81 thoughts on “8.8 going live on…

  1. Don’t forget that this weekend, there is a 30% discount for Tier VI medium tanks. Thus tomorrow, buy a VK 30.01 (H) tank in order to get a VK 30.02 (M) for free when 0.8.8 hits the live-servers.

  2. I can’t wait, this must be the best update ever.
    First of all the Stalin decals are reinstated, they should never have been removed, now they rectified it by reintroduced them, awesome.
    National crew voices will fianlly be implemented, just as the Stalin inscriptions this will add historical accuracy, realism and thus more enjoyment to the game, great.
    In game interface and description for missions, nice
    Improved statistics display, very nice.
    The best performing individuals will no matter what team chance happen to put them in, will be rewarded, excellent.
    The tank with fastest speed will be fined in case of collision, great sometimes I get the feeling light tanks farm credits of heavy tanks in their team by raming intentionally.
    The chinese 112 premium tier VIII heavy tank will appear this tank is awesome.

          • I’m glad to see that you actually need to try and memorize something that has been heard every year on the news on the same date. You go little amphibious animal, and maybe, one day, you might be able to actually stand up and not be tied to small-to-medium bodies of water.

            • I’m not american, you know? Nor do I really care that much about that date. But the fact of the matter is that I heard of it.

    • No, its better to release a patch on the date USA started bombing Serbia.

      Can you remember THAT date?

          • ok…I am an american…I regret that not all of us are respectful and I am of the firm belief that we should not be sticking our noses into others business…and I believe the date you are looking for is March 24th of 1999?…As afore mentioned I apologize that not all of us are respectful but I do ask that some decency be shown to the dead and that is of any nation, culture, religion, sexuality or anything else…respect the dead.

            • +1 one for you. I too share the opinion that dead should be respected no matter what, but I have to say I do understand the anger he feels about remembering more events with not as much victims as in those events which are being forgotten.

  3. Lucky EU would get a discount on tier VI medium tanks just before the patch, wish US server would do the same. Not sure why weekend specials are different between servers, apart from region specific special celebration days, seems like it would be simpler and easier to have it all the same.

    • Well, US server is getting 50% off TOG II and AT-15A. It’s always something ;)

      By the way, I guess it’s been a long time since I last saw a Tier 7 premium with 50% discount!!

      • 2 months ago Panther M10 :D
        well, its been a mistake, Shitstorm brought the discount back :D

  4. does anyone know that in order to get 25k free expirience in return for that engine what e50 and e75 will lost, do we need to have it only researched, or bought on one or both vehicles?

  5. Best things about this patch:
    Komarin + Swamp + Tundra (that doesnt even look like tundra).
    New UI for Service Record.
    +Free garage slot.
    Buff for Tiger, E-75, E-50/50M.

    Neutral things:
    Nobody cares about russian mediums.
    Nobody cares about new premiums – they still in gift shop.

    Bad things:
    JT, KT and most of all, Panther 2 nerf :(

        • Speaking of that, some1 needs to nerf KV5 ass, his engine plate, so KV5 drivers wont drive him backwards to hide r2d2 anymore

          • ORLY?

            Do you realize how hard it is to drive a kv-5 successfully? lol.

            Most of the time when I try that tactic I get penned anyway. so it really doesn’t need nerf.

            NOT ONLY THAT. but I get penning premium shells into the front of my gun mantle all the time in kv-5- when I hardly ever use gold. because some people try to be fair.
            It’s also more challenging having less pen. and I relish the challenge.

            The only real advantage the kv-5 has is it’s weight and armor. please don’t even think it’s funny to suggest a rear armor nerf. The super pershing getting nerfed to unuasability was bad enough.

            I don’t need my rare-ish tank getting nerfed too lol.

        • Right now I need to hide my butt every time it’s getting tough. If my ass will be nerfed like that, I’ll drive my ass toward enemies like KV-5 drivers do!

    • Worst thing, konisch damage nerf. Now it’s just an improved L/70 like on EVERY GERMAN TANK.

    • Hiya Woras,
      I also do wonder why u consider KT and P2 nerfed?
      KT seems to profit from more speed and less weakspots. So why do you think it gets nerfed?
      P2 I have sadly not much info about, but I do welcome the correct gun depression, hope they did remove the incrorrect mg shield weakspot as well, and think it will profit from decreased ground resistance and increased turn rate.

  6. That’s pretty fast IMHO.

    That means my SuperPershing will be sold next week. I have 2 realistic successor candidates:
    T34 American Heavy or the Jagdtiger 8.8 tank destroyer.

    I’m currently developing both the American heavy line (T32) and the German TD line (Jagdtiger). I’m not enthousiastic about the Jagdpanzer E-100, but then there IS that second Geramn TD line which will be coming in 8.9…. which tier 8 premium to get? Dilemma, dilemma…

    • T34 sees a lot of T9-T10 battles. So if you want to suffer then buy T34.

      Why you’re not considering of buying Lowe? And why you say that you will sell SP? Have you tried it in the test server?

          • How do you play it? Long range, gun doesn’t do enough penetration, medium range, before 8.8 weak-spots were already able to be hit reliably, now with the hull nerf you don’t even have to aim for them, close range, everything before times ten… It is useless unless you have back-up, and even the JagdPz IV is good with back-up >_>

  7. I admit it. I have an addiction. I’m addicted to reading the comments of WoT players, intelligent or otherwise, trolling each other. The combination of rage, insults, stupidity and sprinkled common sense make my day.

    Please put more articles about how german armor was superior/inferior to russian armor – the trolling is pure gold!

    And to think trolling only used to be a fishing technique to me… :P

  8. Any info what will hapen with VK36.01(H) equipment (rammer and ventilation) when it go heavy?
    Automatically changed to a heavy tank version or just demounted (hope not destroyed – do we need to demount before the patch?) ?

    • equipment gets demounted ON ALL CHANGED GERMAN TANKS, but not converted (source: have vk3601H, VK3001H, vk2801, KT and Panther in garage, all were reverted to stock config with researched and bought modules, as well as equipment installed, sent to depot).

      good thing there was a discount on equipment this week and I got to stock up on class 3 vents :D

      • should have been: (source: have vk3601H, VK3001H, vk2801, KT and Panther in garage, in test server all were reverted to stock config with researched and bought modules, as well as equipment installed, sent to depot).

  9. Still greatly diassatisfied that with the live update so close, superpershing changes haven’t been ironed out yet.