First, three pieces of info from a guy who personally visits a WG event just today (source)

- KV-1S will not be nerfed, it will be split into KV-85 and KV-122 (SS: with KV-122 being probably tier 7, but this is not confirmed)
- in 8.9, some tier 4-7 arties (that were overnerfed before) will be buffed
- top tier arties will not be buffed, their stats are fine
- second CW campaign will start at the end of October, it will use tier 4-6-8-10 tanks (based on current company rules)

- WoWp: climatic zone (as in, winter vs summer maps) has no influence on airplane performance
- Q: “Why are so little credits and XP awarded for capping?” A: “Greed is bad”
- T23 will return “in an unexpected way”
- MM for tiers 6 and 8 works fine according to SerB
- Q: “Platoons have worse MM?” A:”Conspiracy!”
- multi-gun mechanism will come a bit sooner than the multiturret mechanism
- Severogorsk is doing fine in hightier battles
- the new features for premium account owners have not been scrapped, but they won’t be announced for now it seems
- SerB states that big caliber guns with muzzle brakes demask a shooting tank a lot (SS: much more than small calibers and guns without muzzle brakes)
- A player describes two approaches for creating WoT tanks and asks, which one is correct: either first SerB selects a tier and tasks the artists/historians to draw/find something for it, or first Storm has a vehicle drawn and looks for a tier to put it into. SerB confirms both approaches happen.

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    • Thank god, I am getting sick of people spamming the field with the KV-1S’ 122mm Gun. lol

            • both StugIII and T49 are just plain tank destroyers – ie. they lack view range.

              I would much rather use Wolverine/Hellcat.
              Wolverine for the same purposes as StugIII (it can angle hull or go hull down to get armor as effective or even better than StugIII’s) yet have a turret and two gun options.
              Hellcat obviously for the same purposes as T49.

            • Yeah but it’s a glass cannon, as is the StuG. The KV-1S is a Lightning Bruiser, combining decent armor (not AS formidable at tier 6 as the KV-1′s is at tier 5, but pretty good, and still often more than enough for most tanks below its tier), excellent mobility (good enough for it to be used as a surrogate medium tank at higher tiers) and a powerful top gun (which can EASILY destroy a tier 8 Heavy under the right circumstances).

    • *Ahem* Lalalalalalala…

      You are my boomstick, my only boomstick,
      you slay the noobies, when e’re I play!
      Oh Wargaming, please have mercy.
      Please don’t take my boomstick away!

      • Really? KV-2 with derp has 30 second reload on something that has a high possibility of missing. Even with the 107, it’s still a huge target with passable armor, not to mention slow.

        What the KV-1S had was speed, a good gun, and passable armor.

            • What about the ARl44? 90mm HV gun or 105mm gun with relatively comparable performance to the KV-1S, again with passable armor.
              Or the Cromwell that devastates teams in the right hands (same way a hellcat does: speed)
              Or maybe the T-150? 107mm ZiS, passable speed and very good armor, might be the next top dog.

            • ARL44 is quite slow.. KV-1S has the mobility.. I remember myself with the KV-1S way back when Serene Coast was still in random battles, i just hid in the rock and held there against 5-6 tanks, 4 of my kills, with only about 2 TDs behind to protect me while am loading and lemmings going uphill blitzkrieg’d em..

            • The Hellcat is REALLY annoying, but at least it’s manageable, because really, the trick is FINDING them, then shooting them before they get away and hide somewhere else, but besides that, once you DO hit them, they’re as good as dead. Not so with the KV-1S. Doesn’t matter if you bring it down to 1 HP with 5 or 6 shots, because it kills you with two shots in the same amount of time.

        • Implying KV-2 has 30s of reload time.

          I am not going to tell you my KV-2 reload time was just under 20s.

          • Still rather slow, and coupled with horrendous accuracy, the KV-2 is balanced (since the gun is high-risk, high-reward except at point-blank range. The KV-1S is low-risk, high-reward by comparison unless you’re taking on a tier 8 Heavy or Tank Destroyer with it).

  1. - KV-1S will not be nerfed, it will be split into KV-85 and KV-122 (SS: with KV-122 being probably tier 7,

    More free garage slots? >:)

      • - T23 will return “in an unexpected way”

        Probably t7 or t8 med in 2nd USA med branch. Or t7-8 prem med.

        • How much different is t23 from t20? With all the talk of interchanging hulls, I wouldnt be suprised if wg would test the mechanics with visual suspension changes and just roll t23 suspension into t20…

          • T23 had much better acceleration. It also, crucially, had pivot turn. The 90mm had fantastic ROF.

            Sadly people just read the hard specs and complained without even playing the tank, so we traded all that mobility for an extra 20mm penetration with the Pershing.

            I cannot wait to have this tank back, as long as they change nothing.

          • That can easily be a feature of upgraded suspension. By ‘different’ I meant whether the shape of the hull differed much from what we know as the t20.

      • It’s supposed to be ‘unexpected’, whatever that may mean. Expected would be that it returns as a medium on either tier 7 or tier 8, premium or normally researchable. Unexpect would be if they respecced it as a tier 2 arty. Or the Spanish Inquisition. Nobody expects that.

  2. - KV-1S will not be nerfed, it will be split into KV-85 and KV-122 (SS: with KV-122 being probably tier 7, but this is not confirmed)

    This is pretty awesome, but I wonder if the KV-122 will be a premium vehicle or not, because there isn’t a proper tier VII spot open in the soviet heavy line. My guess is that they will do it the same with when the Pz IV lost the Schmalturm and L/70. People will get the KV-85 in its new top configuration and the KV-122 will be made a premium but not granded for the people who already had a KV-1S.

    • I think of the KV-1 , KV-2 split.
      So free garage slot + 100% crew, but unfortunatly place in the tech tree

      • Doubt it, because if they make the KV-122 a premium and do the transition like the Pz IV, WG wins on all fronts.

    • There is a line that ends with the Obj140 there are no lower tiers for this tank.

      Not big at all on russian tank history, could it be the T7 that leads to the Obj140, once they actually give that tank a line to go down.

  3. So we will have a up armored T 34 85 with the 100mm gun and a lesser armored but maybe faster IS

    cool, the T 34 grind was a pain in the ass for me and i’m sure i will nerver finish it ( the tank is fine, i have 56% WR in it but its game play just not my style )

  4. - KV-1S will not be nerfed, it will be split into KV-85 and KV-122 (SS: with KV-122 being probably tier 7, but this is not confirmed)

    I would really wonder.
    KV-1S on tier 5 would work, with KV-100 tier 6 and maybe KV-122 as tier 6/7 premium.
    But KV-85 tier 6 and KV-122 tier 7?
    Whats gonna happen with IS then?
    That wouldnt really work. But I might be surprised.

  5. If they do make the KV-122 into a tier 7 premium, it’ll be a junk premium. You know that speed and mobility that makes the -1s with the 122 an unholy terror at Tier 6? Yeah, the KV-122 had none of that. the weight of the gun was such that it brought the top speed down to about 30kph. If it does get slapped into tier 7, it’ll be an all around crappier IS. The better route would be to keep it at Tier 6, but bring the speed and mobility down to realistic levels. It’ll still be a beast with that gun, but it’ll be more like a Tier 6 T34. Awesome gun, but junk everything else.

    • remove the IS 7 from the game, make IS 8 tier 10 move IS 3 to tier 9 and IS 2 mod 1944 at tier 8 ^^

      KV 85 will lead to 3 tank, KV 13, KV 122 and the IS

      KV 122 and IS lead to IS 2

      • My guess is, KV-1s with KV-85 option could be tier 5 material, bit lesser armored than regular KV-1 (especially with hull option as KV-1e uparmored hull) but faster. Basically identical guns, but one with emphasis on armor, another one with bit of speed.

        Or incorporate KV-1s INTO KV-1 tier 5 tank, with 3 hull options – basic KV-1, KV-1e leading into IS-4 branch and KV-1s leading into IS-7

    • It needs to get rid of that troll 122 mm, so it won’t come back as a more agile 122 mm tier 6. That was the whole idea. KV1S at tier 7 with 122 mm will suck though. Needs to get buffed a bit to compete with IS. Larger HP pool isn’t enough.

  6. About the KV-1S split:

    Both KVs being at tier 6 is improbable. The KV-1 leads to 3 tanks ATM, which is condersidered to be the “limit” on how many tanks you could research from one tank (tier 1s are an exceptions), unless the

    A KV-122 at tier 6 premium would be OP for a premium tank, as premiums “must” perform worse than their regular tier 6 counterparts…..

    About the KV-85, this is just a common designation, as IRL. It can still get a 100mm gun and will very likely get one….

    It also doesnt look like that the KV-122 could fit anywhere in the tech tree as tier 7….the “reward” tank spot is taken by the T-44-122. Maybe they put it in the gift shop only, condersidering the fear of a KV-122 flood…

      • That would make no sense whatsoever – go from a lightened KV-1 with an IS turret and a 122 to a superheavy breakthrough tank with unrelated 107s, to say nothing of the organic KV-1 -> T-150 -> KV-3 -> KV-4 evolution.

    • ” as premiums “must” perform worse than their regular tier”
      Yeah it “must” tell that to Type-59 or SU-122-44

      • The Type 59 was removed from the gold shop for this very reason.
        Since many bought this tank with real money, WG does not want to screw them, so instead of nerfing it, they removed it from the gold shop. It is OP for a premium tank and a very good tier 8 tank, but not THAT OP.
        (Now players want to pay their kidneys to get a Type 59…..*facepalm*

        About the SU-122-44…no idea. Compared to the other tier 7 TDs, its not OP, but for a premium TD it is appearantly very good. They arent that popular when compared to a type 59 for some reason though. Maybe because it lacks a turret. Or because it has a low penetration for a tier 7 TD while still facing tier 9s at times. idk. It aint easy to play I guess. It has its fans and its users, but they dont break the game.

        Actually it was the Type 59 popularity that caused it to be removed from the game. While I never witnessed it, rumors state that you could have 30 Types in a 15v15 battle back then. The game could be called “World of Type 59″. Or for some, the game was outright unplayable in tier 8.

        • Compare SU-122-44 to SU-152. Same gun, more speed and better armor….it must be worse yeah…

        • well, in those times whenever you played t5-t7 tank you always ended up in a game with at least 10 types in it and back then type was faster and had better armor. Basically no t5, 6 and even 7 tanks could penetrate type frontally and even t8s had trouble with that… well just imagine t54 on t8 with a bit worse gun. Used to be so much “fun”

      • Agree with SU-122-44, slight worse RoF, but faster in every aspect and more bouncier armor…

        But Type-59? I’ve driven nearly 800 matches with it and it is no way better than T44… it is much sluggish than when I bought it and I have to use Speed Governor on it to actually make move even tad closer to what it was before the engine nerfs made to it. T44 is lot speedier and feels more comfortable to drive than Type hands down. You don’t get mad 200mm turret, but that is most likely reason WG took of types mobility although bit too much. It was horribly OP when it was launched but also that was due to it being T8, and there actually wasn’t that much T8 tanks around so it was top tier much more often.

        • Yea, at it’s introducing period the battles were filled with impenetrable Type 59 hords, only a !few! good ‘ol IS-4′s could stop the hords. (An IS-4 in the early days of WoT were able to defeat a team alone.)

        • What? T-44 can’t penetrate Type 59 front anywhere without firing all gold, and it still bounces on turret. Type has higher penetration and more alpha. You must be absolute retard if you somehow lose in close combat against T-44.

          • If you can’t pen a Type 59 in the front with a T-44 your doing somethign very wrong.

            I was able to pen Type 59 front hull with KV-5 AP rounds and that is a 167 pen 107. T-44 Has 175 pen 122.

            • KV-5 is much higher, thus negating some slope on front armor. Type 59 has 174 mm front vs AP. Good luck if he angles even 10 decrees. Even LFP is 156 mm vs AP.

  7. Phew, Serb’s wanting of mad cash for a premium 1S overpowered his wanting to keep the only T6 he can solopub at 50%+ WR

  8. - top tier arties will not be buffed, their stats are fine

    Erm… Restoring *some* of the 212A’s gun traverse is desparately needed. 4 degrees from center with that atrocious aim time makes that a sad tier 9 panda.

    • GWTiger is nearly unplayable, I could list all of the ways it needs to be buffed but I doubt there is room here……..

      • su-26 has become a hunk of junk u never see it played guess a drop of 90+ in this arty was not enough for them to think they may have went overboard

        • shitloads of pedobears (sealclubbers, whatever) dropping a lowtier imba-pwner after a deserved nerf? seems legit to me

  9. The real question of the KV-1S rebalance is, does the 122mm gun stay at tier 6? That answer is all that we need…

    Now one honest question from someone who isnt a WoT vet….what is the T23? How did it play in the past? I already heard about it but how was it like back in the day?

    • t23 used to be tier8 tank after t20. gameplay was same as t20 (actually it was t20 on steriods).

    • It might keep the short 122mm derp gun, but the KV-85 is definitely not keeping the long 122mm, that’ll get moved to tier 7 with the KV-122. I’m assuming the 100mm gun they’re adding will also be for the KV-122, not the KV-85.

  10. - KV-1S will not be nerfed, it will be split into KV-85 and KV-122 (SS: with KV-122 being probably tier 7, but this is not confirmed).

    If the KV-122 will become a Tier 7 tank, then the solution would be perfect: the 122mm OP troll gun at tier 6 would be history and SerB (lone and desperate defender of the 122mm) would keep his face.

    But in the end, it would be a pyrrhic victory for SerB.

    • Beware that the 100mm gun on the tier 6 KV-85 may actually be better than the 122mm gun in the long run.

      To give a hint, the 100mm gun is an ealier variant of the D10T. It would have same penetration and damage, just worse soft stats to fit in at tier 6. In the right hands it might be better than the 122mm. Just a lot harder to use probably.

      Of course the chances are rather slim that this may happen….

      And they dont speak of a “nerf”, they call it “rebalance”. Can turn out either way…

  11. just a quick question for conformation.

    the new german TD’s will branch off from the marder, won’t they?

  12. Free-to-play my @$$. They’re simply turning the game economy into a “no real life money so no grind” crap.

      • +5k credit with tier 10 without premium alone… if i play with my clan mates we can earn some good money in any tier :) so yes its free to play cause you dont have to pay to play :) you can pay to make youur play easyer but no one force you to do :) so… keep some tier 4-7 tanks to earn money and learn to play higher tiers ;)

        gl hf :)

    • Never played a “FTP” game before, eh?

      Most FTP games give the good stuff/OP things to the paying people. Free players get shafted.

      But here, the paying people get a worse-off tank, in most aspects save for money generation. The tanks themselves are rather sub-par.

      • That is because this isn’t free-to-play but free-to-win.

        Everything you can get with premium that allows you to win games easier you can get without premium. The only difference is people who don’t pay have to grind. You can get every tank in the game and run multiple tier 10 games a day without ever putting a single dollar into this game you just have to care enough to spend time grinding out the credits.

        So its spend time or spend money one way or another you are able to reach tier 10

  13. Tiers 4-6-8-10 for the new campaign? Well crap. I mean, I’m excited to get tiers other than 10 involved again, and this probably means each tier will be used a lot longer (a full stage of the campaign rather than just a few days each), but I was rather looking forward to tiers 5, 7, and 9. 5 lets a lot of awesome and historically important designs like the Sherman, T-34, and StuG III come out to contribute; 7 does the same thing for tanks like the IS, Tiger, and Panther; and 9… Well, 9′s the highest tier I’ve got, and I don’t think I’ll be getting a 10 any time soon with how unfocused my grinding is.

    • I agree. One of the best parts of the previous campaign was the opportunity to use some of the tanks that you don’t get to play in Company Battles. If they don’t want to run through every tier again, I think it would be a whole lot more fun to do 2-3-5-7-9, or 3-5-7-9.

  14. I will actually get the KV-85, as not only was it widely used, but it would be quite fun with a 100mm gun.

  15. - Q: “Platoons have worse MM?” A:”Conspiracy!”

    I read somewhere here in ftr (sorry if I’m wrong) before that platoons are given higher MM and noticeably in game whenever there’s a platoon on one side (esp. 3 man plats) the other side gets more top tier tanks. As a result of this “troll/fail” platoons have become more common and if they happen to be on your team you will likely lose. This happens even with high server pop count. Also, its common they do little in game or even TK each other.

    I just noticed this unbalanced MM started like in the recent 2 or 3 patches. Too many games are just one-sided thrashings. Before its like one-sided games happen 1/15-20 but now its like 8-9/10 (again, sorry if my observations are wrong since I don’t platoon that much myself). I think they should reserve 3 man platoons to premium accounts to lessen some abuse.

    • my observations are similar, but only for maybe the last month or two (ever since missions were introduced – 8.7)… almost every game ends up being onesided where a single player just cant influence the result of the game

      • You must learn the art of “Carry hard”. As everyone on the team has a chance to make a significant impact, no matter the tank.

        And the balance problems, I think are related to some errors in tank weighting, which hopefully will get fixed next patch.

        • i wouldnt be complaing if i didnt know how to carry hard… the truth is the last month or two one can usually just carry morons hard into losing anyway or, more often than not, the morons melt so fast one doesnt even get a chance to carry

    • I’ve never noticed a higher MM in 3-man platoons, the only time something like it would occur, would be when one guy or two have special (lower) MM and get put a tier higher than they should, due to one guy, having different MM.

      On the topic of unbalanced teams, I’ve noticed it more when not platooned, than when I am. And even imbalanced teams the team with more higher tier tanks seem to lose more often, in my experiences.

    • Very recent game. Our platoon of 2 tier 8 tanks played with all other tanks of tier 9-10 in both teams. And there was a platoon of 3 tanks in opposite team. This happened with high server pop count. So everything is definetly ok with MM…
      Mentioned battle unexpectedly ended with our team victory, btw… :)

  16. Top tier arties are fine? They are weaker than any “normal” X tiers. TDs does more dmg. MEHHHH. Shame on u WG. I will have to consider what to do with my arty, cuz it is not fun to play (misses with 0 splash destroy all fun) and low use on CW (now it will be more worth to get additional “normal” X tier).

  17. - in 8.9, some tier 4-7 arties (that were overnerfed before) will be buffed
    - top tier arties will not be buffed, their stats are fine

    It’s the same stupid mentality that led the arty problems in the first place. Arty still gains to little XP. So you need more games to get to the next tank…

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  19. So the KV-1S will be splitted into KV-85 and KV-122.
    Now, let me guess, the KV-85 will have that proposed 100mm gun and the KV-122 will either be a premium vehicle or an overbuffed (to at least match IS’s performance) regular tank, right?

  20. “- Severogorsk is doing fine in hightier battles”

    Severogorsk is…

    *looks at winrate for each of the two sides of the map*

    …doing fine!

    Honestly, its not just about being unbalanced. If a certain type of vehicle suffers heavily on a map (or make that “types” for this case) then it needs reworking too. :P

      • Quite frankly, the south side has a huge advantage. The hill on thier spawn side has a much cleaner field of fire across the map then the north spawn. Now, i HAVE won spawning in the north, just very very rarely, and never at tier 8+ Mostly, its my Churchill winning a north spawn

  21. I have no clue what they plan to do with that KV-122. If they dont want the 122 to be on a tier 6 tank, they would have to move it to tier 7, where there is already an IS and a KV-3 with the same freaking gun. One solution would be to get rid of the IS since there is already the IS-2 in the Chinese line which is basically the same tank anyway. Would give people a reason to play the Chinese heavies.

  22. As long as the KV-85 does NOT have the 122 mm gun (I don’t mind it having the short 122 mm gun that its predecessor, the KV-1, had, it’s the one that the IS has too that bothers me), I’m fine with this development

  23. All the raging Stalinists and their desperate wishful thinking of ways to keep their beloved seal clubber the way it is at tier 6…

    That’s for the Panzer IV, bitches! >:D

  24. If the KV-1S is split into KV-85 and KV-122, will there be a free garage slot if you get the KV-1S? Or is the split actually a replacement, and a new tier 7, the KV-122, is added, meaning no free garage slot? Thank you.

  25. Well, smells like tier 6 premium heavy incoming, KV-85 for free and KV-122 for about 30€….
    KV-122 on tier 7 makes absolutely no sense, as there is already the IS with almost the same stats.
    And the IS is way too iconic to be deleted entirely, no, the KV-85 for free and the KV-122 as premium is way more plausible (just see the Pz. IV…)

  26. T23 will return in an unexpected way hmmm. Maybe they’ll implement it in the german td line, that would be unexpected :p. Also yayaya no more kv1s with giant sealclubbing gun thx WG at last a deserved nerf!