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Source: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/294157-wargaming-ambassadors-have-arrived/

In the “heat” of the Stalin rage, 8.8 patch, 8.9 patch preview and Golden Joystick flame, one thing kinda “slipped thru the cracks” on EU forums: the implementation of Wargaming Ambassadors.

What actually IS a Wargaming Ambassador? Hell if I know. The thread above doesn’t offer too many details. Apparently it’s a bunch of… I dunno, WG employees or players, who are representing Wargaming on third party forums and websites, probably to make it look better.

Their nicknames consist of a “WGA” tag, nickname and country designation, here’s a list of the official ones:


If it’s employees, well, fair enough. If it’s “trusted players”, only heaven knows what they had to do to get this “position”, because I haven’t heard of any of those guys, are they active in their respective sections?

Anyway, I am not sure what these guys do, but I can’t imagine it being anything useful. I also don’t understand – if they are supposed to be active on third party forums, what prevents a random troll from hijacking one of the WGA nicknames that have been made public, running around pretending to be a WG ambassador, trolling people with silly stuff, while claiming “hey, it’s true, I am an ambassador!”?

Also, there seem to be all official language supported nations present in the program, why isn’t there any Czech? (That question could potentially have a very interesting answer).

IMHO it’s a useless initiative. I know of one such ambassador (from US presumably) on Reddit, but that’s about it. What do you think?

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      • I asked ectar about this when one of these accounts posted on r/worldoftanks. According to him, they are not employees and the program is run by XO_Foucalt.

        From my personal experience, they seem to have more restrictions than regular wg employees on what they can and can’t say.

  1. They’re probably hired to read your blog so the lazy uninformed EU “real” employees are informed about what’s going on :D

  2. Why do I have a feeling we’ll see these ambassadors post in the comment sections of this site as well?

  3. Weekly missions for next week can already be seen in the game when you press the subsequent tab.

    First mission: 10 victories in TD. Reward 50k.
    Second mission: destroy 60 targets while driving a TD. Reward: EGLD
    Third mission: Three highest xp per game get +20% crew experience.

  4. Who is running PR and Marketing for WG? Have they lost their minds? If you interpert this with a sinister twist, you could believe the ambassadors are snoops and snitches for WG meant to intimate players from commenting on third party forums.

  5. This is actually kinda scary to think of. What if they come here…? Doesn’t that mean going to third party forums is like sending designated “agents” or “spies” to do WG’s dirty work like scrutinizing people’s posts?

  6. SS for ambassador!!!

    Dear SS,

    when you become an WGA ambassador, please be so kind to give to every visitor of your forum 5k gold so we can go around wot forums bragging that you are the best WGA ambassador and in the end you can become member of Kisly personal staff and get all the info for blog :) :) :)

  7. All of those names look like extracted from the Lord of the Rings, they must be fake/new accounts.
    Also the country selection suggests they might be some kind of a respective forum subsection representatives or whatever.

  8. I think that are just accounts, which are not really bound to special persons. In other words, just new randomized “people” for steering the community. With regards of KGB, hahaha

    if I fly over all these nicknames, I would swear to see there more or less a kind of a system. Too many nicks sound too much like Lord of the Rings-Universe…..

    • The Polish ones seem more like Sapkowski ripoffs to me. PROTIP: don’t read the Witcher series, it fucking sucks. (The games are good though.)

      It’s actually only the _DEs that sound Tolkienish, the others tend more towards the D&D end of the spectrum IMO.

      • +1
        (With the exeption of the PROTIP, the Witcher series were quite good IMHO, though I have read it only in Czech, so there might be differences)

        • I have high standards for literature. Sapkowski serially fails to meet them and actually seems to be getting worse the further along his “big fantasy epic” storyline goes…

          • Depends… as we Czechs say, “Proti gustu žádný dyšputát”, which means something like “Noone should have something against your tastes” :)

            • Well, let’s just say that I’m starting to kind of pity Geralt who’s pretty much being written out of his own series the last I saw. This doesn’t inspire confidence in Sappy’s qualities as a writer.

      • But Sapkowski books are brillant! I don’t know where are You from – but reading Sapkowski in his native, Polish language is IMO brillant experience in the life of fantasy fan. I don’t know about translations, though.

        • Blind Idiot Translation at most excuses wooden language and suchlike; it has nothing to do with fundamental flaws of structure and storytelling nevermind now persistent failures of internal consistency and stuff making any sense.
          For the record Game of Thornes fails hard by the same criteria except it’s chock full of filler to boot.

  9. lol, anonanus and me seem to have the same oppinion….
    we should better hide now, agents are flying in

  10. Dear WGA_something_xx, plz tell us honestly what your job is. I can not figure out if your intentions are to work for us as a player, or work against us.
    Are you SerB’s new KGB-staff?
    Should we fear you?

    Well, I cannot honestly imagine any genuine change in attitude towards us that will improve our relations. To many fuckups and provocations by your company, leading to alienation of many of your european costumers. And now WG have hired official spyes!
    What do your company hope to gain by spying on us? Do your boss regret walking the chosen road?

    You, dear WGA_something_xx, need to dispell our automatic distrust, or you will just be seen as another of WG’s henchmen.
    This move honestly scares me (just another effect of your companys history).

  11. Maybe they are players entrusted with the job of translating official stuff to their respective languages in the WoT forums?

    No idea really… that’s the best I could come up with.

  12. wtf… I smell a WG fail incoming.

    So Silentstalker… will you ban WG ambassadors from ftr? *g*

  13. Victory!
    Fjords 14.09.2013 12:53:27
    Experience: 1.300 1.046.156 ( -45)
    Battle Achievements Steel Wall

    Mission completed! Award:
    Premium days added: 7
    Equipment added: Large Repair Kit (x10), Automatic Fire Extinguisher (x10), Large First Aid Kit (x10)

  14. Any “ambassadors” will probably have a tag on the forums, like Moderators or Clan Diplomats…

    Oh.. hang on…


    Diplomat or Ambassador……???

    It sounds very much like a typical commie/dictator’s trick…

    …..have dozens and dozens of different levels and titles of “officials”, so many that no-one has clue as to who to aim their hatred/abuse/valid feedback at, and therefore gets bored and gives up…

    Result… WG get no negative feedback because we haven’t a fooking clue who to send it to..

    Result = RESULT!!!!!

  15. Hello Everybody,
    let me explain this kinda “work”. I’ve done it for a major company (in terms of computer games development) before for quiet a long time. Just to sum it up: You approach magazines, websites, etc. for suggestions to keep it in the media; i.e. post update logs, revisit the game for a test which will then be written/shown very positivly. All in all you could say that it’s lobby work you have to do.
    And usually you are employed during that activity.

    I hope I could help you guys out.

  16. It’s just my suspicion, but to me it looks like WG will now have its own web brigades… Considering recent PR successes (Stalin insriptions, HE shells, mostly negative opinions about WoWp etc.) it’s not really surprising. The fact that they announced this publicly is more surprising to me. For those who don’t know what web brigades are, here’s a quote from wiki: “The web brigades (Russian: Веб-бригады )[1] are alleged astroturfing groups linked to the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. They are purported to be teams of commentators that participate in political blogs and Internet forums to promote disinformation and prevent free discussions of undesirable subjects.”

  17. it’s common practice for companies to have people who post on 3rd party forums when shit hits the fan
    they’re nothing less than PR people

  18. I’ve seen “WGA” guys on NA before. One threatened to ban a guy for doing something bad (forgot what he did).

    • Just a little off base. Wga on the na server is official wg employees. This article is about wga on eu server, which do not appear to be official wg employees.

  19. These guys will comment your posts, SS. :) Seriously: With their help we can reach out to the part of the community that doesn’t visit the official forums, but instead rely on external websites for their daily does of Wargaming news!

  20. I am going to take a guess that it means that they wanted some employees that could visit local language sites and check what is going on there. Note that all of them are localised languages and no EN one.