Locust competition

Hello everyone,

as I mentioned on FTR FB before, I have three Gamescom codes for the tier 3 M22 Locust premium light tank sitting here, thanks to two wonderful FTR readers: Hohlladung and “The Spanish Noob“, who didn’t want to be named :)

The codes are all from the same series, so they are pretty much guaranteed to work. Locust itself is a really funny tank, I love it myself :)

So, here’s what’s going to happen: we’re going to have a small competition for these three codes.


It’s really simple.

Who can participate: EU server players, who don’t have the M22 Locust in their garage and never recieved it before. If you had it and sold it, the code will NOT work. You can’t sell your old Locust and get another one, as you can redeem this kind of code only once.

This competition will start by publishing this post and will end on 5th of September, 23:59 CEST. The only goal is to answer the questions posted correctly – you will send your answers to the following e-mail:

In the e-mail subject, you put your WG EU nickname (and nothing else), write the answers in the mail body. Each nickname can submit only one e-mail with answers.

After the competition is over, I will sort all the correct answers. After that, I will assign each e-mail, containing the correct answers a number and I will use online random number generator to pick three players from those, who answered correctly. That way, even those who don’t have time to sit at the computer have a chance. When the winners are declared, I will mail them their code, using the e-mail they submitted the answers with.

Beware: the competition is NOT too easy. If you find your answer within seconds on google, it’s probably wrong. You have time, so think your answers thru.


Today, the questions will be about…. German tanks :)

Question 1: typically, medium to heavy guns were carried by four platforms: a Sturmgeschütz, a Sturmpanzer, a Selbstfahrlafette and a Waffenträger. Describe the differences between the four.

Question 2: What was the most penetrating gun ever considered for the Jagdpanzer 38(t), when was it and what was the main drawback of such a solution (there were several, but one is enough)?

Question 3: When we talk about German vehicles, there are two very blatant cases, where people refer to vehicles with a name, that was never used by German troops. Both cases are very well known and widely used. Write both cases and write their historical real designations too (In other words: there are two very well known vehicles, that were referred to differently by Germans than they are today)

Question 4: Which of these chassis was never fitted (or proposed to be fitted) with a flamethrower? Jagdpanzer 38t, Panzer II, Panzer III, Char B2, Maus?

Question 5: Before the 380mm naval rocket mortar was selected for the Sturmmörser Tiger, it was supposed to be equipped with a different weapon to compete with another design by Krupp. What was this weapon (class and caliber suffices) and what was the name of the competing project (that came earlier than the Sturmtiger proposal)?

33 thoughts on “Locust competition

    • Lulz m8 chill out, SS and other generous people are giving out M22 Locust 4 free and you are bitching about like they’ve made you to buy one. Please go away, and never comeback

  1. Only EU players? Ok. One more question, what kind of special code is it that recognize the vehicle ownership history?

  2. What if you’ve bought Locust with Gold back in the days, and now use the code. Will you get Gold or just “doesn’t work” message?

  3. i was on gamescom and have a couple of codes. But i think the fight for it was harder than any competition here ;)

  4. Wow, so much effor for 1SMS. The tank itself is kinda rubbish too, but the questions are way too hard for the reward.

  5. While I’m too lazy to enter this competition, I want to give a big kudos to SS for not taking the easy way out and just randomly distribute the codes to the quickest winners who can name one German medium tank or something like this.

    Going through the replies will probably take some time, and I also like that you won’t just take the first received correct reply and give the prize.