This is how you deal with supertest leaks…. :)


Evilly, Russian community chief:

“Greetings! There are a lot of leaks, sometimes pictures from supertest found on the internet. In order not to bother anyone with finding the info, with a few hours, I will show you the whole German TD branch and will answer questions. And now, you have to suffer the wait :)”

The info will come “no sooner than 18:00 Minsk time” (+3GMT)

Obviously, these pictures will appear on FTR as soon as they are out, along with translated evilly’s answers…

52 thoughts on “This is how you deal with supertest leaks…. :)

  1. Those will definitely be tasty arty snacks.. but if those get their chance it looks to me like they could do so much f. damage xD

    The first association that came to my mind when I saw tier IX was ELC xD

    Maybe it won’t be that fast but still.. it will probably be faster than most of the other German tanks :P

  2. Now that’s nice. On the other hand, when they noticed (a lot) leaks from EU they shut down EU supertest. But when russians leak stuff they don’t do anything, only confirm that leak :-(

  3. EU is giving leaks – gets banned
    RU is giving leaks – “We will show you new German TD branch!”

  4. Well, it’s a good start…. Let’s hope that they will keep being so open with the future updates.

    It’s not like they lose anything by doing this…in fact they will just create some hype which is good for a game like WoT….

    • They dont like opening this things up because if anything they promised ends up being changed/scrapped/delayed it’s gonna cause a big shitstorm.

    • It’s a pretty cliché pattern really.
      Stage 1: crack down on leaks, swing banhammer in wide arc.
      Stage 2: keep tilting at windmills trying to stop the leaks.
      Stage 3: realise futility.
      Stage 4: turn necessity into virtue and jump on the bandwagon.
      Stage 5: ????
      Stage 6: profit!

      File the serial numbers off and the same thing has been repeated God only knows how many times in different contexts.

  5. lol, leaks show up after EU super testers join ban m all.
    shitload of leaks after they got banned, make official post with info… epic.

    anyway info on new german line is good in my book don’t care were it comes from as long as i get it :D

  6. y’know I would say RU supertesters ARE NOT leaking anything. I think WG are showing these to gain publicity and more players.

    this is only a thought so don’t go fucking around with my comment

  7. I don’t understand what’s with all the fuss around some german TDs? Especially, ones with no armor and open top. When that patch comes out, I think I’ll play my arty again.

    Yeah, I understand that those tanks have been announced 2 years ago but come on… I don’t find them so interesting. What? Powerful guns you say? What will it matter if you fire once and then you die? Let’s say you deal 1500 damage with that one shot… so what. It’s not like you can one shot tanks above tier 8. Not to mention that those things seem to be huge and will receive bad camo factor, no doubt.

    To be honest, I like it this way. Another branch that’s of no interest to me means I can focus on my other branches. So yeah, bring the german TDs but stop fapping over them ffs!

  8. so the moral of this story is… keep leaking from supertest? just don’t get caught and edit your image, SS talked about this