Straight Outta Supertest

So, you wanted more leaks? Alright, why not :)


Tier 4 – Marder 38T



Tier 6 – Nashorn (with 88mm L/71)



Tier 7 – Sturer Emil (has 128mm Kanone 40)




Tier 8 – Rheinmetall Waffenträger (15 cm Pak L/29.5)




By the way, wanna hear a funny thing? The tier 8 vehicle was (according to “some sources”) found (noticed) on FTR in this article.

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      • I dropped a tear of joy when I saw that tier 8 :) If it will have at least a reasonable engine, it will “replace” my JgPII :)

      • Normally, I hate German tanks. I think they are uninspired, dysfunctional boxes. To back this up, I drive almost entirely American tanks.

        However, even I can agree that these are very good lookin’ TD’s. I will look forward to seeing them in-game.

        • “Normally, I hate German tanks. I think they are uninspired, dysfunctional boxes. To back this up, I drive almost entirely American tanks.”

          Cant stand ur dumbness, please stay at ur dysfunctional like tommy/yankee cooker sherman, toiletpaper thin tank hellcat, squared rolling boxes like Stuart and all the other alliied utter shit which was spammed in masses against real tanks.

          P.S. Yeah some of them look nice but compared to real life they will be not that good like in RL.

          • What is the definition of a ‘real’ tank?

            Certainly many tanks here are ‘real’ in the sense that they were at least on paper. Many went into prototype stages. And many went into production.

            Many had their own design needs, and tried to balance out mobility, armor, and firepower as was needed by the instruction of the designers, generals, and politicians of its nation and time era. It was hampered by the technological advances of the time, the operational doctrine it idealistically found itself in and the stark reality of combat from which the tank’s reputation would emerge.

            So tell me. What is a ‘real’ tank?

    • Now this is a tree i was waiting for, especially the Sturer Emil and the tanks after that.

    • Seriously?

      Thats nothing, compare it with ISU-152 BL-10 286/329/90 mm pen
      this thing has 15 cm Pak L/29.5, for comparison E100 gun 15 cm KwK 44 L/38 235/334/85 mm pen

      Ok, we can hope it will have other stats good, like accuracy and DPM, gun angles, only time will show. hopefully it will be so.

        • Don’t know about the tier 8 mirracle but I am quite really sure that these tanks: Tier 4 – Marder 38T; Tier 6 – Nashorn; Tier 7 – Sturer Emil; Tier 7 – Sturer Emil, (while being waffentragers?) don’t have turrets. So if those tanks do count as wafentragers then your statement that _wafentragers_ (in general) have turrets is incorrect.

          • No, “Waffenträger” were planed as turreted, fast and easy to produce infantry support-anti tank vehicles, so everything up to tier 8 is not a “Waffenträger”, but a “Selbstfahrlafette” or a “Panzerjäger” :)

            • In that case thanks for correction, its just that in many cases this has been called Waffenträger line, so I was not sure if those were not (because the same way square is rhombus, but not every rhombus is square).

    • lololol 15,2cm gun on tier 8 ISU, on tier 7 Su-152 even on tier 6 KV-2, rofl umad ivan?!

      The Assaultgun branch is long overdue to compensate this madness, its time for low level siG chassis, Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär and Sturmtiger.

      For the brits the Churchill AVRE would fit.

    • yeah i hope they keep their promises and it will have 12,8 l61 autoloader and optional 15 cm autoloader…

    • am i alone in thinking that WG are kinda hamstringing themselves by forcing each line to end at tier 10, especially when they do it by adding made up or blueprint tanks

      not every line _needs to go all the way to tier 10, WoT doesn’t have an endgame as such, its not like WoW where you need a level 85 (or whatever the hell the cap is now) to compete. for example existing german TD line could end at JT without much of value being lost, JpzE100 is a novelty tank at best and a rarity these days

      the current tech tree model they use can only go so far, its gonna run out of steam….they could implement tier 11,12 etc and introduce more cold war tanks, instead of pulling further lines of made up shit out of their arses (not the german TD tree, in general i mean :P)

        • That and having smooth-bore tanks with probably reactive armor is totally fair to WW2 and tanks without reactive armor is totally fair? If you want that feeling, run a T1 Cunningham against any tier 7-8 tank, see how well not being able to pen shit-all goes….

          • because fighting an IS7 in VK4501A is ok :) I have no idea why is everybody shitting their pants when they hear reactive armor and smoothbore guns; like if we had to jump straight from T110E5 to M1A2 … there could be tiers in between to make it doable; the easy way perhaps throwing some proto shit at tier 11 and at tier 12 i could imagine fighting an early version of T72; et cetera; you know, tanks like this are not undefeatable

            • exactly, a tiger 2 fighting a T62 is just as retarded…there are decades of more traditional tanks before the advent of todays MBT, korea, vietnam era vehicles etc.

              try as WG might, they can’t cram everything into ten tiers and still prolong the game.

            • Bad example, given that the IS-7 and 45.01 date to the approximately same time period. And dumb one, given that you run into the nasty buggers with sundry T8 meds too.

          • “Bad example, given that the IS-7 and 45.01 date to the approximately same time period. And dumb one, given that you run into the nasty buggers with sundry T8 meds too.”

            not really, 45.02 = early forties, 1942 i believe, IS-7 was 1948 ish, according to the dates on the Wot wiki

            i believe a little thing called losing WW2 might have impeded german tank design after 1945, so a ww2 tank is worlds away from a post war vehicle, in all honestly :P

            • Essentially same technology base so nope. There’s nothing in the IS-7 which wasn’t as such possible to also do in ’42.
              One fundamental problem with your comparision is that you’re trying to compare what was essentially a failed and duly abandoned prototype with one that actually met its lofty requirements but was ditched on grounds of prohibitive cost…

              And ofc that selfsame ’48 vintage IS-7 (and the ’44 vintage T-44 from T8, says “hi”) also merrily runs into scary-ass Cold War stalwarts like M103s and Conquerors which AFAIK *did* start including qualitatively superior technology, so whatever really.

          • I was able to Dmg an AMX 50 100 with my T2 Light Tank yesterday in a champion TC, 2 points left so I became the 12th player. One of the best trolls of the evening and detracking an Panther II and arty kill.

  1. Oh shit, dem European leaks again.

    Seriously can we stop beeing retarded and reopen EU superbetatest

  2. Tier 9 looks sweet, Tier 6 is a TD mode Hummel, and tier 7 looks a bit oversized for my taste. Can’t wait for the Tier 10 to be unveiled.

  3. Seriously, why all these ugly… things. I can’t even call them tanks or tank destroyers. There are many other designs that would look awesome, but nooo WG has to ruin this 2nd TD line.

    Something that could have been so awesome, will be ruined.. Regardless of their maybe awesome firepower, they are ugly as hell.

    • Dafuq? Those are awesome looking tds. I really like their designs (Except for the tier 5 “Schuhkarton”. )

    • Dude, we can’t do anything against the fact that you are jealous because these TDs look million times better than you…

      • I should have been more clear indeed.

        Of course, the Marder, Nashorn and Sturer Emil as fkn epic looking vehicles. But I was talking about the others.

        This tier VIII.. thing, the tier IX Pz IV of doom, the tier V box of doom.. I mean honestly, there are so much other Assault guns or TD’s that they could have picked instead of these.. things.

        Their biggest mistake was to take the Dicker Max out of the initial 2nd TD line concept and made it premium..

        Think about it, how it could have been:

        Marder I (III)
        Marder III Ausf. H (IV)
        Marder III Ausf. M (V) (could also be any StuG IV variant, maybe the ‘Zwischenlösung’ variant)
        Nashorn (VI)
        Dicker Max (VII)
        Sturer Emil (VIII)
        Scorpion (Waffenträger Panther, as far as it apparently is real) (IX)
        Jagdpanzer E 75 (as far as it apparently is real, still looks fkn awesome and beasty) (X)

        Initially, this was sort of the plan, except for the top tiers I wrote on IX and X..

        • Marder III has no business in T5. Dicker Max is already a premium tank. Scorpion is as obscure as the current candidates . JPz E75 borders on fantasy and does not fit the glass cannon category.

          • I agree on the Marder III not fitting tier V that good. Still that Pz IV of doom at tier IX is completely retarded, same goes for the Sfl.IVc, which is so stupid as it cannot be correctly deployed like it should (same goes for the GW Panther flaps but it looks still kinda OK this way), it looks absolutely retarded.

            Of course the Dicker Max is a premium, but that was the initial concept, it was to be part of the 2nd TD line, and that made a lot of sense.

            • If you had not realized by now the germans took old used chassis and put them to use. If the tank and turret was a loss in combat it would be rebuilt as a TD because it was a hell of a lot cheaper and faster to get a BIG gun into combat FAST. There were a lot of Pz III ans IV built so it makes sense that a lot would be used in the TD roll. (same with 38T). That said they were taking all of the panther and tiger chassis that were toasted in combat and either rebuilding them as tanks or TDs. But apart from a few concepts (really odd things) and a handful of protos there were no real TDs in the sense of what the line here is trying to embody. Having the Pz IV at Tier 10 is fine because everything will penn it anyways.

        • We dont need annother Jagdpanzer E bullshit, this will be just a little faster Jagdpanzer E-100 with a little smaller gun.

  4. That t8 one looks interesting. Might not have that good mobillity but the looks kill by themselves

  5. It seems like a new branch of German TD :
    Nahkampfkanone NK1
    Jagdpanzer G13
    Nahkampfkanone 2
    Leichter Panzer 51
    Kanonenjagdpanzer MOWAG – prototype
    Jagdpanzer Gepard
    Jagdpanzer Taifun

  6. For me this branch looks wery mutch like the Dicker max, good gun, good gun depresjon good cammo, wraped in slow paper chassies. Big gun on tier 8, but the rof must be low or the dpm will be insane.

    • The Dmax was supposed to be a part of this line so the similar looks shouldn’t be a surprise.

      • I’m pretty sure it will be inferior to ISU-152. If by some accident it won’t be, I’m definitely getting it.

        • the gun on the t8 will be basically the hummel gun – 750 damage, 185 penetration with AP and who knows how much with HEAT… so unless it has insane dpm/camo/soft stats, it will be pretty bad without spamming premium ammo. Hope it gets the jagdtiger gun or at least significantly improved 128 l55 (better rof/aimtime/accuracy than on ferdi/jgpz2)

  7. T 8 should have window on side to put your elbow out and drive it thru your neighborhood with music on full ;)

    Real badass look

  8. the Rheinmetall Waffenträger only have 20mm of frontal armor ? damn that thing is a high explosive and arty magnet

      • The whole line will for now on be the definition of ‘glass cannons’ in WoT.

        Prepare to see some ridiculous DMG and DPM as well here :D

        • I would prepare if they are supposed to have red star on them….experience from the past is giving me right to expect shitty dmg and dpm…afterall they are zee evil Kraut tankz who killed SerB’s ancestors

    • Yes, the problem with those 20 millimeters of armor is that even a 75mm gun overmatches it, so despite awesome ding-looking armor, it will NOT bounce anything ever. Even funny little things with 57mm guns won’t have trouble penning it at any angle.

  9. That Tier 5 is a bid of a letdown, others look awesome, and then from tier 8 onward they look…. wierd again.

    gona play this line to death, that’s for sure.

  10. These are looking great and, finally, something significantly new for the Germans. The guns will be great…but hide well and find good cover…

  11. So far only the T8 is good looking IMO. Hoping the T10 is pretty or the whole line is dead to me.

    • Hard to tell from the pic, but I think the shield seems to be attached to the pedestal and could thus presumably rotate with the gun. Plus the slit doesn’t seem to be large enough to allow for much any lateral traverse by itself and it lacks the separate mantlet you generally see on fixed-superstructure jobs.

  12. Guys look at the gun of tier 8… 15cm L29 Fucking E100 has 15cm L38 and we all know how “good” this gun is
    Tier 9 will have L38 E100 gun so expect yet another tank that requires premiumammo to be effective.
    I will wait until i know what the new tier 10 is gonna be like but im not expecting any miracles anymore

    • Hope it has a better velocity as my JPE-100, I even bounced a gold round on a T-50-2 with that. I had at least tipped over that tiny tank or I’d had been moved 50 m away. Non pen are a pain in the as when u have to suffer a reload of 22 sec.

  13. Is there a tank tree yet for this, like where will it start from as i’d consider going back and loading up some free XP if we know where it’s starting from?

  14. Is the 15 cm Pak L/29.5 supposed to be the top gun for the Rheinmetall Waffenträger, r can we expect the 12,8/L61 form the Jagdtiger?

    I think that the 15 cm Pak L/29.5 would be a quite bad choice, since it will probably have a very bad penetration value.

  15. So the waffentrager panther/tiger are gone and we have a full branch of glass-cannons.
    Nice, can’t wait for the tier 10.

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  17. How large is the Rheinmetall Waffenträger? Also Silentstalker, do you know how fast that thing is?

    Maybe it’s the TD version of the ELC at tier 8.

    • Well, it’s using a 38t Suspension system. The 38t used four wheels per side, so I guess add half a 38t length to it

      just from eyeballing it, I’d guess around as long as a Panther, about as wide, and a bit shorter

  18. Sturer Emil is a keeper for me, even if all other wehicles will be crap. oh gawd im so excited

  19. Tier VIII looks like a fully rotatable gun to me. If you look closely you can see the separation of the plates around the gun and the hull.