Extra History video – now that’s something I like

Hello everyone,

here’s something not concerning tanks or WoT directly, but it could be. You see, there’s a (quite popular) channel on Youtube about game designing, called “Extra Credits“. It’s a weekly show about videogames and videogame industry. It usually doesn’t deal with specific games, but with various game aspects and effects. I really like its cute animation style and the fact that it looks at various aspects of gaming and game design from a different perspective, than many other blogs. If you are interested in games beyond the generic “they red me shoot”, I can strongly recommend this show.

But that’s not why I write this.

The most recent part deals not with games per se, but history. The story goes that the developers of Total War: Rome II gave the makers of this channel a call and asked them to introduce the historical aspect the game in a funny, witty and entertaining way. The first part is about the Punic wars and… well, here it is:



So, what I am thinking: it would be really cool to actually have something like this for WoT. There are TONS of myths, garbage, interesting stories and all the other things still out there. Wouldn’t it be really cool for Wargaming, he they actually paid these guys to issue such a video on tanks and the history too? I’d certainly enjoy it more than the (let’s face it, a bit boring) “historical” videos, narrated by guy/bot, who insists pronouncing “Jagdpanzer” with “J” (as in “Jerry”)…..

Whatcha think?

42 thoughts on “Extra History video – now that’s something I like

  1. Always liked the Total War series, and credit where it’s due, the devs using some of their budget to promote and teach history is nothing less than awesome. Game developers around the world, take note.

  2. what I think? I think you should stop spamming the blog with useless posts like this, I come here for important info like the nerf of T57 and foch, not random bullshit that I can just as easily find on the forums, go post this over there, not here

    • There is the possibility to only read the Q&A, by clicking the “Q&A Only” button at the very top of the page. And I guess you know your comment is neither a very construcitve one nor respectful, right?

      Silentstalker, would you mind to post the continuation as soon as it appears in Youtube? Just to piss off the guy above and bc I enjoyed watching this video. :)

    • Hey llVIU[F_O_S]!
      You’ve made a cool post there, and let me say I think it’s just fantastic that you’re putting your words on For the Record. That said, there a couple small ways that you could improve your post:

      1: Who are you quoting?
      The users of For the Record hold themselves to a high standard of posting, so when you quote someone, we enjoy hearing whose thoughts you’ve borrowed.

      2: Do you have a grooming guide for mustaches?
      Who hasn’t had the experience of carefully tending a beautiful mustache, only to have your friends and family tell you it’s just too wide? In your future posts, you should consider addressing this issue.

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    • I think you should just stfu. It SilentStalker blog and he can do it with whatever he pleases if you dont like it go to another blog or make your own with your own rules.

  3. By the way, World of Tanks adds just aired in Bulgarian TV.
    Expect wave of even more nooby bulgarians and a new brand of bulgarian “Siemka” types. The “Zdrasti, nqkoi BG?” type…

  4. Wow, thanks for posting this, SS! Rome II is shaping up to be one of my most favorite games of all time, and I’m very very interested in this history, even though I did already know 80% of it (as I am very interested in this, this shouldn’t come as a surprise xD)
    – Even so much that I haven’t played WoT in days xD –thanks again for writing about this!
    Don’t pay attention to those WoT freaks who do nothing but play WoT all day…

  5. The whole spiel about the German tree revisions recently gave me this really crazy idea of making a machinima history series on implemented tanks, but thought I never had the time nor the tools to do so, and I risked overstepping on(read: redundant in the face of…) segments like those put up by The_Chieftain

    Well with some hope, maybe WG will take a hint and then I won’t have to do it :)

    • Indeed, this sounds like a great idea to me. Just as long as it doesn’t come out all one-sided like the last *ahem* “myth-debunking” article posted here.

      Also, video series I watch gets mentioned on FTR, hooray!

      • At this point iI think some people are just biased against EE and lash out against him. If he wrote under a different name i doubt the comments would be inflamed as much.

  6. write in the video comments that u would like to see something like this about WW2 also. we (FTR community) could vote up the comments to get the Extra Credit’s attention

  7. Extra Credits is such an awful series when it comes to video games (unsurprisingly, the creator is rumored to only have “experience in the industry, as he put it, working for a phone games company for ~6 months).
    Please, stop giving them traffic.
    I shudder to imagine what horrible interpretations they could apply to history, considering what they’ve “deduced” from some video games before.
    The site thrives on pseudo-intellectual garbage to appeal and strawmanning.
    It’s disgusting.

  8. They grandstand and generalise which is their inherent problem. A good deal of subjects and arguments, if not the overwhelming majority is ripped from other academics and developers and regurgitated as their own without a shred of reference or acknowledgement, and more often than not it is used in a way for them to argue their own agenda or perspective.

    Which is why they don’t ever actually break the surface on the overwhelming majority of stuff they’re talking about and have less credence then a blog post on Gamasutra; they’re brushing over a subject to images without even crediting the material they’re using.

    That’s why Extra Credits isn’t taken seriously anywhere outside of it’s own incestious community and general games media. They’re just games media as well, and in a way worse than people making videos on YouTube talking about similar subjects or blog writers who actually link their sources and spend more time delving into the material than depending on funny pictures to telegraph what they’re saying.

    Now they’re good at providing a basic and often obvious window to a subject, but that’s it. Unfortunately plenty of people who don’t know any better preach it their words as gospel without fully understanding what the fuck they’re talking about. If Extra Credits actually suggested the material they were taking from then maybe these folks would actually have another point of reference to look into.

    The religion episode, and it’s second part, struck me as particularly awful.
    Oh, and the video games addiction episode, which I’m unable to finish to this day.
    They also defended Mass Effect’s day one DLC, as “they would be unable to sell DLC later in the games life”, which was a hilariously naive assumption considering all the DLC sold like hotcakes no matter when it was released. They then went on to defend DISC LOCKED CONTENT, not just Downloadable Content, as fair, and that paying an extra fee for content shipped with the game was “reasonable” and healthy for the industry.

    Oh, and the community moderation section, that’s another awful one.
    “why do people keep cursing at me in FPS games filled with ~12 year olds on a violent testosterone binge”

    • Believe it or not, some people agree with disc locked content, some people loved Microsoft’s idea on “how to fight against used games”, etc. Some people actually like sushi (blargh) and some men’s favorite color is pink (holy beep).

      Life is an obstacle… get over it.