WG fail: SEA “112″ edition

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I normally don’t post SEA news, but this is just brilliant :)

You know, how they introduced the 112 and T-34-3 in 8.8? Well, SEA server management decided it would be a brilliant idea to actually put the 112 and T-34-3 into the gift shop BEFORE the patch 8.8 – but wait, that can’t be right, that won’t work, right?

Well, it does work, because the model is already there. It’s just that the 112 doesn’t have the 8.8 stats, it has the 8.7 (supertester) stats, that are overpowered as hell (300 pen shells etc). And the result?



About an hour ago, the tanks were pulled back from sales, but not before whole bunch of folks bought them and started trolling the battlefields. Way to go :)

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  1. Might be a kind of event , or the (x2) got photoshopped away …. 4,4k dmg isnt enough for 4k exp , not even for 3k …. would be just a usual 2k round …

  2. With enough meditation, one can be enlightened and realize armor does not actually exist. It is the SEA zen of tank.

    At least 300 pen isn’t needed to kill most of those particular tanks.

  3. 112 is priced 12250 gold (or equivalent of, since you can only buy it for cash). This is even more than Loewe. And when T8 premiums were introduced, the price was 7500! And it was considered gigantic!

    The price only is fail enough for me…

    Be VERY, very careful before you sell that Superpershings for gold, ppl. There will be no more “cheap” T8 premiums in WoT.

  4. I am still somewhat alienated by how expensive higher end premiums are in WoT.

    When your in-game item is approaching the cost of a new AAA game… that is SAD.

    • When you spend playing more time with them than with said AAA game (that gets its playtime padded by DLC, probably), it’s reasonable. And it’s true for many prem T8 users.

      • I get that, but it still feels wrong. Why not 5k gold or maybe even 8k gold at most… :(
        Besides, many people are fine playing their CoDs and BFs for years as well :P. And if you like collecting tanks, WoT will be much more expensive

          • Exactly. Supply and demand – if you raise the price, demand decreases, which means that there are less out in the wild. The last thing WG needs is a huge influx of premium tanks roaming around, because they sold them for extremely cheap prices.

          • Exactly. Not like it isn’t a wave of many T34′s / IS-6 and Löwe’s already (usually I count at least 4 premium tanks in most of the battles or some other premium tanks.

            Still thinking if I should sell my SuperPershing … it’s been a good tank for me for 400 battles but it feels insanely lacking now that T7 guns can pen it frontally without using premium rounds … but in the back of my mind I always think that WG will ninja buff it once a lot of people have sold it could be ideal hope though.

    • Well, this is a company who’s buisness strat is to make tanks OP and then fix them at best 3-4 months later, at worst more than a year. (read kv-1s)
      Keep it up WG, expose that ass to WT.

        • Because back then we had KV and Su-85 with 107mm guns, KV-3 on tier VI, Pz IV with L70 etc, etc. A lot has changed since then.

          • Plus snapshots from the big 122′s used to go into the ground or off into the sky half the time. Now they hit dead center on target, and there’s a high chance it’s a premium round to go through whatever it hits. The damage is just enough to one-shot most of its competition, and its armor has become stronger with so many tanks being nerfed or bumped up a tier.

      • Keep fellating that WG phallus.

        If you deny that WoT is broken, you must be pretty keen on being a fanboy shill.

        Find me another game that uses a crappy game engine that takes up a shitload of system resources, whilst not even looking that graphically great. WoT is hardly optimised at all. Before you go “DURR JUS BY A NEW KOMPUTER”, you shouldn’t be excusing the laziness of the developers. There is no reason why this game should heat up my graphics card more on medium settings compared to a visually better looking game, such as Crysis, on high settings.

  5. Yup, I bought 1 too before they removed it from Gift Shop…

    Currently 45/48 wins.. 94% WR…

    Not OP at all.

  6. You don’t need high pen to damage any of these tanks except KV-4. And only two of the tanks are of the same tier. The rest are weaker. It’s just MM being generous to you. And a bit of skill.

  7. I should probably explain the technical side of this.

    On ASIA- on all WG servers actually- specials are pre planned 3-4 months in advance and the scripts that initiate them set up to go when the time hits. Thus, they can’t forgot or don’t have time to push them.

    With the 8.8 release, it was unique in that a global gift shop special was due to be go off at the same time as the update. Ergo, it was planned 3-4 months in advance, on what was then the internal release date- the 11th of Sep.

    A few days ago the gift shop article was made by Content. They just make what they’re told, so this wasn’t their fault. Clearly, 8.8 wasn’t going up on the 11th. The update had been pushed out slightly.

    Article was pulled and no one – players, staff, devs- realized the automated scripts were still tickin. Kinda like chopping off a tulip but forgetting it has a bulb that’ll resprout.

    Just a simple mind blank, and automated scripts ironically working as intended.

    Of course, it didn’t even take 5 minutes after they were notified (no news article = no public announcement they noticed) to pull the tanks.

    I’d imagine the raving of their OPness might encourage more buying ;)

    *None of this is under NDA, you could’ve pieced this together from stuff they post publicly.


  8. so that’s why the post is missing..
    i thought it will come with the 8.8 patch *stupid idea

  9. A screenshot about a good, but not exceptional battle with a T8 premium tank. I don’t see what’s the fuss about it. This is big deal only if this is the average performance of the tank. Without premium account, this battle is worth only 75K credits. T8 premium owners know that 75K income is not a big deal. And he used premium ammo too…

      • Yeah, but in how long? If those 17 purchases took place in, like, 3 seconds, it adds up over time, trust me.

        • I don’t follow. The gift shop sales weren’t advertised; nobody would have known about them unless they paid a visit to the gift shop. Automatic scheduled news posts were deleted by the managers of the ASIA server, and most people paid little attention to it.

          You’re not making a lot of sense.

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  11. Well it’s actually interesting that they still find it OP, since reading further it looks like they don’t have the MM limits they’re supposed to (since MM hasn’t been updated), so they still get tier 10 fights.

    • The problem was with the 300 pen HEAT shells, which though reduced to 250 is still rather high, since tier 8 premiums aren’t supposed to be as good as a fully-upgraded regular tier 8, and the 112 looks a lot like an elited IS-3 in everything except for mobility, which is a problem with balance. The fact that it can still pen a tier 10 Heavy from the front even with angling if given a 300 pen gun means that it can pretty much single-handedly dominate a tier 8 battle all by itself, something it shouldn’t be able to do.

      • Still this “premium tanks should suck” idiocy? When will you morons wake up? Many premium tanks are blatantly OP with premium ammo and it’s that way on purpose. Do you think the Churchill III can’t own everything with 180 pen and max T6 MM? Do you think the Valentine II can’t own half of the enemy team on it’s own with it’s super armor and mediocre premium ammo penetration on T4?

        You tards just keep dreaming while I am happily statpadding with premium tanks. HAHAHA!

      • Is-2 had the same shells, because he had the same gun on level 7.

        How can you claim this level 8 would be op with it.

        While we have kv-1s one shotting everybody in their matchmaking. Ofc chinese op LAWL!?

  12. Boycott all new premium tanks from WOT. That will teach them.

    These new ones are overpriced as hell, and no better than existing stuff (if not worse). WG is in cash-grab mode right now to fund a failing WOWP and XboxWOT.. Both costing them tons, and virtually no profit at all from those failed ventures.

    So they will milk WOT suckers.. Don’t fall for it!

  13. Nice photoshop removing of the (2x) there lol. I’ve done more damage in a KV-5 before, made more credits, and still only got about 2200xp – no way anyone could get 4k xp killing mostly tier 6 tanks in a tier 8 premium.

  14. Can’t you just stop a second and read again? We mentionned it countless times, we are in the middle of an event at SEA with cumulative *2 for top 3 damage and *2 for top 3 spotting damage, so of course it’s very modified XP, by one of the best players of the server. But the guy didn’t have to erase any *2 there, and neither did he plan on getting posted on Ftr so that anonymous tards could comment on something that is, originally, a pun on a forum far, far away, between tankers familiar to each other.