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    • The trailers we know from Gaijin (for example the “Heroes”) are specially made and take a LOT of time and money. That can’t be done on regular basis.

    • It’s a minor patch trailer. It would be a waste (for them and for us too) to spend more money and time than this on it. There are four maps and six (or was it seven?) vehicles in it, that’s not even a trailer-worthy material, IMO.

  1. Very nic pic :) And this is great example of WG hypocrisy. They are reintroducing Stalin inscription (cuz this is historical) but they won’t implemete german inscriptions (like Gott mit uns!). Why? Cuz they were on the oposite sides during WW2? And they don’t care that number of stalinism’s victims is tens of millions (in USSR and Eastern Block countries). But who cares?

    Let the hunt begin!

    • Have you ever heard of the law? Nazi stuff is illegal, stalin stuff is not. Any dumb discusion after that is pointless, and speaks volumes on posters inteligence.

      • Yes, I heard. And do you know why nazi stuff is illegal? Cuz lawmakers where lucky not to be under soviet occupation. That’s all. And there is still strong, post soviet myth, about russian might, in their (russian) heads. EOT. Have a nice day.

        • Stalin references is only illegal in one country and the law is not even enforced there. And WoT is not the only game that ignores that law, WT has the same inscriptions.

      • Stalin is also illegal in some countries, but WG doesn’t care, because those countries left communism and became democratic in 1990-1992.

      • Because an inscription that says “God with us” is German is soooo offensive to people.

        Nah, they are just putting all of the German things in one pile, I understand why they don’t want swastikas, but if it isn’t directly connected to Nazism it should be put into the game as it is a motto that has been in use by many different countries since the 17th century.

        • Gott mit Uns is just as tied with Nazis as swastikas are. Also IIRC they were actually asked to remove the inscriptions by German administrative, which is a fairly bad issue for them.

      • Paaranoja, “Gott mit uns!” never was under anti nazi law. It’s absolute legal!
        Also “Down with communism” or “Moskau Express” would be perfectly legal!
        It’s WG’s butthurt commie bias!

        FYI:”Gott mit uns!” was on the belt buckle of the Wehrmacht and those nazi SS troops had a different slogan on it!
        So WG’s stupidity on history strikes ones more!

        • oh boy, its quite simple, germany asked for removal of those, if you can get the government of equally important/big nation to ask for the removal of stalin inscriptions im sure there would be actions (or significant portion of playerbase)

          Also, whether you like it or not, Stalin, who was without a doubt a war criminal and a murderer, is still more positive persona than Hitler. So, by simple fact that humans prefer lesser evil if they can choose, the score was, is and always will be Stalin>Hitler, and as a consequence so will all inscriptions, symbols etc…


          • “Stalin, who was without a doubt a war criminal and a murderer, is still more positive persona than Hitler” – I wonder if you would talk like that if your nation was victim of stalinism. Or your family personaly. Both of them, Hitler and Stalin, should be put in one, forbiden, category. Or, if there is “for Stalin” inscription” there should be ” für
            Führer”. But staying in close relationship with Russia makes WG butt hurting (Great Patriotic War). That’s all ;)

            • In contrast of being a victim of nacizm? yes, yes i would, like i said, people pick lesser of two evil, stalin is exactly that…

            • No, not in contrast of being a victim of nacizm. Why there is no Hitler or directly 3rd Reich inscriptions? Just because so called “western” Europ was fighting against #rd Reich. And then USSR. But ask nations which sufferd from both. Sure, WG doesn’t see any problem. And don’t care about Gulag, Holodomor, deportations and many other. But ok. If WG is sitting with their heads in their asses… So be it. BUt most fair it would be not to reimplement Stalins inscriptions. Or imlement both. But who cares?

            • I dare you to find evidence of the Germans using tank inscriptions referring to the Führer IRL. So much for “both”.

              And regarding “nations which sufferd from both” those mostly engage in willful idiotism by merrily glossing over the little detail the Nazis basically wanted all of them DEAD whereas the Soviets were only interested in their obedience.

            • >Both of them, Hitler and Stalin, should be put in one, forbiden, category.
              Both Christianity and Islam, should be put in one, forbidden category.
              Look, I live in post-communist country and I don’t give a shit about it?
              Wanna be Hitler Jugend? Whatever man, you’re fucking slav we all know Hitler loved us nearly as much as jews and gypsies. Same logic applies to Stalinists.
              Who cares? As long as you’re making taboo out of it, idiots will flood those ideologies(see football hooligans who are often nazi), when you’ll stop doing this they’ll have to find other way to be “politically incorrect”(cause it’s cool and edgy).

            • I daresay not wanting to *kill fucking everybody* between Poland and the Urals reflects rather well on him in comparision, yes.

    • Well ‘Gott mit uns!’ is tied to a religion, mainly Christianity. Maybe WG doesn’t want to upset Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Scientology and whatnot ?? ;)

    • I wander, how many of you imbeciles will die, trying to kill me because of “For Stalin!” inscription, I will put on my tank, just for purpouse of butthurting? :)

  2. Damn storm in a teacup with the Stalin inscriptions.

    I’ll put the “За Сталина!” and “Сталинец” inscriptions on all my Russian tanks come 0.8.8 just to spite the “M-muh feelings are offended! Ban everything!” people.

        • yep, cant wait for tards to start TK me, it will reduce the number of low IQ players in the circulation by a decent amount.

          • “yep, cant wait for tards to start TK me, it will reduce the number of low IQ players in the circulation by a decent amount.”

            yep and also there will be 2 less in the game. :)

    • Put Nazi inscriptions as well, matey. Just to emphasize your retardness even more!

      Anyway, well played, Polish community.

          • Basic Lawfor the Federal Republic of Germany
            Article 5 – Freedom of expression, arts and sciences
            (1) Every person shall have the right freely to express and dis-
            seminate his opinions in speech, writing and pictures, and
            to inform himself without hindrance from generally acces-
            sible sources. Freedom of the press and freedom of report-
            ing by means of broadcasts and films shall be guaranteed. There shall be no censorship.

            Looks good until here… but wait!

            These rights shall find their limits in the provisions of gen-
            eral laws, in provisions for the protection of young persons,
            and in the right to personal honour.

            So, you’re free to express yourself, except if your speech is banned by some law! Woa! So, it’s not really free then. By comparison, the First Amendment to the US Constitution…

            Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.[69]

            This is Free Speech.

            • I don’t think you did understand the (2) correctly. What (2) mainly states is your freedom is limited if it conflicts with the fundamental rights of other people granted by the basic laws.
              Also general laws have restrictions and can’t change the basic laws in their meaning.They protect legal interests (e.g. your personal rights) by allowing exceptions for the basic laws for the general good but can’t misconstrue the meaning of the basic laws or infringe the essence or being disproportional.
              So you are still pretty unlimited in your freedom of speech but aren’t allowed to e.g. spread Nazi propaganda.

              So I like our laws better than the First Amendment which can be exploited too easily and too many bad ideologies can be spread protected by that “great” law.

              Saying Germans don’t have free speech is pretty stupid.

            • to previous Anon

              So, basicaly it goes like this:

              “You have the right of free speech, but WE will decide what speech IS free”.

              How convinient.

            • Maybe start reading and thinking before posting.

              As said above its not arbitrary decided what is prohibited.
              I don’t see your problem of understanding.

              Maybe an example helps you to understand. Under that law it would be prohibited for me to call you a child abuser, post it on FB or write it on a newspaper etc. since everything is made up (I hope so) and with the only intend to harm you socially. You could sue me for that as the law is on your side.
              With your wish and understanding of freedom of speech I would be able to do so without getting punished.
              I guess you wouldn’t like that or would you?

              So, basically it goes like this:
              “You have the right of free speech, but WE don’t give you the right to put yourself over the rights of others.” – It’s important to have those exceptions in the law to avoid exploitation from evil-minded people and therefore offer protection of the weak.

            • This is so dumb that I almost assume you’re trolling intentionally.

              So in the oh-so-great USA you can’t sue someone for insulting you? You can’t sue someone if they tell wrong stories that hurt your social or business life?

              Maybe stop believing in propaganda and the “USA IS TEH BEST COUNTRY OH GOD WE GOT SO MUCH FREEDOM” and start thinking. Freedom in Germany is defined as “You are free to do most things, as long as it doesn’t hinder the freedom of other people”, which is a quite good definition.

            • Ok, just for the sake of logic

              If everyone have equil rights and everyone have the right of free speech, how could any words put someone over the rights of others. You call me a child abuser, I say “Evidence, please. Haven’t any? So please my good Sir go fuck yourself!”. And there’s no problem.

              If a nation is so weak and fruity that citizens need a special law deligating THEIR responsibility to protect THEIR dignity from other peoples’ sayings to state authorities than maybe the whole system is fucked up.

    • That’s an awesome idea, will do it too >:D I stopped caring about my WR and all stats anyway so it’s good opportunity to induce some diquead (The New Statesman anyone?) bans

      • 1 Creat alternate account

        2 Play only soviet tanks

        3 Put inscriptions on all of them

        4 Paste a message in cyrilic every battle

        5 Profit?

    • 1 week ban here i come since i will be on porpose anoying EVERY soviet tank that will have that insception on i will drive in front of em block shots ect just to make day worse for em. dont care if i get baned or whatever

    • Hunt on Stalin inscriptions you say? I guess TK can not stay in game for long and inscriptions can… win win win

      suckit but hurt dweebs

  3. How… typically polish.
    1. steal something that you don’t own (picture),
    2. claim it as yours,
    3. use it to signal your butthurt everywhere
    4. ????
    5. PROFIT

    One just HAS to put those inscriptions on, if only for purely ecological concerns — less siemkatards, better games in the future.

    • 1. steal something that you don’t own (picture),
      2. claim it as yours,
      3. use it to signal your butthurt everywhere

      Sorry but thats WG style :)

  4. >Looks like there might be some…. competition coming up :)
    The competition for idiocy in the polish community has been there from ages, it’s not news or anything.

  5. I’ll put some “For Stalin” inscription on my T-54 and T-62A ASAP too! Lets see how many retarded Siemkas and other east european scum will get banned because of it (I think I already love the new ban system) xD

    • Wargaming really knows how to make money.

      At Wargaming-Office:
      “Those money-bags will all buy the new stalin inscriptions” – “Good, finally i will be able to buy a porsche and get me some cheap whores”

  6. Nice.
    I`m not only gonna put “Stalinec” on (almost) all mu tanks.
    I`m also gonna make a thread with their screenshots at the polish section of the WoT forums :)

    See you on the battlefield siemkas. May Dzerzhinsky be with you…

  7. 8.8 is fun for me so far, got the 25.000 free XP as compensation for the Panther engine, but all the free XP I had before the patch is gone.

    Bravo, WG. Bravo.

  8. Forgot to put the FOR STALIN inscription on my KV-5 frontal armor…thanks for the reminder!

    Now i can annoy the polish pricks back.

    • I must admit all this idiotic whining and loldrama has made me seriously consider adding suitable Stalin-themed inscriptions to my mid-tier Sov “keepers” the next time there’s a discount, just to piss off the twats.

  9. Can i have Yezhov inscritpion? And Beria? They were heroes, protecting peace of minds of common workers!

  10. @Silentstalker
    Do U know that Dom1n is Polish Translator of UR Blog?
    So if Dominik(This is the real name of Dom1n) will again change the language,this will be like inception :).
    LOL just a bit of trolling.

  11. I thought this was because of the 74th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland coming up on 9-17.

    Nice photo BTW of Comrade Joe being smacked in the crosswalks.

    Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna

  12. A little bit more butthurt and servers will be flood with Soviet tanks painted with Stalin slogans. Because most players don’t care and are bored and pissed of this constant whining.

  13. I try put this stalin picture on forum but they always delete it 7 times and after that they give me 1 warning point for OT. Interesting coz I post it into 8.8 staff and this picture is about stalins inscriptions on 8.8.

    Censorship rulez on WG forums