Active EU Missions – 10.9.2013

The Way to Glory – win 15 victories, get 250k credits once per day
Learning by Doing – be one of the top 3 XP earners in your team (no matther whether you win or lose), get 20 percent more crew XP
Know your Trade – earn 50k XP per day, get 1 day of premium account (once per day)

Beware of Flankers
– kill 50 enemy tanks (once per account till Saturday 7AM) with a T4+ medium tank, get 1 Improved Ventilation Class 2 + 10 Large Repair kits
Mediums for Victory! – win 10 battles in a T4+ medium tank once per day, get 50k credits

21 thoughts on “Active EU Missions – 10.9.2013

  1. Hey SS, would you also consider also putting the active specials into these posts? Sometimes tracking them all can be daunting.

    • Because most companies are coordinated by commander and winning side gets more credits and XP per player than in random battles.
      Next time turn on brain :)

  2. SS, just a recommendation: maybe it would be more useful and easier (for you as well!) to put a box in the sidebar with the current active mission. So you wouldn’t need a new post every day for that and we wouldn’t need to scroll.

    • No need for that. Tomorrow, the new mission interface comes out in 8.8 and this won’t be needed anymore, as you will be able to see the missions within the client.

  3. Are you gonna post this everyday? Because it looks like the 250k credits and 1day premium mission are gonna become a permament feature (already displayed for october on ru cluster, at least).