers, especially that asia server ruled by turds. Maybe even WG is behind it all. If not, then they should do something about them since it is insulting to legit players who follow that EULA and don’t give there hard earned money to WG anymore.

  9. World hunger, conflict in the Middle east that’s been going on for centuries it not more, nations torn apart by ignorance and stubbornness, clans rigging competitions so idiots get free tanks… And people wonder why I’m an atheist.

  10. WG don’t care about troll accounts at all..

    ok.. I’ll qualify that…

    Troll accounts owned by high ranking players/clans…

    As is proved by numerous reports, week after week, of the same accounts, and they are still here, being shared around, fucking over the whole playerbase…

    In the past I have sent irrefutable proof of certain players with multiple accounts, played simultaneously, and WG refuse to do anything. These accounts are still being played today, more than 6 months after the initial reports (full screenshots of admission and proof of accounts were provided to me by the individual, and these were passed on to WG after he fooked me over on something…)

    WG will never bother.. .since these additional accounts give them kudos (World Records etc), money (since all the accounts buy some gold), PR (we’re talking about them.. “there’s no such thing as bad PR”), and doing anything about them is costs time and money….

    These accounts leaving a bad taste in the mouth of a few hundred players are nothing compared to the millions of accounts/players…

    AS with almost any “controversial” part of WoT or WG….”How Terrible” is the only answer…

  11. Saunaseppo was the account in command of [FIRE] made purely for trolling. Why does he have an M60? For trolling of course….

  12. You can’t compare this to terrible E100. Terrible E100 is a BAD player. This is just an ass.

    SaunaSeppo must be a 2nd troll account. You can see from the replay how he is trying to get the team to lose by pushing artillery so that they coulnd’t aim. Bad players dont know this trick, thank god.

  13. I’ve seen 4 M60s so far and in every battle they’ve been used by crap players. M60 is the new Lowe.

    • Except Lowe’s case is justified by proud wallet warriors who only know how to use their credit cards (barely), M60 is supposed to be a prize for some kind of “achievement”, but like others mentioned before most M60s are played by retards; when it just came out I met a platoon of 3 M60s, except for one who was just slightly less crazy the others rushed to their death like drugged lemmings and they even had the balls to say “how did it happen?” or something like that.

      • All of the roughly 3500 M60 – owners lumped together and judged stupid morons by two – ah, thats right – anons.
        Would have loved to double check your qualification to do so.

  14. Well the major difference between terrible E-100 drivers and SaunaSeppo is that SaunaSeppo fails on purpose. This account has been created to loose, he Blocks, TKs… on purpose.
    As far as i know this Acc belongs to someone from EFE or EFE-X, that’s the reason he got the M60.

    If you have the luck to get him in your team, do yourself a favour and Teamkill him. INSTANT. Makes the whole thing easier for you.

  15. 11% Winrate in M60? How can you achieve that, you must be doing Sabotage on your Team – even if you are totally passive you would have like 40% – but 11% means.. you prolly must do something very bad ^^

    • Read the rest of the comments, that is the whole point of that account, to get the lowest win rate possible by intentionally screwing up your team.

  16. i c – he’s prolly always joining with these 3 Accounts (maybe he has even 3 Computers with 3 Accounts where he can team up, before enter Randoms) he makes itself a fun of it to see the ranting and cursing.. ;)

    Just theory… such Garbage must be removed from the Game.. did somebody open a Supportticket yet?

  17. Oh look an ignorant dipshit has my favorite tank and doesn’t use it properly what I would give to take his account. from that failure

  18. I’m fairly certain I have someone who has worse stats, she also tells me she is better than I am.

  19. All bow before the mighty saunaseppo! Beg for forgiveness and do sacrifices in his name and you might be saved from getting to same team. Only those loyal enough may summon his greatness on the other team to ensure total victory!

  20. I saw an M60 driver once that got 200-ish damage in a match. I was in a tier VIII and did far better than him. Sad. He also survived the longest on our team, so it wasn’t one of those things where everyone focused on him and took him out at the very beginning.

    • The whole account exists just to make you kurwas feel something like good players do feel playing with you. The experience is just the same, you don’t just notice it. Or well, you can’t really have 14 SaunaSeppos in your team…

  21. Try to understand that these people have no life, or most of them, outside videogames. And these particular people live and breathe WoT, where things like “trolling” and generally being an ass has some value. I can´t be angry with them, sometimes i feel amusement or pity, but hey -they are “living the life” here. In some strange way.

    • Yeah they eat shit, drink piss and play WoT all day and night so WG gives them free golds and everything. WoT is there only way of getting back at the real world these ass kissing weaklings. They give WoT and WG a bad name though making it look like a company of cheap low life thugs so they should kick them out, bad for their business or maybe that’s there business? well no more bread WG.

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  23. SaunaSeppo is finnish name. He joined Fire and then left, got his M60.

    I dont know why a good clan allows thism dem idiots

  24. If that acc is used by multiple persons… GG EFE community. Your sister clan FIRE is the best. Finlandia vodka!

  25. Just saw the replay where the T92 killed SaunaSeppo and his platoon, and got banned, could not stop laughing for 5 min.

    Best troll ever,

    thetheo, you not looking minimap?
    You were not even aware they were right infront of you?

  26. How you put the numbers on XMV back to those? I have it and all what I have is just a two digit number.