Ilosz WoT Magazine – 2nd Issue

Hello everyone,

for those who don’t know, Ilosz is the guy on EU forums, who makes his own (monthly I assume) WoT magazine. Its 2nd issue has some significant improvements from the 1st one, so if you want to have a look at it, you can find it online at this adress:

And no, promoting it has nothing to do with the fact there’s an interview with me! Or…. does it? :D


21 thoughts on “Ilosz WoT Magazine – 2nd Issue

    • I never contributed any content to it personally. Ilosz just asked me, whether he can use some parts of the Q&A for it and I said yes (to be honest, I said no at first, because he was really obnoxious at one point, but we sorted that out). He’s okay, just… too enthusiastic at some points.

  1. I don’t know about the magazine’s content itself yet but that flash application is damn terrible. Just give us a PDF for Christ’s sake.

  2. The “planning on expanding FTR” question made me think: Maybe you could try making a “Reports from the front” section? A place for us FTR readers to submit and read short stories, comics and memes made by other readers.

    • The problem is, with me the situation changes very quickly. This “interview” was done roughly two weeks ago I think and since then, things changed for me once again. For one,I got a bit more serious with my girlfriend, which means a bit less time for FTR.

      So, for now, I am thinking of a shoutbox somewhere there for starters. And of course a graphic redesign, the current one will not do. Something very simple, no Flash gimmicks, smaller banner.

      • Current design/layout is very good, no point to screw it by fixing. Maybe some minor changes, but overall it should stay this way.
        What you need is support – if you want to expand, because it just takes too much time to do everything by yourself.

  3. ‘When did you become an important person of the Player base?
    I don’t think I am an “important person” really’
    I have to disagree with you there SS. You are an important person and I can safely say that all of your readers and supporters think you ARE an important person.

      • Ah okay, was just curious.
        The wartime articles (bombing raid fail, waffentragers and others) were interesting, and the comic section at the end is nice for those of us who don’t keep up with the off-topic forums.

        Also the 8.8 patch summary is very useful for people who don’t read FTR every day (people on the forums still ask what will happen to 30.01H owners.)

  4. Man, that guy needs to learn about readability… Things that look awesome on paper are mostly unreadable on LCDs…
    If he stays e-way, he should change his approach. Or, even better, go blog/portal.

  5. Ilosz, do not write german with a mistake on your frontpage. Haha…

    Plural of ‘Waffentr├Ąger’ (weapon carrier) is ‘Waffentr├Ąger’ too.