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  1. The only question is: Can those TDs shoot where the guns are pointing, or they can shoot in their original traverse angle only?

    • I think were they are pointing, if you look at the lower left HUD, you see it’s aiming where the glitched gun is aiming at..

        • The tank with the tracks and wheels angled and crossed or the one with both totally distorted is what I get sometimes when I have a disconnect. I am not sure if I can just leave the game then or if that will kick me from the match. So I wait those endles 5-10 seconds until the game tells me that I am disconnected and sometimes have to stare at a tank that looks like this. Whith the wheels and tracks sunk in ground or oddly distorted…

          Since about 2-3 month I get these disconnects pretty much once per evening. Oddly enough Skype is affected as well but not browsers or other stuff (remote access software that runs in browser window). So I figure it is probably an issue on my computer with some ports but whether that is triggert by WOT – no clue. Could not get myself to setting the thing up again fresh yet…

          • Same for me, the crossed tracks are visible when I got disconnected and I also wait for confirmation of that by the game ;) I played few battles on SU-100Y after patch, but the cannon was pointing the right side, so the gun glitch looks interesting :)

        • I think lies with Gnomefathers Gun Sound mod, I too had the problem and after removal of it the problem was fixed(only have one TD so can’t test for sure)

        • Looking at the upcoming missions for tomorrow, you’ll want to try your Stug and your Churchill I and your Type T-34

      • If you pay attention at the icon on the left hand side, it does not match with the tank type (TD).
        I am not entirely sure, but this looks more like someone doctored the game files to create that “bug”.

        • No the bugged Icon can occur if using some HUD mods, just like not having ALL audo files, no matter if modded or not, will prevent all audio files NOT in the mod folder from being played.

      • Most of situations like these (expect first 3) appears when tank going forward and you got big lag instantly. So it’s not a glitch :]

      • Servers are always extra large just after patch release. The glitches with sinking tanks were always lag, used to see it all the time when my ISP was having issues.

  2. ive had this b4, waaay back. it was in my JP and i made a thread about it. ill post it once i find it

  3. The last pic is familiar, my JP was converted to a lowrider too when due to lag the suspension followed the terrain but the hull didn’t.

  4. Ping 999 seems to be your answer. I have had also some such serious lag things before 8.8 and then I noticed how my tank got buried inside the terrain and tracks were higher than they should.

  5. It’s not a new glitch. It happens occasionally, when ping is high and/or server is stronhly overloaded

  6. Last image – when ur lagging at 999 ping that happens quite often, it’s no glitch. It’s lag. The others don’t show the ping meter so they might not even be bugs either.

  7. Stop talking about things you have no idea about, commenters. This TD glitch isn’t caused by packet loss, faulty connection or lag – it’s most likely caused by one of the new releases of improperly tested mods that change some properties in the vehicles. If you look closely on the tank/damage panel, the TD/SPG angle is gone and that is why the cannon is turned in such a way. I’ve experienced this bug so far on StuGIII and S35 CA.

    • ORLY? As I’m a network engineer I think I DO know something about packet loss…

      I also get this bug on my own PC and I don’t use any mods. My T34 sank through the floor with the wheels up to the turret like the Type 59 above.

  8. This happens when using GnomeFather’s Historical Realism Gun Sound Mod. The .XML files that come with it (used for extra gun sounds etc.) trigger that error for me. As soon as I remove HRMOD TDs work fine again.

    The bug is only a graphical glitch! You can shoot the gun in the pointed direction optically, but the shot will exit from your gun mantlet and travel to the front of your tank as it should.

    Basically, the XML files from GF seem to make TDs forget that they don’T ahve a turret. If you check the damage panel, you can see that there is no aiming arc marking anymore and when turning your gun, the “turret” in your damage panel will turn too.

    For now I got rid of HRMOD until GF fixes it or until I’m bored to try to fix it myself.



  9. Well, those TDs have the vehicle diagram (in the damage panel, lower left corner) shown as a “tank with a turret” not a “turretless TD”. So – either some mod or WG screwup designating these vehicles as having turrets combined with laggy patch? :)

    Looks darn weird though :D

  10. Not a game glitch. Someone is using old mods with an incompatible game version. Notice the tank icon on the left. It should have been a TD.

    Before you yell WG fail, test the game without mods.

    • Non-spiked high ping (constant) actually can’t do such thing and can be user-compensated a bit.

      Things start to fall apart when packets are lost or are received in different order than they were actually sent.

      Those 2 last pictures are quite clear, the network had a bad day, those others are more than that.

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  12. Anyone else noticed a bug in 8.8 I left my Panther II crew in the 3001H and now after the update they still claim to be a Panther II crew but the sixth sense skill appears to be working!

  13. 999 ping… that cause it

    When your network gets stuck you see that, because client should move your tank but it dont get a feedback from the server, so just client just let your tank stuck there.

  14. I keep hearing about 8.8, but the only word I hear for when it’s coming out on NA is “soon”. :(

  15. The “turret” on TD’s is indeed becouse gnomefathers gunsound mod.. Atleast on E-25 the bug got fixed when I removed E-25.xml from res_mods/0.8.8/scripts/item_defs/vehicles/germany/e-25.xml