- according to The_Chieftain, the US rebalance has been postponed from 8.9 till later
- the Object 268 supposed “nerf leak” is still circulating RU forums, so once again, it’s garbage
- Q: “Why do you troll some questions and answers others correctly, it’s not fair!” A: “Want justice? Go to Hague tribunal.”
- M6A2E1 HT underperforming in regular MM spread? “How terrible…”
- the current A-44 turret is the original project turret (SS: there were other variants too, with additional armor for example)

- the fact the MT-25 left track is shifted a bit forward compared to the right one is apparently historically correct
- SerB doesn’t like the stock Bishop too much apparently
- SerB states that apart from newly unlocked tanks having better MM for a few battles and MM dropping you on top of middle of your team after certain number of games played at the bottom, there are no special coefficients influencing whether you will end up as the top tank of your team or on the bottom
- developers are considering the implementation of two screen support for WoT
- WoT for MAC is being worked on apparently
- WoT: Blitz will work on iPad too
- WoWp and WoWs for pads? “No comment for now”
- 8.8 test will be prolonged “if needed”
- it’s possible to expect the T-44-85 to appear publicly in 8.9, but not guaranteed
- Panzer IV L/48 gun model has apparently correct length
- no gun longer than L/48 was mounted on Panzer IV in real life
- Q: “Will there be more maneuverability rebalance of other tanks?” A: “Maneuverability is not the only thing in the tank characteristics”
- SEA server was according to SerB started cca 2 years ago and it includes several countries of South East Asia, with the exception of Korea, China and Vietnam (they have their own servers).
- SerB on bringing the FV4202 to historicity: “If you ask really nicely, we’ll give it a stock 84mm gun and remove the L7, that’s not difficult to do”
- there are more than two more candidates for British tier 10, one of them is the Chieftain. Otherwise: “no comment”
- allegedly, the FV215b is a candidate for rebalance, but no details will be shared
- Storm states that the reason for Tiger rebalance was that Tiger was terribly overbuffed when it comes to maneuverability – this was fixed. With the other balance changes, it recieved a solid buff all in all. The same goes for King Tiger – it was overbuffed agility-wise. The decision to reduce their maneuverability was intentional.
- Storm on King Tiger armor changes: “The turret front remained the same. The mantlet became 20mm thinner on some places, commander’s copula was buffed from 80 to 150mm, the hatch in the rear part of the turret became 10mm thicker. The bow machinegun stopped being a weakspot (earlier 120mm, now 150mm)”
- load capacity of tracks is a balance thing, not a historical value
- the model polygon increase will apparently come all at once
- which vehicles will be buffed/nerfed in 0.8.9 will be known only when the 0.8.9 test comes live
- Storm states that the programmers, creating the WoT code practically don’t visit WoT forums, they don’t reply to player questions either
- Storm confirms that the game code is being continuously rewritter for better optimization
- the 8.8 German rebalance is not tied to Historical battles, it is tied to the general attempt to increase the game’s historicity
- the 8.8 armor simplification of some vehicles was made in order to make the game simplier for players, not as a software optimization. It was decided to do it in order to reduce the amount of confusing penetration/non-penetration situations
- no other suitable Taiwanese vehicles were found other than the premium LT

94 thoughts on “3.9.2013

  1. - SerB on bringing the FV4202 to historicity: “If you ask really nicely, we’ll give it a stock 84mm gun and remove the L7, that’s not difficult to do”

    *bring it on

    - allegedly, the FV215b is a candidate for rebalance, but no details will be shared

    *so sad

      • both of those tank also my fave, i still hope WG buff their turet armor like already written on this web :D
        and for FV, i also hope their replace it with something “amazing” :D

        • Replace the FV4202 with Chieftain Prototype and let the FV4202 become a Tier 8 premium with 20-pounder. I long for premium brittish tank so I can train my Comet and Centurions crew!

          • Actually a better idea is to stick the Vickers MBT’s as Tier 10 meds, and the Chieftain as Tier 10 heavy. Then drop the FV4202 down to where it should be, IE: Teir 8.

          • THere already is one premium medium tank in the british line that you can use for training now.. the Matilda BP

        • I’m so fed up with WG attitude against médium and britisb tanks in general. Just remove remove your stupid blueprint/prototype and give us true tank like the chieftain. The FV4202 would be a great premium med 8

  2. ” the fact left track is shifted a bit forward compared to the right one is apparently historically correct”
    Track of what? All tanks? Torsion bar tanks?

      • All torsion bar tanks except IS-7* (and T-64 but it is not in WoT, at least until Obj.430 appears) have one side road wheels shifted back compared to other side due the placement of the tracks. But since all of those have idler/drive wheel it is not noticeable. On MT-25, rear drive wheel and front idler wheel (very theoretically called idle and drive wheel, there is no real idler wheels since all wheels are powered) are sprung on torsion bars also, so those are moved somewhat also.

        *This ones had telescoped torsion bars with length of half half hull width so it was possible to have perfectly symmetrical suspension for whatever it was worth.

  3. - WoT for MAC is being worked on apparently.
    Why waste money on this….

    “Hi, I’m MAC.”
    “And I’m PC.”
    “What you doing, PC?”
    “Playing games.”
    “Which ones?”
    “You know…..all of them.”

        • Buys mac; installs windows.

          So people cannot just go buy a regular(and not overpriced) pc?

          • Guess what, I use the mac for work, and I get it done a gazillion times faster and more efficient than on a pc. And all the time I save at work can go into gaming. So why should I get myself a windows turd when this works better for me than any pc would.

        • My brother used exctly that setup for a few years. He found it an all-around pain in the ass (updating assorted drivers proved to be particularly tedious) not to mention overpriced for the hardware specs, and some time ago went and bought himself a proper PC instead.

          The experience left him deeply skeptical of Apple.

    • ““SerB doesn’t like the stock Bishop too much apparently”

      How terrible..”

      How terrible…

    • Its not much better upgraded.

      304 is only better as it has speed and gun rotation. Other than that it has the worst gun/damage in its tier.

      • I’d be bloody surprised if he liked the stock Bishop. Let’s see, what does it have? HP like a tier 5 TD and decent frontal armor…okay that’s a plus. Exactly the same gun which was already bad on the Birch Gun at tier 4. Uh oh. It’s slow as shit and the first engine upgrade actually decreases horsepower. Uh oh. 480m range. 4 degrees gun traverse. 0 gun depression. Negligible gun elevation. The shells are flying completely flat due to bad gun elevation = can’t fire unless it’s pointing straight at the target. Forget about shooting over any hills whatsoever. Verdict: it’s a really bad, really slow TD with a weaker derp gun than the Stug, and it doesn’t get a sniper view.

        If you upgrade it though, it becomes amazing. The gun elevation becomes astonishing and the gun is comparable to the AMX 13 105 AM in damage (though not pen). It lobs the shells so high that the aiming circle is almost completely round (no huge ellipses when shooting on flat ground) and due to the short range of the gun it’s absolutely tiny. If you give it time to aim it can hit the target 95% of the time (assuming it doesn’t move). Reloads faster than the KV-1S or IS. The only downside is the range, the shell travel time (caused by how high the shell goes), bad gun traverse and bad mobility.

        Haven’t played the FV304 but from what I know, gun traverse will be great, and mobility likewise, leaving the shell travel time and range as the only downsides. The damage will be weedy but if the accuracy is just as good as with the Bishop, the low damage is compensated for by guaranteed hits.

        Which sadly leads me to believe that despite SerB’s dislike for the Bishop, they won’t buff it any time soon :(

  4. Would it be to much if the Black Prince gained the Centurion turret as its second? It currently has no turret/gun upgrades and was a upgrade considered in RL.

    • Well the BP already owns everything if its a tier 7 battle, i know i did with it, and that was before the arty rebalance. If u give it a new turret and a stronger gun, this tank would be the most OP tank in the game…

      • Black Prince might be good in tier 7 battles, but in tier 8 and 9 games it is completely useless. Somehow allowing it to mount a gun with respectable penetration would fix that.

      • The Black Prince is limited do to speed and depression. Any smart tanker in any other tier 7 will have no issues putting it down. And with the addition of prem rounds for credits any average player can do the same.

        • Yeah, the only really advantages a Black Prince has on its piers is frontal armor and RoF, which really don’t help considering a Tiger with a dead driver, damaged tracks, and blown out engine can still outmaneuver it. I mean, I like rapid fire guns like the 17-pounder, and I like the gun for historical reasons, but whenever I see an IS (and it is ALWAYS an IS) too afraid to face a Black Prince head on I can’t help but facepalm.

    • If you ask me, top turret on BP is better absorb damage than centurion turret.
      Centurion turret may look better but have a lot of weak spot.

      • Thats true. The BP gun mantlet is awesome. Cant forget when i fought in a tier 7 battle, Siegfried line encounter, me alone against a Hellcat, IS, Tiger P and Jagdpanther…with 15 % life :) Got 3 of them down :D Loved the tank :)

  5. “- the fact left track is shifted a bit forward compared to the right one is apparently historically correct”

    Is this on the A-44 ?

  6. - SerB doesn’t like the stock Bishop too much apparently

    Bishop = the UK equilivant of the two GW-Tiger artilleries – slow, ungainly, crap gun traverse, slowish aim time. A *real* joy… /sarcasm

    • Wut? How can you be comparing an accurate, fast-firing, close range support artillery with a weedy gun to the most powerful, least accurate and slowest reloading guns of anything tier 8 and 9? Fail to see the parallel there.

      Also upgraded Bishop has laser-laser like accuracy and a RoF that allows you to keep a KV-1S or a T1 Heavy permanently tracked as long as he doesn’t have a decent repair skill. It reloads faster than an IS. Plus it lobs shells so high that you can be parked right behind a rock and still shoot at targets behind a hill where no other arty could hit them. If you ask me the upgraded Bishop is way better than the Birch Gun. Turret or no turret and whatever the numbers may say about the gun’s accuracy, I fired off about 8-9 shots at a stationary BDR-G1B, fully aimed at about 300m and only one of them actually hit the target (for whopping 20 dmg). Unlike the Birch Gun, the Bishop at least actually shoots at the centre of the aiming circle.

    • Take the VK3601, before 8.8 it had a complex armor scheme, having numberous amount of weakspots that really arent (driver viewport anyone?) and having numberous weakspots aswell (such as any of these hatches that have less armor)

      In 8.8 the armor scheme was greatly simplified, now there is 100mm frontal hull armor everywhere, 60mm side armor everywhere (except for these engine skirts, thats another story, but this is very visble)

      In the Tiger II, the machine gun weak spot has been removed too, which as result, simplifies the Tiger II hull.

      • Yeah, the driver viewport used to bounce 175mm pens(trolololo).

        Vk3601 nerfed to the ground…or not(depression increase?).

      • Fuck it, man. That driver’s viewport was what made VK 36 great, because semi-noob thought it was a weakspot and shot it. Pretty much the same with Tiger, what looks like a weakspot, isn’t one. Now they will both have flat 100mm front, which might be enough for tier 6, but Tiger will suffer.

  7. I don’t get the FV4202 gets the 84mm point, the L7 was designed to fit in the same mountings as the 84mm they are interchangable, same mounting same recoil length.

      • It would have had several guns, some sources such as ‘Chieftain’ by Rob Griffith suggest at some point it had a 76mm gun using the liquid propellant system.

        • Must’ve worked really well given that the tech is pretty far off the esoteric bleeding edge even today.

  8. I can see only one thing they forgot with the Tiger tank, from all data I can locate, the front turret armour was 120mm thick, not 100mm (that’s not including the mantlet, which had varying thicknesses). They have it correct on the Tiger P strangely (which uses an earlier model of the Tiger’s turret) but not with the Tiger.

      • Not from what I’ve read, the mantlet had 80-60mm of thickness (the thickness is different at different parts of the mantlet with 120mm of armour behind it) meaning some parts of the turret had as much as 200mm of effective armour protection.

      • Yeah, but it ain’t working properly….
        I think those guys can’t even port the game to mac, I mean they cant even implement multithreding in the engine.

        • Are you telling me I’ve been imagining playing WoT for the last year?

          Just get Play-on-Linux and use the premade install script for WoT. Works a charm.

          Of course you have to have your installation set up for gaming, e.g. switch to proper display drivers. Nouveau just won’t cut it.

          • Yeah, i know… But it’s just not working properly for me… has bunch of lags and glitches… :(
            Thouh i should probably buy a new cpu… it’s some old shittie amd phenom II.

    • I would guess that Linux users aren’t really known for spending lots of money foolishly yet the Rotten apple Culters are. ;)

  9. - Panzer IV L/48 gun model has apparently correct length

    So why is the Hydro’s gun longer?

    • Because hydro one is the correct one. They just fucked up 75L48. One patch it was longer with pz3/4 and then they made smaller again

  10. - developers are considering the implementation of two screen support for WoT

    That would be nice … map and stats on the secondary screen.

  11. THough this is a slightly off topic question I need to ask and dont know ho wto locate the answer. A few months ago you posted statistics on how many users are registered per server and the money each server made (Server being NA, Eu, Sea, Ru, etc.
    How would I go about finding it on FTR and in the great mysterious webs of inters?

  12. - SerB doesn’t like the stock Bishop too much apparently

    nice. feel the pain SerB
    feel the pain

  13. If the FV4202 is “rebalanced” and moved to Tier 8 it should be in a second Medium tank line. Not as a premium. I’m tired of all these jakeholes say “go goody another tier 8 premium is coming!” Two new Chinese tier 8s are coming. There will likely be a Japanese Tier 8…as soon as 8.9. There are already enough Tier 8s and I’m sure a few more will be added. But what the Brits really need is an additional Heavy and Medium (a Turret TD and a true Light) line. I have NO LOVE for Tier 8 premiums. I’m so sick and tired of getting stuck in some battle with a clueless Tier 8 with less then 500 battles under their belt.


    • They don’t need additional branches right now.
      They got both TD and Arty branches at only 1 patch distance.
      Look at the french for example.They haven’t received any new tanks since tier 10 medium/td-es were added with the exception of the FCM and 2 arties that no-one cares of.
      Also the chinese need some new tank types.

  14. They really are annoying with all the historicity bs. Umm yea we’ll just chage completely half of the Kraut branch for the sake of historically accuracy. I can’t believe they actually called Tiger overbuffed. What the actual fuck? Yes it was really agile for a heavy tank but that was to compensate all the other shitty aspects of the tank.
    And that postopning the USA rebalance after the 8.9 is nothing more than a lame excuse to leave those OP tanks for a bit longer because people are still grinding them massively and spending gold to convert exp for them which make them fine profit. When they make enough cash then they will nerf them to hell. It was always like that with WG. Greedy bastards.

  15. What they mean by FV215b rebalance ? Nerf or buff ? I like it the way it is now, i actually love it. I hope they dont ruin it as its not really overperforming. Also, if they replace FV4202 with the Chieftain i would love to grind the medium like as i have lots of modules already unlocked from the heavy line.

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  17. “Storm confirms that the game code is being continuously rewritter for better optimization”
    yet they don’t want to change to a better game engine and multicore support will only be aplied to client side physics, but it’s still normal for them to keep “updating” the game code to make the game better

    • Lol what? Change to a better game engine? As in rewrite the entire game from scratch for your viewing pleasure? What in the blue hell would compell them to do that?