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  1. all those “they aren’t children they are all adults” should note that these are all school girls. Hang your collective paedo heads in shame. Adult bodies + child faces = paedo literature. WG should clear well clear of this stuff.

    • What are you refering to?
      Noone even said anything.

      Definition of pedophilia:


      So, you’re saying, everyone watching this show is a pedophile?
      What if I told, its possible to watch a show without falling in love with the main characters?
      I have absolutely no sexual interest in school girls or the characters of this show,
      also do I have to remind you: This is NO porn.

      • As a medical diagnosis, pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in persons 16 years of age or older typically characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest toward prepubescent children (generally age 11 years or younger, though specific diagnostic criteria for the disorder extends the cut-off point for prepubescence to age 13)

        Thats the definition.
        Apparently you cant write in these brackets: <<

        • Adult bodies, child faces, open expressions of sexual interest. to excite sad lonely predominantly male audience. Figure it out for yourself. Brtiney Spears figured that one out before you.

          • You seem to forget that although the age of consent is, in theory, 14 or 15 in a lot of countries, their laws also state that those over this age, but under 18 (or 21 depending on the countries age of majority) MUST HAVE explicit parental consent.

            Explicit consent that is “specific to the person” (the non-familial individual) in question, not a general “ok, shag whoever”.

            It can, and often does, come under generalised sexual abuse, not specific paedophilia, because that is much easier to prosecute for, since under 18 or 21 is not “adult” and therefore not fully able to make that decision for themselves.

            Still a bunch of perverts… as the top right of page 4 shows…


            “Hana’s getting moist”…????

            • You can get moist without having anything sexual happen. Lubrication is a natural immune response in females, since the mucosal layer has anti-bacterial properties, and can be used to prevent or fight infection.

              You have no evidence to prove that the WoT tutorial manga is sexualized in any way. You’re letting your mind run wild.

            • > “Hana’s getting moist”…????

              Yeah, I’d attribute that to poor translation. I assume the original reads more like “Hana’s getting excited”.

            • Did you notice its not an official translation? There could quite easily be something lost between the Japanese version and this version.

            • Typesetter here:

              the translation is beyond liberal here, we were messing around and we thought it was funny so yeah

    • I always find it funny how people get their panties in a bunch over a bunch of cartoon characters.

      • Because they care about the victims child abuse and those who think that making children the object of sexual fantasy is okay. dumbass.

        • Look out, we have a social justice white knight. STAHP HAVING FUN GAIS, EVERYTHING ON THE INTERWEBZ IS SRS BSNS.

        • The only sexual content here is in your own dirty mind. I think you should take a long hard look on yourself if you find this arosing.

          • It is true though that in the anime it is implied that Hana gets aroused by the firing of shells somehow

        • Of all these imaginary drawn characters within this official WoT tutorial comic, who is the victim? Which of these black ink pen-drawn girls have been harmed?

    • School girls is a rather vague term. You can be in school while over 20, so it’s hardly a term that assures there is any crime involved. Ín this specific case so are they 15-17 years old and they don’t have overly adult bodies as I remember quite a few 15-17 old girls that looked far older then these kids do. If anything so are their bodies under developed, but that on the other hand fits in with them being Japanese.

    • Manga= for pedophiles?

      let me guess, homosexuality=sin?

      this is the 21st century, not the middle ages. just becasue something is different doesnt mean its bad. i still see japan on the world map as well as in the top ten of economoc powers dispite bejing the source of manga, anime and (if you insist) hentai.

      tolerance of the average FTR readers seems to be that of an 8 year old where his toys are the best. verything else ofc is crap unless proven wron where he will copy the other kids around him.

      geeez :(

      • Erm, your argument would have some validity if all manga featured young girls in school uniforms, but it doesn’t.

        Manga covers all types of cartoon, not just creepy stuff for schoolgirl panty sniffing scumbags.

        Also, there is a fundamental moral difference between homosexuality and pedophilia, the former involving consenting adults.

      • Paedophiles have NOTHING to do with homosexuals, stop listening to biggotted religious lunatics.
        Sexual interest in school girls who have adult bodies and yet have childrens faces is disturbing to everyone except you clearly.

        • Maybe you should stop having a sexual interest in school girls if you find it morally repulsive. The rest of us is just watching a fun tv show that happens to have girls in it instead of boys. The only diffrence if it had been boys instead is that you could be both gay and a peado at the same time if you find them sexually arosing.

      • Idiots like to use bad logic.

        Japan makes porn with underage girls.
        Japan makes manga with underage girls that stay clothed and don’t have sex.
        Manga = porn

    • Dai has openly stated her (adult female) sexual obsession with very young boys – very unpleasant indeed. WG should have known better than to align itself with this stuff.
      What’s next for WG? – German SchiBe movies und Panzer?

      • This “stuff” being cartoons not made in ‘murica? You do know that is the only diffrence between anime and satuday morning cartoons?

        • …actually even dime-a-dozen eternally-continuing Shounen fightan stories and Collectible Thing Du Jour marketing pieces tend to beat said Saturday cartoons hands down in execution and content from what I’ve seen – which is a lot, as I was obliged to watch an awful lot of the latter when my half-brother was little.

          This mainly tells some rather sad thinga about said cartoons.

          • I was thinking more about moral diffrences though. There is not an insignificant number of Disney cartoons and tv series with teen girls in it and I haven’t seen that many calls for pedo warning on them.

            • You don’t want to start talking about morals with the good old Looney Tunes stuff. Just sayin’.

  2. Oh for the love of… Yes, you guys are all very clever, the “lol pedo-tanking” joke is completely original and HASN’T been repeated hundreds of times since this show came out. Not every anime is hentai. Dammit Hana, stop being turned on by the JagdPanther, you’re not helping!

      • I can relate to having anime and WoT combined, nothing wrong with that, but really it’s an all age game and we get banned for making even small transgressions against those rules on the forum….

        and now we have some anime schoolgirl getting wet in a WG condoned comic by a “High penetration” gun….


        • Really wish SS didn’t even bother to publish this stuff. I know he is just reporting on events with WG but this just looks like pandering to a certain audience.

          • And I wish people did not try to force their fake morals on something they know nothing about.

            • Fake morals??

              Grown men reading cartoons about schoolgirls in uniform “getting moist” over “high penetration power”…??

              You a member of Gary’s Glitter Gang..?

            • You are very fixated on that, Frued much?

              I have no idea who Gary’s glitter gang is but clearly you are overly familiar with them.

            • …because innuendo over “barrel sizes” and “penetration power” isn’t as old as the WoT player community or anything, right?

        • Well for one it’s a fan translation, could have less lewd context in Japanese.

          Secondly, Sexual humor is more accepted for younger crowds in Japan, go read some of the stuff they publish in Shounen Jump ( a weekly manga mag for young boys), it will make your puritan heart tremble.

          Thirdly, GuP was made mostly with an adult male audience in mind, like most anime these days, the innuendo isn’t totally out of place, though it’s not really present in the show it’s self.

          • You don’t have to be a puritan to find child rape unacceptable, I feel bad for you that you can’t understand that.

            • Who’s raping children? I see no child rape going on in this manga. Particularly since these girls are all in High School, that would be difficult.

            • Manga has one sexual joke in it. –> Manga fans don’t find the one sexual joke to be offensive. –> Manga fans rape kids.

            • What child rape? The show only feature young girls, there are no adults or males getting even close to those girls to perform any kind of sexual actions, consented or otherwise.

    • Trust me, people were making worse remarks than that when I was in high school irl; this is pretty tame by comparison.

      • not really taking offence by that remark, it’s more that i got about 4 warning points for this sort of shit on the forum but now it’s in a WG condoned comic so well yeah that’s my problem xD

  3. Yukari Akiyama: You could damage friendly tanks with the splash damage.
    Mako Reizei: I don’t care.
    That about sums up my SPG playing just fine. Time to get back to the Grille with 100% crew and M41 with its 75% crew in training… Good times… Good times…

  4. This is fucking amazing!!!!!, too bad they won’t add the GUP cammo schemes as official cammo…

    stuff like this makes me want to go to JP server….

    they should’ve shown the T9/10 tanks in the nation’s portrayals, they are more “ohhhh”, for example:
    Why a crummy jagpanther when you can show the mosnter JPE100 or even a JT with a massive blastwave…
    Or why show a KV when you have the GLORIOUS IS-4 and IS-7, i mean, a manga-drawn IS7 is a super eye-catcher.

    also the promo video is awesome, there’s something about japanese “announcer voice” that makes everything awesome

    • There is no Japan server, and there never will be.


      It’s pretty much officially confirmed that there will NOT be a Japanese WoT server, and that my original predictions will be correct: They are merely introducing official Japanese language support for the ASIA server, in the form of technical support and a standard news portal.

    • The only good internet friends i’ve ever made, i did so through world of tanks. Teamwork builds camaraderie.

      • Relevant image:


        and keeping in the spirit of WoT-related jokes:


    • ah yes, i forgot about this, i was laughing so hard when i read that.
      Also at the notion of cute girls playing the game(and any chance of meeting them) hahahahaha.
      If anything wot playerbase is a sea of balls floating in pure vitriol(but much less than HON or LOL for example, that’s true hatred…)

      and wot— camaraderie, bwhahahaha with the stuff i’ve read in chat?, nope.. haha nope nopetinsky nopeness :D

    • Yeah, making friends. By what? Communication? Yeah, talking with boxes sure connect people around the world

  5. Does anyone have the Link to the Japanse original?
    I would like to read it in Japanese(Yes i can speake Japanese)

  6. Mako turns into the way of the “clickers” (I use that term to mean players who only play arty and arty only, and don’t particularly care about team damage) D:

    And since when did the NC-31 have a dual gun turret? :P

  7. With all this pedophilia talk in this comment section, i’ll take advantage of the anonymity provided by the internet to prophetize than within the next 100 years, [consensual] pedophilia will be if not as well accepted, almost as well accepted as homosexuality is right now.

    Because, whether or not you crybabies like it, there are some healthy relationships that spark from two people with a big age difference. Not all, definitely some.

    • Paedophilia was very much an accepted practice for a looooong time. First as a good thing by the Greeks right up to kiddie pr0n in the late 60-90s.

    • You are a complete idiot. There cannot be a consensus about sexual activity between a minor and an adult, because a child doesn’t have the concept of sexual relationship that. Abused children just have the feeling that something is wrong and deep sensation of shame they blame themselves for. That only comes with maturity (if the kid is allowed to mature in a healthy way). This is a psychologically proven fact which pedophiles tend to ignore to excuse their perverted and harmful sexual tendencies.

      I cannot say how much I hate people spreading that kind of opinion and complete bullshit. Child abusers deserve to die.

    • You are a complete idiot. There cannot be a consensus about sexual activity between a minor and an adult, because a child doesn’t have the concept of sexual relationship. That only comes with maturity (if the kid is allowed to mature in a healthy way). Sexually abused children just have the feeling that something is wrong and deep sensation of shame they blame themselves for. This is a psychologically proven fact which pedophiles tend to ignore to excuse their perverted and harmful sexual tendencies.

      I cannot say how much I hate people spreading that kind of opinion and complete bullshit. Child abusers deserve to die.

        • Haven’t heard of too many prophets who weren’t completely wrong with their predictions, not counting the ones whose musings are so impenetrable as to allow for anything and nothing and hence useless.

    • But that guide doesn’t have cute girls in it

      where is the appeal? you can’t coax in Japanese gamers without appeal

      Look at all the MMO games in Japan. If it doesn’t have cute characters, it’s as good as dead

  8. The people talking about this being paedophilia need to get a life. Young female characters have been in literature for a long time, and while this one does have a cast predominantly made up of them, they’re not really sexualized in any way in the source (one reason why the show is so popular: it’s family friendly). Should every show with young girls as the main characters be considered paedophilic? If so, stuff like Little Women should be banned. Also, for those using the translation as evidence (the “moist” line), people need to note SS’s notice above as to where an official translation might be found. Not to mention that the mocking term “Murica” is obviously not a term an official translator would use in proper description.

    Only those with their heads in the gutter would think this stuff as paedophilic, if they only see the characters as objects of exploitation instead of story characters.

    • of course not….what am I thinking?. I regularly discuss getting moist and penetration with my children at the family dinner. How shit you live in a hole.
      The sexualization of children is wrong to everyone but you and other paedo-facilitators.

      • And what are you doing about paedophilia? I mean, besides being a noble keyboard warrior who isn’t afraid of stating his opinion behind a pseudonym?
        Spare us your bullshit, you don’t give two turds about sexualized prepubescent/pubescent girls, you are a bored bloke trying to seem like a noble prince willing to sacrifice his life for keeping young girls’ virginity intact.

        Look around you, just take one good look at the TV screen, and tell me that young girls aren’t sexualized in every sphere of our lives. I am not condoning it, i’m just saying that you probably ain’t doing shit about it, because, it would take actual work to write to TV stations or whoever makes those shows.
        It’s much easier to sit in front of your PC, type a few words on a blog, and feel all smug because you are a noble knight that poor little girls need. You are a shining beacon of hope in their fragile, tortured lives in which they are surrounded by filthy paedophiles.
        You are a proper gentleman, a proper white knight!

        Sod off you bugger!

        • In terms of doing something about it, I used to investigate paedophiles, and arrest them- that probably counts as ‘something’.
          Having searched through many a paedo’s house and seen their literary interests and computers I can tell you first hand that anime girls feature frequently.
          So basically, go fuck yourself butthurt paedophile boy.

          • If what you wrote is correct, then please accept my apology.
            I tip my hat in honor of your actions that helped put paedophiles behind bars.
            No, i am not being sarcastic now.

            Anyway, i am not a paedophile, but, you are right to insult me as i took a cynical approach in trying to demean and insult you.

            Again, accept my humble appology.
            p.s. NO i am not being a sarcastic tosser.

            • Then I apologise too. I’m not a religious puritan who believes all girls should remain virgins until married. I just hate paedos, they cannot be cured and continue to offend.
              The first time I had a man say cold to my face “They are my kids I can do with them what I want” I wanted to kill him.
              They are sick and the only cure is a rope. Anime ‘sexy’ girls play to this audience and people who say otherwise are just lying to themselves.
              I accept your apology and apologise too for being an asshole back. I cant hide my hatred of paedos and had to stop doing child abuse investigations as a result. You can’t look at your own kids after seeing the sort of shit these bastards will wank to and I cannot tolerate such obvious and grotesque sexualisation of children.
              Adult bodies + Child faces = Child Porn , some people cannot grasp this because they have no conception of what paedophiles really are.

          • I’m curious, how many of the pedo’s you arrested actually harmed children in their activities.

            • Masturbating to child porn is a harmful activity, if there were no people willing to pay and wank it while watching kids, then there would be no need to make child porn and sell it.
              By buying and sharing porn featuring children those people are promoting that activity, actually, supporting child porn.
              So, yeah, i’m glad if he did put some of those fuckers behind bars.
              We all know that people in prison hate people who rape and paedophiles.

          • Yeah, and I’m sure that you found lots of Hollywood movies in the pedo’s house too. But I don’t see you calling anyone who owns Iron Man a paedo. You’re just tarring people of all ages and nationalities with the paedo brush because they like something you don’t.

            Despite what you seem to think, liking a particular form of popular culture doesn’t automatically make someone a criminal. Liking Japanese animation and comics doesn’t make a person a paedophile any more than you going and watching Saw makes you a murderer. Sure, some paedophiles may have had anime and manga, but you’re focusing on them while ignoring other factors that they had in common. I’m willing to bet every one of them had at least one Disney movie in their collection. That must mean, via your own “anime=paedo” equation, that anyone with a Disney movie must be a paedo. But yet I didn’t see you crusading against Wargaming for having “Mickey Mouse” as an available inscription a few patches back.

            What’s up with that?

            • The simple reason for a lot of the crusading against anime is because it’s more popular in most countries then current american cartoons and thus a threat to many peoples financial interests.

    • Some of the people here complaining about these anime characters are probably also the ones complaining that the videogame Dragon’s Crown is sexist and misogynist, and that the game oppresses women.

      In other words, some people just can’t have fun, and everything is the devil to them.

    • >sexualization of children is wrong
      You must be american. You know, the country where 3 year old children have to wear complete bathing suits on the beach. No sexualisation going on there, sir. Please move on.

      Anyway you are retarded and your double standard is appalling.

  9. Why the hell does every single discussion on GuP + WoT collaboration here on FTR always end up becoming a discussion about pedophilia? Every fucking time, this isn’t the first.

    • Actually, I bet this whole thing is just a small handful of the same usual people trolling and baiting.

      My guess is that this is chain_chomp and the rest of his friends at NTR casually shitposting.

    • Why the hell does every single discussion on subject_name here on FTR always end up becoming a discussion about thing_name? Every fucking time, this isn’t the first.

      Just a lot of retards who write and live on the principle – “I don’t like what you like.”
      I’m sick and tired of reading various anti-russian bullshit, but it’s my personal indignation.

  10. Nice,
    Tapping the Anime Audience (which is huge, male and female of almost every age), will only make our play base bigger. Supporting our game better, while will allow Wargaming to continue hopefully adding more and more to our game for many years to come.

  11. There’s a group of people that come here from the Asian WoT forums. They had their thread originally shut down for spamming drawn porn involving underage girl images in spoilers.

    It’s really sad that they come here say they’re against pedophilia and then go to their respective forums to link loads of Japanese loli.

    • I think I know which group you are talking about.
      Pretty sure the pictures were only posted by one person, and he has apologized for it and said he won’t do it again.



  13. Germany: thick armor with highly accurate guns an average firepower…. are we talking about the same game?

    • Given the number of 120mm nastyshells I’ve bounced off assorted Naziland high-tiers and the peculiar habit of the VK36H to bounce shit it has no business withstanding? Yep.

  14. For god sakes this is a manual for newbies not a conversation about pedophillia

    And if you want to discuss such matters then go to 4chan and maybe they will give you concrete answers

  15. fuck all the pedo comments

    lets just ignore them .. and GuP has more tank action than fan service which i like XD