New 8.8 teamdamage system


First a little video from RU server:



This is a video from live 8.8 on RU server (you can see the VK3002M there). The guy was banned for “team damaging” (that was the popping up window) after some very slight (but repeated) damage.

In other words: be VERY careful who you ram/damage in 8.8.

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  1. Seems like utter bullshit. So if you push someone or accidentally crash into someone you are taken out of the game imediately ?

    • No, it seems to be repeated damage over a short period of time (1 game).

      If you continue to ram someone (As demonstrated by this clip) then you’ll get banned.
      He was pushing the arty but the game doesn’t know that, it just saw multiple events where that tank did team damage.

    • It’s probably a percentage based system based on the damage you’ve done to enemies vs team as well as the time of incidents. What most likely happened here is with the new system all damage “starts at 0″ so the individual had no lee way

  2. There is already topics in ru, one guy taked 3 shoots into platoonmate and bum 1 day ban, another guy with T92 arty made shot and damaged his teammates – ban LOL

    • So arty “pro” frag hunters have to learn aim . It is so often that arty is dealing team damge. Why? Cause some of them are shoting even if they see teammate approaching enemy tank. So now, beeing arty frag hunter will result with ban :P

      • Yet ‘normal’ Tankers never learn, that hugging a tank, which is marked by arty will lead to get yourself killed. Because you know, an artyshot is traveling some seconds and the artyplayer can’t make the shot undone, when a teammate starts to hug. (The average arty shot travels around 3 seconds, a tank can move in 3 seconds about 10 meters (about 10km/h) )

        • When it’s 3 allied tanks ganking a low health enemy tank at close range, there’s no need for ‘friendly’ arty to try and help, target marking or not.

          • +1
            I was in ELC in tier IX game yeserday, I killed enemy arty np (ok, it took me 2 shots because still its just a tier V) and then friendly arty shot fell 1m from me… i was OK, but it was an open map, our arty had many targets and the best he can do is trying to kill a teammate.

            • The fucking kill hungry arty noobs are doing this all the time. Lucky thing is that their numbers have dropped but I hope the remaining idiots will be banned or learn to play. When the enemy is on 60 HP and you are parking behind it with full health, there is no need for fucking nuke cannon support.

        • When hugging someone is the optimal way for me to both stay alive and deal damage, I sure as hell won’t obey your ‘command’ to back off so you can take a shot from half the map away. Watch your fire and shoot targets that aren’t sufficiently dealt with already.

          • That sentiment is why pubbies suck. Its always: me me me.

            Arty has finally loaded and targeted, is nice enought to announce where to shot: What the fuck do I care? This tank is fucking MINE! Teamplay is for idiots anyway!

            • Bullshit, arty are fucking newbs. I got TK’d on my T71 after killing 2 arty, and was parked behind their third and last arty waiting for my auto-loader to refill, when BAM! my own arty kills me.
              He’s screaming it is my fault cause he T’d the arty, I am yelling I have an auto-loader, and the safest fucking place for me to be is BEHIND the arty so it can’t fucking shoot me!
              I found all their fucking arty, and I by god want my three kill medal! Arty can fuck off and shoot the goddamn E-100 and Maus that is giving our heavies hell.

            • Actually arty was a decent part of the game. The problem is that you knuckleheads that cant deal with it whine and cry. Whether it because you aren’t talented enough to avoid it most of the time or that you cant buy gold enhancements to avoid it. Boo hoo to you. Seriously every freaking game is ruined because some one type of game style idiot whines about it. Go play some other game and ruin that now.

            • I really disagree with you, I love my GW Panther right now, it took me some time to get used to it again after that huge patch but now I simply adore it. Arty had too huge of an impact, especially for a game of tanks. I am not even that great in arty but I get the job done. Wait for first spot, then for rambos who are in the open and when the real battle starts, knock of turrets of those who give the hardest time for your team that thinks they are so invincible behind their great arty cover. Mostly it is just that arty players do not dare nor have the experience to hit only little exposed vehicle or they do not have the patience to wait for 30 for their future victim to come outside for shot again. Other times they wait too long for one vehicle to pop up when their team needs them elsewhere. I do not care more about anything than wining a match. Damage is nice, kills are nice, so are medals, but I can put it all you know where if my team lost. And when I platoon with other arties, it is arty party all over again :) I even dare to take GWP into tier 10 battle and still win, since I cane shoot two shots for 400-800 dmg since others one for 1000-1400. And if we both miss once, I get at least half the damage :) and it often takes just one such hit to end rush of reds into our greens (if they are in smaller numbers). One is hit, he backs off, other 2 saw him being hit and backs off and the rest sees 3 tanks retreating and start to panic. Morale is a huge factor in public games and arty was bringing fear since I can remember. And now, when most people consider it utterly useless and then someone hits twice or 3 times the same tank, the fear is even more apparent. And if I hit for 400, detracts and then my mate in GWT finishes off, a process 10 seconds long, their turrets turn white of fear and their camo peals off of the stress they are put under. And my much more skilled mates in clan can still decide a TC when in arty, resulting with thousands of dmg and most of the kills.

              If you suck at arty, it is not because arty is bad, rather you are bad. A words from an average player. My effi in GWP 1100, WR 55 IIRC, this piece of equipment bought after patch as stock. I had loved lower tier arty (e.g. wespe), but it is almost unplayable due to fast pace of low tiers with such changes in shell travel time, reload and dmg. But it never had an impact of higher tier arty anyway. Only I personaly do not enjoy it as much as before, the changed low tier does not suit me, but it is not bad.

        • Fuck arty, I am glad they got nerfed. Useless fucking cowards hiding across the map. I hope they never get buffed, and end up leaving the game completely.

          • the sheer ignorance… wonder if you have any idea how many times your ass has been saved by arty?

      • “Nerf arty to oblivion” “Ban arty for danger close shots”
        and then
        “Bouhou arty why didn’t you save me! It’s your fault if we lose!”

  3. If you watch he was banned when he did team damage after turning blue so looks like it only affects pre-flagged team killers.

    • You’re right, he rammed arty few times, turned blue, rammed arty couple of times again and then got banned.

  4. Actually … I like this. Now everybody will make goddamn sure, that he will not hit or ram friendly unit…

      • It’s not broken, just don’t push your teammates at high speed.
        He wasn’t even doing a good job of it, he should have just drove past him rather than push him. It’s only done by causing multiple team damage in a short time. When you got shot 3 times by a teammate at the start of the game and he gets banned, I’m sure you’ll like it.

        • It its broken, there should be a damage threshold, expressed in HP % or in relation to tier, under which it’s ignored. Pushing allies is a legit tactic. So if I push an ally, and I get damage because of that (say he’s heavier/better armored) repeatedly, HE will get banned?

          • Pushing an ally is rarely a really legit tactic. It only works if the tank you’re pushing is very light and has a weak engine. I get really pissed off when someone tries pushing my TOG or T28, since all they actually end up doing is damaging themselves, they don’t help the vehicle exceed its hard-imposed speed cap, and these vehicles are way too frickin’ heavy to push anyway.

            • I feel the same way, many many people seem to think that pushing heavy tanks helps them climb hills. This is only the case when you are equally as heavy, with better acceleration, or simply heavier and faster. I’ve seen so many try to push my AT-15A or TOG II* and end up having to pay fines, and they expect a “Thank you” for costing me money.

            • You don’t need to be as heavy, you just need to have more torque than you can use. It’s the case for a lot of medium tank, mainly american and british.

            • Most players don’t know how to push. They don’t use the right tanks to push with, they don’t pick the right tanks to push, they don’t know how to match speeds with the other tank before touch or how to stay with it around corners. The only time I’ve taken or caused damage during a push is when some idiot rams into me from behind trying to create a train.

          • If you’re repeatedly taking damage while pushing, you’re doing it wrong. And under the current system, you’re costing that tank you’re pushing XP and credits (several times the amount that you receive as a compensation). It’s a legit tactic in certain situations (where the tank you’re pushing is more important than you being in position earlier), but not one you should do if you don’t know how to push without self-damage.

      • I’m not saying it’s perfect, I’m just saying that team damage was way too benevolent. The hell, I could just kill random teammate and not even go blue…

      • Great, a scout will Ram into my Maus and i will be banned? All the penaltys in credits i have payed for that before equals to an Tier 8.

        • I seem to recall that they were changing the detection of who’s guilty as well. Whoever is going fastest at collision time is the guilty one. So unless your maus is going downhill and ramming a near stationary light I think you’ll be fine.

        • Nope. New antyramming system is introduced – guilty is this player who had greater speed in the moment of impact.

  5. I’ve played for 3 years and in that time maybe shot my own team twice. Its about time WG got tough on team killers or just people who like to fire one into someone because they feel like it.

    If anything the bans should be longer.

  6. Looks good to me, tired of punk bitches ramming my T95 trying to “push”. I hope they get perma-banned. It is NEVER ok to ram, shoot, or in any other way harm a teammate.

  7. Possible Explanation:

    In order to make the rating system more fair, average experience per battle will be calculated freshly from the point of 8.8 going live (new system introduction). Player experience, gained before 8.8, will not be taken into account.

    Why? When WG really counts stats from zero with 8.8 you dealt no good damage, but with pushing you deal teamdamage.
    With 8.7 and normal play you gain a lot more good damage then teamdamage. So you can hit a teammember and dont become blue.

      • So if i ram the E-100, making sure i am slightly slower than him, he will get banned ? Sounds like a solid system ;)

        I hope that the systems isn’t as dumb as it sounds.

        • And if he sees you, all he has to do is push on the “Brake” key. Or however they call it. :D

          • The heavies don’t stop that fast once they got up to speed, so i can just sprint in front of him and stop hard, bam he runs into me.

            I just hope the system is not just speed based, but it would have to be pretty intelligent to know whose fault it is.

            • Battle recording on: if a scout will ram me and I get a ban I will send ticket to WG incl. Replay. And then I will persuade them for compensation.

      • shoots teammate – “Sorry.” – shoots teammate again – “Sorry.” – Yeah… so much better when the trolls talk to you.

    • for ramming they take into account speed of both tanks, so the tank that went faster will get fined

          • If you hit him while he is going slower then you, then that means that he is infront of you and you actuall rammed him and it was your fault. If he is behind you and going slower then you then he will obviously not catch up to you to hit you.

          • I damaged lights before when I was turning on the spot, he got mangled between my Maus and a building. Never saw that little bigger.

      • Thats actually very bad.


        In my E 100 or any other heavy tank (in terms of weight) i don’t have to be neccessarily faster than another tank to damage him.
        So if i am driving with 30km/h and another one crashes(which doesn’t have to be intentionally) into me with 28 km/h i will still damage him.

        The system “who goes faster is the guilty one” will work mostly good, but there are too many special cases.
        In my opinion this only works on tanks which have the same weight.

  8. Looks like they were trying to help the arty get into position more quickly by giving them a helpful push. They got banned, it seems, for a numper of repeated dings which were read by the system as systematic repeated actions. It is designed to catch repeated actions so the occasional ding will be OK I hope.

    The forum is going to be full of whines.

    • If you look closely the Type turned blue. So it wasn’t the first instance of him causing team damage.

    • usually a slow tank can not be helped much, my tog for instance top speed 14km/ph they push get dameged and speed goed up to a whopping 15 km/ph.
      needless to say don’t push the slow heavy tanks.

      • Depends on the pusher an the pushee. Sometimes is very well worth getting that heavy into position at 30 kph instead of 15-20.

        • Only works provided your tank has enough power to push, and the tank in question is fast enough to have a decent increase in speed.

      • It works with arty though. The S-51 is a KV platform, it can reach 40 but only does in slopes. If someone pushes you can get places really fast.
        Worse it’s a legitimate tactic to push stuff in CW… I certainly hope the ban is not applicable in that case

    • Look at the video he dmg the S-51, if you push your buddies and do dmg to them then you need to think -_-.

  9. So now if you want push someone in place where no one can ride at his own, will be punished by ban (always he did some dmg). Very clever!

  10. what will happen if eg elc amx will run at full speed into my e 50? i would be banned and retarded scout will laugh?

  11. This will be the rising of the trolls….

    Too many glitches in the system “who goes faster is the guilty one”….

    • Yeah, not perfect, but way better than the current solution, I am so sick of paying my allies repair bills…

      Now if only they could do something about the fools that nudge their way in front of you while your lining up a shot in sniper mode.

  12. now if a see someone with “for stallin” i can stop in front of him several times untill he gets mad and ramms, he will get banned – I love it

    And I can park behind him when he comes out of cover to take a shot, than when he goes back to cover he ramms me and gets banned again – great as long as I am not in front of someone else [irony]

    • [troll on] and you’ll get reported for blocking…..[troll off]

      Meantime, I don’t know if this “blockade” report is usefull or not ???

      • No it isnt. Here’s a secret:

        WG consider blocking only if its done by two tanks (Since being blocked by one still gives you the ability to move). No need to epxlain how idiotic that is, but heh, WG.

  13. This is fucking bullshit. I often give a push to my allies when I play with a faster tank, for instance I use my ARL 44 and someone is driving a Churchill then I push him to help him reach faster to its destination (like the hill on himmelsdorf). Thats what this guy was doing on the video. Now I can´t do that anymore??

    • This is a wrong thing you are doing, because you can help very little and you have TWO tanks being slow, while you could go to the frontline and start fighting the enemy before the Churchill does.

    • I think as long as you don’t REPEATEDLYdamage the guy you’re pushing, everything should be OK.
      And maybe, as stated before, this is because of the relation between “good damage” and team damage after WG counts stats from zero for the new rating system.

    • Don’t bother pushing. Unless it is something very light, and with a very weak engine [like an AMX-40], you’re really not helping. The team is far better off if you go fast and the other guy goes slow, than if you both just end up being slow and useless.

  14. Whats so f**king hard to fix this “problem”?
    Mirror the team damage to person who caused it – problem solved, also – it’s adequate punishment.

  15. By pure and astonishing coincidence, new team damage system comes together with Stalin inscriptions, filtering out anyone who disapproves Uncle Joe.

    • Because there was enough rage on the forums – “Teamkill everyone with stalin inscriptions” ?

  16. yeah, I also had this, me and my friend saw A t62A under us on Sand River(in the hole) , wanted to jump on him but there was a E50 Next to him shooting him, my friend accidentally pushed me on top of him, Flying on the enemy himself, I flew on the E50, I did like 200 damage to it and got a 2 day ban. I was like Wooooot.. I didn’t even turn blue before it or anything

  17. I just have 1 question about this and it’s quite simple:

    the test server is for testing tanks/bugs so why did they not implement this on test server ? I ALWAYS get shot/rammed on test server. Maybe this is for RU only? So i can have a one day ban if i get a lag attack and bump into a tank couple of times ? That bs if i get a one day ban should be for killing assh***

    • Because you roll out the biggest changes out without testing, where is the fun in testing these things ;)

  18. Why not require the player to report them before it bans/activates blue tank mode. Is it that hard to right click and select team damage?

    • If light tank is pushing you, he is taking the damage. Depending then of how that speed recognizing works since you are going approximately same speed, but knowing WG’s skills you will be the one being banned.

  19. I have been around WoT since the early days (version 0.4.something) and I welcome the ban system even though right now it can (and will be) abused by the same kind of players… Furthermore continuous team damage over time should result in longer bans. As for pushing a teammate: 1.: 95% of the time it is useless, pointless bc you have that speed to get in good positions early and/or scout, both affect the outcome of the match from the very first second. 2.:as stated above big tanks with slow top speed can’t be pushed, 1-5 kph bonus uphill maybe.. but you rather want a gun/eyes on that hill ASAP. 3.: If you decide to push them it can be done without damage to either tank, it comes down to how good you are at working the WSAD keys, it’s not rocket science.. If you cant learn that you do deserve a penalty IMO. As for incidents like lagging, etc. its negligible compared to the “good” damage you deal. As for the test server: if they implemented it half of the RU players would be banned for trolling anybody with NA or EU after their name and vice versa :)

    • I have never damaged another tank by pushing it (or myself). Compare weights and horsepower, match speeds, touch, accelerate, pay attention to the road ahead, and know when to bail out and let him continue on his own. So many times, it’s like watching a demolition derby as tanks just slam into the back of the heavies, and the damage keeps coming all the way up the hill because they can’t stay on course.

      Pushers should also know the top speeds of all the tanks they may end up pushing. If the tank drives at 18 km/h my himself, and you are pushing at 18 km/h, just stop and go somewhere else.

  20. This it totally bullshit because theres nothing wrong by accidently run into eachoter, immagine all those fast idiot tanks running in to slower ones, and then take damage themselves? Or if you push some one up a hill etc.

  21. And what is with ne New slower engines of the german Tanks? Higher speed but lese acceleration, so a push is usefull.

  22. I like that.
    Anything that potentially raises players awareness of their surroundings is good.

  23. So many bans will be handed out behind Tog II’s

    Pushing is a nice gesture, but 9 times out of 10 the pusher is just wasting time they could be using getting into positions critical to the victory pushing something far too heavy that gets no real speed benefit.

  24. I hate when someone tries to a push a tank that they can’t help go faster and I get a small fine for it but I’d hate losing a teammate to it at match start even more.

  25. Guess the stalling hunters will hate this… *Clicks Battle in his obj 140 boasting “For Stalin” inscription.*

  26. i would prefer bans for people intentionally damaging a teammate. I got shot very often by teammates just for “testing” purposes or for just being “funny”. Shots without enemies near should get punished also.

    But if I shoot back or kill the attacker its me who gets punished and the f****** not!

  27. Problem is, tanks are too fucking fast and peolle cant fucking handle them. I have been rammed multiple times by fast mediums or scouts, and halpf their HP gets blown off, and I have to pay huge repair bills to them because I have premium account. That is fucking bullshit.

  28. I push slow people all the time in my FCM 50T and yes, they do move fast up hill when I push

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  30. I’ve pushed some tanks in my past…. And they really appreciate when I do, but there is some odd 1-5 damages done here and there… This sucks balls big time. System does not understand an accident from abuse.

    Sure its nice having Replays always recorded… but the time it takes to unban might be longer than the ban itself was… Nice logic there. Thresholds should had been implemented, not the times dealing it.. Oh well they’re back to vodka now, mild beverage almost made them sober.

    • and lets not forget that artillery splash will often hit an ally if that ally was foolish and decided to push up next to the enemy. I can remember numerous occasions where that has happened, and in 7 of the 10 occasions the ally tank that pushed should have stayed back in cover.

  31. Why wg taking the little fun this game had left? It was fun to ram people,pushing them over bridge,cliff in water … one,twice per day ,making them angry ,laugh a little about it :) , this really helped after some serious hours off playing to remove the stress of losing some matches … but now its gone ,get some teamdamage and get banned ,not funny !! many will not agree but i am sure that they are some people who do the same things :)

  32. I think they corrected it allready? A clanmate of mine TK-ed yesterday after the update (the old “guy drives in front of your gun as you are in sniper mode and pull the trigger”) and nothing happened?