8.8 patchnotes – no hidden nerf

Hello everyone,

just a quick heads up before the forums explode with rage over “unexpected nerfs”:

Detailed Russian patchnotes are out. Amongst other things, they contain the following:

M4A3E8 Sherman:

Время прицеливания орудия 76 mm Gun M1A2 изменено с 2,3 сек. до 3,5 сек.
Разброс орудия 76 mm Gun M1A2 после выстрела увеличен на 50%.

(aim time increased from 2,3s to 3,5s, aim spread after shooting increased by 50 percent)

Don’t panic!

This does NOT concern the ingame M4A3E8, it concerns the vehicle that is used in the (American) tutorial, which is designated as “M4A3E8″ too, but it is a separate vehicle. So don’t worry, no Sherman nerfs are coming. At least not for now :P

This has been confirmed by both The_Chieftain and Storm.

28 thoughts on “8.8 patchnotes – no hidden nerf

  1. Too many people were going US, so they nerfed the tutorial tank to lure the noobs back to glorious mother Russia!

    • Yes, they try to do a lot more on the NA server to attract more customers yet they shit on the EU one… Maybe the problem is in the french office, maybe they didn’t rly like all the retreat jokes when the french were released :D :D

  2. Thanks for the news, was very effective to troll people for a few minutes of:
    “OMG WG nerfs everything but russian tanks!”

  3. I’ll get free garage slot when I have VK30.01H in garage? (If all garage slots are taken, so there is no space for new tier 6)

  4. Lol wut? I though everyone was driving T-34-85 in tutorial. Thats outrageous! I want German/French/British tank in EU tutorial!
    Russian bias!!!111oneone11!

    • How can it be Russian bias when only the Murricans got a different treatment? It’s YANK BIAS, as I already said.

  5. Well, I believe they have done it for a reason – when they make the aim time and spread this huge – players will notice it better and understand what’s going on easier.

  6. Meanwhile on the ASIA server, we get a Panther for the tutorial. Guess it changes for each server.

    • Looks like they can make even more useless change than nerfing JT’s gun depression from -8 to -7.5°