Ensign’s Q&A #12

Welcome to the 12th edition of Ensign’s Q&A, where you ask questions, and I answer them. The previous edition can be found here.

Q: Is there anything in Soviet archived indicating what the Soviet troops though of German tanks as far as comfort was concerned?

A: The PzIII is indicated several times as being fairly luxurious (as far as tanks go), and well liked by commanders that used them as command vehicles (once the radios have been replaced, of course).

Q: Would the M3 Lee be better in WoT if it could use the 37 mm gun instead of the 75 mm gun?

A: While the Americans did make a pretty mean 37 mm gun, it is only capable of combating tier 5 vehicles at very close range. And those are uparmoured in the game. If the Lee only had its 37 mm gun, it would be rather inadequate as a tier 4 vehicle.

Q: The Soviets made various large caliber autocannons for their ground attack aircraft. The 37 mm autocannon we have in game is a derivative of the NS-37 autocannon, so were there any plans to put the NS-45 or NS-57 autocannon on tanks? Was there even an NS-57?

A: I have not read anything that would suggest a 45 mm autocannon be mounted on tanks. The caliber was quite obsolete by the middle of WWII, and its only advantages were that it could be used to make very light AT guns and tank guns. Since the production of the last Soviet tank armed with a 45 mm gun ended in 1943, the same year the NS-45 was designed, the two never met up.

I have not read of a 57 mm autocannon designed specifically by Nudelman and Suranov, but the Soviets did have a 57 mm S-60 AA autocannon proposed as an armament option for the PT-76. The SU-76 also had an unnamed 57 mm autocannon (possibly also the S-60, but doubtful) planned for it. Overlord talks about it here.

Q: Were any SU-18s ever built? The Russian Wikipedia says no, but the English one says yes.

A: My book (Soviet Self Propelled Guns 1923-1941, Solyankin et al) says that an SPG armed with a 76.2 mm cannon on the chassis of an MS-1 tank was fully developed, and results of the development showed that it was impractical to place a gun and crew on the chassis, but it does not specifically say if one was ever built or not.

Q: Do you have any information on the 85 mm LB-1 (formely ZiS-8)?

A: It was an experimental high velocity gun that was proposed for the IS-5 project. They proved inferior in performance to the 100 mm guns, and thus were not further developed.

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  1. IS-5? Is there actually any info on that tank? And does it have any chance to appear in WoT?

  2. An informative post and only 5 comments ?
    Lol you should have answered every answered everything with “this weapon was introduced and could pwn Panthers and tigers through the front ” . The wehraboo buthurt could easily push this over the 50 comment mark by now.

    • I would like to think more about the lines that those who read this article were satisfied with the information and had no objections. Also the fact it talks about lesser known guns attracts less discussions, both good and bad.

    • My bet is on the Wehraboos either not yet having been around to read the article yet, or alternatively they’re currently short-circuiting and desperately searching for something to cry “omg commie propaganda” over so they can get back into their comfort zone. :v

        • Yes, please continue this discussion so we can get more flaming and trolling. EE can’t get enough of that.

        • Too late u little fokkers, germany had autoloaded airplane guns too even with bigger calibers so dont discuss any further about calibers which are bigger than ur dicks! =D

          But it is that there is nothing to discuss in a bad way, so… :/


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  4. Thx, nice and interesting article. This style of presenting the facts fits much better than the style in your last posts. Even if it will cause less comments ;)

  5. Weird question about the Lee’s gun, in WoT it’s already available on some tanks like the M3 Stuart and M22 Locust, just look at its stats and you’ll notice that it’s completely inadequate for a tier IV medium tank, obviously it would be more than welcome as secondary weapon when they’ll implement the damned multi-gun system,

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