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  1. Hi Silent, We have another WG Fail SEA edition
    regarding on a Mission Delta Force: “The Launch”, the previous News its say you have to destroy 20 tanks using T-34 then it switched into Type T-34, i don’t have solid proof such as Screen shot or else, but i’m sure we have testimony from SEA players who has following your blog


    Destroy 20 tanks with the Type T-34 (was T-34 but its changed into Type T-34)
    Destroy 20 tanks with the Churchill I
    Destroy 20 tanks with the Stug III
    All conditions above MUST be met

    [EVENT UPDATE] We’ve found the reason behind the issue with the Delta Force “The Launch” mission. The T-34 was supposed to be the Type T-34.
    The event mechanics have been updated to show this correction and can be found at http://ow.ly/oR5lw

    What happens to players who have already completed the 20 kills using the T-34? We have 2 options available:

    1. Complete the mission by destroying an additional 20 tanks using the Type T-34 to automatically receive the reward.

    2. Contact support so that they can manually credit the mission reward to your account. Full details on this can be found at http://ow.ly/oR4Vx

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused our community. We also thank everyone who have brought the issue to our attention and expedited the resolution of this issue.