Storm on 8.8 settings bug



A quick question about the bugs in settings in 8.8:

The profanity filter setting doesn’t get saved – we know. But a lot of new reports are posted, that the saving of some other settings in the “Game” settings tab don’t get saved. Can you confirm that?

I can say straight away that on our test computers everything is alright. There might be some individual server peculiarities of separate accounts, because in 0.8.8 we transferred many of the settings server-side.


From the comments, it seems that for example the camera settings don’t get saved (it gets resetted each time a player goes to battle), Storm counters that this was actually intentional (oh god, why? it’s annoying as fuck), but he doesn’t know why, because there was no time to deal with it.

Apart from that, it seems only the profanity filter is buggy, Storm states there probably won’t be a hotfix. The bug about the flashing Service icon is also known. Apart from that there seems to be a bug in the aim reticle saving (I can confirm that, they were screwed up the first time I ran the game in 8.8).

Anyway, will continue to monitor this and if there is any solution, I’ll let you know.

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  1. It blows my mind of the hell can they create bugs which werent there before? What kind of noob programmers are they using?

      • Nope the bug happens with and with out dynamic camera so its not that.

        What it is, is that in 8.7 your camera defaults to be sitting behind the turret as if you were standing on a support hanging off the back of your turret. When your aiming at a tank in front of you you are looking at it from almost the same height as the gun so you can aim up and down.

        In 8.8 your camera defaults to being about 40 or so m behind your tank and about 30 or so m higher in the air than the top of your turret. This location makes aiming at close range harder as you are looking down at a tank. I was using my tanks and got close to a Tiger II and couldn’t see the front of the tank well enough to aim at its lower glacis because it was as if I was looking at it almost from birds eye view.

        And another problem it causes is on laptops that don’t use a mouse button we have to scroll in and out using the pg up and pg dn buttons. And the time it takes to zoom into the normal setting from 8.7 is about 30 seconds that you have to be holding down the button and you can’t touch any other buttons or move your mouse at all during that time or it stops moving. This means that if you load into a battle past the 30 s countdown you will be sitting on base still resetting your camera for a few seconds once the battle starts before you can move.

        • And another problem it causes is on laptops that don’t use a mouse button we have to scroll in and out using the pg up and pg dn buttons.

          dont play on laptop, that is a stupid idea to begin with

          • I am sorry but some of us don’t have money laying around to buy/build a second computer that will only be used for one game.

  2. Is it only me who have got problems with “details” about gun parameters, suspension, engine etc (genrally parts)? The (for eg. “Power”, “Fire chance” etc.) names are all in one line, the values are normally vertical.

    Problem with my installation or with one of my mods? I only use XVM (from Test 2), some DamagePanel and MeltyMapMathMod.

  3. Is it only with my client that the AfterBattle Report is bugged? For example it shows me that I destroyed 469 enemies in the last battle. Right would be that I scouted 469dmg in the last battle…

  4. Something changed with poping-up platoon menu.

    While watching replay and going into free cam mode, it resets cross into A shaped crosshair, it forces dynamic camera, disables server crosshair.

    There was something more but I forgot.

  5. More fail shit from Failgaming..

    This company needs to go out of business, and take their fail ass game with them.

    Russian tardasses.

  6. Stuff not working in an MMO. What’s new.

    Of course major bugs in games seem to be a standard feature.

    Gamers as a community are too tolerant if this crap…

    And the mainstream gaming media show zero interest…

  7. The profanity filter is annoying as hell as it censors french words like “to pass” “class” “small” “training”.
    Write in french : “a small pz1c passed in front of me and i get the class 3 badge” will result in “”a ***** pz1c ****** in front of me and i get the ***** 3 badge”
    It HAS to be disabled each time you launch the game to make discussions understandable.

  8. Additionaly:
    - ingame communicates cause highlite of the typed text on chats
    - barrack’s lnvalid labeling
    - invalid labeling of module statistics (in polish version at least)
    - kind of blue flash in the begining of battle loading screen
    - massive lag problems on EU1
    - you can barely hear the british crew national voice

  9. 8.8 is a big joke XD…

    Got a shot from a team TD, did 400+ dmg… shot him back 2 times with a total dmg of around 200-250 and got banned for a day.

    Good luck on the golden joystick award… my vote is going to LoL

    • Oh yeah, vote for LoL, that ever since its inception has been using the same piece of shit of Adobe AIR client, that’s buggy as fuck and they NEVER fixed it.
      Vote for LoL, where you can get a team that will fuck your match up not for 15 minutes, but for over half an hour, and you can’t quit without being penalized.
      Please go vote for LoL.

  10. The camera resetting every battle is driving me INSANE! FFS WG, 3 years and you manage to screw something like this up – unbelievable.

  11. Also the platoon window keeps popping up after the battle is over; it used to stay minimized until you wanted to open it.

  12. Patch 8.8 is so buggy so far. For example also if you are in Platoon in garage and you want to use voice Q, its impossible because chat is still active, so you just write qqqqqqqqqqqqqqq into chat. You must to click outside of Platoon window to make it inactive and then you can use Q… so annoying :/

  13. The flashing consumables box is driving me nuts, in addition I may have missed this change but my Tiger II no longer has recoil from firing (i.e. aiming circle no longer goes larger after firing).

    • That’s a good thing slightly. Even though there’s a lot of annoying ass bugs in 8.8. They should really “Hardcore” Test their game. lol

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  15. “Storm counters that this was actually intentional (oh god, why? it’s annoying as fuck), but he doesn’t know why, because there was no time to deal with it.”

    Wait, what.
    “Ok, we’re going to make a new patch, go.”
    >weeks pass
    “Test server g0!”
    >month or two passes
    “Right, we’ve settled on all our changes, we think we have this patch ready to go.”
    “Wait, why is this setting no-”

    Seriously, how the hell do you spend so long making a patch, and not take five goddamn extra minutes at the end of its development to make sure everything is working as it should be?

    I don’t bother with award voting and whatnot, but if I did, I wouldn’t give it to WG; it would show that I approve of gross incompetence, and that just wouldn’t do :\

  16. I don’t know about you guys but I kinda like the national voice overs it gives a bit more flare to the game. If only they were done properly.

    German / French / Russian are done terribly. I don’t know who came up with the sentences but even my Russian girlfriend can’t make out wth the Russian crew is saying.

    Can’t say anything about the Chinese because I don’t understand any of it but I think it’s the same fail as with the other nations. It could have been something decent but then again WG.

    • When your tank dies from a OP tank your crew will say fucking screw Belorussians in
      all languages of all the nations in game

  17. Regarding the Barracks un-selecting of filters thing: I would be really ashamed, as a video games developer, to let my clients see text strings and debug text in one of the game menus because one of MY goofs (yes, if any of you checked the Barracks tab, until you re-select all filters you will not be able to see any crew members AND you get to see said debug texts at the top of the tab).

    Just saying.

  18. Funny thing about Failgaming is the fact they take MONTHS if not YEARS to fix the most simple bugs. Which tells us something;

    1) Either the code is a spaghetti mess, programmed by idiot newbs.
    2) They lack quality programming talent.
    3) They lack a good producer.
    4) All of the above.

    I’m voting for 4 personally. I think the company, and anything they touch is rubbish. What kind of company spends months fixing the stupidest, most silly bugs? Failgaming.