Active EU Missions – 4.9.2013

Hello everyone,

here are the active EU missions for today.

The Way to Glory – win 15 victories, get 250k credits once per day
Learning by Doing – be one of the top 3 XP earners in your team (no matther whether you win or lose), get 20 percent more crew XP
Know your Trade – earn 50k XP per day, get 1 day of premium account (once per day)

Small but Deadly
– kill 30 enemies with your tier 4+ light tank from 3rd to 7th September, get 1x ventilation and 10 gold repair kits, can be done only once per account
Featherweight for Victory! – win 10 battles with your tier 4+ light tank (you can use more light tanks to fulfill the criteria, it adds up), get 50k credits – once per day

Seeing the summer – win any battle on a summer map (maps that use summer camo), get 10 percent credit and XP income bonus
Hard to learn, easy to fight – win and survive a battle, earn x3 crew XP, doable only on tier 1-4 tanks

Also, don’t forget the buy the consumables, they are on discount!

10 thoughts on “Active EU Missions – 4.9.2013

    • If we take it like that you had love long before when EU server was the only one not getting missions or if they got they were very shitty.

  1. You people should check the missions on asia server…
    x2 exp if you are in top 3 by damage
    x2 exp if you are in top 3 by spotting damage.

    These 2 missions are x2 better than what we got….

  2. Hey SS, sorry for the offtopic, but do you know why “private miros” got banned from the forums? I didnt follow anything too much of him, but i do know he was pretty active on the forums :P

    • Because he said something like :”I’m mad at myself for being so fucking bad lately” Because of the word “fucking” he didn’t even insulted anyone….

      But hey…i also got my permanent forum ban for a dumb reason…and honestly, i’m happier without the WoT forums