Golden Joystick – a day later

Hello everyone,

yesterday, I wrote that (unlike last year) I wouldn’t be voting for the Golden Joystick for WoT in the Online Game category. A while after that post was made, the EU annoucement came.

Last year, WG – when asking for the award – offered an… incentive. Some might call it bribe. At that time I defended that policy, but I think we all deep inside had the feeling of “something off”. Yea, it was a bribe and we took it.

Anyway, apparently this year WG decided to do it “clean”, without any “incentives” in case of victory. Or rather – to be honest: if WoT wins, there will be some rewards, but they are not announced ahead, either because WG doesn’t care that much the way they did last year, or simply to avoid the whole “you won by bribing” business.

If you check the EU thread, you can see the forum community response: it’s overwhelmingly negative. This is sort of understandeable: while the game is (apart from the patch 8.8 bugs) very good, there has been way too much crap on forums lately.

Or rather, let me rephrase that: for me, World of Tanks is a great game worth playing – as in, it is a product worth purchasing. You buy gold, you get stuff in return. That’s alright, I would not cry out “boycott WoT” or any stuff like that. I do like the play (if they fix the goddamn 8.8 bugs) and I will continue playing. But is it good enough to warrant a vote for it? Because voting in a contest (at least for me) needs something more than a good product I’d buy. For me, and that’s my personal opinion only, it requires something I would proudly stand for. Is WoT such a thing? No. Not for me – and I don’t have to repeat the reasons I think.

There is something that really surprised me though: the Russian reaction. I think we all expected the Russians to rally behind WoT and vote it thru, but it seems that the Russian reaction too is very negative.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a low rep on a RU community post. And the reasons for it? I will translate some of the Russian reactions with many positive votes, so you can make a picture:

- “And will there be free stuff?” (SS: as in, “what will get for it”)
- “In the end, the winner will be the one who collects most fake votes. Enjoy”
- “Eh, maybe you should have with some of the 0.8.8 ‘rebalances’ till the voting was over :)”
- “Give everyone 3 days of free premium account and scrubbies (noobs) will win it for you with all their accounts”
- “I don’t really want to do that. PS: I am an arty player”
- “Ah. The game is very different from what it was a year ago. And by far not all the changes were good.”
- “For the arty, for T-50 and T-50-2 – no!”

and others. Of course, it depends on the campaign itself, but right now, it doesn’t look too well for Wargaming.

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  1. I thought the bribes came later last year?

    Or was that just the EU team getting the news late as per usual.

  2. The responce on the NA server is the same. by last count the original post is -239. They wont be winning this year that for sure.

    • Not the same. The Ruskies are whining about tank balance and buggy patches. The NA players are mostly begging for free shit.

      • Whinning forum users are load minority of players. Despite what they may think they do not represent playerbase’s views in many cases

      • Why wouldn’t they (NA) complain about not getting free shit? Giving away free shit is how that megalomaniac douchebag Obama was elected. Buying votes is what is ruining this country. It’s not good for the game either.

        This is still a great game despite it’s flaws… those of us that have been around MMO’s and online gaming since the early days know that the vocal minority is who bitches on the forums. If the game was perfect, people would bitch about not having something to bitch about.

        These minor bugs are NOTHING compared to the shit we would deal with in the earlier days of MMO’s, UO, Asheron’s Call, etc.. As gaming companies were dealing with problems that had never even been considered before. These days it’s just minor issues as there isn’t much innovation going on with any gaming company.

      • So the EU server is saying no because of WG’s treatment to us the past year.
        The RU server is saying no because of the changes WG have made to the game.
        And the US Server is saying no because they want to know what free things they’ll get in return.

        I just hope the Chinese server doesn’t vote for them, but they probably will now that WG have given them 2 new premium tanks. Hell, that might be the reason WG brought those tanks out anyway. Just to get the Chinese happy.

      • The very first translated complaint is a demand for free stuff; and why shouldn’t they, since WG set the precedent for it last year…

        Entitled idiots exist on all corners of the earth, but here’s your dose of reality: The NA server’s biggest complaint right now is Telia and its routing issues ruining the East cluster, the one that hosts all the CW and Tourney play. Then follows the typical “you ruined my tank” bullshit, then the outright demands for compensation.

        • At the risk of taking this off topic, what’s the deal with Telia? For month now I’ve noticed that NA East will occasionally have lag spikes, but I just assumed it was my ISP. Should I be using NA West?

          • Telia’s routing issues seem to be bearable for some and for others, makes the game absolutely unplayable. Lag spikes and lost packets.

            eg: I typically get around 20-40 ping on the east server, but if its a bad telia day, its 20-40 ping while my tank rubberbands back and forth, the server reticle leaps around the screen and shots are fired a full second after I mouse click.
            Running a trace route on Telia highlights the issues, the routing is asinine and best and includes points along it that drop huge amounts of information.
            At 14:15 you can see this players route through Telia to World of Tanks

      • NA players don’t need “free shit”. See how much money per player NA has established? We’re rich, bitch, we don’t need any red handouts.

    • I only read the first page but most posts are just demanding a bribe, not actually criticizing WG for it’s terrible actions of the pasth 12 months or denying their vote.

      Greedy yankee pigs.

        • I grew up in central Africa, to me there is nothing wrong with asking for an incentive to vote for someone. :)

      • EU and US forumers have mostly given up trying to have an opinion, or have been banned.

        At least begging for a bribe is likely to get a result.

        • This one hundred times.

          We’ve been stung by the Stalin ordeal already, proving once and for all that changes cannot happen locally, and anything found wrong at the region level can only be changed if it relates to missions or specials.

          Thus the only way WG Paris or WGA can make ammends to the playerbase and convince them to support the vote is bribery in the form of missions and discounts.

          It is a fact they can’t remove Stalinist inscriptions without Minsk’s say so, and there is no precedent AT ALL that the playerbase of non-Russian communities have been taken into account for any action WG has made or refused to make.

      • That’s because those are the posts that the mods are leaving up. Many posts with lists of grievances are deleted, and they are passing out RO’s like candy. That thread actually gets shorter the more players post to it.

        If you complain about Telia, post deleted.
        If you complain about the treatment of non-RU players, post deleted.
        If you complain about Stalin, post deleted.
        If you complain about power creep of new tanks, post deleted.
        If you demand a bribe, post stays up.

        • This ^
          I’ve given up posting on the forums because of such things. Also, WG will not get my vote because of their bad game design choices as of late.

        • Posted four times on GJ thread. Two posts are still live. Two posts were delete by mod’s, and I received two warnings.

  3. I still feel that, with the huge amounts of money WG is getting from WoT players, we’re just not getting enough in return. They keep investing in other platforms etc. As such, I feel that WoT could be SO much more than it is today.

    It will not get my vote this year. Not even for a month of premium.

    • why you voted last year then ? did you expect that they will invest all the money they gain from us actually in the game itself ? wake up , no one is doing that, so WGN does ;)

      • Call me naive, but I really thought that they will invest more in this game, instead of developing other games for pc and even consoles(pointless imo).

        So this year – no vote for them, until they learn to treat their customers better and polish their product.

    • Absolutely this. WoT is bankrolling the entire WG project. I don’t mind money going on the warship game as it looks interesting and a logical follow on. Warplanes is crap and with a better alternative on the market it has no serious future at this point. For now our premium amounts continue to support it.

      If WG paid any attention to their player base this would bother me less, but the money spent on WoT is often bizarrely allocated. All the crap about German engines and Super Pershing hulls and a new player rating… Who actually wants any of this?

      Instead, what about more urban maps? What about properly balanced existing maps (like Highway which is totally broken on high tiers currently)? What about a decent interface? We don’t even have the reload timber yet! It’s ridiculous that after all this time I still have to install a bunch of 3rd party mods every time a new patch comes out and breaks the last bunch. Nerf the stupidly OP tanks like KV1S and Foch and do it quickly, not after 5 patches.

      Fundamentally, start asking the players what they actually want. Start communicating with the EU server full stop! Have a survey tool in the game that asks you questions whilst the battles load. Wake up from your Soviet era attitude to customer service!

      • Reload timer* obviously, writing this on tablet.

        Though maybe that thing on Russian tanks is a reload timber :)

      • This all takes time. Or you could hire temporary people, but those are expensive and usually not worth it if you only have so much to do (new tanks, maps, interface)

  4. I’d vote for WOT as a game, I love it, and I’m pretty much addicted to it.
    But the EU community leadership is terrible.

    One of the lead developers Serb is both a bigot and sanctimonious to his customers.

    The who Stalin inscriptions affair ,though I don’t have an issue with them per se, was handled entirely cack handedly in such a way to manage to offend pretty much anyone with a clue about what the dictator did to his own people.

  5. Sorry but WG staff and executives are just arrogant and insulting. No awards for them. Maybe WORST DEVS award, Most FAILS in a year award, etc…

  6. Agree with you SS.

    They promise the world and deliver it in dribs and drabs, they dont fix things on the fly… you usually have to wait for the next big release (useless) They care little for the players and live up there own ****sides.

    People who buy gold in order to enjoy the game more are never rewarded How about a reward after spending so much???. The give away to minorities tanks like M60. The support is useless and they either dont want to know and close the ticket… give a cut and paste response then close the ticket… or blame you and your pc then close the ticket (worst support ever! they are there just to promote themselves)

    The attitude from Storm or Serb that suggestions from player are just whining… OMG! they are living in a world of self gratification and stuff everyone else!!

    • Your entitlement complex is showing. And yes, AFAIK most players indeed *are* poorly disguised whining – when they aren’t plain stupid.

  7. SS, I don’t like your translation of the phraases. You made them seem negative while they aren’t like this. It’s more like irony.

  8. Do the other games that have been nominated even ask their players to vote? The only other nominee I play besides WoT is War Thunder, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen anything concerning the Golden Joystick Awards on their website or forums.

    So even if WoT only gets 1/3rd of the number of votes they had last year, they might still win. Simply because none of the other games actually bother to mobilise their players.

    To be honest, I had never even heard of the Golden Joystick Awards before last year.

    • It is just another pointless badge on their start up screen. Like when you see all cars with “Marked as car no.1 in Narnia” stickers on their windows and such. Or like pointless, to-look-interestingly-wannabees words in curriculum vitae… You get what I mean. Nobody really cares about that stuff, it just looks nice to fill an empty space

  9. I will vote for other games.. wot isnt worth a win this year…
    Threatments against EU community.. nothing more to say

  10. I voted for it – because it’s pretty much the only online game I care about enough to actually play it. I didn’t do it for goods (voted in all other categories anyway). I see the flaws (mostly in the EU leading, the developers and the game are on the right track for me 95% of time – which is fairly awesome given how rubbish the most of the userbase is), but it doesn’t stop me from voting for them.

    • Yup, right on track. Unneeded nerfs and buffs to fine tanks, no nerfs and buffs to those tanks that require them, totally unbalanced tiers with tanks clearly superior and others POS (maybe tier 8 is the exception), no new gamemodes, no skill based matchmaking (as in,same amount of retards in one team as in the other to stop games being a dice throw), no multicore support, stalin inscriptions (should include some hitler ones too huh! see how funny that is ;) ), buggy interface and crappy spotting system, and the list goes on…

      Granted, for casual playing without a drive to win half of those issues don’t exist. Even then, losing means getting punished in credits, and in many cases ending negative over tier 6. The system is in place to keep people playing the lower tiers, and that’s alright. The shitty thing is when the matchmaker decides you HAVE to lose the next 10 games with teams full of tomatoes.

      No balance, no performance, no innovation, shitty community treatment. All those mean no vote for me, and anyone who has played any other online game this year and sees what is wrong with this particular one.

  11. maybe if they worked in the multicore support, if they lunched it with the 8.8 or 8.7 they should have gathered enough satisfied people for this vote, and i say MAYBE.

  12. I wouldn’t vote for WG even if they gave me free premium.

    I still play this game, but the Stalinist scandal erased the last bit of sympathy for WG.

  13. Not naive enough to believe they’d actually funnel all the money made from WoT back into it, thats not how it works.. you take blizzard and wow for example its a simular story only a small chunk goes back into the game and WG with WoT is no different

    The only way I see a change in attitude in how wg operates is if their console port + ships/planes fails misurably, WoT is a good game, but its got the potential to be so much more than it is

  14. Still forum community is a increible small amount of the playerbase. Ofc whiners Will faster negrep then actually upvote something for doing somthing good.

    Most people dont even realize That WG is a Far better gamecompany then Some others.

    EA games with release of Sim City: before They say That everywere we could play it AT launch And troubles like THE americans have with the server wont occur on EU release> EU release, American trouble I also occurs on EU release.>Many people loose intrest in the game> Many people want money back>EA gives THE finger And offers Some old games as a refunt(And more company’s do this)

    WG>doesnt lie Its ass of to keep THE community happy And sell more> SP gets changed alot And offers a full refunt> Arty ruins the game because it took no skill, They make it take skill And so on.

    Mostly by each patch: Rebalance Russian tanks, nobody bats an eye.
    Rebalance Germans And everybody looses their minds.(E-50 got Things in return for Its engine, They even made it free xp instead of xp on THE tank you unlocked it on. Top engine was bought already And in garage for free for E-75 And E-50!).

    Also we listen to THE Same community of assholes That call all THE Polish people retarded And give more upvotes for jokes than Things That actually matter.

    Also WG AT least makes contact with their community, other company’s dont do That often. (Daily Q&A)

    To be short: WoT deserves golden joystick: They are Far better then Any other game company ATM.

    And for WT maggots: The grass is always green AT The otherside of the fence.

    • Pol Pot wasnt as bad as Hitler so he must have been OK? Great argument mate.

      Also WTF With the Bizarre CAPital leTTErs in your Post? Your argument is dumb enough without looking like a 4 year old wrote it using an Xbox gamepad.

    • Arty ruins the game because it took no skill, They make it take skill

      More like, they make arty nearly useless. I can’t depend on my team’s arty to take out a TD sitting at a chokepoint, they can’t help most of the time because 1. Their shots missed 2. They are reloading
      What they did was ruin arty, a vehicle class meant for providing support fire, now is at the mercy of RNG and can’t provide support fire.

  15. Massive butthurt (the donkey has been very busy) from arty players all the way to KV-1S players (who are keeping their backs to the wall). Even last year there would be posts on the EU forum prasing the game and I have not seen one of those for a very long time. The player base has matured and everyone has had a chance to get trolled by support, bullyed and TKed by their own team mate/s as well as had their favourite tank/s compressively fucked over by WG. The lack of responsiveness by the EU team (it seems that they have all bunkered down) and the deleating of posts just makes EU players feel second class. The lack of even a pretence of trying to communicate is very EA.

  16. SS maybe you should get a life and learn that only right wing loosers like U are writing posts how you will not vote…when WG wins, i will laughed because it is just like politics :D extreme idiots allways spam all over and try to push their stupid opinions to other people :D and when they get owned, they are crying like little SS :D now go to work U piece of shit (remember 300 euros in your shity country :D)…dont worry maybe i will come for vacation and tipped the whores in your shithole country…now go fuck yourself you little nazi loving pice of shit or go help building a gypsy wall like it is becoming number one hobi in shitland u are coming from.

  17. SerB raised himself a community of his minions, with character and behavior like their master… Or is it just a Russian thing in general?

    I think this game doesn’t deserve award only because of one thing: how they treat their customers. All this nationalistic BS (because noone sane can call it historical accuracy), SerBish anti-PR, perpetual fails, general “fuck off”.

  18. The customers WG rewards are those that win gold (i.e. super clans & pro clans). You would think a company would want to retain gold buyers. Very large and greedy institutions (banks) have customer loyalty programs. Why doesn’t WG have a loyalty program? Because WG are gypsy’s at heart and don’t care for return customers.

  19. here’s another take on why WG won’t offer incentives

    WG knows, by know, they have very little chance to win this year – so, why offer something for not wining !!!!

  20. Last year they offered discounts on Tier 9 tanks if they’d won the award. Something, that at the time was unprecedented.

    World of Tanks *is* a good game but some things Wargaming do just seem to have no rhyme or reason in terms of ‘Is this change making the game better?’

    - Re-balancing German engines – Why? Where the tanks OP? Reducing engine power but increasing
    traverse speed and reducing ground resistance to effectively leave the maneuverability the same..what
    did that gain for all that player aggravation? No compensation! A little time later…ok some compensation!
    ???? WTF?

    - T-50 & T-50-2, again no one thought these were OP so why re-balance or replace? People had got used
    to their gameplay, they seem to fill a role and yet…. Did the changes make the game better other than a
    annoy T-50 drivers?

    - SuperPershing – Was this OP? It struggled and yet they reduce the armour some more for historical accuracy? Why?

    Obviously, all the above are for gameplay and / or marketing reasons. Perhaps to align the tanks for new
    features, new tanks, coming down the line…why don’t they just say that instead of the cack handed way they
    do things at the moment?

  21. this year they are against Dota 2, so nothing will make it happen for WoT.
    regardless of WoT community “deciding” how to vote, they are out numbered/classed/hyped

  22. - “I don’t really want to do that. PS: I am an arty player”
    - “For the arty”

    WG got my vote just for this. Nerfing this shit made game finally playable on high tiers without the god of life and death shooting from A0 or K1 to almost whole map.

  23. Looking at the EU/NA and RU server threads, there are a lot of common complaints. The one WG could solve quite easily and which they refuse to do so, is the skill based MM.

  24. One of these times when i’m just no into the mood of reading all the comments…
    But, SS, i’l give you my pov.
    I’ve been playingon RU for a few years now (reg date like 3 yrs ago) and i remember the golden joy last time.
    They didn’t really BRIBE the players, but they did outright say that there would be tons of free stuff (iirc first time x5 bonuses happened right after the goldjoy) like discounts etc.
    Sure, you can call that a bribe as in the people did it for the discounts etc – but i really don’t see any bribe in it because it was pretty obvious from the start that WG would do SOMETHING about it in the end – it just wouldn’t look like WG to win and not give discounts.

    The reaction of the community is also pretty understandable – back then (and if we go even farther back – it’ll be even more obvious) discounts, weekend rates and free stuff were pretty rare – so them giving a discount was sort of like a party. Now we have dscounts fairly often (i’d go say once a month at least, but i’m not 100% sure, since i don’t play that often now) and “just another x5 weekend” wouldn’t really be anything surprising. So the people are kind of used to the free stuff – and they’re getting more obnoxious about the voting. And yes, i’d say the arty-t502-community is pretty thick to actually start bashing WG for the butthurt they’re feeling up until now. So generally – not surprised on both, and i won’t be if WG fails miserably (probably as much as i won’t be if WG puts the PR-penis out, starts giving it to everyone and promises shitloads of free stuff etc) this time.

    Personal pov – i don’t play (not that i know of, at least) any of the other games – so it would be strange to vote for a game i never played.
    Do WG deserve the joy? Not much. Do any of the other contestants deserve it? How would i know?
    So i’ll probably vote….dunno about that one.

  25. I don’t want to vote for WoT. I really like this game, but Planetside 2 got my vote for some reasons (:

  26. Quiet honestly, there might be some things wrong with WoT that need fixing, but I’ve never played the same game for this long period of time. So in my opinion it’s got to be doing something right, which is why I’m voting for it.

  27. The real question for me is what is it running against? GW2 is good, but not as addicting for me. SO maybe that. War Thunder isnt very good either. (metacrit user score is 64 or less. Keeps dropping.) So it isnt very good, no matter what the fanboys say. What other MMO’s have come out this year. What other MMO’s are even remotely memorable?

    I will vote for it because there really isnt anything better.

  28. War Thunder is too broken for me to vote with their ridiculous pay2win system.
    I can spend prem to train my crew so the reload is halfed.

    Imagine a Jpe100 reloading in 10s…

    • …waiwhat, WT *has* reload times? Since when were such even relevant for combat aircraft, a few odd experiments nonwithstanding?

      • In WT you can and land at airstrips to reload your guns. It may not be historical ,but it works well in game.

  29. “yesterday, I wrote that (unlike last year) I wouldn’t be voting for the Golden Joystick for WoT in the Online Game category. A while after that post was made, the EU annoucement came.”

    Don’t take this wrong SS, but you should get over yourself. I doubt there’s much influence on WG by whatever
    you or anyone else does.

  30. Failgaming will lose this year, guaranteed.

    First kick in the nuts for this retarded company staffed by retards.

    • So the company is “retarded” for making a game loads of people play, and a game they make tons of money on. Meanwhile, you are playing the same game, which you seemingly detest, made by a company you don’t care for. Who is the retard again?

  31. Eh, I voted for it, because of the games I actually play in it’s category (Only three others) WoT consumes the vast majority of my time, and I enjoy it more than the rest. If you want to make a protest vote against WG for whatever reason, fine, that’s your right. I don’t feel the need, because I’m voting for the game and don’t give a shit about most of the issues the 1% of people on the forums get their panties in a bunch about. I play the game, I vote on the game, and for me, the game is getting better. Especially the last few patches (Being in NA, I still have yet to see 8.8).

    I like the way things are going. Arty nerf was just about right, and I still enjoy playing my arty, aside from the reload times, I haven’t really noticed much of a change. I think most of the people who bitch about that are ones who took their arty out for one drive after the patch, had a crap game and decided it was time for a crusade against the evil WG folks. Most of their changes (not all) have been good ones this year to me. (Could have done without the gold ammo for credits change, but I completely understand the reasoning)

    For the inscription debacle….poorly handled by WG definitely, but whatever. Personally I think the laws regarding Nazism or Communism or whatever are stupid bury your head in the sand crap anyway, but I could care less. So, to sum up. I love the game, I play it to the exclusion of most of my other games, and I don’t care to rage out over things and start moral crusades about things that don’t impact me. I voted for the game, not the company.

      • Look me up in the game, I’m in there. That is my ingame name, would you care for my real life name?

    • ” I voted for the game, not the company.”

      You must be quite thick… Company makes a game and is responsible for whatever the consumers have to say about what they expect from a game. So if game has flaws obviously you tell the COMPANY about the flaws… Or do you tell the game whisperers in its ear that the flaws will go away, eh?

      You totally have to remember that making a great successful game is luck, but maintaining it is skill and WoT is going downhill now, only Chinese server keeps the flow up, but beside that WoT is loosing it with their current policy. Company is responsible for anything done to the game, when core game is good it does not override the company being very, very bad at handling anything related to the game…

      By this time they should had dozen PR experts on their side and they would do something to the abomination called ‘translation department’… How can something simple take many days to translate if you got tons of money to have it officially translated for fraction of keeping whole day translator in house? They have shitload of money, but don’t know how to actually become a better company… better just keep doing bad PR and demolish a good company from outside while the core ( game ) would prosper for years to come…

      The BS we are getting at our windshields is just idiocy gone mad and it keeps on coming even when we knock their window and tell them they are hurting everyone around them. Ignorant to real cash cows they get dimished returns once people leave the game… They could come back if and if the problems reported over and over again would be fixed, but everything seems out their sights because of ‘something’ being more important than core game fixes which would be happier customers x2 and that in WG current wallet would be big bonus, but if WG doesn’t want our money… then sure have their way… but they could have more happier playerbase and thus more players paying for playing a free game… that tells something about how bad things are.

      • And you decide to insult me because I say I enjoy the game. Nice.

        I choose to vote for them because they put out a game I enjoy and play a lot. I don’t give a good goddamn about their customer service, because I haven’t had any problems with it. My only interaction with them is through buying things (Never had an issue) or the forums, which are about like any other forums I’ve ever been on. With three groups, the jerks (large percentage acting like they have weight to throw around and threatening anyone and everyone who says anything against them), the normal folks, who are looking for help, information, etc and generally try to be polite, and the mods, reps. I’ve had no problems with any mods, the people who bitch most about that are the ones who tend to be in the first group. May be different in EU/RU, no idea.

        So, in summary, I like the game, I’ve had no problems with the company, therefore, I’m apparently an idiot because I don’t agree with you. Got it.

        • By ignoring the company, which is just bollocks, you just hide behind ignorance. Thus I gave you a hint about how you should actually feel. You cannot take small amount of movie and say ‘Hey this movie is awesome!?!’ and then you watch it and say ‘Yes this is the best part!’ while everyone else feels stupid even considering watching it…

          I haven’t recommended WoT to friends recently because I’ve lived to see WGs failings and I say to them that currently it is not worth their time to start and quit after a while… I’ve had my share already, but I’m accustomed, thus I keep trying till I finally can’t fire up the game cause of incompetence of company.

          • Then you’re awfully thick, to use your own terminology. If you can’t enjoy something for what it is then you are must have a horrible life. “Thus I gave you a hint about how you should actually feel.” Yes, tell me and everyone else exactly how we should feel, because god knows, we aren’t right if we don’t feel exactly how ThaElf does!

            I can take a movie and look at individual parts and say, that they are well done, and other parts are not. I can read a series of books and say, well, book one and three were great, but two was a real letdown. Know what else? I can still enjoy these things, because I realize a perfect thing with no flaws is incredibly rare. Just because you are completely incapable of getting over some supposed slight or nerf to your favorite tank or whatever has completely ruined your life does not mean everyone feels like you do. Most of us, in fact, are normal human beings, who long ago learned to take the good with the bad. I’m sorry you appear unable to do the same.

            • You man are totaly dumbass and Stalinist prick. Nothink else to say. WG fail in all aspects in the game. Its 2013 and still no multicore support, so low quality graphic and those can continue. WG didnt make a good job. They just sunk this game from beaing atleas good.

            • Say your book is full of typos and such… how does that feel? Easy things to correct in E-book, but author does not do it… Or just let someone else do it for him/her? That quite exactly what WG has with their translations… they are dead silent and use internal channels while it is slow and translations are ineffective we have pretty much translated here in third party place before WG… And they get PAID for what they do there… If they only released even only English version it would be instantly on release translated to other languages, there are very few who can read russia in EU/NA, but English is no problem for quite nice portion and to better, active portion. So while they cannot translate Russian to their native they could translate to English which could be much easier to translate to all other languages, be it un-official translations first then officials after that… how long would it take for 1 man to actually just translate stuff for living from RU to EN… And how much happier players would be by this simple translations… unimaginable.

              I like the game, hate some things, but I just can’t stand the horrid attitude to other servers and insufficient funding in even simple things. They have whole office where only few actually do their jobs, where others hide behind authority and ‘not my business’ lines. So your interpretation is wrong on what I stand for. I stand for a good game and good company. Now I have decent game to which I’m hooked, but the company is awful, they have something good, but it comes with two bads. And more than not, they are simple things which could be avoided.

              I try to get WG to actually realize they have great potential for next 4 years to have a good developing game with satisfied customers, players. But they just push everything aside and ignore, thus I rant about it, if nothing changes for a while… I quit, simple as that… and I’ve paid 10€ for month from 2011 solid. Because I want it to develope. I want it to get better as a game and company, because I see the potential… but their own minds seem dangled on their footing. Why else there would be so much ranting about OP tanks and bad nerfs or horrid balance in one thing or having weekend specials announced late ( they’ve gotten better somehow… I must admit ). Also information in general is bad. Patch notes are insufficient and incomplete at times!

              Reason to grab your words is to point out how you ignore the bads of the company for game which could be so much better with little work. And more than enough it is shown how little… they got really much better with the infos about upcoming changes… if they keep it transparent it will help players to anticipate and co-work and even find out failures even before anything bad happens.

              You can try to elude my path, but instead of hiding behind the fence try to actually realize bigger picture than yourself. I don’t fight for nerfs for OP tanks just for myself, I fight it for whole player base who mostly don’t even know about things, hell even I don’t know it all. I seek healthy balance in game where it should be and informed community with listening to everyone as equal, and not trolls, but those who actually bring up the good things to tinker.

              Feel free to be offended I push my side of the story, but that is how strongly I feel how this game is simply sinking because of lack of strategical thinking in organization size. Game carries it on… but even slight competition is tipping it over… and if they redeem then, the damage is already done.

  32. I don’t understand all this negative reaction toward Wargaming. If you are playing WoT every night then they deserve your vote.

    There is something weird and unright in playing WoT and do not vote for it.

    • Why? I eat vegetables every day, doesn’t mean I go to a farmer competition to vote for the farmer I buy it from. I just buy it and eat it. In order to vote for something, one has to be seriously invested.

      • Since when has “seriously invested” = “spend <5min clicking buttons on a page"? Because that was the sum total of effort it required to vote in this thing.

  33. To everyone who’s wondering why the “I’m an arty player” post got positive rep whereas on the NA server it’d be neg-repped into oblivion:

    Let me put it this way: the Russkies LOVE arty! They’re the most pro-arty server around, whilst from my understanding EU is pretty divided on the issue, and NA is the most anti-arty server (because as we know, Americans love TDs, and arty keeps them from camping for too long most of the time). Not sure about SEA though, but I’m pretty sure nobody really cares about them.

    • We SEA players hate arty too thats why every tank class in our server camps and even when the arty nerfs came we decided it is still better to camp to avoid scratches on their shiny tank

  34. I`ll be voting for WoT again.
    1. It`s STILL the MMO I play the most.
    2. To piss off all the haters (if WoT wins), like SS, all of the polishg crybabies, and various wehraboos that are lurking around here.

  35. On the NA server, there is a massive censorship going on. Pages of posts on the Golden Joystick thread is being deleted. Threads about the Golden Joystick is being deleted or locked. Players are being given warnings and RO’s for voicing their opinion. In fact I express my opinion why they don’t deserve the GJA without swearing or using anything derogatory. 15 Hours later my posts get deleted and I received a warning.

    WG has lost my respect and have proven to everyone that they do not deserve to win the Golden Joystick Award

  36. Actually it may seem that everyone is “crying” on the NA forums for “free swag” for a vote but it is honestly the most rediculous watered down theory ever. What everyone is not seeing is the massive amounts of posts (count total is over 1k posts from veteran players with over 10k battles at least) that were removed from the NA forums saying that people are not going to vote for wargaming not because of getting free stuff but because of glorifying stahlin, shitty specials compared to the EU and RU cluster, NA player base being treated like crap by wargaming, being not only censored but also banned just for voicing an opinion (even the dumbest of opinions get censored/banned on NA ex. i actually got a 3 day chat ban just for saying that the Greenbay Fudge Packers suck as a team. They filed it under politics/race/nationality/sex/sexual preference/religion catagory… go figure) , and the fact that wargaming never listens to the NA community… ever! Just figured i would like to clear up the confusion since the only thing your going to see left on the NA forums is posts of people saying free swag for a vote and not all the crap that was censored.

    • i also forgot to add the fact that alot of the free swag for our votes actually came about not because of people begging for free stuff, but due to the fact that just about everyone on the NA server believes that the only way wargaming is even going to remotely come close to even winning it this year is if they give out an incentive to persuade it’s NA players to actually vote for them like a certain tier 10 premium, or even a tier 8 premium along with the specials if wargaming wins.

        • Good points on all the above – I thoroughly agree. Especially about Green Bay.

          WG, I demand a “girls of WoT” calendar in exchange for my vote. It better be an improvement on my girls of Walmart calendar.

  37. Because they are out of mind.They want to fight.They want to keep people mouth shut.They are showing their ancient communist behavior. But they forgot one thing. This is not Russian hinterland. You can’t do this in modern world.

    “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything” That is my motto.

    • What the fuck are you even talking about? Plus people were buying votes in the West long before the Russians even got rid of serfdom, anyway.

  38. I’d vote them over and over again. I really love WoT. I loved the arty patch and do believe that tier 10 arties are doing just fine. They already announced a reballancing of those smaller arties – fine for me.

    I think they’re doing just fine.

  39. After losing my T-50-2 and being given a worthless replacement (by comparison), I would rather play Maplestory…

  40. After being pounded with negativity. The Official WoT RU Golden Joysticks Award thread was LOCKED (Pg 584 by GM Fairmax).

    The Flood of Criticism has come down on WG. Let see what happens next!

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