“Stalin Remover” mod for 0.8.8

Author: KawaGreen
Original source: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/295740-088-remove-stalin-inscriptions/

Hello everyone,

I don’t normally recommend or write about mods (I don’t use any at this point anyway), but this is interesting. Presenting you with KawaGreen’s Stalin Remover mod :)

It comes in two versions:

a) Stalin remover


Can be downloaded here

b) Stalin hunter

This replaces the text with a large red box, so you can immediately spot a stalinist in your battle and hunt him down. Very useful, will install this myself :)


Can be downloaded here

Instalation: Unzip contents of folder in …\res_mods\0.8.8

290 thoughts on ““Stalin Remover” mod for 0.8.8

    • ++ i’m going to put stalinist inscriptions on all my tanks, “COME AT ME BRO”.
      i’d laugh if someone *TRIES* to “hunts” me for that(i’m so scaaared!!!) because they will most likely be handed their asses with spare change.
      can’t wait for the patch to go live, so many lovely chances to troll butthurttards…

      too bad mainly noone gives a shit about the “stalingate”(which honestly the whole matter is incredibly retarded and EU office should have no vote on the matter from the start, they’re historical and they should remain, DEAL WITH IT) on the US-server because…. y’know…. the whole deal is STUPID

      • I want my “Gott mit uns” inscription, you sucker.

        And prepare yourself for E-75 and E-100 “suddenly” blocking your commies’ ass.

        • I support the Stalinist inscriptions, and would also like to see the “Gott mit uns” inscription and the svastika flag behind german vehicles. Why? Because historical accuracy. You cannot make a game about something historical without avoiding parts of the history, or the game loses autenthicity. I think some people just live in the past and can’t let go of it, even if it’s something virtual (IRL, I am agains all neonacistic movements and such). It’s like making Europa Universalis without Germany because some people would get offended. It happened, nothing you can do about it, so eat it.

          • Pretty sure the Germans didn’t USE the swastika on their vehicles, so eh. (We Finns used our short-armed version but that’s hardly game-relevant.)

            • No you see, I meant the flag displayed behind vehicles in hangar and on tech trees. All nations have their flag, all except Germany which gets the iron cross instead of the historical svastika. Now it would be okay if the iron cross would be used on the flag. But it wasn’t.

            • I take it I don’t need to point out certain legalities regarding the swastika flag? Hell, when my brother wrote an AAR of his Hearts of Iron campaign on the Paradox forums the mods promptly told him to edit the things out of the archive photos he used to add color (he shooped rubber duckies over them)…

      • I’m going to guess you’re Eliminateur[SIMP], in which case you’re shit. Some jumped up barely 1800 WN7 thinks he’s hot shit because he’s purple now? Shame about all those SU26 battles son.

        Oh but it’s all about win rate right? Not even 59%, jesus, just stop talking trash.

        • hahah lol, so much butthurtness, shame that you’re never going to be half as good as i am on my bad days “anonymous”.
          Guess you’re another one of those simp haters that got their ass handed over repeatedly(not that the tag matters) to them, tsk tsk tsk

            • no idea, i don’t pay attention to all that CW crap&bs, i’m not even aware there’s a war going on. My guess it’s that it’s probably won(as usual) or is in that process

            • Ah, so you’re one of the “Muh clan is so amazing” yet really just ride on their coat tails of success. Even though they’re down to one territory. Getting mapped. By Relic backfillers.

              But hey at least you can buy stalin logos bruh!

    • Whats up next? Jossif Stalin tank remover (removes all IS tanks from the game)?
      Stop bitching about something that happened long time in the past and doesn’t affect you in any ways anymore (coming from a player who was born during USSR occupation)

      • Differences… Small amount of asks to not include Gott mit uns vs large amount of asking to not give stalinistic inscriptions… Just guess which route WG took when they could had allowed it on RU server while keeping it away from US/EU which asked for their removal en masse.

        • So you got actual hard numbers about how “en masse” exactly was that whining? Because I know for a fact I for one wasn’t asked.

          And no, forumites don’t amount to shit regardless of whatever they might think.

          • Kellomies… big troll with no words.

            Read FTR, you might actually learn something for the past 9 months. Really, I can remember, but not know when was it said here in FTR that the Gott mit uns was removed due to small requests while the biggest asking for not to include stalin inscriptions was in loads of threads, go figure those numbers yourself, I got tired of listening to it and only after the final nail in coffing I just can’t believe that when WG EU did the right choice Minsk said NO to authority of WG EU… they have rights to delete whatever inscriptions they want, but Minsk is proud of Stalin genocides and they must be in game even when they infuriate large players base ( just start counting those who suffered under the Soviet Union flag, I guess you can get rough estimation of hate, not all but estimation. )

            Category of double standards at its best.

            • …ie. you pulled that “en masse” out of your ass with nothing to back it up with. ‘Bout what I figured.

              And your tendentious second-guessing of WG’s actual motivations primarily betrays your own biases and hang-ups.

            • “- SerB states that various “Stalin” inscriptions (that were removed from EU server) were historical
              - European office can do what the main Minsk office allows it (delegates the authority). SerB thinks that by removing the Stalin inscriptions, they have overstepped their authority, but won’t make a problem out of such a small thing”


              And you ever read even half translated part of return of the inscriptions on RU portal… that was… utter bad way of putting things, no trolling serious face ‘In your face’ glorification when the inscriptions were to return to EU server… Small thing to give such a loud debate then?

            • Gratz, you have managed to confuse “publicity” with “hard numbers”. Fail Reading Comprehension and News Literacy 101.
              See the thing is some twats making noise about a supposed issue to the point of getting noticed by the media is a very far cry from genuinely large numbers of people even knowing of, nevermind now giving a fuck about, the “problem”.

              So unless you can cite even gallup-level hard data of there actually having been an ouctry “en masse”, rather than merely among the factually minuscule portion of WoT players that even read the forums in the first place nevermind now give a shit about the whole loldrama, you’re basically trying to claim a light spring shower is the fucking Deluge.
              (SerB is also entirely correct about the historicity of the Stalin-related inscriptions BTW, those are a common enough sight in period pictorial sources.)

            • You seem a smart man, but if players ask for an inscription to return on other server and the other server does not want them in equality, who should be listened, the ones ON the server or the ones OUT of the server?

              I also think that even if 95% doesn’t give rats ass those 5% who do said they do think they should not be there on EU server, It gives a fair number from active players. And remember the thing is that it was RU server that wanted the inscriptions back to EU server… So louder people do not have a vote you say? Nice logic.

              I could go find some topics on WoT forums, but that would not get you to read thru them all and count the pro- and conmans… would it? Yes numbers are on RU side, but they don’t play ( yet ) on the server ( and very few will even after roaming is enabled ) so why was their opinion seen priority over those on the EU server? And yes RU is bigger and they are prostalin because of their history, so their opinion is biased on why it should be there, while also the history is biased on EU server for those who want those few inscriptions gone.

              I myself hop on the bandwagon against them, because there is reason for it for those who actually feel offended, their opinion counts for me more than some russians on their OWN server. Like I understand why some german inscriptions are not in the game even with valid points on why they should, but that was internal debate on server and in office. So if the server goes against some inscriptions which is quite large number when we discount those who do not care and have no opinion? There is reason why WG EU took them down in the first place, it was not just random act.

  1. Now I will put Stalin inscriptions on all my russian tanks & hope that PL nubz shot me and get banned :)

        • So, if you are against something or someone you kill it / him?
          You know who did that during WW2 with jews?
          Where are you from phoenixkimi?
          Sounds german…

            • Am I the only Polish player that doesn’t give a flying f*ck about Stalin inscriptions? Don’t like them? Don’t talk about them ffs. The amount of kiddos with Stalin-butthurt is too damn high IMHO.

            • A rare voice of sanity. Thanks for restoring my confidence that not all poles in this game are semi-puberty stalin-obsessed pricks who learned about stalin from opinionated history books in their secondary school that they were barely able to complete.

            • Yes, the rage about the inscriptions is silly. The reactions to the rage by people who apparently glorify Stalin and instantly hurl around ‘butthurt’, ‘crying Pole’ and similar insults IMHO are beyond silly and behave pretty similar to the the way I would expect properly-indoctrinated Hitler Youth members to behave when they catch a jew back in the day. Those insults are what actually drive the complaints about the decals further, it’s fuel to the fire.

              So, IMHO:
              Decals – I don’t care
              Crying about decals – Slightly annoying, but to some degree understandable
              Displaying ones glorifying thoughts about Stalin and constant Poland-bashing – Beyond annoying, simply retarded, just as bad as shouting ‘Heil Hitler’ to glorify Hitler (i.e. actually meaning it).

            • Am I the only Polish player that doesn’t give a flying f*ck about Stalin inscriptions?

              Nope. These inscriptions were put on Soviet tanks and I don’t give a shit about them. If someone want’s to paint his tanks, he will paint it, his choice.

              I’ll kill enemy regardless of inscriptions on his tank and I have no time to read slogans on the tanks of my team. That’s why we are driving tanks, this is not beauty contest.

          • There’s a difference between killing people in real life because of religion, and destroying a friendly tank ingame whose only reason to get that inscription is to provoke other people.
            I’m not Polish and I don’t really care about the inscription. What I care about is WG’s attitude to all of this. It was removed from our server but the Russians on their server wanted to fuck us over. You should have seen the comments they were making after WG came out with their “We are proud of our history” moment.

  2. I have a feeling, that in reality next to nobody will make use of this, as in shooting teammates with this red box.

  3. Ridiculous, I seriously cant understand why its such a big deal. I dont have time during the battle to notice useless stuff like these inscriptions. If someone wants to have it on his tank it makes no difference to me. Ofcourse it’s interesting that someone wants an inscription like that on his tank in the first place.

    • People mainly use these inscriptions to make the ingame tanks look a bit more historically accurate (eye-candy?) It doesn’t mean they are communists etc. I personally think that all of the ingame nations should have some historical inscriptions such as “for Stalin” on russian tanks. (“Gott Mit Uns” for german tanks is my first candidate, I want it on one side of the turret on my Tiger II and “Breslau” on the other side)

      There’s no need for such a butthurt but there’s too many uneducated ignorants in this game, people who doesn’t even understand what they are talking about. Not only Poles but other nations as well.

      • Since when is ONE country equal to A FEW?`It’s also a poorly written law that is so bad that it’s not enfoced in the first place. It’s not even aplicable in this case anyway. Stalin may have been a communist, but that doesn’t make his written name “a symbol of communism”. The only “symbol of communism” that I know of would be the red flag.

    • History is only a singe aspect. There are also other aspects, law, for an example. Several historical inscriptions are not displayed on German vehicles supposedly due to Nazi symbolism being banned in a few countries, meanwhile disregarding the fact that Communist symbols are also banned in a few Eastern European countries, namely Poland.

      This reasoning is shit anyways, double standards suck.

    • But there were no “Gott mit uns” on tanks. In fact inscriptions on German tanks were quite rare and mostly were names of fallen comrades or names of crewmember girls. Sometimes names of Nordic gods, some names of famous commanders, city names and last but not least heroes from stories, like “Max” & “Moritz” or famous “Kohlenklau” on Marder II.

      To be honest I can’t recall political, party or nazi slogans painted on tanks. During defense of East Prussia some vehicles had inscriptions about Metgethen, place were some Soviet soldiers murdered civilians, but I never saw any on photos. That’s all.

  4. Haha, excellent idea, especially the red box :D This is goint to be the first mod I install in 8.8.


  5. How the fuck can anybody even care a little bit about stalinist inscriptions … really? Really, you care about that?

    • Promoting Stalinism is a crime here, in Poland. So we need this mod badly to not to promote Stalinism by mistake. Plus, most of us agree that writing “For Adolf …” is bad. Well, Stalin was much worse, but he hired men for PR.

        • Stalin started killing millions even BEFORE the Second World War started. Get your shit straight, please.

          • So what?
            You count only the death ones before WW2? o_O
            I just want to tell that if you look at the numbers….Hitler killed sure more than Stalin…

            • So Hitler is responsible for, let’s say, the death of ten millions, Stalin is only for the death of eight millions, so Stalin is okay. What the fuck?

            • Yeah, seems legit…
              And did you know that Stalin even killed his own men?

              And why do you even argue with “he killed more than him”? Do you think that even if Stalin killed less people than Hitler, it does make Stalin look like a good person for you?
              Both Hitler and Stalin killed people and therefore, not only Nazi stuff but also Stalinistic inscriptions should be banned from the game.

            • Hitler: 73 millions WW2 deaths + few millios jews
              Stalin: 2-20 millions (wikipedia)
              BOTH were monsters but pls stop to downplay Hitler!

            • It’s funny watching people who keep saying Hitler started WW2, he is responsible for every death.Stalin was lucky Hitler attacked first so that he could pose as the victim.He would have invaded Europe anyway, regardless of Hitler’s actions.In 1940 he already had plans for the invasion of Germany.Both are responsible for tenths of millions deaths, both are criminals, murderers, both should be forever banned everywhere.The only difference was that one won WW2 so he wrties that history as he wants. As for this mod, I don’t think it’s useful in EU, Stalin pretty much fucked up all of Eastern Europe so few would be stupid enough to put his inscriptions.

            • WinG_HU +1

              Oh and btw Donkey: The fact that you rely on Wikipedia as your sole source for information basically tells me everything about you as a person.
              I mean, Wikipedia might be right but why not come up with some serious sources? Lack of interest in some real books?

            • Hitler: 15-17 million
              Stalin: 20-25 million

              And while we’re on this topic:

              Mao Zedong: 28-45 million

              Maybe YOU should get YOUR facts straight.

            • Hey Anon, heard about a little something called “Generalplan Ost”? Also Mao doesn’t really count as his score is mainly down to rank incompetence rather than active malice.

      • Quote (Syfer Polski) : “Promoting Stalinism is a crime here, in Poland. So we need this mod badly to not to promote Stalinism by mistake. Plus, most of us agree that writing “For Adolf …” is bad. Well, Stalin was much worse, but he hired men for PR.”

        You just did a crime then. Stop promoting Stalin and Adolf. Now seriously….you are one of the polish that made your country look bad, what you do is being stupid whiner , not a patriot … no wonder others call you butthurts.

        PS: the best way to get rid of the the emblems for good is to delete the game :)

        • _unknown_ and the best way to live your life is to always get yourself suprpessed by the “upper ones” and just do what you are told to do.
          If you do so, you will always have a good, stressless life… but on the other hand, you will never be able to see beyond the cage you are locked in.
          In other words: deleting the game is not the way to treat this Stalin inscription problem.

          • Quote: “In other words: deleting the game is not the way to treat this Stalin inscription problem.”

            Your IQ seems to be to low to comprehend the whole picture. The REAL problem is that the buthurts consider this whole Stalin emblem crap to be a “problem”. Is a F#CKING GAME. You don’t play it if you dont like it. Killing team mates for having a different opinion than you is stupid, and killing enemies for having a different opinion ..well…you will kill them anyway (if you can) with or without stalin emblems on their tanks. I dont like what Stalin / URSS did but intalling this stupid MOD wont fix the history.

            Maybe will get some “Stalin hater” or “againt Stalin” emblems so the buthurts will be happy … Hmmmm…not historical…not gonna happen’

      • Promoting Stalinism is a crime here, in Poland.

        And now, gimbase kid, go to the books and learn what “promoting” means and why historical inscriptions can’t be understood as promoting of something.

        Ill educated morons like you make Poland bad PR. No wonder masses are talking about stupid siemkas with butthurt. But, the hell, why normal Polish players have to be connected with such idiots?

        • For the same reason I have to feel embarassed by loud, fat and ugly Finnish tourists in vacation spots. :/

      • commies are usualy poor fucks. got to be a consequence of the brainwashing destroying their braincells or something. median iq in Russia lies somewhere between Ruanda and Burkina Faso.

  6. This Stalin crap is totaly over rated / talked bullshit. Who the hell do actually read the damn inscription during battle ? And why in the hell would some crap painted on a tank bother someone ? 99% of EU/NA player base cant even read cyrillic. The Stalin inscriptions are hystorical after all and by the way …not even the russians like Stalin. Peopple started using this emblems alot more after all this free publicity (by whiners who play more WoT on forums then in game client) just to troll the whiners. Smart people just ignored and got over it. I`d rather see other real problems fixed in WoT than this crappy fake “problem”.

    • You are wrong. Around 2% of the players are Russian, 10% are Polish(1 in 10 of us understadns Russian), Some Czech and Slovak deffinitely do too, I am pretty sure Romanians use cyrilic as their main alphabet, For sure so do Bielarussians and Bulgarian.
      So we are talking about 8-12% that can understand and 4% that care.
      Fake? Small amount? It is more ppl that have a tier X in their garage…

      • Geez, you said Romanians write with Cyrillic alphabets? Are you okay?

        Most Eastern Europeans are vehemently anti-Communist, just like most Hungarians. I have no idea where your datas came, but they are totally wrong.

        • Yeah his data, is a not so educated guess. He completely ignores Baltic countries, that together make a decent player base and mostly speak / understand Russian as well. IMO his Polish numbers are wrong too.

      • Um, romanians haven’t been using cyrilic since the 18th century and most of them don’t know any bit of russian

      • Romanians dont use cyrilic (romanian language is latin derived, as italian, france, spanish, portuguese languages ) Not only that romanians dont like Stalin, they dont like any russians at all. :) Stalin and URSS did more harm to Romania then did to most other countries, including Poland. But this have nothing to do with a damn stupid emblem, so I may be wrong about the % but I`m right about the whiners.

        • “Stalin and URSS did more harm to Romania then did to most other countries, including Poland.”

          ROFL! How about Ukraine and it’s famine between WW1 & WW2? How about killing innocent people in Baltic states? Get your facts straight and then write something.

          • Indeed, Romania had to suffer only during WW2 because of the soviets, like most countries, but the aftermath wasn’t that bad.Romania’s communism was independent from the soviet one, they refused to attack CZSK for example, when every country of the Warsaw Pact invaded and they even public denounced the action.Plus that the american president Nixon went to Romania(first visit of an american president in a communist country)+the visits of the romanian president to Washington or London.So Romania didn’t have to suffer too much because of the USSR compared to Poland or Ukraine

            • Considering what they’d been up to during the war, and ofc the whole “Aiding & Abetting a genocidal invasion” thing, Romanians are pretty much the very last ones with any moral standing to complain from.

      • Feel free to add some Serbs to that list. Soviet soldiers raped, stole, tortured, hell i bet they even killed some innocent people while “liberating” my country. While Stalin said to Tito(paraphrasing): Those are soldiers, they are fighting the good fight, be easy on them, they deserve some loving(rape) and goodies(stolen jewelry, cars and shit)…

        • Stalin was notoriously callous about that kind of thing. Kinda willing to bet that was chump change compared to what the Germans and their hatchetmen had been up to for the past few yers though.

          • Nope, not exactly. At least in the towns my family was from. Nevertheless Nazis did 1 massive execution. Ustashe were the worst actually(yep, same countryman from Kingdom of Yugoslavia and later on SFRJ)with concentration camps and all.

    • The problem is not just Stalin inscription its the way how WG brought it back to EU server. They talked about Stalin and history and then they said they are proud of it. Which means they think that Stalin deeds where good and something to be proud of. You cant be proud of one of the greatest mass murderer unless you are totally heartless and feelingless. And if you say that I am butthurt because I care about something like that or because I have heart, then you are here the true butthurt not me.

  7. I actually think these mods are good. Here is why: No longer do u have to grind through horrible stock tanks from the Russian branch. Just pay for IS Inscription, and parade the friendly base so some rtard can kill you so u dont even have to play the game, can leave the battle, let them win/lose, and PLUS – u get compensated. I salute the mod creator. <3

        • You know, it’s not like I would give a damn about some random person that has to make his political orientations public.

            • Well, you have just contradicted yourself.
              I would therefore guess that your first post was nothing but blather, just as anything else you might add to this discussion.

          • I killed dozens of brown people in Farcry 2. Does that mean I’m racist?
            I invade Poland playing Germany in Hearts of Iron 3 (and pretend I’m deporting millions of jews), does that make me a nazi?
            I wage war against capitalistic swine overexploiting natural resources in Anno 2070, does that make me an liberal tree-hugger anarchist?
            I used to play Portal 2 and enjoy it a lot, does that make me a murderous sociopath?

            So, why shouldn’t I be allowed to put virtual inscriptions on my virtual tank virtually glorifying Stalin? I’d do the same with my german tanks and swastikas if I could, and I’m far from being a xenophobic prick.

            So how about you drop the butthurt and stop getting so mad at what people do in a video game ?

  8. I am getting the Stalin hunter mod and spam the Stalin lover fags with premium ammo at all times. Russian heavies will just love it when they reach the front line after 2 minutes of driving just to die in a premium ammo barrage in 5 seconds. Ah, there will be lots of bitching and whining. Other Stalin hunters should do the same to annoy the Stalin fags in every single battle.

        • Yes, most of my tanks are russians. I am not a russian hater. As long as those russians are not Stalin lover EU hater blinded nationalistic fags. Nationalistic bullshit propaganda was used in WW2 to turn people into brainwashed zombies so if you see a zombie, gun it down before it could spread the infection.

    • Oh the sweet, sweet irony:

      “Herp, derp. WG are terrible, better spam expensive ammo to show them who’s the boss!!111! Murica, fuck yeah!1!!1″

      Besides, I always bith about prem ammo.

      • It’s not expensive if you already have premium tanks anyway. And I already have so I might as well use them.

  9. That red stuff on the second ‘remover’ version must be the blood leaking from polish butts, wide open for any trespasser, especially so if it is spilled over any IS or KV tank. Really, only the wehraboos could be as retarded as this modemaker and ppl who would use this mod..

      • Oh, you must be one of those bleeding poles? Here, take some ointment, the butt should heal if you don’t touch it for some time.
        I am not a communist, in fact very far from that. I just (1) don’t care about inscriptions in game (only did earn some gold putting the ‘Stalin’ inscriptions on all my soviet tanks _before_ they got removed), and (2) sometimes like having fun by watching retards shitting all over themselves in public. Feels almost like a zoo, you know, with polish ragekids instead of chimps.

        • And yet you talk about Polish people as if they were nothing but junk.
          What did they do to you, that you hate them so much?

          • I didn’t talk about polish people in general, read carefully. For polish people in general I have some respect indeed, as Stanislaw Lem is one of my favorite writers.
            I did talk about polish people raging about pixel inscriptions on a pixel tank, and polish people spilling the butthurt from that rage in the blog that I read. These people are indeed junk, since they try to relate inscription on a pixel tank to history and even to real life. To me, this is not just stupid, this somewhat dishonors those good polish people that I do know well, those who could not care less about such piece-o-crap, since this faulty image is commonly transferred to the rest of polish people in general. Again, this is just plainly stupid.

            • You just wrote “polish butts” and “one of those bleeding poles”…
              Why the Poles? How does it come that you mention them? Why weren’t you speaking (or more like raging, actually) of people in general?
              Seems like the faulty image has commonly transferred to you.

            • Because I mainly see the poles bitching about the inscriptions online. It’s not faulty image, it’s the law of large numbers in this case. Take any 10 retards bitching about this whole meaningless crap in this thread — 9 of them will be poles. To close the set completely, I could write ‘eastern european butts’ and ‘bleeding eastern europeans’, since none of us here in sweden could care less about such crap; same would hold for any western european country.

            • Then you should understand not only Polish people hate Stalin and that his name is FORBIDDEN BY LAW in Poland. So they have every right to whine, hell they can even sue WG(that would be great indeed).

              And this: “These people are indeed junk, since they try to relate inscription on a pixel tank to history and even to real life.”

              According to you why can’t we have normal Third Reich flag, svastikas, Wittmann and other nazi stuff? IT’S JUST A PIXEL ON A TANK. Nothing to do with HISTORY AND REAL LIFE.

            • Just like germany cant get over the fascist past because they ban Nazi insignias?

              for me its about measuring in 2 ways…swastikas and anything relatied to nazism is a no go due to historical reasons but stalin isnt ?

            • Then you should understand not only Polish people hate Stalin and that his name is FORBIDDEN BY LAW in Poland.

              Seriously? it seems you are illiterate because there are no such law in Poland. If you insist, please quote this law here. Can be in Polish, all interested can translate it themselves.

            • @Nevu: yeah pretty much, and the relevant laws are like sixty years old now. Take it up with any number of national (and maybe a few international) legislators if you feel it’s so damn important.

        • While I have nothing against Stalinist inscription per se, as it is historical, I am just shocked by the way WG handled the matter.

          It shows so much disrespect to EU server to basically say “we don’t care what you think, do what youa re told by your RU overlords fuckers”.
          Adding the “Stalin was great historical leader” between the lines of their official explanation why Stalinist was returned to wot makes it even more annoying.

          And primitive antipolish trolling of SerB just sums everything up again.

          So to sum it up, a long time ago when Viktor Kislyi slipped his tongue and accused polish teams of cheating there was quite a hassle on the forum. The community manager’s response was:

          whatever you wrote, we will not care and not do anything so shut the fuck up and enjoy playing the game. And tell your friends that if they don’t stfu, they may get banned,

          • I suppose, that’s ‘welcome to capitalism’ for you. It’s their opinion about their history, and their attitude to polish community, like it or not.

        • And only someone like you _unknown_ couldn’t think of any better argument than just copying what I said, replacing some words with an opposite opinion (plus calling me a retard, how original).
          And thank you, I have a rather enjoyable life already.

          • my bad…retard is indeed a way to strong word …..sorry for that
            I’ll just replace it with narrow minded……because you are realy narrow minded to take the trolling seriously :) so…lets sum it up …..Stalin = bad, Hitler=bad, you(Strange Ostrich)=narrow minded trollable person with a happy life , Stalin emblems = crap not even worth talking about. You just did free advertisement to this WG crap with your “smart” comments, you already put some more money in WG’s pockets by making more ppl to buy the Stalin crap emblems. You must be really proud about you :) The master troll Serb who start it all certainly is.

      • … I did and still not see the point.

        You don’t bother reading everyone’s inscriptions ingames do you, turning it invisible is useless and making it blatant like the red square is just a bad case of everlasting butthurt.

        • Yes, one migt have a mixed opinion on the red box (because of team killing) but I think giving people the possibility to completely hide the inscription isn’t a bad thing.
          If someone finds this mod useful, why not? Isn’t that what mods were made for? To make them available for people that might find them useful?
          If I don’t like Stalinistic inscriptions, I’ll hide them with this mod.
          This, indeed, is the point of the mod.

          • The point of the mod is pandering to inane butthurt. Since there seems to be fair bit of that going around it certainly serves a purpose.

  10. If a Mod can make a inscript invisiable or change its disign is it not also posible to do this with other inscripts in a “better” (not only red ground) way ? – so that you can design your own personaly inscript that you wish ?
    so lets change the inscrift “Stalin” in “Shot me” or something else

  11. Y people so angry at Stalin? i dont understand

    Hes just typical leader from history book, like Napolion or Gengiz Han or de Gaulle. Nothing to fuss about

    • I guess a lot of people would be very angry at you if you would have killed millions of innocent people.

      The difference with Napolen (etc.) is that it was a much longer time ago. And as time passes, people care less and less. But I could understand if someone is angry at Napoleon.

      • I do not remember napoleon doing any “mass murdering” deeds,but he got his ass kicked in russia and it all started to crumble from here, so who care anymore.

        • French armies of the period were actually notoriously rapacious, as they were “fed off the land” to a far greater degree than was the norm for the time. This greatly simplified logistics – smaller baggage trains etc. – but kinda failed in Russia where as it turned out the land didn’t feed much…
          By Borodino the Grande Armée had actually already lost around half its starting head count mostly to deprivation.

      • for me it’s not about insEU community “we don’t give a fuck about your opinion, do as your Russian overlords tell you and repeat after us: Stalin was a great leader”

  12. How about the JOSEPH STALIN and FOR STALIN Inscriptions?

    I’m sporting a JOSEPH STALIN on the front of my KV-5, so every enemy could see it, and i want to know if they will get annoyed by it :D

  13. “This replaces the text with a large red box, so you can immediately spot a stalinist in your battle and hunt him down. Very useful, will install this myself :)”

    Come on, SS. THis is getting pathetic… It’s bloody historical, it adds more historical accuracy to a game that already has close to none; just because you have a stalin inscription on you SOVIET WW2 tanks doesn’t mean you’re a commie.

    • Yes, but after the anti-EU comments from a certain WG developer and the “we are proud of our history” news from WG, it is very clear that this is not about history, it’s about the present. If you put swastika in a historical game, it’s fine. If put it in your game and you also say that you are proud of it, maybe add a little anti-semitist comments to it, you will be crucified by the public. And it will not be because of the game.

      • >anti-EU
        Nah, I’m pretty sure that they were simply anti-Polish and anti-Romanian, two countries that aren’t really loved in the rest of Europe as well, they’re just the source of immigration issues.

        • I feel very sorry for you and hope that you never have to feel how it is, if the former suppressor of you, your culture, your country or whatever is part of you gets treated like a hero.
          But if you have to, I will write a letter to you, telling you that you are just simply retarded. :)

          • if you could view his posting history you would be amazed how one person can unify the essence of retardation to such perfection.
            feeling sorry for russia. once great, now only butthurt, praising the past cause there is no future. tells you much about a country when assad is considered their last friend.

            • Oh, boy. It feels like i’m in /pol/ or something.
              I’m russian and i’ll be damn fine with german Got mit Uns/Hitler/ Whatever else inscription on german tanks. I don’t feel butthurted in any way. Not blindly praising past neither. I didn’t live back that, can’t be sure it was only-one-way-good-and-glorious. Also it wasn’t that way. It was controversial.
              Something’s wrong with me?
              Do i have a future?
              Are you feeling sorry for me?

              And what’s the point of killing players, that use arguable inscriptions you don’t like, if you protest agains how WG treats some groups of players in the first place anyway?

  14. I am not suprised why WG banned U :D U really are pathetic…it must hurth that you have to play this game :D

    • If you say something wrong of WG, they will simply sweep you out of the way. Easy and efficient.
      But that only shows their incapability to solve problems.
      I’m glad that you didn’t seem to have any problems concerning WG, yet.

  15. I will enjoy getting morons banned for teamdamaging. Remember that you only need to shoot once this update to get 24hrs ban

    • Oh no, you will not visit this blog anymore? Well at least you can get all the info you need from WG EU community team. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s your loss, not his.

  16. Awesome! Just got the red zone thing. Didnt even know which one were the stalin inscription, now maybe ill put it on my russian tanks. Problems? Come get me on the battlefield ;)

    • A prime example of extreme intelligence.

      “Well I have no idea what it says, but its RED so it’s bad, BAD I TELL YOU”

        • Yeah, witnessing it without protective equipement will pollute and impurify your precious bodily fluids. (The doctor suggest avoiding war documentarties.)

    • >Didnt even know which one were the stalin inscription
      If you hover the mouse on the inscription it gives you the English translation, likewise I couldn’t read it otherwise.

  17. So in the end you were just butthurt like the others, weren’t you? You said that the issue was the politically charged announcement, not the inscriptions themselves, but if that were true then the issue should lie in WG itself, not the users who decide to buy (or re-buy) those inscriptions.
    But whatever, let the siema&co. become even more siema with this mod.

    • well, now with political agenda of wg obvious if you buy stalinist inscription you either agree with wg, you are a commie, ou are oblivious to the noise (sorry in that case) or you just bought this inscription to troll/annoy others because there was no inscription “siemkas are noobs”.
      In any way I may consider having you marked on the battlefield :D

      • > are oblivious to the noise
        You fail to understand that most people are in fact oblivious to this shit, few follow what happens on the forum and elsewhere.
        >you just bought this inscription to troll/annoy others because there was no inscription “siemkas are noobs”.
        They actually brought it upon them, my opinion about them worsened a lot after this affair, they look really childish.

  18. NEW SERIES: products of Poland since 1991 !!!!

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    Tomorow we will look pride of all Czech rep…..Sylvia Saint :)

  19. Just thought of smth awesome: I will put the ‘Stalin’ inscription AND a polish flag on my KV-1. Perfect, just perfect. In words of the Emperor Palpatin, ‘Good, good, let the butthurt flow through you!’

    • Man, man, you should do it with the IS! Poles used that tank, named after the Iron Man, both during and after WWII, it would add another touch of (historically accurate) butthurtness!

    • Mhehe, from the next special: “Up to 50% Discount on Insignias Personalize your vehicles with some cool insignias for half the price! ” :D

  20. communist are the worst people of all,
    from the entire history of the human race.
    they have their own magical believes that communism is natural and will propagate like sugar in water taken time.
    their science is ad-hook base.
    their management is idiotic.
    they are all paranoid, every communist afraid of his friends and family.
    they spend tons of energy to mange, adapt and manipulate every person in their states.

    and WG who is a company adopts this system, this is opportunism at its worst, as most of the Nazi’s were opportunist i conclude that WG is a Nazi company.

    • Nazi?
      Its f*ckin russian communism.
      There are worlds between the both nations!
      And why they don’t implement:
      Ein Reich, ein Volk, ein Führer!
      Or: Für Hitler!
      Caus the entire russian community is a bunch of fuckin Stalinist’s and they hate us germans.
      These inscriptions are rubbish,
      all of the fuckin comunist inscriptions

      • Well the problem (for you) is that “Nazi” inscriptions are illegal in several countries, especially Germany.

        • There’s also the problem such inscriptions would be grossly unhistorical and basically equivalent to neo-nazi slogans sprayed on walls… which are sorta illegal on several counts AFAIK.

    • >they are all paranoid, every communist afraid of his friends and family.
      The only paranoia I see around here is the one about an ideology which died 20 years ago.

  21. SS it seems that whenever your post are something about Stalin you get huge amount of opinions, feedback and discussions.


  22. the stupid whiners only help WG to make more money…..lots of ppl will buy the Stalin emblems to troll the butthurts ….. so, economicaly wise, i guess WG made the right decision.

  23. IMHOs:
    1. Only poles interested in poles-problems.
    2. Most of the whining bout Stalinism – just showing off. Another reason for some shitposting.
    Moralfags… Moralfags everywhere.

  24. Nice mod; I already use it (the “Stalin remover” version with transparent icon).
    I don’t want to “hunt” communist pigs, I only disregard them.

  25. I’ve never bought inscriptions before, and the garage preview says they don’t even show against the winter camo anyway.


    • I have the winter white camouflage on my SU-122-44 and the inscriptions look readable enough from the preview. Anyway I’m also really tempted to buy one, it’s fucking stupid, inscriptions are useless game-wise, this one actually just increases the chance of getting team-killed (I don’t care about the enemies, it’s their mistake rushing against someone because of an inscription), but I feel this urge of trolling idiotic whiners.

  26. Fuck Stalin, the murdering trash he is.

    Russians are brainwashed cockeaters that glorify this piece of shit?


    • I find their occasional lionising him to make a whole lot more sense than their fawning over that sorry excuse of a monarch Nicky II, who IIRC was canonised a saint or something similarly infantile way back. His methods were what they were but “Uncle Joe” was at least competent enough a tyrant his empire didn’t fall apart around his ears.
      And I guess throwing the Nazis out counts for a lot for an ethnic group high on their kill-list…

  27. In tomorrows news: WG banning this MOD because it disrupts their anti hatespeech-policies. Using this MOD is a grave offense against the TOS, users will be banned in the name of peace and international understanding.


  28. I’m so sick of this Stalin shit. We know that Stalin is “historical”, but to be proud to have Stalin as a noted positive influential figure in your history is befuddling. I think we should give the brainwashed Russians a break, just as we should give the brainwashed Americans (genocide of native population and slavery), Chinese (similar mass extermination of its people), and Europeans (not all European nations but the list is substantial). Many nations have dark times in history.

    Russian history with a funny twist…

  29. “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it…”
    You people are getting waaay too upset about this. It happened nearly 70 years ago! Every person on here who says he is going to “kill the commies with the red box” is just as bad of a person as Hitler or Stalin or your mother-in-law. It is an online game, but deciding to just hate on someone without examining facts or reasons is just as inconsiderate.
    WW2 happened, people were killed. The sons of the men who died are now probably dead already, yet here you are arguing about it like it’s today’s news.
    If Stalin or Hitler can’t be mentioned in games why are they mentioned in history books? Let’s just remove them from history alltogether! LET’S PRETEND WW2 NEVER HAPPENED YEAH!!
    People should stop making a big deal of the past. If anything the debates should be going on about the current economical crysis or the situation in Syria, yet, here you are arguing about something long gone and forgotten.

  30. SS, in one of your last posts, you say that WG is supporting AFK. And now you promote a mod that is used to find targets for teamkilling? Are u mad?!

    My personal opinion on this topic is neutral. I dont care about this inscriptions, but I cant understand why people get that mad about those tiny letters. Those inscriptions were in game since 8.0 and nobody cared about it. Then they were removed some patches and returned in 8.8 and everyone looses their mind? Why the hell?

    P.S.: I was referring to this post: http://ftr.wot-news.com/2013/09/07/wg-supporting-afk/

    P.P.S.: Personally I hope that everyone who does a teamkill because those stupid inscriptions get a ban for a week. But thats just my 2 cents…

      • Normally you kill all of the enemies. And most of the time you dont see the inscriptions of the enemy, so i think its mainly for teamkilling.

  31. The Hunter is good, because of the ppl who are raging against it can’t even read it… (Before you come and say that I can read cyrillic pls try to read this one more time :))

    • Oh, he wasn’t exactly a likeable guy or anything. But holding him personally responsible for every ill that has befallen Central Europe since whenever like these morons do pretty much amounts to scapegoating and magical thinking.

      • Nah it’s just fun to shoot at people glorifying Stalin, particularly if you’re in a German tank.

        This is for the Panzer IV *kill* the Tiger *kill* the Maus *kill* the E-50M *kill* the Jagdpanzer IV *kill* (and so on)

    • Well, stalin was a phony ass dictator killing milions of people, why the fuck should we like him? I think russian tanks as well as stalin inscriptions should be gine for good.

      • Go play Mechwarrior Online since real-world history is obviously too much for your constitution. (Also failing to see where anyone insisted on *liking* the bugger – kick that strawman harder brah.)

  32. nice mod! stalin tanks will be now main target for premium ammo.

  33. I’m getting the Hunter mod (though I’d frankly prefer the large red area to be a giant Soviet flag, but that’s just me). Expect a LOT of dead IS-series tanks once 8.8 rolls around (because most people, predictably, are gonna put them on IS-series tanks). Then again…that might make WG think they’re underperforming and leading to them buffing the IS series. That could be a problem…ah hell! I just wanna wipe the Stalinists off the map!!! Commissars shouldn’t be driving tanks!!!

  34. I wish that this idiots pay more attention on their own moves, minimap and game, instead of bitching about inscriptions.. WoT would be much better game.
    Anyway… come and get me, you sandy vaginas. ;)

  35. This is an excellent mod for those who don’t want to see a murderer of countrymen and one also set on genocide glorified in any facet. Fuck Stalin, fuck Serb, and fuck WG for intentionally trying to start an E-battle over this shit.

    Thanks SS.

        • Nonono, I’m worried about your peace of mind here. After all if I go and buy some ZA STALINA inscriptions just to snub you and your ilk that’ll only *benefit* WG and hence directly contradict your “fuck WG” aim… your declaration above is thus not only counterproductive but outright contrafinal, see?

  36. i hope that it won’t be used to teamkill the player who have the staline inscription on their tanks . if anyone try to kill me just cause i’v got one of those inscription i will report them to the support and make them get banned .
    it’s just a game :)

  37. Daily reminder that panzer commanders hang for their crimes. History’s already written, Soviets won.


  38. Silentstalker – you are an IDIOT. Sorry, but you deserve this.

    I thought you are a smart guy with some brain who understands that POLITICS have no place in GAMES. Unfortunately you aren’t. The ony thing you make with such retarded articles is HATE – you are producing and spreading HATE. Don’t you think we in Europe HATE eachother enough? Do you think we need MORE HATE? I’m really disappointed with you. I really thought you are a smart guy.

    And for all the other buthurt guys – my nickname in game is m4st3r, from EU clan EPIC. My T-54 and T-62A tanks have both “For Stalin” (in cyrilic – ЗА СТАЛИНА) inscriptions.

    Come and try to get me, B1tches xD

  39. “This replaces the text with a large red box, so you can immediately spot a stalinist in your battle and hunt him down. Very useful, will install this myself :)”

    And there I was, an ignorant (formerly West) German, wondering how Czech players like yourself think about the Stalin inscriptions. It’s, after all, not the Poles alone which had all the fun with Stalinism. Oh by the way SS, I do like this blog and it’s immense wealth of information, keep up the good work.

    Back on topic: I am deeply concerned about RU players putting the inscriptions on their tanks on the EU server, starting their game with “Long live the glorious I. Stalin” and intentionally hope to get teamkilled by their former east-bloc brothers, thus raking in considerable amounts of cash while spoiling the game for everyone else. This alone would be enough reason for me to not allow roaming of accounts.

    Politics should not have a place in a computer game and I wished that WG would have got some sense before starting this whole Stalingate issue. They might make good computer games, but their sense of good PR and cultural sensitivity needs some developing.