Issues with the EU Weekend Special

Hello everyone,

there are two minor issues with the weekend special.

First, the crew re-train discount apparently only applies on gold re-train, not the silver one. Yea, I know, weird. When this “bug” was discovered, they backedited the portal news to reflect that to make it official. *shrugs*

Second minor issue is with the Lucky 7, chances are you will get 7 kills + 7 wins way before the 7 survived condition. When you survive the 7th battle, you won’t get the 70k reward, you will get it (for some strange reason) the battle AFTER that one, whether you win or lose, survive or not. So just play one extra battle.

15 thoughts on “Issues with the EU Weekend Special

  1. Its a real pain that I am back to college for one reason:

    I have to play at the weekend to get my fix.

  2. I think WG’s aim is to increase the number of players online at the same time, maybe just to break some new record or something. no time/need to take care of AFK players.
    ever seen WG’s “more than 60 mio. registered gamers”-brag? (or sth like that, don’t know if the number is correct). when you realize about 50% of them are actually dead accounts (0 battles), that starts to become a little less impressive, but the quoting press neither cares nor checks the facts.

  3. they backedited the portal news to reflect that to make it official. *shrugs*
    WG and their ninja edits. They really consider their player base so stupid that no one out of all those players will notice their mistake and bug. Isn’t it easier to just admit the fault and issue an official apology to the players rather than being arrogant assholes? I guess the latter one is easier no matter the shitstorms it may cause.

  4. From one post on the forum it could be that you don’t get it after the next battle but the first one where you don’t survive.

  5. Well, how much does a silver retrain normally cost? Coz I did it today for 20k silver and thought it’s on discount, but I don’t really remember how much is it normally…

  6. Its just like the promise to never bring the Type 59 back on sale on EU..
    ….2 months later it was on sale…

    Then a promise never to release it on EU again…
    ….Now its a reward for some specials… the current promise is “Only for Special Awards”…

    I guess a sale is coming soon then…

    Ectar frequently gets in a paddy with me for stating this, he denies it to fook everytime and gets his g-string in a right twist…

  7. 250.000 credits for 15 wins mission is fucked up. have Wins / Battles – 16 / 21 – 76.1% and still did not get 250k credits -.-’

  8. WG should win award as one of the greatest company of fuck ups. They are just legendary by screwing things up.