Girls und Panzer + WoT campaign in Japan

Hello everyone,

just a quick update from Zorro (EU) about what’s going on in Japan with the Girls und Panzer and WoT cooperation. The text is his, I just made some typo correction and such:

From 13 September to 16 September a Type 95 Ha-Gô was/is patrolling in Tokyo. In reality it’s a truck for transport the Type 95 Ha-Gô.



13 Sept. Shinjuku 11h00-14h30 & Akibahara 15h00-19h00
14 Sept. Akihabara 11h00-14h30 & Shinjuku 15h00-19h00
15 Sept. Akihabara 11h00-13h00 & Shibuya/Harajuku 13h30-17h30 & Akihabara 18h00-19h00
16 Sept. Akihabara 11h00-15h30 & Shibuya/Harajuku 16h00-19h00

Furthermore, from 13 September to 12 October mia*cafe (a famous maid café in Akihabara) does a special version: World of Tanks CAFE. It’s like a maid café but instead of maid there are army girls.


There is also a special menu for the occasion with drinks named after tanks.
You can also play WoT with a computer, and also bring yours and play with it. Army Girls can also play with you. The 29 September Bere+z(ベレーズ) (a military group idol, quite famous) will also come.

Wargaming will also be at the Tokyo Game Show. The 21 & 22 Sept. there is an event with GuP staff.

The 21th: some talk and game with the Ahiru-san Chiimu (Duck Team): Mike Kikushi (Noriko Isobe), Maya Yoshioka (Taeko Kondou), Mari Kirimura (Shinobu Kawanishi), Sakura Nakamura (Akebi Sasaki).

The 22th: Mami Osaki (Hana Isuzu), Ikumi Nakagami (Yukari Akiyama).
From the blog of Sumire Uesaka (Nonna/Piyotan): She’ll also be at TGS the 20th on a GuP event during a special talk-show called “Russian tanks are the best!”.

Now, that’s PR :)

80 thoughts on “Girls und Panzer + WoT campaign in Japan

  1. “Army Girls can also play with you. ”

    …so how much is a one-way ticket to Tokyo then?

  2. Awww … The girl on the left is cradling that AK like it’s a fluffy pink unicorn …

    I’m getting so curious now as to how bad the Japanese WoT tomatoes are. Could they be worse than our multi-cultural siemkas ?

  3. The trigger discipline is good,and Japanese cosplayers do take their time to research. Gun culture in Japan is somewhat rising, thjere is a trend for Japanese to go to the US to go shooting because of their own very restrictive gun laws that shames the gun laws in California, New York, and Australlia.

    That said this is a nice set of promotions for WoT.

    In before the anime haters wake up/get off work and this thread is awashed with negative comments.

    Sup Boozu, Xiong.

    • “Gun culture in Japan is somewhat rising”

      Yet their freedom-hating government still strictly controls and bans firearms, because they hate FREEDOM.

      God bless the United States of the United States. Long live freedom.

      • Any nation claiming ‘god’ as their own has issues.
        Don’t forget which country had ‘Gott Mitt Uns’ and how well that worked out for them.

      • Whelp, I gots me another looney to hunt down and put back in it’s cage. Sorry folks for the interuption.

        P.S. I say this as an American, I find most often that the folks that shout out about freedom usually just mean the “freedom” to do what that group thinks is “right”. >.>

        • Usually they’d also be rather hard pressed to actually *define* it beyond whatever specific narrow issue they’re using it as a rhetorical blunt instrument for. And you can pretty much forget about them grasping the concept of “negative freedoms”, ie. freedom *from* something.

  4. This is so unfair.

    Those girls in military gear are so hot!

    Japan ALWAYS has the best, most fun promotion campaigns.

    Why is western culture so devoid of fun. >:(

    • I need to organize a finnish promotion. Bunch of old farts talking how life was much easier when russian were shooting at you and that we useless youngsters and our video games are good for nothing.

  5. The one in the middle with the Thompson is mine… please tell WG I claim her as my prize :)

  6. Ah Akihabara .. I miss you so… been years since I’ve been there. Your meido cafe’s are a sight for sore eyes.

    Quick! Someone lend them an M3 painted Hot Pink!

  7. All the really good looking Japanese women available and they get those three? I guess WG put as much effort into finding them as they put into British tanks.

    • They’re the staff from the cafe who are the ones doing this part of the event, not WG. You work with what you have.

  8. Nice trigger figer placement ladies. respect.
    “Rusian tanks are the best”, who would have thought. Is that you Serb?

    • Nope, she’s a noted Russophile. This is why in the anime, they actually sing Katyusha (albeit with heavy accents) rather than stick to instrumentals. And she also, if I remember correctly, ad libbed a Russian lullaby for a scene.

  9. “From the blog of Sumire Uesaka (Nonna/Piyotan): She’ll also be at TGS the 20th on a GuP event during a special talk-show called “Russian tanks are the best!”.”

    Russian bias officially confirmed.

    • (emmm my last comment didin’t published, screw you internet!)
      For LK (“Russian tanks are the best? bitch pls….”) too:
      Actually Sumire Uesaka is a huge fan of CCCP (USSR) /Russia. She speak Russian and she’s at Sophia University (a very famous University for foreign language in Japan).
      She’s quite famous for her cosplay of CCCP/Russia things like (
      And of course she’s fan of tank, I remembered correctly her favourite is the BT-5.

    • From what I’ve read they’ve expanded the basic concept considerable. To quote a scanlator, “because Japan.”

    • It’s not the only cosplay restaurant theme in Japan.
      You also have: butler cafe, imotou cafe (little sisters), miko cafe (shrine girl) etc. Well, a very lot of choice.

  10. That Ha-Go is the one of the 3 prop tanks made for the filming of HBO’s “The Pacific”. Some Japanese NGO bought it from a collector from Australia. They overhauled the engine, gave it a more historically correct paint job, replaced the wheels and modded the final drive sprockets.