Word Filter fix

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Hello everyone,

as you probably all know, there is currently a bug in the game, that prevents you from disabling the word filter (censorship) of messages.

This can be fixed by replacing the messenger_oldictionary.xml with an empty file. You can download the fixed file here. Just copy it to the “World_of_Tanks\res\text” folder (don’t forget to make a backup of the old file, just in case).

32 thoughts on “Word Filter fix

    • “Working as intended.” or “It was intended to work this way.” – Wargaming
      “You beg so much.” or “Want proper hotfix? Do it yourself.” – Serb :D:D

      • So does this really fix the menu not saving the selection bug or does it just disable the word filter completely? Because if it’s the latter then most posters above and below me should realize that disabling the word filter for everyone isn’t a fix.

        • This just means that the filter doesn’t have any words to block out since the dictionary is empty. It still doesn’t save the setting and even if the filter is on it won’t block anything.
          So it’s not a fix that WG could use, but it will work for anyone that want’s the filter turned offf.

  1. Bug that will be present until 8.9 to be fixed officialy has been fixed instantly by community. Usual WG’s behaviour. And when there was issue with 83mm HE shells they made hotfix in one day. Fucktards.

  2. WG can’t put a f***** reload timer into WoT, so its no wonder they can’t fix the word filter

    WG fail again

    • WG can do small hotfixes but only when it suits them. Like in 83mm HE shells fiasco when the western capitalist pigs wanted to earn them some credits.

  3. Inconsequential thing gets broken in the game? IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED IMMEDIATELY! WHARGALHARBEL!

    And you idiots wonder why SerB acts like he does.