Storm on 8.8 MM


Storm on 8.8 matchmaker:

Immediately after the 8.8 went live, there have been many complains regarding the matchmaker. One of the main ones was about the increased waiting time before battles. This has been confirmed. We are dealing with it now.

After this complaint proved to be justified, I started digging in the matter and found a lot of whining about “the MM puts my premium tier 8 tank on the bottom of the team too much!” and “me and my friend playing premium tanks constantly end up on the bottom of the team!”.

So I requested statistics on this. It wasn’t easy to do, but we did it. It turned out to be another nice illustration of the “hundreds of players tell you something wrong, why don’t you fix it???!!!”

The table below is clear to everyone I hope. It shows the tank distribution thru the battletiers. Statistics from version 0.8.8.

The first line of the vehicle accounts for random + platoons, the second one for platoon battles only.


67 thoughts on “Storm on 8.8 MM

  1. So the conspiracy theorists were correct D: Next thing you know we’ll know they were right about the Ratte coming ingame >_<

      • Actually I looked at the table with some blinders on at first as well. For the tanks I own/care about the weighting is in fact most commonly at the bottom, and thats where I originally looked. A closer look at the table shows this is the situation for most of the Premiums, but not all.

        There are some stand outs that this is not the case for. The Lowe and T34 have a very close spread between lowest and highest results. The variation for them is only slightly favorable towards the bottom tiering. The difference does not look significant.
        Its certainly good information to tell me not to buy either tank.

        • They also are the only ones without preferential MM. The chart shows exactly what you’d expect from them.

        • Lowe is the best moneymaker but people don’t like it cause it’s slow and has bad hull armor. I don’t even care, bought it, it shits cash.

      • in fact i found it good. yesterday with my friends we was platooning nearly whole day, Wolverine, Churchil I and T-34 and very seldom we seen higher tiers then 6 and often even 5

      • they said platoons dont have worse mm, now looking at the table every single tank has lower % in the first coloumn. not by much, but less.

  2. I do appreciate how Storm will actually pull out the statistics and actually push them in your face. If SerB did the same I wouldn’t mind any trolling that went along with it.

    • serb is nothing short of a shit cunt. he thinks hes trolling but most of the time hes just being a worse bitch than the whinny bitches in game.

    • SerB processes an assload of dumbshit question every day. He sure as fuck ain’t going to bother with proper statistical data for them, doubly so if such would be onerous to gather (as Storm implies was the case with this set).

      • well, it’s like saying that cops deal with load of shit every day, so you shouldn’t be suprised if they don’t warn you before shooting. If SerB cannot take it, he should find another job…

    • If you think that the whining will stop or even tame down a little bit after this you’re very wrong.

      • There is a difference between trolling and being an asshole. SerB should understand, that he is in no position to do both. As a person so high up in the WG structure he has a certain responsibility to his customers, as most of the players (customers paying for premium services, which generated 217.9 million Euro revenue in 2012) may think that this is the statement of the WG as a whole. He should understand that treating his customers with dignity is a must. WG is not a small developer anymore, nor a small local one and SerB is acting like he is an indie dev where he can troll/be an asshole to the players. Basics of business – customer relationship management. I guess he skipped that lesson. The same goes to Mr. Кислый and his remarks about Polish community having a pain in the ass for “For Stalin” sign. But maybe he skipped the customer relationship seminar as well. There is a thin line between being witty and an asshole. People so high in the ranks of WG should understand the difference.

        • The difference between trolling and being an asshole is perspective. I like SerB because he acts like a real person. Certainly he is disrespectful and probably has driven the PR department to alcoholism but he does get information out to players and answers player concerns. Maybe if people stop asking stupid questions or whining he’ll stop trolling.

  3. what kind of platoon in the chart? 3 IS-6′s platoon should not get into a T10 battle, is there any regular T8 tank in it?

    • Any kind of platoon. So the platoon numbers include when its a Loltrack platooned with a IS-6 and a E-100.

  4. Thank you Storm,

    It is very nice to see that 2 of the most expensive Premium tanks (Lowe and T34 Heavy) get a very unfair MM compared with the other tanks of other nations that cost almost exactly the same.

    It is very poor from WG to apply diferent MM rules to equivalent tanks bought with real money.

    After all, people using tin hats are sometimes right.

    To all: please spread the message – Do NOT buy Lowe or T-34 Heavy.



    • MM of the T8 gold tanks depends on the gun. The ones with 200 and less pene have 8-9 MM. Love and T34 have better guns so they have the standard T8 MM.

      • T34 does quite well in tier 10 battles. Actually I prefer not to play tier 8 battles in it as in those I have to really play role of heavy (especially if there are relatively few tier 8 around), something T34 is not quite suited due the poor hull armor. In tier 9/10 I can play more general support and my best games, both exp and credits wise were tier 9/10, just yesterday got 180k creds (120k w/o bonus from mission) from the battle where there were 6 tier 10 and 5 tier 9 per side.

        • It does well at tier 10 because although its gun is rated at tier 9, its pen and damage stats match the M103′s top gun which is rated as a tier 10 gun.

      • 8,8 cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger – 203/237 pen – 8,9 MM
        T32 – 198/245 pen – 8,9,10 MM
        M26 Pershing – 180/268 – 8,9,10 MM
        Type59 – 181/241 – 8,9 MM

        I guess every rule has exceptions ;)

        • M26 is standard tier 8 medium tank, you are looking for t26 pershing with 170/258 pen and 8,9MM.
          That jadgetiger can’t really flank with his nerfed (compared to standard version) engine, so his puny 200pen cannon is useless against tier 10 front armor. hence reduced MM.

        • T32 and M26 are standard tanks not “gold one” like JT and Type 59. Love has 234, T34 has 248 pene (AP shells). WG stated this as an official reason why these two dont have preferential MM.

    • It’s percents, it only means that if you get into platoon you get into T10 battle more often (which might be cause by non-preferential colleague in platoon anyway, that’s why they are separated)

  5. Assuming the data is correct. I guess on the large scale it is correct. I had 3 battles in a row in my t34 that i had to fight lots of tier 10, but those 3 battles are negligible as a whole to the entire server statistic.

  6. I own a T34 and I don’t mind playing with tier 10. I have only 45% wr in it because I had only tier 7 when bought it, but now I can easily play with big boys :D
    Whine never stops ahahah

  7. Considering how powerful Type 59 is, it should get normal tier 8 medium tank MM, not limiteted like currently.

  8. When Lowe was first introduced it didn’t end in tier 10 battles like now. I’d say this is a significant modification. I want my gold back! :)

  9. Am I wrong? For me it looks like they almost all get the same spread. ofc T34 and Löwe not because they got no special mm.

  10. If you are a T8 in a T10 (or T6 in T8) battle you do know your role exactly.
    Play like you are made of paper, do not assume that frontal shots will penetrate even when using premium ammo, be aware that you may not survive your first hit (Arty, TDs)

    There is nothing better than a well defined situation, so live with it and give your best.

    If you can do something in this situation you are a good player or you will learn so much that you will become a good player …

    There is nothing worse than guys that die one battle after another with their T8 and T9 only to get some XP to buy their T10 in the end.
    Some day there will be no more excuse because with your T10 you will be a top tier noob every match :-)

    Premium tank or not … MM please put them where they learn to play!

  11. only issue I see with match making and platoons are the idiots who think it is funny to bring in 1 hight tier with 2 low tier tanks… ruins the game and has been a problem ever since platoons were made… why are they so reluctant to fix it?????? !!!!!!!

  12. Never understood this issue with being bottom of the team………..

    Just change your tactics to compensate.

  13. Preferential MM limit is just as strict as normal MM limits. If your max tier is T9, you will not get into T10 battles. If your max tier is T6, you will never get into T7 battles. If the MM can’t put you into any battle, it will not put you into a higher tier battle. You will wait until you have a place or your maximum que time will reach the limit where the game will kick you out of the que and ask you to wait a little bit before trying it again and play another tank in the meantime.

    Those T8 premium tanks with preferential MM ending up in T10 or T11 battles without platooning are an error, incorrect data. I can tell you this after 6K battles in premium tanks.

      • Not when it comes to tier limits. Test server is a great place to try it. There are almost 0 low tier players there and if you try to play a low tier tank, you will end up being kicked from the que. It can be tested on live server too, but there it happens very rarely.

        Other than that, if there are not enough players on the available tiers, the MM will create teams from smaller number of players. It is possible to see teams with only 5 players and this was quite regular when the game had less players than now.

    • There is no data ‘without platoon’ in the table. You have to district second row from first to get it.

  14. Actually the complains are totally justified for the Lowe and T34. This actually confirms what I’ve seen since 8.6; tier 8s without premium MM will end up in higher tier matches more often than they see their own tier. Well over half the matches for the Lowe and T34 end up in tier 9 or 10, which would be the same for any normal tier 8. It is blatantly pay to win that the premium MM tanks will get far easier games than normal tier 8s.