97 thoughts on “Straight outta Supertest

    • It would be weird if the VIc were to be a premium as it was one of the most numerous tanks in the British inventory at the start of the war. Hiding away a tank that saw action in France, Greece/Crete and North Africa would seem weird.
      But hey, I’m surprised it was not introduced at tier I. when I asked WG about it at the time they were surprised to even be asked about this cute little thing. Turns out they had no plans for it at the time! so at least we get to see it now.

      • Type 59 and 62 were also mass produced and saw widespread service, yet they became premiums anyway.

        • But it was a different situation – at that point probably nobody really believed, that there might be a full Chinese tech tree, that’s why they added them as premiums, to earn Chinese players’ money.

          Oh, and 1 more important thing – both type 59 and 61 ARE present in the tech tree, just under different names – as WZ-120 and WZ-131 respectively.

          • Zbyszko is right, no one expected Chines tree untill it actually showed up on test server aand he’s right about both premium tanks being in tech tree under their factory desgnations instead of official inventory ones.

  1. Lol, why were the faces of the crew members hidden?))) Is someone afraid to violate their privacy?

    • The leaker will get banned very easily if they know wich guy has this exact crew list on their tank.

      • Exactly, WG got monstrous amount of data to find out who leaked these screen caps. It is really wise to cover up anything that might indicate who he is.

  2. so SS what other “mission reward” tanks are there?

    also they look so ugly I would be ashamed to own one

  3. Yay, more heavy MGs on paper boxes! :P

    …is it just me or does the T7 look like a Christie-suspension job?

  4. Hmmm. . . Interesting.This may prove useful. Maybe that’s why they did the S.Pershing, T-34/3 and 112 as they did in the 8.8CT. To see if the system worked. Well, now, we know why they did it.

  5. EU supertesters leaking stuff again. That’s why they need some more NA Supertesters…who have at least 6k battles.

  6. Im just wondering, why are the faces of the crew members blurred? Is it some super-test policy?

  7. Hopefully the T7 gets to use AP ammo instead of Ball in it’s Browning. Will definitely try and get one of these.

    And a premium Mk.VIc… this doesn’t bode well for a full Vickers light tank line.

  8. Nice to see the supertest leaks have ended now they’ve kicked out all the EU testers… oh wait!