89 thoughts on “PL-01 – Polish concept, 2 more videos

      • I didn’t say that to claim credit, I just meant that I sent you these as you seemed personally interested, but I didn’t think it would make for an FTR material.
        And yes, that would be rather undesirable :)

      • Actually if u read the articles. The prototype is going to be ready in about 2 years (+1-2) years. It’s going to be as much possible to look like this one but ofcourse when they will build the real one with engines, turret, real gun etc it will be a bit different. What i say to be patient cuz it’s but possibility for poland to at least once in a life time be someone!

            • it depends on who your asking and what you were talking about.
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              Every group of ppl have a subject they care about and since this is the internetz alot of the get imotional and personal very fast.

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    • Why? It’s interesting. Or should I stop posting about American stuff too, because “hurrdurrmurrica” trolls, or should I stop posting about Russian stuff too because of the anti-Stalin trolls, or perhaps I shouldn’t write about Israeli vehicles in order not to “offend” the anti-semitic filth?

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    • Since he’s decent enough to moderate the comments afterwards, I see no harm done here.

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  2. I can’t wait for people to start spamming the forums asking for this as a t10 reward tank -_-

  3. Looks like t55? tracks underneath.

    are there any specs to it apart from it looking “futuristic”?
    does it use Mexas or some local manufactures armour?

    just soem videos arent that constructive to raise the general opinion about polish armour if thats your purpose SS.

    • It is based on CV90 IFV platform, because they are developing it in cooperation with BAE Systems.
      Poles made their own mutipurpose platform three years ago, called Anders, but the management of PHO (Polish Defense Holding) decided to scrap it and use old swedish vehicle. Bribery or stupidity, take your guess.

      • Anders doesn’t look like it actually had any advantages over the CV90, so it’s not that strange it was scrapped rather then waste more resources developing something that turns out inferior then a cheap import alternative.

        I don’t see why the Polish would care about what others thinks about their tanks. Only a very few countries develops tanks and it’s hardly something a country has to do to be acceptable. I guess it could be a problem if you think that your country is the greatest economic power of our time and should prove it some how.

  4. Not quite sure what to think of this thing.

    Its looks tall and short, like an IFV.
    Then all those “stealthy” edgy things everywhere.
    A gun with a muzzle braze, strange on a modern tank.

    Well, if this is actually gonna make it into production, I think it will lose the stealth capability,
    I dont think that is necessary for a tank.

    The turret is interesting with the rotating weapons stations and all the holes in it.
    But the autoloader only has very few shells.

    • Actually, in the era of helicopter-fired HEAT missiles it is VERY important for a tank to stay unspotted, cause as soon as the helicopter finds it, it will have very low chance of surviving (unless it has some awesome self-defence modules).

      Anyway, it is only the prototype, or should I say – conceptual design, many things will certainly change, let’s hope they will make it into mass production, as it will have some export potential for sure, and besides, our Polish panzer forces really need some upgrade.

      PS: DAT gun depression :3

      • The gun depression isnt that impressive.
        Leopard 2 might only have -8°, but Abrams also has -10°.

        I agree, staying hidden from helicopters is important.
        But stealth is only helpful, if the tank is on a wide open space.
        In reality, there are hills and valleys, which are bad for radar.

        Then, the stealth effectiveness is greatly reduced by factors like
        - mud – if you’re driving offroad, you get dirty
        - people sticking there heads out of the tank
        - hits and dents in the tank

        And the angles only reduce signature, not annihalate it.
        An enemy, strong enough will just improve the radar power.
        For an enemy not strong enough to do this, stealth isnt needed anyway.

        Stealth is fine for a plane, which costs an awful lot of money and crashes once its shot.
        But on a tank the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.
        I think they just did this, for the tank to look cool.

        • “people sticking there heads out of the tank”

          The 3-men crew of PL-01 is to stay inside a reinforced “box” inside the hull itself.

          “And the angles only reduce signature, not annihalate it.
          An enemy, strong enough will just improve the radar power.
          For an enemy not strong enough to do this, stealth isnt needed anyway.”

          Reduced signature can be mistaken by the radar crew with background noise, so increasing radars power increases the background noise as well, not helping with detecting stealth vehicles.

          But yeah, it is hard to tell where is it useful enough to use stealth tech, but I guess it’s sth to be dealt with by ppl better than us ;)

          • “The 3-men crew of PL-01 is to stay inside a reinforced “box” inside the hull itself.”

            Which makes it hard to move the tank precisely and detect the enemy.

            “But yeah, it is hard to tell where is it useful enough to use stealth tech, but I guess it’s sth to be dealt with by ppl better than us ;)”

            Wise words, I definitely agree with that.

  5. That thing has very narrow tracks, and a side-shirt that looks like it was designed specifically to help cram as much mud, snow and ice into the suspension as humanly possible.
    Tank for smooth, asphalt roads? Why even bother with tracks then.

  6. I must say im impressed by this vehicle, even if prototype, who cares who built it? polish?? thats nice, its an original design, unlike some *certain* countries that all they can do is copycat things like blazer armor, and do it wrong

  7. Looks fairly interresting,a bit like something you would see in a Batman movie.
    Sideskirts look like they might cause problems though,as Panzer_Fenris already noted before me…Apart from possibly delivering mud into the suspension the ground clearance doesnt seem to be very high,so you would probably rip them off when going over rough terrain with small hills and bumps everywhere.Not that i am a tank-or mechanics expert or anything.

    • The suspension is most likely from CV90, where the ground clearance doesn’t seem to be an issue. The side skirts might prove problematic in the end, but that’s one of the kinks that need to be worked out if you want all-around radar and thermal camouflage.

      • Looks like ~40cm of ground clearance.
        Not a lot, but enough for most purposes.
        Those thick sideskirts can be found on many modern designs, like MBT Revolution for example.
        But I’ve never seen them as big as here.

  8. Whether this project will be commercialy succesful or not, or even go out of the prototype stage is irrelevant. What you have here is an AFV built for the sole purpose to cram as many high-test systems inside and then test their effectivness as a single unified package. This alone will provide lots of useful know-how for all parties participating in OBRUM (polish and swedish), and could influence the future AFV design direction. I’d call that a success.

    • Yeah, it kind of reminds some experimental tanks like T95(something like M60 but with much more gadgets, composite armour etc.), and I guess it’ll end up as such.

  9. Looks similar to a Israeli Merkava Mk. IV, if this thing enters mass production I hope to see small plastic models of them selling so I could make one of these sexy beasts! =D

  10. THAT’S NOT A FUNCTIONAL PROTOTYPE. Please stop mis-informing people.

    That’s a CV90 chassis modelled with plastic (I think it’s plastic) to look like “the finished” product. As far as I’m aware, mainly from what I’ve read, the three and a half year project to even develop this tank to the prototype stage hasn’t even begun yet.

    • Also, it looks like it may be severely underpowered. Odd, because the CV90 has a good power-to-weight ratio. Maybe they replaced the engine with something new to fit the big turret? Maybe the addon armor adds enough weight to bring it down?

      Regardless, BAE’s latent insanity (previously demonstrated with their 75 tonne IFV concept) marches on…

  11. SS could you post any specs of this vehicle as im not sure wether this is a tank or some kind of multi pupose vehicle that CAN be equipped with a turret and a gun to act like a modern day tank destroyer

    Because if its an MPV the groundclearance is not an issue anymore as the tracks are more than big enough for dealing with 20-30t

    • It’s not an actual prototype, just a mock up of how they want it to look. The base of it is an excisting MPV though.

  12. i saw this tank in battlefield 2142… it was missing the tracks though.. it was some sort of electromagnetic hovercraft

  13. When it fires a flag comes out of the barrel with “Kto Pl? Siemka, kurwa!” written on it.