74 thoughts on “EU forums nickname

  1. Im banned from the forums, can I make a second account without violating any rules? The offcial forum moderators remind me of the rebels, they bullshit all they want.

  2. That awkward moment when I realize that that “Eren Jäger” is actually Silentstalker….


    Also, we got another Attack of Titan fan. Nice to know :D. (And Cowboy Bepop is a classic..I agree with you)

  3. hmmm i realy wonder why you came back at last, i tought you where done now. but i gues you wont tell us why and i respect that.
    anyway welcome back, it looks like i will start checking the forum more now

  4. Really the official forums are a joke, they ban people too fucking easy, even when theres no real rule that is broken. I really think some of the mods are homosexuals or pretty insecure males, to be such butthurt creatures.

    • 5 minute re-caps at the start of every episode
      screaming, powering up, wordswordswords
      nothing actually happening

      40 episodes later, we’re up to the next chapter in the manga

      the pacing is getting a bit slow, they really should speed the anime up a bit. the SnK manga was an enjoyable read

  5. That’s the one thing i don’t understand… Why the hell would you ever want to go back to that shithole? They stated that they don’t want you? It’s their loss, no point in pushing yourself up their butts… You have your own blog now, you get some profit, you got a lot of recognition, you provide better info about the game then their “official” info, you do great community service.
    Are you really that bored or is there something in it for you i just can’t see? I would just turn my back on them if i were you…

    • I don’t. I used the account for trolling, PM’s and for monitoring the forums. Nothing illegal, but certainly nothing worth anything, all the info will come out thru FTR.

      • Oh well… Monitoring forums i can understand. But now you made it “official” and i see this as a moment of your weakness :( … It’s not about being legal or not – it’s about standing your ground. Now it feels as if you surrendered, because it’s your decision to use their forums actively again, after getting banned – that’s a statement all by its own.
        Just sit and rethink calmly.

  6. Werent you banned from EU forums? you made a second account? thats not allowed and admitting it will get you banned again.

  7. im perma banned too, but i wont make another account…its just not worth it….their warning system is utter bullshit same as their EU staff….10 warnings and most of them are for some harmless stupid thing and you are permabanned….utter bollocks….also FTR blog is much better place to get info than their shitty forums…

  8. Hey SS, if you’re into anime, you can give Legend of the Galactic Heroes a shot.

    It’s also called Politics: The Anime. 110 episodes of space opera; complex, well-thought plot practically without any holes, deus ex machinas and other stuff that writers do and hope noone will notice – it’s a complete opposite of trainwreck (yes, I’m looking at you code gayass and guilty crap).

    • Ah…..LoGH, or as it’s also known, “boring gay Germans in space”…. :P

      Nah, seriously, LoGH is great, though I can understand why some people dislike it. It’s not an easy show to watch, but if you’re prepared to give it time it’s very rewarding. Disagree with you on Code Geass though. Well,, OK, it is a trainwreck, but it’s an entertaining one. Sometimes you want something to make you think, which is what LoGH is for. And sometimes you want to turn off your brain and have fun, which CG does nicely.

      Also, if you like LoGH, try Tytania. IIRC, it’s based on another novel by the author of the former – not quite as good, but still worth watching.

      • Next time I watch geass, I will just ignore the plot and focus on BOOBS. :D

        There are many (imo) better anime that work on the principle of “no brainz, just fun” – like detroit metal city, dai mahou touge or dokuro-chan. Especially DMC.

        Then there are anime that force your brain to switch off – legendary Mars of Destruction (aka “condensed NGE”) or apocalypse zero. These are so BAD that they’re a “must watch” kind. :D

      • *sigh*

        Too bad my brainwashing machine just broke, I would use it and transform you into… No, not anime otaku.

        SilentStalker, the magical girl! Saving the universe (from evil mastermind SerB) with her magical staff Tiger Zwei, beams of destruction and occasional pantyshots!


  9. Cool! My alter name is Harabeishio.

    It is rather funny people are not taking my arguments seriously because this account has like 70 battles. They call me noob, then i check their stats and lo, i see like 52% winrate.